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    This is truly teem work!!!
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    this one melts snow just with the color.
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    Remember the days of no A/C all the windows open and screen doors were not locked. A big old fan in a window to draw the cool air thru the house at night or sleeping on the screened porch.
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    Recently added to my collection!!!! Pretty happy about it. XMUX4518.MOV
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    Was in the low 90's yesterday with overcast and a pretty good breeze. My wife and I dug out the canoe and paddled around the lake for fun. Turned out that we were pretty tired when we got back in. So, I dug out the horse and put it on canoe duty to get the cane up the hill to storage.
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    I got this sickle bar originally to put on my dad's tractor, buuuut it wouldn't fit right. So I gave it a try on my 854. Seems to bolt up correctly, anybody have an idea what the drive belt should be? I'm thinking 1/2 x 34? The 38 it came with was too long. Model 7-1312 , 50 inch bar. Anywho, this is what I messed with today...and it was HAWT!!!!
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    Mowed our farm lanes today old school style. Farmall A with a Woods belly mower. Open operator platform. No canopy or sun umbrella. No AC, either. Worst thing was no power steering. I'll be using the brush hog on the IH 460 next time. I may be sentimental when it comes to old tractors, but I'm not mental. Give me power steering anyday with my bad shoulders! Cheers! Dave
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    Some of the new Freightliners still have them. Good airflow.....
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    Thanks Bob. I had my 1 week check on the left eye on Friday and everything is fine....still 20/20. We scheduled the right eye surgery for Aug 29. Can't wait to see with two new eyes.
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    It's mostly a buyer beware situation when buying ANYTHING.We all get caught up in the excitement when looking to buy things.We tend to overlook or fail to see any problems til we get home and really start to look.Then,it's gee,I didn't notice that...…...gee,I didn't see that.I agree.These tractors weren't built to live outside.Especially in a damp climate.I try to store all my keepers indoors,but I mostly have no idea how they were taken care of before I got them.Most Horses that I've bought were outside when I looked at them.I also agree about the poor paint jobs on the 300,400 and 500 series.I've stripped a few down to bare metal.Never saw a bit of primer underneath the paint on any of them.Maybe when they were built,someone put in a cost cutting suggestion about omitting primer?Anyway.I still love all these Wheel Horse tractors.Even the rusty,worn out ones.
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    Personally, I don't like being out when it's really cold either. At least I don't have to shovel humidity....
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    Even though the shop has A/C, it was just too darned hot to accomplish much but keeping a cold drink nearby and splashing in the water this weekend! Now that it’s cooled off a bit, I received the feet for the job but he wants it as low to the floor as possible. I trimmed the bottom adjustment “nut” off the shaft and used a 3/8-16 die to bottom out the threads.
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    If its attach a matic it should. You'd need a different belt
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    Craig, I've looked at Eastwood and I plan to do it all for much less than that.
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    I just saw this Ed. I'm glad the first eye went well. We talked about this at last years big show. I was scheduled to go in right after the show. I went from 20/80 and 20/75 to 20/20 and 20/25. I pray that things go as well for you. I was scared to death going in for the first eye but afterwards I was so excited about my new vision I couldn't wait for the second one. Listen to your doctor about taking it easy for a spell and the odds are all in your favor for success.
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    Ahh Steve I am not quite ready for that yet. But nice tractors.
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    Tuna...now is the time to wax your snow skis. The wax is soft...perfect.
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    not a wheelhorse snow pics but a t60 panzer, hey it's red
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    So... even though it took me a while... I finally found the problem!! Not the rectifier plug, the 2 wire plug where the single wire comes from the middle post of the rectifier. I had cleaned it a little and used di grease when I first installed the engine, but after I pulled it apart and re seated it firmly, lots of volts now 😁 I may be slow, but I dont give up easily!!
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    I lived in nj all my life and in 40 years I think today is the most humid thickest air I have ever experienced, yuck! got out early, got some weeding done in the iris beds, staked a few plants, got to see an f16 chase a plane out of the restricted airspace, that was cool. so now I am soaked heading in. going to hide in basement
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    Anyone else remember when the WINDSHIELDS in cars ventilated by tilting out at the bottom back in the 30's and early 40's ? That was in addition to the side window vents. I guess I'm showing my age, or showing that we were poor and had to drive an older car. We have it good now. Jim
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    Nice! Love the Black Hoods!!!
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    Sweet project Kevin . Those metal saws are amazing. Sure made cutting a large air duct (round and rectangle) a breeze back in my HVAC days.
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    Ok, that’s good information! I have a plow, but I have a long driveway, so the snowblower makes it much easier!
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    Looks like the guys hooked you up with the info you asked for but I'm curious why the spring needs to be changed. Is the trans slipping? Jumping? squealing? ect.? Or did the spring break? Most of the time it's best to describe the symptoms the tractor is experiencing instead of guessing at parts if you're not 100% sure of the problem. It could also be it just needs a spring too. Not a bad idea to give the model of tractor as well. A 1987 212 is going to require a different spring than a 1987 312
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    That goes to the lift link
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    Any auto parts store will sell you a ballast resister. You will have to find a place to mount it, it gets hot and don't splash water on it.
