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Found 87 results

  1. Adios

    Well guys, I guess it's so long! Someone bought my JD 212 yesterday, and couldn't refuse the money for my 520 today.😣 I am no longer a wh owner, so doesnt feel right hangin' out with you guys. Thanks Terry good luck all. See you down the road.
  2. Hey guys, kinda gotta brag about this one. Got my sleeve hitch out of Alabama today for $100! Got part # 85518 from you guys,( thank you very much) got lucky and found it on ebay. Took a chance and ponied up the $100 with only a picture of the box. It's dated '93 so sure it's right for my 520h and wouldn't you know, everything's there! Couldn't have done it without the wonderful members of this forum. Thanks Terry. Just what I need for my brinly plow, disk, tater plow, and backblade!
  3. wheel horse charger 9

    I own a Charger 9, it is a 68 and I am wondering what I should ask for it. I personally want to trade it, just cannot find anything worth my efforts. I found a younger gentleman in his 20's, he's over 650 miles away from me and he has himself a raider 12, I want it just he wants two tractors for it. I personally feel my Charger is worth more than 250, as it is one of a kind. Please, let me know.
  4. I bought this from a man in Indiana who said that his dad bought it new in 1964. There was no doubt in his mind that it was a wheel horse wagon but i cant seem to find any info or pictures of one like this. It is a four wheel wagon with sides that pull right off. It has the same wheels that are on the front of the wheel horse tractors and the original paint under the primer is red. I just want to make sure its a wheel horse before i put the sticker on it. Thanks!
  5. Just got a 5000 Watt Wheel Horse Generator.... everything except the lift tube! If you have one you want to sell, let's talk! If you have one you can give me the specs on so I can have one made, that would help too! Some of what I have read leads me to think that a lift tube from a snow blower may work or be interchangeable.. But I do not know that for sure. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated! Email or phone Tom (317) 496-3376
  6. Lookin for help

    Well here's my situation I have this 76 d1-60 that I have about $200 into plus countless hours of work to get it mowing again. Everything went fairly well last summer. But in the fall I noticed a slow drip coming from the transaxle. And the starter went out also shortly after the leak. i need a mower that I can count on. I love this one when it works. So should I sell or take it in to fix all the issues. And can anyone tell me a ball park number as to what it's worth compared to what it would cost to fix it. the bad... leak in transaxle leak at hydro motor and drive shaft (I rebuilt the hydro motor following a tutorial on RS but didn't replace the seal where the shaft exits the motor.) bad starter the good.. it has never seen snow it was only mowed with and alway been in climate controlled storage. it has a newer motor as of 1996(linnamar twin 790) with less than 1500hrs have all original manuals what do you think I should do. Im not made of money so as much as I would love to a complete restore is not an option.
  7. Broken line

    Hello Redsquare, I was just working on taking apart me engine when the little metal fuel line that runs from the fuel pump to the carb broke. The rubber on the end inside the bolt was old and hard and snapped off. Is it reapairable? Can I replace it? Thanks, Eric
  8. how to run throttle and choke cables

    Does anyone have any good pictures of where the throttle and choke cable goes on my 753? I'm thinking one runs over the head and the other goes under the engine shround but I can't remember for sure. Any pics or help is appreciated. Also does the little hooked spring on the govenor arm go through the notch on this disc? Thanks in advance.
  9. My 520xi is having trouble starting. Sometimes when I try to start it I hear the click of the solenoid but it doesn't turn. Usually trying a few more times and it will turn over and start. The manual mentions something about servicing the starter. Does the service consist of cleaning or replacing the brushes? Brushes look a bit pricey when I looked for them. Also, I'm going to replace the battery. The Interstate workaholic battery has worked quite well! Hopefully the new ones are just as good!
  10. Hi RedSquare, I am in the process of restoring a wheel horse 857 and i have just received decals to put on the machine but in not to sure how to put them on and protect them from getting scraped off. any suggestions? Thanks
  11. Snagged a 520H

