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    Almost forgot about this little. The excitement of getting that 854 w/ Danco loader overshadowed picking this up.
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    Got the B-140 custom and the 702 custom out today and played in the snow. I didn't put the weights on the 702 yet and I was impressed how well it pushed the snow.
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    Thanks to all of you. I looked today and the return spring is missing. The damper is in good condition and pedal movement is easy. I am really glad to take time and join this forum because it will be a valuable tool for me.I am so excited getting this tractor for $200. One owner, 580 hrs. He gave me 3 oil filters, a air filter, and a spark plug plus all the original booklets for tractor and deck. I just started going over it yesterday and did the deck. I cannot believe how nice shape it is. Thanks again for info and I am sure I'll be asking another question.
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    Check the idler pulley. For a belt to fail that quickly it must be friction. Locked idler or something scraping on the belt
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    Finally got this tractor in my possession and home. Been trying for 4 years to buy this tractor. Fellow Junkie released it to me for reasonable price. This tractor needs a lot of TLC. Was running on starter fluid several weeks ago. Now it is snowing and everything is froze. Hopefully this weekend we will get back to the 50s and will thaw everything out. Pretty sure transmission is froze up. Really bad thing right now is it is sitting on my trailer and can't get it to move. But...it is at least at my house now and hopefully start getting it back to its glory. Last picture is of it just after being power washed at the local car wash.
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    LOL...Nah....it is tucked away for winter. This is just an added plus...
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    Okay so A-1.... Safety. Disconnect your negative battery cable. Now get in there and pop that starter off of the tractor and get it on the bench. You see the nut on the end of the shaft near the small gear. Take that nut off and there's going to be a few things that come off in your hands. There's a small spring and a clip or a washer or something. Don't lose those things. That gear rides out on a shaft that has semicircular grooves cut into it. The odds are very very high that all that is wrong is the assembly is dirty and sticky. Take those pieces out and check for broken parts and then just clean them all up really really good. Get some dry powder graphite lube and coat the pieces as you put them back together. Do not use a liquid or paste of any form as your lubricant. It will attract and hold dust and create paste which is what your problem likely already is.
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    This one will be painted red to replace the one I had for the boys... The next one will be pink though!
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    Just a thought I had a idler pulley lock up on me before could cause belt to get warm
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    Original tyres and wheel bearings were past their sell by date. So into Carlisle for replacements. Take two modified wheel spindles made a while ago. Two trailer hubs. Two trailer wheels and tyres. Looking good. Back on all fours. Only £50 more than new turf tyres and wheel bearings.
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    My late Grandfather’s snowblower has bounced around the family since 2005. I have no idea how long since the oil was changed, and for the last year or two it hasn’t run. My father in law put a new carb on it, had it running ok then a tire blew out and I dropped off my spare plow truck to him instead. Now, my sister in-law and her husband bought a place in the country and I offered this beast to help them out. Well tonight, I verified it had spark, pulled the carb and brake cleaned it, popped it back together and with some ear-dyno tuning that Tecky is a screamer again! Warmed it up good, drained the oil and topped it off with fresh synthetic. It’s ready for another season of snow blasting, once the new ag tires show up in a couple days. (it’s too late and cold to run ou and get pictures, sorry)
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    I spent the weekend at my BILs new cabin. He built the cabin on top the mountain behind the farm.
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    Those are the kind of bolts you tell your wife you need from the hardware store so she'll be gone a while! Giving you time to go pick up another tractor !
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    Model number WW-93 fits inside 15" wheels models 953, 1054 and 1054A 1963-1965 - 44 lbs. each Operator manual #122 IPL 1 page 210.94KB Dated 4/1/64 Mounts inside the wheel - 2 pieces per wheel bolted to the rear of the hub Model number WW-105 fits outside 15" wheels models 953, 1054 and 1054A 1963-1965 Model number 8-1131 15" wheel weights for the 1969-1973 GT-14 (Approximate shipping weight 100 lbs.)
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    How could you? Almost forgot? Psshhh... I fear for this little feller, how ‘bout I come pick it up and give it some lovin?
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    I don't know wheel weights by model number but every one I know of mounts to the rim using carriage bolts. Thread size is 3/8 which uses a 9/16 hex nut.
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    In the drawing below item # 53 is the damper. It is located on the right side and they become slow acting due to dirt and crud build up. Just remove it and be cautious when releasing the clutch. got along without them for several decades, don't know why the felt a need to mess up a good thing.
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    Some came with a damper to keep the clutch from taking hold to fast. It could be it's not working as it should. It can be replaced with a spring. You don't want to drop the clutch with the spring as the front wheels will come off the ground. It will come up pretty good if you have the engine wide open.
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    I do all the posting for both of us but my honey Trina has definitely become a Wheelhorse gal. She loves her "tracta".
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    They look identical to the Carlisles on my tractor. I think I paid $85 apiece but that was a few years ago. The ones you posted seemed to be priced well! I did use wide rims to mount mine (23x10.5)...not sure how well they would be on the narrower rims that a 312 came with.
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    OOOPS, Brain farted on that, Mine are 1/2" as well
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    Idler pulley return spring is either weak or broken. It's located under the belt guard on the right side of the tunnel, next to your right heel. If that's not the case, then could be the wrong length drive belt on it. Good luck, Jim Correction. The clutch return spring on your model is on the left, even though it operates the idler pulley on the right.. Trace the connecting rod from the clutch pedal, back to the linkage. Could be something as simple as a missing roll pin or cotter pin, or a missing spring, or a broken connection lever (parts still available from Toro dealers). Go into the Manuals section on this forum, and search for 1990 312-8 to see a diagram and parts list. Jim
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    WHX my neighbor guy thinks it's pretty cool. He gets a kick out of seeing the "Old" tractors out working. He's a "kid" lol, same age of my oldest son, 38 yrs old.
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    Hehehehehe Yeah that sounds about right
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