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    Scottie is exhausted but we started therapy and we are making plans to go home (date yet to be set). But first we need to make sure his GI tract is working properly and he eats. They started his oral pain medication regime today and we will see how that goes. He still has his lovely grin and attitude...boy did I miss that!
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    Here is an original advertisement i show off when i show off my restored rj58!
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    I got bored after doing the 520-8. 1968 model 72. Got it from the original owner family.
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    My prayers sent ... First time on internet in two weeks and checking in with my family to find this. I was saddened sickened and heartbroken as the my emotions took over looking at the pictures. Lowell and Joette I’m so glad to see Scottie is doing better and is a fighter. Never give up ! Guardian angels do exist
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    I know a “guy” with a mad set of framing skills that would love to frame you up a purpose built horse barn when you are ready Jim just say the word and I’ll get to
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    Love my GT14s great piece of kit and the rear three points have downforce too! One of mine has a modified D series three point, the other is a copy I made
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    I got the new 1056 running better. This little Horse is a little tired, but a coil and condenser transplant got it running. And the battery was hooked up backwards on the poles. No wonder it was not running! Today, I got it running without needing starting fluid. The choke had been frozen and by using Deep Creep on the cable after stripping off the plastic cover, it finally freed it up. It starts very easily now. Not bad for a $107.00 purchase. There was so much plastic baler twine woven around the blade towers that i had to burn it with a torch and pick out the pieces Next is some work on the tie rod ends that were replaced with bolts drilled through [acting as ball of the ball joint] and flipped over. Just wallowing about loosely and it steers to the right, but not so much to the left. So in repairing the front end, i am borrowing tie rods from the Raider. I even had to borrow a spindle because the tie rod arm was all wallowed out on the right one. The other spindle had a bent tie rod arm so a session with a ball pein hammer got it close to the other side. Assembly is tomorrow morning. BTW, the bolts they put in the tie rod ends probably would have broken off on any sideways slope--so it is a safety issue as well
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    @WHX21 I punched a clock once broke my knuckles. We appreciate you working so hard so we get our social security checks each month. We would like a bigger raise . When you drive down to make your donation please makes sure it is not between 1 and 3 pm. Don't want my daily nap interrupted .
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    The GT-14 was the top of the line at the time. It uses the Sundstrand transaxle, but it is the hydrogear rather than the later piston to piston. If the trans is in good operating condition you have nothing to fear, they are tough as nails as long as they have been maintained and not excessively abused. Mine has a FEL, wheel weights, liquid filled tires and a home made weight box, it is unstoppable! The hydraulic lift has good down pressure.
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    This was my late dad Craig Bottjer. Unfortunately he took his life in september of 2016 I miss him everyday. He was the garden tractor and 2 cylinder john deere guy around our area. I am so glad to have dads friends a real good group of folks. Dad knew just about anything you wanted to know about wheelhorses, deeres,cubs you name it. I ended up with lots of dads knowledge and love for these old machines. I now work on this stuff when i am not working and do repairs for others and share my knowledge. I also kept alot of my dads equipment.
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    me to! it is a double sided ad i have it in a 2 sided picture frame. it is so amazing to me how much inflation has went up since then. this was a long time restore. im just glad my late dad was alive to see it complete. he was very proud of it! my wife was the biggest push to get it done. it is original accept for the varidable height someone mounted and the recoil starter.
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    Can you frame one up a bit south of you...., say, Missouri? I can always use another building for stuff, horses, Cubs, attachments & implements, etc.....
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    Yours Might not be pretty but at least you have a whole tractor.😂 Welcome!
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    Yesterday I had a chance to replace the 6200RS bearing in the drive belt idler pulley. I ground the heads off of the old rivets with a 2" cutoff wheel then drove them out with a punch and I set the new rivets with the 2 pound hammer.
