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    At least you didn't buy her the wrong gift like I did. Mrs K said she wanted something that would go from 0-200 in 3 seconds. So what did I do.....buy her a new bathroom scale.
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    Oops! Pray for me boys. I forgot today was my anniversary!!!! Man, this dog bed smells rough!
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    Personally I think that's very disrespectful........................to baboons....................
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    I'm back @WV Hillbilly, @ACman, @horsenewbee. I'm once again a wh owner. You guys were right. Only this time it's only a 1990 312-8 classic. But hey, I gave $50 bucks for it!!!!! Kohler magnum runs like a champ and has a nice 42" rear discharge deck on it. Paint not too bad, pics to come. Of couse has normal hackery for this price, but im back in the game ! Gotta get back to work now, talk later. Goldann520
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    I had to point this out to my wife once. It is OUR anniversary, not just hers. . . . . . . Like I said, I did that once, I don't recommend anyone do it again. I survived; you may not!
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    She got me a card and left it on the sofa. She said if I had remembered she was going to bring home some Olive Garden. Wanted to take her out to eat tonight, but she said she has too much to do - dr appt and local kids clothing sale to benefit local church. We'll just have to wait and see. Oh well, at least I remembered I'm married! She doesn't seem too peod, all things considered.
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    HHHMMM...May need to pull out all the stops and get her a new ...
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    No close calls because I live in a village, no burning. My wife wanted a fire pit. I got one for Mother's day. I bought some firewood from the convenience store around the corner. The store owner was a back door neighbor. We get a fire going one night. We have our living room window open and can hear our police scanner. The store owner called the cops complaining that someone was burning wood. It was us burning the wood we bought from him!
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    Too bad... what did she get you?
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    And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. .... And the next night. ....
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    Today is the first it was put to work John. After I picked her up last Fall. I stripped her for a pressure wash and after reassembly only had to clean the carb and add a battery to get her running. The Eaton 700 performed OK pulling the roller today. I have a 42" deck that I need to finish rebuilding. Then, this Spring, I can see if she is a keeper or if she is for sale. I'll be in touch. The 417 update....I hooked up another tractor to the PTO and drove the engine to check compression....about 70 PSI front and rear. Then pulled all the tins for a pressure wash and then pulled the front head and it looks OK. That's as far as I got with this one. I don't know if this one is a parts or rebuild yet. A family death in early Jan. and Mrs. Ks recent heart attack has kept me busy taking care of family. She will be getting a monitor with a live feed to the hospital next week. Then I may feel more comfortable leaving her alone and spending more time in the shop.
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    Ok, my 416-8. The big kohler single, 670 hours. Tractor, deck, cab, snowthrower. All in very good condition, kept in a heated garage. New seat, seat shock, various lights, oil change, fuel shut off, gas line, filter, cross shaft bearings in snowthrower, also bought snowchute crank extension, have extra NOS chain and snothrower belt to, cab is a close to 9 out of 10. Rear zipper was broken on my buying it. I gas it from the side door, plastic windows great. All lights and guages work, runs great. The deck is fine, used if for 15 minutes to try it, stored it away. Cab has lights front and rear, I did not install the rear. This rig and attachments are clean, no rust, no holes, nothing broken. Pick up only. Putting it in red square before Craigslist, any pictures you want, just ask, send pm or email. Plastic weights and 4 link chains go with it to. Theres really to much I did over the years to write it all. We are moving in spring, this needs a new home. I am the second owner, bought it off the original owner. I just added the last 4 pictures, no cab on, onr picture with deck. I wanted to add this, the machine wasnt cleaned yet from winters use. Thats why it looks dirty, just a fwiw. Glenn
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    @dells68 How is the sofa. That is almost as bad as forgetting the Birthday Day and Mothers Day . Glad to be me and not you. Where you taking her to dinner to tomorrow night ?
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    Nope, we didn't get any snow and I haven't used the blower for 2 years. But the week long rains ended today so I got a few tractors out to charge the batteries. Then I noticed the roller and thought why not put them to work since they are already running. I got about 1/2 hour seat time on each one rolling the lawn. The turfs did great on the flats but I needed the chained up 520 for the steep areas.
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    I was gonna answer this I'm busy fiddlin with my phone so you guys'll hafta wait....
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    A little extra parts and an hour this is what happens .
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    Im gonna start a thread on this tractor so I can keep track of progress on it. I got the tractor the other day from a guy on CL for 50.00 in unknown condition basically. Anyway this is it, a commando 8, 3 speed, 1969-70? with a original tecumseh engine. Plans are to get it running & clean it up, I dont really want to change the paint, the sun weathered look something you cant duplicate. Probably detail the engine a bit, clean up the wheels and try to keep this one kind of original looking since most of my tractor builds are modified. Get a seat, a headlight lens, no idea how I could fix that chrome fender trim, probably just leave it. There are two holes in the hood I dont know what they are for.
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    Don't turn your back..
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    Yep... me too. I enjoy tackling most anything but I've learned to be patient and more careful.
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    Is that really an R/C ...detail looks incredible! another old fav
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    Nice clock! but I can tell from here that your timing is a little off
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