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    My daughter spotted this Elmo on a Wheel Horse on display at Kraynak's store in Sharon Pa. today. It's a popular store know widely for their In store Christmas displays. I was just wondering if this tractor belongs to one of our members here.And of course what exact model it is. My daughter was so excited to show this to me and she set it as my phone background pic.
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    So as some of you know all too well, I have recently upped the stable quite a bit. Most of it was taken in to pass on to new owners here in Denmark, which was also the case with this little horse. It all started a few months back, when I was sorting out all the jump thru hoops of getting horses corralled in the US, and herded into a container bound for Europe. One day my phone rang. It was a young lad, about 10-12 yo, and he said to me: Mister, I have heard that you are getting a s...load of horses send home from the US. Would it be possible for me to get a horse in there among yours?. Damn! that was a boy with some spunk. (don't know if I'm allowed to say that, but I did anyway ) Then he finished it of and said: You should know that I do not have all the money, and that you may have to hold on to it for a short while until I get my dirt bike sold!.............. Well what do you say to a young boy that calls you up like that? Of cause I said yes, and he told me what he was looking for. Meanwhile, the resident forum dinosaur was helping me getting a foot to the ground on this whole deal, and as if it was meant to be, this very helpful friend of mine said: Eeeerrh you wouldn't want my old Raider 10, would you? That Raider was spot on for this kid, and he was ecstatic about it. Time went, and this whole thing became a reality. That Raider 10 was of cause the first tractor I picked out and began prepping. I had promised him he could have it at cost, but I couldn't bear handing him a tractor that would not start, so I ended up giving him a little Christmas present. He is not aware of it, but the look on his face when he saw it, and fired it right up was perfect, and all I hoped for. I started by cleaning the fuel system and carb. It had not run for years, so it took a little elbow grease. Gave it new fuel filter, checked hoses, redid some wiring, swapped out the front plate on the starter (the old one was worn out totally in the bushing), gave it a new bulb in the headlamps, checked fluids, gassed it up, gave it a new battery, adjusted the points, had the wife sew a few tears in the seat cushion, cleaned it up nicely, and heck, I even put air in the tires. After letting it run without spark plug a bit to get some fresh gas thru the pump, I connected the fuel line to the carb, and let it fill up the bowl. In with the plug, and it fired right up. Minor adjustment to the carb, and it ran nice. I took it for a little spin to make sure everything was OK, and parked it when I was satisfied. That same evening, the kid calls me up: I'm selling my dirt bike tomorrow!. Can I come pick it up? Talk about things happening in just the right order....... Next morning I took it out to shoot a few pictures for the PO, and that was when this strange thing came crawling in the back of my mind. This little tractor was not even close to anything that suited my needs nor desires, and even though the kids laughed at me, and the wife figured i looked like a giant buffoon on a toy tractor, I couldn't help taking it for another spin, contemplating what it would be like to keep it, and if I had room for it, and if I really did have to let it go. ...........Strangest thing. Must be a bug. But as you may have guessed, yes of cause the kid got his horse, and he was proud as could be, and I do not blame him one little bit.
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    I don't know what they sell, but they are located on Sesame Street!
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    https://www.acehardware.com/acerewards/myAccountSetup.jsp?processId=rewardsSignUp Here Ya go Jim. Yep, the limit is 2 gal/day. Unless you know the clerk really well and she pushes the correct buttons.
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    Had a GT14 that I brought back from Horse Death. That was tagged Lazarus. My resto Mod was names Elijah. My GT22-8 will likely carry the moniker Samson. But I am waiting to make sure it’s worthy of the name once it’s finished.
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    No pets were harmed in the making of this video. As many of you know, my honey and I spend a lot of time outdoors. Our dog is not super fond of the cold being very short haired and single coated. Today we got her into new footwear... My stomach hurts from laughing.
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    HA, old men standing outside ACE like kids outside of a liquor store! My oh my how times have changed. I remember when water was free and you had to pay for porn.
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    Hello everyone from "Old Blighty" (England). This is a bit of a cry for "Help!". I currently restoring, from the ground up a 1972/73?, "Raider 14, 8 Speed". The main problem being, every time I need any spares, I can only find a reasonable supply of parts in the USA, therefore its costing me an absolute fortune in shipping charges. I've so far not been able to locate a reliable supplier of parts here in the UK. I'm now getting close to the point of giving up! Can anyone please help?
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    ACE has their -25 windshield washer on sale for 99 cents. That's sense, or scents for a Squonk. You do need an ACE Rewards Card. Fill them tires.
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    The one who loses the talk off gets to wear the "French Maid " outfit.
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    So, let me guess...now you have a broken shovel with a corresponding lump on your rear end, dirty dishes, snow all over the driveway and you sleep on a couch in the unheated garage surrounded by empty take out food boxes...???
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    OH Man! I can see it now... HEY KID, comere.
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    And that poor Gold Wing sitting out in the weather...someone should be ashamed of themselves for treating motorcycles and Wheel Horse attachments like that!
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    Was ready to buy a new truck 4.5 years ago but ended up helping with some family/church projects that ate up my budget. But that’s coming to an end so I have been shopping for a new truck for a while and waffled between new vs used vs newused as well as gas vs diesel and of course brands and finally whether 3/4 or 1 ton. In the end, i ended up with this F-350 6.7 STX 4x4. Should go nicely with the trailer i bought yhis summer.
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    to theGraydon.. I can't help, but we have several members on your side of the pond that may be able to help. They should be here soon. Good Luck. The Raiders are great machines.....please don't give up.
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    That's a good question...haven't seen Howard on here in a while...
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    I have considered the up keep side of this issue and batteries win hands down. The mechanic and gear head in me says only NITRO!
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    Thank you Sir It was just a light touch up, but yeah, I think it looks nice. And yes he sure had a big smile plastered all over. It puzzled him a bit though, how it had turned up nicer than the pictures he saw of it initially. I just blamed it on the Previous owner like all used car salesmen do
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    Just don't buy that carb pictured for a tractor H60, H55. It should look more like this
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    Speedex's are fun to mess with too! The later models like to one you pictured are beasts and would make a good addition to anyone's collection. I have a speedex as well and they are fun and a little different too!
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    Well, I've gotten some more done today. Engine is bolted on and detailed. Seat is on. Installed a new rubber grommet and shut off valve. Emory had to sit on it and informed me that it looks like an old man's tractor. He says he really likes it and wants to drive it. He even asked me if he could have the front tires for the tractor I'm going to fix for him. Second pic was the other day when I pushed it out to see what the color looks like. Darker pic is what it looks like in the shade - big difference!
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