    I bought the 94 520H that was listed on Red Square classified. Very happy with it. 350 hours. 48" SD deck. Should get years of use out of it. I have 93 520H with 980 hours. It is in fair to good condition. I can't decide if I should keep it for parts or sell it. It seems I've heard more bad than good things about Onan 20hp motors. I think the 93 520H tractor would be worth about $750-$850 with the 42" RD deck and mule drive. Feel free to post good stories and bad nightmares about Omen motors.....I mean Onan. I am curious.
  12. What would a wheel horse trailer like this sale for and are they hard to find?
  13. I have a 417-A with a mid-hydraulic lift for the mower deck. I want to use this lift for implements and I am unsure how to use this lift cylinder for attachments. Does any one have picks of a mower broke down, so that I could see the routing of cable/ chain to the rear of the mower?
  14. 856 Rear End

    I went to start my 856 this morning to plow snow and I noticed the rear end was locked up (again). I took the shifter out and looked in the hole. There was no rust. And the I took a large screwdriver and tried to move the forks. They moved. Im all out of ideas. does anyone know what could be wrong with it?
  15. i am a new member. i have a 1965 875 wheel-o-matic. the engine is knocking and smoking, so, i decided to replace it with the parts tractor motor. identical motor. in order to get the old motor off, i removed what appears to be the mower deck or snow blower mounting plates. on the right side foot rest, there was a spring tensioned pully. i didn't think i was going to need it for running a snow plow blade. long story short, i can't figure out how the belt and this spring tensioned pully need to be installed. looked all over the internet for a belt diagram, no luck, pleanty of mowerdeck and snowblower info. i am close to throwing in the towel and taking it in to a high dollar repair place. i don't want to have the wife chew on my rear anymore that i deserve, somebody, please help me!!!!!!!
  16. I'm not so sure this is OK to do even if I plug up the holes and stay away from seals. Just a thought I had because it would save me loads of time. But I don't want to risk anything. If anyone has other suggestions please let me know. Thanks!
  17. After showing some pics of a SPECIAL C-120 on bowtiebutler956's C-160 posts, I'm just curious and wondering if there are any other tractors designated as "SPECIAL" models. If you have such a tractor, could you share what you know about why it's designated special and show a picture of it ? Thanks
  18. Hey everyone. As you know I'm hot and heavy into wheel horses now and many of you have answered many of my questions and helped me TREMENDOUSLY. But I've finally decided to give my horse a paint job and I thought I'd post pictures along the way. Here's the engine cleaned,sanded, prepped and primed. This is the first thing I've done. :)
  19. nelson or stanley muffler

    Ive decided I'm putting a new vertical muffler on my tractor. Has anyone had any experience with Stanley or nelson mufflers? Those are the two I'm interested in. Thanks
  20. factory muffler?

    Hey again everyone. My 753 has a vertical muffler on it. Ive seen one other one like this on another 753 but I didn't know if it was a coincidence or if it was original and just not very common. Any answers are appreciated! Thanks guys. Zane
  21. will a 6900759 blower fit my 529h 6900759? I meant to say 520h my 520h is 6900148
  22. Hey guys. I need help finding a steering gear and shaft for my 753. I need it stat! There are a few on eBay that look like they might work but when I ask the seller they don't know can anyone help?? Thanks, Zane
  23. leaking carb

    Hey again everyone. I've gotten SO much done on my tractor thanks to this site and most of all my new friend stevasaurus. What a great guy. Anyway my carb bowl is leaking around the bolt. I tried a small rubber washer but it stretched around the bolt. Should I try a bigger one?
  24. A good friend of mine gave me this dozer blade he had sitting back in the weeds a few months ago. I used it the other week to grade asphalt millings where he parks the vehicles (His 520 was a little under the weather). So I got bored this afternoon and it got the best of me. I decided to give it a quick make over. I sanded, primed, and shot it with magic IH red. Its feels good taking something from being a rusted piece of metal to something with new life breathed into it. :)