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208-4 Clutch Spring Hole

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Hi Guys, new here. About a year ago I bought a house which came with a nice 208-4. The tractor was abandoned by the owners of the house in the shed as it "wouldn't start anymore".

Turns out mice had made a nest in the engine shroud and chewed through the spark plug wire. A new coil and battery later and she has been serving me well for a year.


The other day though, after stepping on the clutch and letting go, the tractor didn't move anymore. Came to find out my clutch spring had broke (found part of it in the yard).

I ordered a new OEM spring and it arrived. The problem I am having is I can't seem to find where the other end of the spring attaches to the frame.

I have a diagram I found online but it simply says "hole in frame opening".


Does anyone know or have a similar model they can look at and guide me where this spring goes?

See attached diagram.






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On my C – 161 there's a small hole in a gusset on top of the rear axle right next to the gearbox. My diagram looks a little different than yours though so I'm not sure if that will be the same for you.

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