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Bogging Down

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Hello, I have a D 200. It has been running great, I was having a hard time starting it and I replace the filter and fuel pump. Adjusted the carb, and now under heavy load she will bog down and stall. If you are just driving seams fine, but if you tow a trailer with the mower, I boggs and stalls? Carb Issue or Fuel Pump?



 Thank you


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Did you clean the carb after installing the new filter and fuel pump. 

Sometimes debris is dislodged by the barbed fittings and may be lodged in the float shut off or the high speed jet.

:text-welcomeconfetti: to the :rs:  Brian.

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:text-yeahthat:Ed is absolutely right ... many times after messing with old fuel lines, filters, and tanks I shook more stuff loose that ended up in a float bowl or main jet. The hazards of working on these older tractors or some times even newer ones. Once found an old piece of rubber fuel line stuffed right up in a main jet.



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If the tractor has been using ethanol laced fuel the rubber lines can and will rot from the inside out - first rule is to use non-ethanol fuel if you can find it locally . I've gotten away from using rubber fuel lines completely and have gone with the clear stuff used by motorcycle and motorsports small engines - I get rolls of 1/4" & 5/16" line from Parts Unlimited . I see now through a search and it looks like they've dropped the true clear stuff and gone to a translucent blue/clear - which will work the same .



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