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Bill Murray

520XI headlight assembly

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Bill Murray

Looking for a replacement headlight assembly. I just bought a 520XI with a snowblower and I’m looking to fix the broken headlight before winter. Not sure if anybody knows of anybody selling one. I’ve been looking for a few months now. Thanks for any help.

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    • Berco
      By Berco
      Hello all. My battery in my 520LXI was going out, the lights would come on but the engine would not turn over. I put a 1.5 amp truckle charger on the battery when i left for a 4 days trip. I come back and the same. I also noticed i left the key in the run position (the hour meter did not run). I swap out batteries and now the mower is completely dead. When i turn the key - nothing. I verify the battery it good (13.04v), negative is connected to the engine block, voltage is good on the solenoid side of the starter. I out the key to run and try to jump to see if i can start and nothing. Not even a spark. I have used this mover for years and has 500 hours. Could the ignition switch or brake switch be bad? The seat switch is jumped.What else could cause my mower to be dead? Thank you in advance.
    • Wheel Horse 3D
      By Wheel Horse 3D
      Our headlight bezel and lens are available with customized 3d logo, and feature a replaceable plexiglass lens, that can be ordered frosted or clear. You can even replace the lens with a different color such as yellow for blowing snow.
      The logo can be customized to match our ornaments with 3 different heads and 3 different wheels, and can be sent out unfiinished or custom painted. Can be ordered here:Wheel Horse Headlight lens, C series style leave us a note under"personalization" as to your lens type and any custom paint requirements.

    • Hoppy Rabbit
      By Hoppy Rabbit
      I went to a wheel horse show in PA and picked up a B-100 Automatic. I restored and cleaned it up after I brought it home. It had everything except the Headlights. I got a lense and looked online for the housing and cable. I found one on ebay except it was $67 plus shipping. It didn't even have all the parts. https://www.ebay.com/itm/265133794229?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=dhBhG47STyW&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY.I was just wondering if there is anywhere to get a cheaper one with all the parts so I can finish it. 

    • ToroMan
      By ToroMan
      Good afternoon, looking for some help regarding a plow assembly for a 1999 520xi model # 73542.  I'm told that a traditional Wheel Horse plow assembly will not fit this tractor, that the xi series requires a special plow assembly.  Problem is, most of the people selling plow assemblies don't seem to know what they have, and I don't know what I need!  I have included the supposed model numbers pulled from the Toro website, including that of a retrofit kit, but I'm not sure what that retrofit kit does! Does it enable me to fit a traditional Wheel Horse plow to an xi model? Don't know.  One guy selling a plow knew what type of plow he had and told me it would not fit my tractor, stating "Lift link and handle are in the wrong locations."
      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just need to know what the hell I'm looking for, which might help me find it!
      From Toro site:
      Model #: 79355
      48" Snow/Dozer Blade
      Model #: 95-4090
      48" Dozer Blade Retrofit Kit
    • Berco
      By Berco
      I have a transaxle from a 518XI that i have as a spare. I would like to put some caps on the two open hydraulic lines, but i am having some hard time figuring out the thread and type to mate with the existing tubing. Does anyone know the specs for can point me to a fitting that will work? thanks!
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