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    Lol... Yes - Corona Light aka "Work Beers". Took some time off from this project due to tweaking my lower back then had an infected abscessed tooth... Ugg. I got some stuff done on Sunday though, inc. pulley alignment and steering components fab'd and installed. Steering was a bit tricky and will probably be modified yet again. Prob. start working on clutch next. Was planning to fab my own but saw a fancy one online and impulse bought it. I am not sorry :).
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    So I have two 520's Since I don't name my tractors I just call them 520 #2 & #3. 520 # 1 is in good health. Not so much for 2 & 3! #2 is a 1996 73501 Overall decent shape except for the Onan. Starts and runs but smokes and has a nasty smelling exhaust. Fouls out new plugs and dirties fresh oil in an hour if it doesn't burn it all first. Bad rings I suspect. 9 pin connector has been taken out completely but not the worse job of splicing back together. All gauges work as should except for hour meter I suspect which says 454 if you can believe it. Transmission is good yet but it and the whole tractor needs a bath. It has the older stick on style floor board and a different steering wheel from #3. I probably overpaid for this tractor but more than made up for it on #3. Came with in decent shape SS tall chute blower. Its primary duty was to get left at the cabin for snow removal duty. #3 is a 1996 73502 Has good PPG20 motor, Starts and run with a little smoke & surging but goes away when warmed up. I suspect the coil has been replaced as it is not mounted down in the motor but up on top with a relocation bracket. The bad is the left rear axle and hub need replacing. Hub was loose and wallowed and then proceeded to chew on the axle. I have it temp. repaired with a song and a prayer just to get it to limp around the yard. None of the gauges work, tie rod ends are loose and axle spindle end are wallowed out bad. 2400 hrs on a non working meter. This tractor has the newer style buttoned on floor boards & a real ungly seat! This tractor I actually made $75 after I sold the deck and a blade that came with it so a FREE tractor. We like free! My plan is to cannibalize one to make the other one sound and my thought was to take the motor off 3 and drop it in 2. The carcass would be then parted out. It was suggested to put a 16 HP Kohler thumper in it or a 22 hp Predator in the donor tractor. The problem with that is it would take more to $$ to do that then what it is worth. Now I'm on the fence about which one to cannibalize? May be do a transmission swap instead?
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    Hi i just wanted to say hi and show my tractor off she is not very pretty atm but i will make transfer her into a nice machine
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    Well, I know whybwe haven’t had any snow, from the looks of it @1995 520H+96+97 is hoarding it all 😂😂
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    Have to get your self one of those instant garages like me Terry.. winter set in too fast to get anything permanent for me! Update got both motors pulled and draining oil now. This would be an easy swap if not having to deal with the nine pins.
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    Exactly what I was thinkin Lee...might account for the 24k on the clock as well. Thanks Denny... Pretty sure that's what to do. Fact of the matter is spent some quality time in shop tonight with both. My problem as always is to make two out of two....see post 5. Loosened up the motor in 2 and hands covered in grime. Loosened up 3 and hands clean enough to pick my nose. # 3 did have the luxury of a bath first but still amazes me how clean the motor is, on both sides. I already got 953nut haranging me for parts should I parts one out but I owe him big time so he gets a little latitude! Best to do what Chris suggested but once the tractor goes back to the cabin for duty it won't see much love. Lack of facilities if you know what I mean and Cindy's Prius that we use for getting up ther and back for mileage purposes ain't exactly suited for hauling.
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    Your welcome. We do want your boy to get better for sure Joetteski, but we also want yer hubby back on the parts mill to keep us in stuff! I can joke more now knowing he is on the mend and hopefully out of the woods. Cindy sends hello, love and wishes....
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    I had a 16 HP K series rebuilt WITHOUT the balance gears...never looked back!
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    Welcome looks great we all have some patina here’s 1 I just picked up
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    The piston to piston are considered to be a more durable unit than the hydrogear, but lots of us are very pleased with their performance. There is a solid link that connects the lift piston to the rear lift and the cylinder is a double acting unit. I had a York rake on the GT-14 for a while and it would dig in quite well if you didn't have the wheels adjusted properly.
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