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    It would be funny if he did a CL post - "Free Car - You Must Pick Up"
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    Wish Elon was a Wheel Horse Fanatic
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    If your Elon Musk (owner of Tesla) and have the extra cash & know how. You put a mannequin in one of your Tesla Roadsters and launch it into space. This is exactly what he did yesterday 2/6/18 as part of proving out his Falcon Heavy rocket. Here's some cool pics, I like how it says "Don't Panic" on the dash. For more info just Google "tesla in space".
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    I don't understand what excess cash means?
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    Small: I have it. A 701 era horse (Elec start round hood) Med: I have it. C-160 Auto Large: Eculid TC-12 Dozer with twin screamin 2 cycle 6 cyl. Detroit Diesels!
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    Meh, been there... done that.
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    Holy Cow...your asking to make a choice between the world's best Round Hood and the world's 1st short frame square hood?? Here is how I handled this situation. I have a 702 AND 2 short frame square hoods...an 857 and an 876. The only answer to this question...you have to go get both of them. Then you will have your favorite 7 hp Kohler and your favorite 8 hp Kohler at the same time.
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    That's where my 704 went!!! I was using it one day to pull a stump out of the back yard. Suddenly the cable broke & I was thrown off the back. The tractor hit a big dirt pile that was in front of it, launching it into the air and I hadn't see it since. Thanks for finding it Terry!! Seriously, that's a cool picture.
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    My son-in-law works at a local scrap yard and picked this up in Oct. He decided he wasn't going to do anything with is so he gave it too me this past Sunday. Another project for my "spare" time. Haven't messed with it yet but he threw a set of jumper cables and tried to start it awhile back. Nothing. Next warm day I'll check it out further. Sunday was a good day; I was treated to breakfast, given a free tractor, and the Eagles won the Super Bowl.
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    I was just messing around with this photo but I liked it so much I made it my desktop image. Showing off my dual Samsung 32 inch curved monitors. These make my work much easier and allow me to have multiple programs open at the same time. Just a few short years ago monitors this size were not affordable for me. I paid much more for my first 24 inch monitor than for 2 of these this Christmas.
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    I admire the man and his vision - as well as the insane accomplishments he's made in such a short time. I'm sure he will contribute to humanity in a very positive way in the future as long as he stays within the boundaries of what he's done so far - progress over profiteering. Gotta love the guy's sense of humor - just think if an alien race found it making laps around Mars..lol. I would seriously love to prod the guy into loving our hobby here and Wheel Horses - think what he could do with them, lol. The exclamation point of landing the two boosters side-by-side was pretty staggering - I sat there with my jaw on the floor - didn't know that was planned as I lost track of the project in recent weeks - kudos to Elon for sure. I almost wish this guy was into medical science and gene research - hard telling what he could do with his teams he's built. They have had some spectacular failures, but they refuse to give up and you gotta love that. I saw the thread title and thought - "wow, this is opening a can of super-sized worms" on this forum, lol . Sarge
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    No ****. That was to me way more impressive than the launch. I mean the Saturn V was much more powerful but the technology to bring boosters back down..just beyond my feeble mind. Many of us i am sure remember the days in school when they might wheel in a black and white TV to watch a space launch Vanguard or Atlas...and how many times it never even got off the ground.
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    Looks to damn nice to be tossed out for scrap value! Good luck with it.
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    They are both very good tractors and both have good strong kohler engines. It’s a hard choice to make. I would go with 702 though just because I like round hoods. That’s my Also
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    When I saw title "excess cash" , my first thought don't any . I saw the launch and the two rockets landing at the same side by side and I said was HOLY COW. Mr. Musk sure knows how to get things done. Any member know anyone who maybe know a friend of a friend of a friend of his family ? It would be nice to see new limited production at a price us cheap guys could afford.
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    Small - Lawn Ranger L-107. more than enough grunt to do chores and easy to get on and off for us older guys.... Medium - Charger/ Electro 12 Got to love their ability to push snow 10 pinion limited slip and the Sundstrand Hydro with lift that works immediately in the cold. Large - C175 - 8 Plenty of smooth power bullet proof tranny to para phrase Ron Popeil "set it 2nd and forget it" uphill down hill thick grass what ever she soldiers on.
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    Who you kiddin Norm... we heard the bank comes to you when they need money! Now me I am a simple man ... if I had even an eighth of Norm's money I would go get this...ok... the whole line of them! I think that's called multi-tasking Terry but I wouldn't know ... I can't pick my nose and walk at the same time!
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    They were saying that that rocket had a better chance of blowing up on the pad than lifting off. Imagine what they could do when they are confident of something. Acouple of launches back they had a camera on a booster as it returned to earth. They landed it on a floating barge in the ocean. Pretty amazing getting it to stay upright on something floating like that. Even more amazing watching it thru the camera. I see you have your work boots on and not your sandals. Safety First!
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    @squonk You need a chill pill. How about a C-195-8 with hydro ( never built )
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    My best small would be my 1960 suburban 400 My best bigger tractor is my modified 702
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    Love my commando 8 but would love to have a 420LSE never going to happen
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    Still fighting with one of the hubs on Ray's tractor, this thing has been getting soaked in PB Blaster (maybe not the best but I can get all of it I want free from work ), its been heated, and I've got about all the tension I can put on it with the puller without breaking anything. And it still refuses to budge. An old mechanic friend once told me every job has 7 curse words, trick is you gotta get them in the right order and things will fall together, I've cursed this thing with about every combination of words I can come up with and it still isn't coming offIf anyone here has any tips, tricks, or suggestions I'm open to hearing them. Oh and my new shop helper Khaleesi wanted to say hi to everyone here on RedSquare
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    Put my oldest son to work today cleaning with a tooth brush. 👍 Waiting on some chemicals and cleaners i ordered online so i can clean up all the parts in a make shift parts washer. At this point, i think kit #4 and a new shift fork should do it. I was wondering that myself being there was no paint on them
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    thanks, I didn't realize that it might not be an option, feel bad for folks that got them stuck out in a field... Might try and get it started tonight & hopefully drive it this weekend we will see, weather has been rough here....if not the weekend I can get into it.
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