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    I have been looking for a Brillion ever since I first set eyes on one 5 years ago at a show in Delaware, it was a 1963 last year built. Since then my search has been far and wide when an add popped up on CL in Iowa . BRILLION PARTS 50.00 read the add, I was on that phone at warp speed and speaking with seller in the hopes for a complete tractor in a box, but no... he had everything, but no frame, hood or steering tower, or engine how the hell do you have all the rest of the parts but no frame ? Its not as if your going find them any time this century, my hopes dashed I continued my quest when a month later I spied an add again in Iowa unrelated it seemed, Garden Tractors for sale as I looked over the machines in the picture something caught my eye, in the corner of the barn nearly covered with cardboard boxes sat a 1962 Brillion GT6 Explorer, can you imagine my excitement ! I called the seller and we chatted awhile trying to remain calm, I casually asked about the Brillion hoping no one else picked it out from its hiding spot, 250.00 he said and its yours, I immediately sent him a paypal the tractor was complete but missing its engine. I then called the other seller with the Brillion parts and bought them, also I asked him about the missing engine he said his father put it on a rototiller and they haven't used in a few years, yup I got that too. 100.00 dollars after getting everything from Fastenal I got the engine running and it ran great no smoke . Then I noticed something about the parts tractor its grille was different than the 62's along with its decal, OMG IT IS A 1959 THE FIRST YEAR BUILT since everything else is the same it can be shown as either by simply switching out the nose piece. I may be the only owner of a 59 and a 62, although I personally know of two other 62s in the U.S. one in Mass. one in KY. and two in Canada . As for the 63s one in Ohio and one in PA. and one in Indiana. They are quite rare nonetheless.
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    I merged your two threads and deleted your duplicate post.
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    Wish Elon was a Wheel Horse Fanatic
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    @Bowtieguy, a member here repowered his C-175 with a 22 hp Predator engine from Harbor Freight.
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    Well I got half my problem solved. I was digging in the old parts stash last night and came across stock wheel horse lighter assembly. Tried it and it fits. Now to figure out the ignition switch. Maybe its just me but the hole seems huge. They had a washer on it to keep the switch nut from pulling through. I have a larger cole hersee ignition switch I will have to try. If it fits, it gets used. I’ll know today. I got my light switches in yesterday so I can get my dash wired up. Coming together slowly.
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    You need to forward what he's communicated with you to Ebay - they are very strict about people not honoring auctions and will remove him to prevent it from happening to someone else. His trying to raise the price with a new listing should have set off their alerts, once it sells on an auction that is a binding, legal contract and he has to either let it go or refund the buyer. Ebay will seriously either penalize him or ban him for trying to skirt their rules and he could be in legal trouble as well. I've had one idiot do that - I just forwarded his emails as he was trying to skirt their listing/auction fees after a sale, banned for life. Selling something on an auction, then withdrawing to re-list at a higher price is not allowed, ever. Technically, he should have not been allowed to re-list the item anyway - they will take care of it and appreciate your help, it will also help keep the site a safer place to do business. It's not about being nasty, or revenge, it's about protecting the system and preventing yourself and others in the future from being ripped off. You really should go in the Resolution Center and give them a chance - who knows, maybe he will wise up once they go after him....? Sarge
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    Here's a little info from another site: http://gardentractortalk.com/forums/topic/59796-brillion-or-garden-all/ and an article via Kate in the magazine:
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    Pass and keep looking. With 7 acres to mow i would follow the above advice and look for something bigger. If you don't want a zero turn, I think a 520-H would work nicely, it would just take a while to mow 7 acres. Plus a 520 would plow a driveway and maintain a garden with the right attachments. Mike
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    What works for me is my 854 3 speed for most work. 854 6 speed for heavier work. Modified raider 12 6 speed with rear hydraulic lift for everything else. My advice is study what you want to do with them and go from there. You will soon find that each one will have a dedicated use so three may not be enough.
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    I thought it was a little steep. I'm thinking about offering $400 for both. If he doesn't take it, I have a few more that I am looking at. I'm not really concerned with speed, these old tractors just have a "not everyone has one" factor that I am really liking. Hopefully I can pick one up soon so I can have it ready for the spring.
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    My original 1965 855
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    My son-in-law works at a local scrap yard and picked this up in Oct. He decided he wasn't going to do anything with is so he gave it too me this past Sunday. Another project for my "spare" time. Haven't messed with it yet but he threw a set of jumper cables and tried to start it awhile back. Nothing. Next warm day I'll check it out further. Sunday was a good day; I was treated to breakfast, given a free tractor, and the Eagles won the Super Bowl.
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    ..... and don’t forget HF offers Predator 8 and 13HP engines too . There’s always those old K series Kohler (I heard they’re best somewhere ) one lunger engines . Plus you should be able to find everything you need to just to bolt it right in .
