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Found 32 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew what wheel weights i would use for my lawn ranger on stock wheels three lug pattern
  2. I just bought a 1967 WH lawn ranger and i was wondering the best place to find a rear fender pan
  3. D_Mac

    My Little Pony

    So.... I just got home with this. I been wanting to fix one up for my 9 yr old nephew. I need to do it in a hurry as I will be going in hospitol soon for my 3rd battle with cancer. You know the story. Was told it ran about a month or so ago. Not running now. I just got home with it so I haven't checked it out yet. Have never owned a Lawn Ranger before, and know nothing about them. Maybe you guys can tell me what I have here and any advice would be helpful as well. Seems to be complete with the exception of the seat. Going to need to pick one up somewhere.
  4. Good shape. Electric Start. Kept in a shed. Need the space now. Includes Manual. Pickup only.
  5. jp_vikings

    1964? Lawn Ranger

    I have what I believe is a 1964 Lawn Ranger. I'm wondering how rare they are and wondering what it is worth in the original condition it is in now. May possibly restore it when I catch up on all my other projects. Thank you!
  6. Another interesting score here today. So I get a text from the nephew the other day about some horses for sale on FB. The ad was put up Monday the 3rd sometime in the evening. Mr. and Mr. Seller said the computer start smoking and phone was getting texts so fast it went dead. More on the Sellers and approaching a potential buy later. Seller and I we really hit it off, more on that later too, so he threw in a nice little complete AND unmolested L167 AND a brand new square pan seat cover... . Will fit in nice with my '67 line up & now don't feel so bad about missing the 702 labeled 701. (701 with a 702 belt guard). I gotta get crusin cause Dan is coming over to pick one up but here is a few that I got. Missing a few things and POized for sure but both savable. Smokin deal.... 3 bills for the whole load!
  7. Hi folks, picked this up today on my day off from work. Came with 2 extra decks aswell. When i looked at it, there was no battery, owner said he had never tried to start it. It did have decent compression. Lesson #1. Just because it has compression, doesnt mean that the plug threads are not stripped out. DOH!!!...MONKEY MUFFINS!!!!. fortunately i had an old parts h50 tecumseh engine. Swapped out the head, and the gasket still seemed pretty good for now. Lesson #2. When checking for spark with the pull starter, make sure you have the ignition switch TURNED ON! BEFORE, you decide theres no spark, AND pull apaert the flywheel to "inspect" things. Yup, that was me. Heres my sign! In the process of pulling the flywheel, i put my impact gun on the nut, gave a very small quick squeeze, and boom, broke free real easy. Key word being broke!! The threaded shaft that the flywheel goes on was infact broken! But i actually dont think it was me this time. Or maybe it was. There was small bolt thru the end of the shaft, and when i put it back together, well i just thread the broken part of the shaft back on, put it back together, snugged it up, and prayed. The good news is that i did infact get it started, got it running pretty well actually. Still need a little rebuild kit for the carb. Wipe off some excess grease. And putt around the yard. I realize this is the lawn ranger model, but is there a specific model number for this tractor.? Range of year of manufacture? Anywho, just sharing my day. Mike
  8. Hi I was wondering if all this grease needs to go, I am thinking you are supposed to just grease the spindle through the access hole.
  9. Got a hold of a mower deck but need to add the hanging frame and clutch. Would anyone be able to get me the measurements for these parts? Looks like simple flat bar and rod for the hangers and angle iron on the deck. Clutch maybe more of a challenge. Would also appreciate any up close pictures especially of the clutch. I have a 36 inch deck and the hanger on it wont work on this low profile framed tractor. Was also considering getting a tach a matic type hanger system off a more modern deck and modifying it to fit this tractor. Easily bought from Ebay. Not sure if it might be too tall to fit under with the tach a matic. But would rather keep more original, maybe even find the right deck all together. This is my future project to rebuild top to bottom. Also working on a 1986 417-8 no engine but have 12hp Kohler for her.
  10. Just recently purchased a 1964 34R and a separate deal landed a Snow Thrower, believe it to be a ST323 maybe a 324. It does not have the idler pulley. I did find posts for measurements on the pulley arm for Ranger. I need close up pics of the ends of the clutch rod and the crank rod as well as measurements so that I can fab these parts. Or if anyone has these parts for sale I would be interested.
  11. Lawn ranger came up for sale near enough to me. He wants 350 "firm". Comes with a deck. Would like to know what looks correct and what's not. Wheels? Engine? Lights? Decals? Don't know much about these little guys. The resto. looks good. He says it runs good and the deck is good. It's the only pic I have of it. Fuzzzzzzy at best I know. Would appreciate feed back.
  12. Dan693

