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    Just wanted to see what they looked like on a round hood. These are 24x12-12. Don't worry, I pot the correct tires back on
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    As I am working on my last tractor for a while to sell. I had a thought. Of all the production #`s made of these fine tractors. I am thinking mostly 1950`s 60`s and 70`s and maybe 80`s models. How many where saved for the scrap yards. I do know people that have contacts in scrap yards for pick ups when people bring them in. And I think this web site has a lot to do with it. Every time i sell one or meet people I mention this site some times I get [a Really a web site dedicated to the these tractors} So this begs the question how many do you think are saved every day do impart to this web site and scrap yard contacts? Thanks for any response. Enjoy the ride and your day.
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    I used to creep this site before I joined it. I inherited a work horse 700 that was my grandfathers and that got me into the hobby. I was 14 at the time and always like tractors, but like most 14 year olds, I didn't know much about the mechanics of them. I don't remember the year i found this site, but I bought a 401 wheel horse in 2006 and i think it was sometime around then, maybe 2007. Anyway I creeped on this site for years reading threads and gaining knowledge on how to fix these horses. I gained more and more confidence and ability to fix them and eventually gained enough confidence to start saving what i would call basket case horses. Frozen transmissions, stuck engines, stubborn steering wheels lol. I would say that it is totally because of this website that I came to save the horses! I had bought my first tractor at age 12, a running driving 74 john deere 110 (please forgive me, although i still have that tractor) and inherited my first horse at age 14 and the collection of tractors that include both horses and other brands is now at 21. So I would say that this site is almost totally responsible for horses being saved by me. Just don't tell my wife that! Why did i not join RedSquare until 2013 you ask? Quite simply, young people do stupid things sometimes!! lol
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    Happy Birthday @Sparky, we are all glad you were born!
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    Since the D uses the 3pt, needed to buildan adapter for using the rear blade or Brinly 10" plow on it. Worked out pretty well, but the pins are too weak to keep it tight to the A-frame. Probably switch to bolts, wanted it easy to move for offset work but they bend too easily. Simple but effective is what I'm after. Got a lot of rock pulled back out of the yard, still have to re-grade the parking lot and do some raking. Buddy brought his Kubota BX series over with the front sweeper and cleaned up the other areas but this section was just too thick. Amazing how much rock the D can move at once, need to get the rear box scraper built this spring. Sarge
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    Gary, great topic. I have no way of knowing, but I have saved my share of Wheel Horses. I saved a C195 about 8yrs. ago that spent some time in the shallows of a pond. These small tractors are easy to work on compared to there competition. I didn't start collecting and restoring these tractors till I was 55yrs old. So a word to the young fellows out there, start now.
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    Mike better late than never. Enjoy the projects.
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    Yes Elliot I do enjoy my self. It is always a crowed pleaser When you see a vintage tractor.
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    Conversion chart for ISO, AGMA, SAE oils: 40 weight engine viscosity is equivalent to 85-90 SAE gear oil. Gear oils have additives for the high pressures seen in the gear mesh. Hence the awful smell!
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    Dan, Nason does offer a hardener and I did ask about, but he assured me this is exactly the same he used on his that he restored and uses, so I figured I'd give it a go on the Cub since it is only used minimally anymore, Jeff.
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    Got some parts in and a few more small things painted / prepped and ready for paint. Decided to go with black for the rims.
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    I used Nason 421-10 2k urethane primer on my sheet metal. Urethane primers allow you to fill minor imperfections with out haveing them show up later on down the road due to shrinking, a known issue when using lacquer primer. It's been a while since I've sprayed any Nason top coats. Does Nason offer a gloss hardener for that paint? If they do I would suggest using it, it will increase the scratch/chip resistance as well as the chemical resistance. Your jobber might be able to suggest a hardener, if Nason does not offer one. I know Mar-hyde makes a "wet look" hardener for acrylic enamel. Here's a pic of the system I use. I've had good luck with the paint system, it usually comes in under Nason on the price. You can spray this paint without using the hardener, but i prefer to use it. I wish that Vansickle offered a Urethane primer, but no dice there. The quart of black in the pic points toward what I did today. A few parts received some black paint today, now I should be able to put the spray equipment away. For this resto at least.
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    Picked up another GT-14 today! Not in too bad of shape other then the previous owner hacked up the wiring quite a bit. I am in need of a wiring diagram to completely redo it. Currently I can get it to crank over but no spark
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    Thank you, definitely converting to points soon
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    Sorta sounds like you answered your own question there. IMHO: Easy enough to pop the hood off and paint it. ... use the tractor for the season. ...then do the rest when you have more time.
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    RMR3261 deck weights approx. 62lbs. for reference
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    I was able to get the sheet metal sprayed today. Jim @WHX14 stopped by to help with some wet sanding & get some observation time in on the painting. Always great to hang out with friends like Jim, hopefully I was an ok teacher for him. I should have taken some in process pics of the wet sanding process, sorry. I had sprayed a mist coat of flat black ( cheap $.98 spray bomb from Wal-Mart) over the gray primer, this helps greatly when wet sanding. When the black paint is sanded off the the part has been completely sanded. Jim got a pic of the parts after they were wet sanded with 400grit, washed with preps all, tacked off and ready for paint. Apparently he also was able to get an action shot of me spraying. Of course safety equipment is a must when spraying paint. Plus it helps cover ones face so that cameras are not damaged. A couple pics after the sheet metal was painted. 2 coats of paint on the inside of the parts, 3 coats on the out side. A closer pic of the hood to show off the gloss of the VanSickle acrylic enamel paint. This pic was taken about a hour after painting. Decals also came in this week, Terry @Vinylguy does such great work. I can't wait until I'm ready to put the decals on the tractor. I was able to put the finishing touches on my plow though. One more color to spray, then I can start putting things together. No wait, I have some axle repair to do yet.
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    I also made a front stabilizer to prevent left to right movement and to stop the frame from hitting the front axle.
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    Happy Birthday Mike. Hope you have a great day.
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    Been there done that (more than once) !
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