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    I just keep telling myself that it is easier to fix cold than to fix hot. Does not seem to help, though.
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    @Vinylguy it looks like that because it is sitting on the rivets that holds the original plate to the cover. I haven't trimmed around them yet.
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    I’m feeling cooler already...thanks Steve!!
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    Thank you all for the suggestions. I guess she is the victim of 50+ years of wear. The looseness at the left end of the Pivot tube is a combination of wear of the holes through the Bracket and the drag link Pic 1. That looseness lets the deck pivot slightly as you tighten the belts. The biggest wear point is the groove worn in the pivot tube. (Yellow arrow pic 2) Will try to get a better used one. Also will do some bending of the bracket (dorsal fin) so it is less likely to wind up outside the tractor frame. The tachmatic mount was tight and the mounting holes in the deck seem ok pic 3.
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    Good question Steve. Cents they run off DC I would say if you reverse polarity then I would say yes. Some one's gonna have to try it. But I will say this. I don't think the 300-500 series tractors hold up as well as the older models.
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    I have 2. A 520-8 and 520H. The 8 speed is my everything tractor. Has a 60" deck, plow and snow blower. I put the steering from a newer 520 so now has the steering reduction. Don't really pay attention to the hour meter, but think it has over 700 hours. I mow bout an acre I guess, maybe more cause clearing some over growth behind the house. Even with well worn and broke blades, it still amazes me how nice a job it does. I haven't had any major issues with it. Now and then it will surge, won't idle, but it clears up. Prolly should flush tank and get a new filter. I put tri-ribs on the front and Firestone 23 degree on rear with weights and loaded tires. Haven't tried it yet but put a rear implement hitch on it for a single bottom plow. Need to take mower deck off, and being a 60" is a PITA. My other 520 is what I call the girlfriends lol. She can't drive the 8-speed, so she gets the hydro. It put a loader on it from a member here, can't remember his name. It was a nice unit when I bought it, had a bad motor. Sold the 60" deck, and sold the motor to a rebuilder. Back years ago when I was into these, I built a 520H with a 10 horse deisel, parted it, and then last year bought the motor back for this tractor. I need to finish it, but it works. I put the Vredesteins on front and ATV tires on back. They are 25" and fit under the pan without raising it. Using 10" rims helps. Biggest issue with these is they have to sit outside. I have no garage, and the weather is taking a toll on them. Mostly fading the paint, but the seats are cracking bad, mine is gonna need to be replaced soon. I'd love to buy every 520 I see, but no money and nowhere to put em!!!! G/F get upset after awhile too. (no pics on this computer, but can get some if yah want on my phone)
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    We are camping for the weekend while we watch our niece... simply because of the fact that our house is a not baby friendly from the flood still. It’s 77 and heading to the mid 90’s and we are experiencing brownout / overload on the grid... and the A/C isn’t much working today. Yay! We might end up back at the house and in the pool 😁
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    Kind of a stinker when you have to cut the air with a machete to take a step and then repeat procedure. Luckily it's not so sticky up here in Maine right now at least. Stay cool.
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    I bought my 5_20h new in 1989, the hour meter stopped working over ten years ago with 771 hours on it.I think it has well over 2000hours on it. I cut my one lawn,about an acre and ten others for about ten years,all under an acer.I have been religious maintaining it but not easy on it. The tractor is all original except for a new carb a few years ago and belts,fuel lines. It's not a show tractor or shinny any more but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have picked up four more W.H,s over the last few years 5_18H, 418_8, c125_8, c105_8, still use the 5_20H to cut my grass.they are all great tractors,strong, dependable. Do I need five when one will last a lifetime, no, but if I don't die in the next year or so chances are I'll die with more than five.
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    Sounded for a good choice you did. Also the Pics give a good feeling about the condition, it looking so far in good shape. About the Price, i think it cannot be really fixed on used Machines and depend on several issues like regular Service, and similar. If is worth for you, you make a good Deal, that simple. i would check the Belt, if it was the right size, if not, simply change it. All in all a nice Horse you find. Congrats
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    Even the most highly experienced and extremely careful logger loses a tree on occasion.
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    Just 24 hours since the surgery and I can see better than ever....w/o glasses. Yep, the grass s green and the sky is blue. While I was having the bandage removed, Mrs K musta traded in her old dull gray van for a shiny bright tan colored one. I had a little trouble locating her in the parking lot.
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    With a patch, You can only see one point of view 😁
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    My brother put off his cataract removal for years, once the first one had been done he realized the sky was blue and grass was green! He couldn't wait to get the second one done.
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    Hope everything goes okay. Looks like Mrs. K took her rolling pin to you when you asked for another pie.
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    Its hot as hades here. And will be worse by dinner time. Glenn
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    You have the undercut, back cut and the hinge all of which are evidenced on the stump top. A feller is able to steer the tree in several ways, by cutting a slopped ramp on the bottom of the undercut and calculating the meat left on the hinge. Look where the back cut came in underneath the undercut, that hunk of meat left on the hinge is what pulled the tree to fall beside the stump and not forward of it.
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