    Oh Well What the Heck

    Searched for months but never could find a factory set of LR 18" turf rear tires. Had a set of ATV tires so I mounted them. Actually not a bad look. No worry about traction........still stock and will stay that way.....just need the WH badged 18" rear tires.
  13. Dan693

    Sometimes Less is More

    When the JD needed towed to the barn for repair......guess who was there to get it done?.......as always.
  14. I have seen these 36" gear driven decks on short frame tractors and lawn rangers alike. And I happen to have one off a lawn ranger, but have a 606 I'd like to put it on. Is this possible? Or do I need some substantial modifications? Thanks!
  15. My best chance at a pretty original '66 156 LR......so bam !..... I took it. Other than the rear tires and a few decals....it seems pretty original to me. The little son-of-a-buck could not run any better. Bump the starter and it purrs from idle to full throttle. I have an original complete 156 deck so that sealed it for me. I dont plan on touching the paint except for a gentle washing. I heard linseed oil might work to kind of sharpen up the paint but who knows..... Feel free to let me know what you think.......$300
  16. The title pretty much sums it up. I picked up lawn ranger? carcass for $20 in hopes the deck will work on my 606. It looks like they both use the attach-o-mattic, but I could be wrong. Any help is appreciated. Also if anyone needs parts let me know. It doesn't have an engine, fuel tank, hood, front rims, or probably other things too. (Maybe I should just list what it does have, might be shorter) Thanks!
  17. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum (very thankful to have found it) and a fairly new Wheel Horse owner. I believe my tractor is an early 1960's E32 Lawn Ranger. I haven't been able to pin point the age or exact model yet. Here is the problem I am currently having. My barn find did not have an engine so I used a predator 212cc as a replacement. I have found a pretty good pulley for the engine, but seem to be having trouble finding the best length to utilize the clutch/brake function. I have moved the engine back a bit to allow clearance for the hood. I have two 1/2" v-belts that I am trying to work with, one is a 61" and the other is a 62". I have also read and recently learned that the belt cover must be on to make sure the belt doesn't spin off. However, I can't seem to get the rear transmission pulley to stop spinning when I engage the clutch pedal. The belt definitely seems loose enough when using the 62" since it will literally fall off when I engage the pedal all the way. It even seems a bit loose when only pressing half way down. Anyway, I have posted a few pics to show what I am talking about. Any help on proper belt tension would be greatly appreciated. Glad to be here!
  18. First pic is the first mowing attempt......scalp city. Not sure why WH wouldn't have put a few height choices....only all up or all down. Second and third pics are 2 things I did to fix the scalp problem. I added 2 more notches on the lift bracket and a spring assist to let the deck raise evenly. Fourth pic is the result.....mowed pretty nice for a 51 year old mower. It will never be all stock so I figured a few alterations wouldn't hurt. Getting ready to tear down my main mower so I'll use the little LR as a temp fill-in. Yes.....it's purple. I'll hit it with Regal Red in time. I learned the hard way to get the thing totally operational before messing with the look. I also added a trunk!
  19. After de-cobbling the deck linkage on my LR from the prev owner I was able to mow a little and it cut lower than a new recruit at boot camp. Anyone have ideas on raising the cut height on a 66 Lawn Ranger? I still need to look at the manual but dont see too many options on raising the cut height.
  20. Dan693

    Rat Rod Ranger

    At least that's what I'm calling it til I get time to paint the chassis. It's a '66 106 with a '72 6 H.P. Tecumseh H60. Runs strong. Came with the original deck also. It was heading to the scrap yard a few months ago........ oh hell no!
  21. Hey All, Is anyone aware of a diagram or detailed pic of the proper way to attach the governor control rod, throttle return spring, and throttle cable on my Lawn Ranger? I found one online but it's still a little unclear. I fiddled with 2 or 3 different ways but it still doesn't seem quite right. The good news is I have HOT spark.......a little scared of myself about how good it felt to see the good spark. My face turned WH red....or at least rattle can Regal Red. Pic is the unhooked version. Any info is appreciated. The little tab that screws to the governor bracket is not in the pic. Thanks!
  22. '67 157 Lawn Ranger saved from the scrap pile. I have the original eng and rear tires and wheels. Trans is perfect with clean gear oil. Not sure which....repair or restore. I'll think about it. Wish list..... Orig steering wheel Seat cover Knobs to attach hood Snow plow.....I have the mounting bracket just no blade.
  23. My Lawn Ranger is! Anyone else?
  24. clueless

    520-H Fuel Related Issue

    Years ago I was out in the snow while visiting my sister in Maryland, won't make that mistake again!
  25. Put a few sugar cubes, and carrots in your pocket, and they'll follow you straight home to your stable! I just learned that the guy who donated this tractor to the salvation army had been using it for years as a pulling tractor. It's a shame that this little guy got hacked up. Hopefully a has a new future down the line.
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