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    So will it get a full-on restoration or just get it mechanically sound and maintain the patina? Was it originally orange? I personally like the original patina.
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    When cutting 7 acres the hustler is a no brainer. If the hustler has been maintained you will not be disappointed. Deck size being equal, the hustler will easily cut the same amount of grass, 3.5 times faster. Now as far as seat time enjoyment the WH is hands down the winner. Get the hustler, then you have plenty of time to find a nice WH at the right price, you do live in the land of plenty.
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    You could probably do fine with a Predator. $ 99 with a coupon. https://www.harborfreight.com/65-HP-212cc-OHV-Horizontal-Shaft-Gas-Engine-EPA-69730.html?ccdenc=eyJjb2RlIjoiMjIxODY4NjQiLCJza3UiOiI2OTcz
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    There were two major suppliers of lighters back in the day. One was Casco and I think the other was Rochester with the names lightly stamped on the components. Had to get the correct replacement parts because they are not interchangeable. The replacement element for the Casco has a female thread for the knob. The other has a male stud on the element for the knob. Garry
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    I was goofing around on the internet the other day and started looking at mowers. We just moved and now I have 7 acres to mow. My father-in-law wants to sell me his hustler for $3000, but I think these vintage tractors are just cool looking. So I found a guy about 40 mins from me selling a bronco 14 with a broken rod and a charger 12 without a deck. The bronco seems to be original but the charger had been repainted. He is asking $650 for both. What is a good price? Thanks in advance. I look forward to learning a lot from this forum.
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    Hello Sarge ! Thanks for the advice ! I was leaning towards the same. The transmission was flushed good.... (several times) so...i also got the relative "safe" feeling for now... (as stevasaurus indicates). And it really wasnt that thick it remained seated...I was joking a bit....though it did scared the heck out of me.....i wouldnt have been suprised if it did stuck in that cup.. hihi. So Im going...as soon as he starts mowing again (thats all he does with it) ill get it to flush it again. Good thing is: He has change the oil of the engine and he does keep the battery charged and he uses a brush to get old oil on the blank spots Thats as far as he goes...dont think he changed other thinigs like the filters or Sparks or grease on the "known" points......but overall it is iin good shape. He just never looked at the transmission... Best thing is... im new into Wheel Horse, and seeing this...well...hats off..impressed...and proud to have one. ! (owh two that allready is hihi)
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    There are 3 basic sizes of cigarette lighters - WH used the main and most common large size. Nut is just a hollow sleeve with formed thread. Not sure who made them, I suspect maybe Cole-Hersee Co. as they made the HD starter-gen key switches. Whoever made them - their elements were some of the best made - I have old original ones in my tractors - they all work perfectly and quickly. Installed a nice beauty in the D, even...lol . So, yeah - I still smoke... If you ever want one of the smallest size ones for whatever tractor - go hunting for older Chrysler luxury boats, almost all had them in the rear door ash trays. Napa used to sell very high quality elements under their Echlin brand, not sure if they are any good now days as it seems most of their electrical parts are going by way of China, like everyone else. Sarge
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    Small - 854 (have one). Compact, great all around little worker capable of punching well above it's weight Medium - 1277 or C-160/16Auto (have all three) very tough, very capable, brutally simple Large - C195 w/3pt or D-200 (have a D180) ugly, tough, dependable - as long as you don't break it Stupid $$$$ - Kubota, in nearly any flavor Sarge
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    I believe that all lighter bodies are the same, I've used off the shelf lighters to replace the missing factory ones on some of my tractors. No extra bezel should be needed, unless some one has made the hole larger on yours.
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    What to do with excess cash. What the heck is that? Sad part is he can get tax wright-offs for the entire venture, if any of us want to have fun we need to pay taxes on every dollar we spend. Thanks for posting this.
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    It would be funny if he did a CL post - "Free Car - You Must Pick Up"
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    May want to flush and change it again if that stuff is that old and thick . Wouldn't even pour out of the cup ?? I'd really wonder about the condition of the engine on this poor animal - but, it does show just how insanely tough these things really are despite previous owners. I've had old small engines brought here or on equipment I dragged home that took using tools to remove the engine oils as well as transmissions - nothing can take that abuse like the older Kohler and Briggs engines or a WH transmission - even their hydro units. My 1277 had it's original filter and oil in it from day one when I got the thing almost 20yrs ago - a flush/oil change and it lived almost 2yrs before the swash plate exploded and wiped out the pump completely - not an unusual problem with the older style hydrogear units. The '66 876 from the same guy's buddy was the same way and I used that entire assembly in the 1277 since they are identical - simple flush/fill and oil changes at least once a year - it's still running perfectly despite the abuse I've put it through. There's a reason I like this brand of tractor - brutally tough and simple - can't beat that combination and the same reason I own an old Land Cruiser, lol...these things wear out their owners or just outlive them , and move on like nothing happened but some battle scars, gotta love that. Sarge
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