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    Now don't start making excuses... for that abomination.
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    Listen...You Out of State Agitators don't know the whole story...We would have rid Michigan of such nonsense a long time ago had we won the Battle of Detroit during the war of 1812...Unfortunately, as usual, committee meetings in Congress caused delays in getting adequate supplies and reinforcements and a lack of wifi connectivity hindered communications at the battlefield, which prevented us from moving all JD sympathizers to the Canadian side of the river where they belong(ed)... We continue to pay for these mistakes today... BTW - it is even more of a problem since the so badly abused is a Black Hood...my C-105 mourns for his defaced cousin...
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    Electrolysis tank? Might as well hook up the local pond and drive that thing in! Criminal I say. Blackhoods are my favorite and now I feel the need to send some flowers as condolences. Whoever did that should be tried, drawn, and quartered ... AND I even own a John Deere farm tractor!
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    Well, I'm having coyote problems on the farm. One howled at me a couple of weekends ago from about 30 yards above me on a ridge. Now, I'm trying to trap them with steel traps. Boogers are pretty sharp - they've robbed one of my sets about 4 nights and tripped the trap twice and no luck catching them. Anyway, Emory rode his blackhood with me to check them today. He had a blast (he gets a little serious as you can see by the look on his face). He's a little too light to get traction real well on uneven ground. I found a set of nos Trac weights on fleabay for only about $44 shipped. They look to have never even been filled. Hopefully it will help him go a little better!
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    Wow, I haven't been a "supporter" all that long. Now I see the "dark" side of the forum. I didn't realize the green and yellow thing was such a big deal. Actually, I'm kind a partial to it. I especially like the "crisp" line just above the foot plate. Very defined and balanced.....And that one eyed look with the headlight is Tres'- Chic. You guys just don't have any style..... Time for you guys to expand your horizons and open up to the new look of sophistication....much work to do here!!!! (I'm taking some aspirin right now as I'm thinking there might be a touch of negative critique with this post)
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    It's still a Horse, maybe the owner had money problems and had extra green and yellow paint?
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    Whoever painted that Horse should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.
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    Not funny... more like criminal.
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    those foot rests are hard to remove (for JD fanboys) ...lefty-loosey / righty-tighty ...but it's upside down. ...and where do I put my other wrench? Very confusing for them...where is your compassion! Dont' get me started on the PTO linkage!
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    Seen on Lansing MI CL "This was intended to be A competition pulling tractor.Has A good K321 14 hp single cylinder motor(not original motor for that year) tires hold air but have checks.This is A little bigger than A average garden tractor very solid. " So what forum should this go under? Customization & Modifications, Pullers, other brands, or off color humor?? I wonder if the seller knows it's not a JD?
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    One of the close by members should go purchase that tractor and disassemble it and soak everything that is the incorrect Hue in an electrolysis tank for a few days. Just out of principle.
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    Nope, Coyote is doing great and Emory is loving its brother Roadrunner! The coyotes I'm having trouble with are the four legged kind. Really starting to dislike those critters! Wiley sure does describe them. I've been wanting to get a few goats to keep some areas clean, but not until the coyotes are gone. They downed and killed a calf for a neighbor 2 weeks ago. Richard, I hadn't thought of that. Something to consider. It'll probably get at least the weights now. Maybe the 22hp Predator is a little bit much power. At this rate he'll have slicks on the back by showtime!
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    I also thought the one eye thing was good on it. That custom grille is different too
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    that wasn't a hasty paint job, the frame and even the trans is green. Somebody took that poor horse apart and painted it, where is that jailer at eric j
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    Definitely "off color humor" My eyes! !!!!
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    I'm going to look at this 244H shortly. It's 5 miles from my house. I don't have details on it yet but I think the guy is the original owner. It comes with an original WH cart also. Seems like $350 is reasonable??
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    Don't tell OSHA,but I've been known to make a jumper wire and connect the wires on that switch that EBINMAINE is referring to.I'm the only Horse rider here,so I'm careful and most times remember to have the tractor in neutral when I'm starting it.
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    WVHillBilly520H adds a plow stabilizer. Nice and I'm going to fab one, or two. Anti-Sway.pdf
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    Thanks to everyone for all your complimentery comments! I will take a couple of more pictures this weekend and post them. I have a few from during the build I put up now, one of the engine when I pulled it out and two of the broken cast iron steering support. I was going to weld the old one, even though I hate to weld cast. So, instead I decided to weld up a new one out of steel The rear tires are NanKangs.
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    Well here goes My neighbor Tony and I each have a couple of tractors that we put together with spare parts off other junk tractors to use strictly for off road fun. Neither one of us would take a good Wheel Horse and treat it this way. That being said this is the story.... We set off into the woods to "cruise" the over 1 mile of trail be have blazed for tractor riding. As usual we start off just riding about but soon we find ourselves lookin fer mud. The mud holes were kinda dry so we ended up at a small pond about a 1/4 mile into the woods. The pond is about 40'-50' across and I dont know how deep. Its dark and mucky so we are not able to see the bottom. I decided to just drive around the edge in the water but not into the center of the pond but only 6 feet into my run it got deep and dropped off quickly so I threw my tractor(GT1142 Wheel Horse Workhorse) into reverse and she went back about 2 feet and got good and stuck. We always bring a tow strap or two so we hooked up Tony's tractor("71" Wheel Horse 800 with a pull start Briggs 7hp) to mine and she popped right out. Tony then states that he "can do what I couldnt do" and launches into the pond with all the speed he could muster and got about 2 feet farther than me but sank real deep with the front wheels dissappearing into the deep murky water(kinda sounds like a murder novel dont it?). The intake was right at water level so he shut her down but not before it took in some water. We had to use two tow straps to get the needed length to get from his tractor to mine on dry land. It took some serious yanking to get it to even begin to move as I think the muck was holding it like a big suction cup, but eventually it broke free from its muddy grip. As it came out is didnt folow the same path that he took to get in and it puled up against a tree and since I was looking forward and couldnt hear him yellin over the roar of my Briggs 11hp his tractor flipped on its side. The carb side to be exact. It finaly came up on shore and we flipped it again to let the water drain outa the carb and then Tony gave it a few yanks to see if it would start and on the 3rd or 4th yank the pull start rope snapped. Now we knew it was gonna be towed all the way home. When we came to a straight away while towin I popped it into 3rd gear and he dumped the clutch on his while also in 3rd gear and the motor started to turn over and after about 200' of 3rd gear full speed towin she fired up!! So his tractor will live to go on another cruise. Dont try this at home kids...... Mike...next year I'll grow up .....I promise
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    Thank you edgro, these other guys just aren't in our category of taste... its truly beyond them.
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    Is that Ralphie all growed up?
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