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Found 12 results

  1. tomabrown77

    5060 transaxle

    my 1067 stopped moving; limited slip had worn out long ago; now input pully is turning , but tractor doesnt move --- very slight motion forward or backward if on level ground with no resistance. Enough to tell me shift lever is actually changing gears. I suspect input shaft woodruff keys but might be something worse ... i am interested in perhaps buying a new, used,or rebuilt transaxle if someone has one they would part with. And any advice on opening up the transaxle and looking inside . Or where i can find parts to rebuild it myself... ps i was on forum about 5 years ago, forgot my username so i joined again
  2. Hi everyone, I have a 1969 raider12 6speed trans, Thant I’m going to change the oil in. But I don’t have a dipstick how do I get the two quarts in there? i tried filling from the side port only got about 700mils in. Thanks in advance!
  3. I have not had to do this before and want to make sure I'm doing it correctly. Picture of bearing and seal is attached. Is the bearing supposed to fit in the groove of the oil seal or is the seal supposed to flush against the bearing? I think the latter is correct? Thanks
  4. We are putting this transaxle back together and noticed the parking brake pawl seems to be in bad shape. The part is NLA but someone said it could be mig welded and filed. I have never seen what it should look like. Is there supposed to be a "notch" in the pawls or should the weld be built up and then filed so there is no "notch"?
  5. I have a D-180 that broke an axle I have got all new parts and have removed transaxle from machine. The 2 parts I am missing for re assembly are the metal screen with magnet for inside trans and a new gasket from transaxle to pump. I have done some looking and can not find these parts. I have the old screen but the rubber gasket on the end of it has some rot and is apart from the screen. The gasket is still in place but i would feel better putting in a new one before re build. Thanks for your help
  6. Greetings all, first post to this forum. I am in the process of getting my father's 1971 Bronco 14 (1 0421 6) up and running. After pulling the hydrogear for reworking, I noticed some lash between the rear wheels when on jackstands. I found one of the hubs to be badly worn, but also noticed there seems to be a clicking or ratcheting when turning one side at a time (whether the parking brake is on or off). The opposite wheel does turn in the opposite direction - it just does so with a click / ratchet feel. I was expecting something smoother like with an automobile differential. Is this normal? Should I plan to split the case, and if so what should I be looking for? Thanks in advance for any information!
  7. I'm looking for a rear axle for my 520h. Anybody have one? I have a loader on the tractor and this is the second time I broke the axle. I would consider a complete rear end.
  8. Hi there, I'm new to the forum. I come from a family of tractor enthusiasts, but I am currently just looking for a dependable mower. I know very little about wheel horses, other than I was impressed by one I used when I was a teenager. I am hoping to get advice about a 520h in my area. I checked it out tonight in the dark. It is very clean, and appears to have been maintained by a careful old man (RIP). The son in law started it after I struggled with the choke. It was chilly out, and I thought I heard a little tick in the onan 20hp. I took it for a short ride. Everything works. Hydro deck lift, pto, gauges, lights all seem good. The 48" deck sounded different than I expected, but keep in mind I haven't used a riding mower for years. After the ride I idled it down and she purred without the tick I heard upon starting. I did a final walk around and noticed a little grease shining from the left transaxle. Right side looked clean and dry. I don't have a trailer, so I left it there until Thursday. I am a little concerned about the engine tick, the left transaxle grease, and the general reliability of all this hydro. I am not shopping for a collection piece, so I would rather go simple if the hydraulics are prone to problems. We agreed on $1,000 final price. Am I worrying too much about the (very quiet) engine tick and the transaxle grease? Thank you
  9. First off.... I DID NOT DO IT! The neighbor told me his 312-8 was up on the hill immobile. He uses it for cutting the grass between the Christmas trees. Problem was it was stuck in reverse and couldn't even be pushed. Further in the conversation it came out that he got stuck in a groundhog hole. He tried to rock it out of the hole. He said the smoke was flying! I assumed it was a belt, clutch problem. So up on the hill I took off the fenders and shifter. With a long punch I was able to force it into neutral and coast it home. Today I got the transfer case apart. Not a pretty sight. The price of the 3 gears on Partstree is $665! The 312-8 will get a transplant from his smoking WorkHorse. Here's pics.
  10. Capt Beak

    520H Wheel wobbles

    Was taking the wheel weights off of a 520H to change from blowing snow to mowing grass and I noticed the right wheel wobbles a bit, meaning if you grab the tire at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock you can move it forward and backwards a bit. Does any one have an idea of what might of worn or failed? How in depth is it likely to be to repair? If I have to I can use a Cub Cadet to mow and take my time getting the Wheel Horse fixed right as I mostly consider it as a riding snow blower that I can mow grass with. Or to ask the real question is the transaxle/axle in the Wheel Horse easier to fix than the oil leak and steering in the Cub Cadet?
  11. Hello! I've just picked up a 1985 314-A and I'm going through all the fluids to get her ready for spring. I drained the rear diff/ transaxle and it looks to have had something lighter than gear oil. The 314-H uses 10w30, but it's got a filter and is different than mine. I cannot source a manual at the moment for the 314-A. Can anyone tell me if it should have gear oil or 10w30 in the rear end? I know the hydro uses straight 30w. Speaking of, I also cant find the drain for the hydro (700 Eaton). Any advice?
  12. Hi. new to this forum . my reliable 1067 started behaving strangely while polwing this Virginia snow.... Third gear is slower than it used to be & pulsates, especially when going up inclines. Second gear also, but not as much. [ using high range]. I am thinking maybe lost some teeth on a gear? are used transaxles and/or tranny parts available? I'd like to keep this one running if i can get what parts i need & its not too expensive . Any advice and thoughts welcome.
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