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Wheel Horse 3D

Wheel Horse "Caballo Diablo" LED hood ornaments

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Wheel Horse 3D

Our "Caballo Diablo" ornaments add some extra flair to your customized ornament with the addition of a 12v led and light guiding filament to make the eyes glow or even flash! Available with solid red or flashig red LED, in unfinished, primed, or silver or multi-color painted finish, and in the same horse and head styles as our other custom ornaments. If ordered less than fully finished, the filaments are left long to simplify finishing, and can then be cut off leaving a clean end.They include mounting hardware and a bottom spacer for a clean finished look. Can be ordered  here:Wheel Horse "Caballo Diablo" hood ornament






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    • Wheel Horse 3D
      By Wheel Horse 3D
      Welcome, and thanks for visiting our vendor area.
      We got our start in 3D printing for customers right here on Red Square!
      If you'd like to see how every thing gets developed and the contributions of Red Square members, please visit the thread that started it all and browse through our progress to date.
      We love our clients' input and work closely to turn ideas into reality. If you have an idea, request, or questions, you can post to that thread, message us or tag us here on Red Square, or visit our Etsy store and reach out to us through there.
      Greystone 3D on Etsy
    • Wheel Horse 3D
      By Wheel Horse 3D
      Our customized ornaments have a base identical to our version of the original style ornament, but can be topped with 3 different styles of horse head and 3 different styles of wheel! Each is available unfinished, primed, or fully painted.
      They also include the pictured mounting hardware and the base spacer for a clean finished look. Can be ordred here Custom Wheel Horse hood ornaments..9 different styles

    • Wheel Horse 3D
      By Wheel Horse 3D
      Our "regular" ornaments can be ordered unfinished, sanded and primed, or sanded primed and painted silver.
      They are about .25 if an inch longer than the original factory ornament, but still have the same 3" spacing. Each ornament comes with the pictured hardware and includes the base spacer for a clean finished look. Can be ordered at Original style Wheel Horse hood ornament.

    • r1jakecfd
      By r1jakecfd
      Hi Guys,
      I’m looking for a good quality LED lightbar lightbar to put on the snowcab on my 520. I’m just wondering which ones are good for their price and which ones to stay away from?
    • WHX??
      By WHX??
      My new to me 520 came without headlights, well ones that worked anyway. All too often when one picks up a new to tractor one ends up having little things that need fixing or un-cobbling or just general maintenance. I guess these little things are the most enjoyable, for me anyway, mountains to conquer. Its not like when you get her home and discover the hydro has no go or the engine smokes like a chimney or the deck needs all three spindles. Its these little things they are most easy and least $$  to fix.
      Since neither light worked I went right to the source first and checked the fuses and switch. Quickly discovered that wiggling the  spade connectors at the switch at least one head light and one taillight would work. Cleaned the spade connectors and terminals on the switch resolved the intermittent problem but now only one tail light would work. More on the tail end later. A quick ohm & voltage check  of both original 4411 sealed beam lamps revealed no one was home, both shot. A quick check of auto parts stores & TSC found that they are quite common anywhere with prices being anywhere between 11 and 18 bucks. In the interest of energy efficiency  and better lighting the search was on for led replacements. I found there was no direct led replacement but these PAR36 bulbs were very similar. They are primarily used in low voltage outdoor accent lighting and can be had in many colors, wattages and light output.
      I settled on these from the jungle site, about 16 clams a piece,  but found them on flea bay and LED light retail places as well. Note the 36 watt equivalent spec. Most if not all 4411 replacements are 35 watts.
      I half expected them to be encased in plastic but a nice surprise to find them all glass sealed beam with good quality.

      Installation truly plug & play. Fit as perfect as originals.

      Best off is this .311 amp draw per light or .625 per set! .

      Leaves plenty of room on the 20 amp charge system for more lights, heated steering wheel, heated  seat & vest!
      More pics when it warms up abit out and I can get some decent night shots.
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