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    I recently commissioned a young guy to carry out a reproduction of the wheelhorse sudurban sign , I think he has made a pretty smart job of it . Made from a plastic vinyl film over clear glass and contoured with lead . He has done such a nice job I now intend to have a few more designs done .
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    520 HC with ONAN the barbarian under the hood. The fastest and the Grand-dady if all 520s. 252 H with high ground clearance and bullet proof Kawasaki engine makes it the perfect yard mule. And all my other horses.
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    My favorite is the 1067 (tractor on the right). This was my father's Wheel Horse and the one I used to mow as a boy. (Vintage; before and after restore.) Dad and grand daughter.
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    New unit coming along nicely waiting for some coated parts to get back
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    Upgraded from a 312 to a 520H this week. It says 29 hours on the meter, hoping its correct. I started by changing all the engine oils and filter, gas filter, air filter, greased the fittings, and put new plugs in. I also changed the hydraulic oil & filter and am noticing the oil goes in VERY Slowly. Is this normal? How much oil should it take. I put in 2 quarts and the stick is dry. 2 more questions: 1) the front tires are dry rotted and only hold air for about 2 days. is there anything i can do to save them (Slim, tubes, other?) or just buy new ones? 2) When I start the machine the volts go all the way over to 16 and stay there. Is that normal? It came with a Leveling blade that mount under the machine(where the deck goes). that's for sale if there is any interest. It also came with a plow, weights, chains. that's for sale if there is any interest It also came with a deck that is a rear discharge. that is for sale if there is any interest. Anyone selling a side discharge deck? it also came with 4 gray hub caps, that's for sale if there is any interest more pics of items for sale
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    Cat under the birdbath. Coincidence? I think not. Fish where the fish are. Smart cat!
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    I'd have to agree with Eric on the 29 hrs but he is spot on about filling the transmission, a few of us leave the filter loose while filling to alow air to escape loosen a top bolt. Tube the tires or replace but DO NOT put in tire slime... Eric knows. Replace the voltage regulator if it charges above 14 volts ...these regs are known for over charging and are less than 20 bucks at popular auction sites. PLEASE post an item for sale in the proper classifieds if you are selling items off the tractor, not here. Let us know if you have any more problems with her, lots of 520 pros here and good luck with her!
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    Probably the rod came out or a spring broke. Here's the manuals to help.
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    tubes or new front tires, if you ever have to remove a tire that had slim in and see the rim you'll understand. check the battery with the engine off and running to see what your voltage is, I have some tractors that the gauge does that. One of them I replaced with another used gauge and had the same problem, but when checked with meter it shows proper voltage remove one of the gas tank support bracket bolts and this will allow air to escape I would venture to say 29 hrs on meter is not correct, sorry looks like a nice find and good luck eric j
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    I agree. Having an auction might cause problems between collectors rather than bring us together. I have seen a silent auction held by one of our members for a machine he was selling.
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    Even though I like the 300/400 series machines, my favorite is the early C series, especially the C160 which is still my favorite in spite of all the little issues I've had with it over the past couple years. I've moved it closer to home so I can get everything straightened out over the winter/early spring. The older machines are so much easier to maintain and work on.
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    have you checked the points and timing and could the carb need some tweaking. It would be worth trying to tune it up before calling for an expensive rebuild, if it's not knocking, smoking that bad or using a lot of oil, it may not need a rebuild. As I was writing this I recalled some of the tired old Kohler's that I had in the past, when starting no matter warm or cold you had to use full choke to get it started . just something to think about, good luck eric j
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    What about an ATV tire in a 23x10-12? Looks like this could be pretty serious in the snow:
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    Dual ags on my '58 Ride-Away Jr.
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    We had a full sized beech tree begin to bud back in spring, then just stopped, dead. No worries about the tree... We live in plenty of forest... but I've been mulling over how to fell it for 5 or 6 months. It was leaning Towards the back lawn and septic system... Bad place to drop a tree. Well this last tropical storm took care of it for us. Here in Maine we get a lot of bad storms that are Nor'eastah's as we say so the trees grow to withstand them. This one came in VERY strong from the southeast and took down A LOT of trees. Massive power outages across much of New England From the downed trees. That tree? Blew Exactly where we needed it !! Off the lawn and away from the house. Good ole mother nature.
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    Cardboard Aided Design " excellent " , I always wondered what CAD stood for.
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    Mine are still sleeping in the storage shed..heck I am still vacuuming leaves now this....
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    I see Wheel Horse offered a 3 bar deck leveller as an upgrade for 42" and 48" decks with bagger attached. I am too cheap to buy one so I made it. I cut a bar from an old worn out leveller then welded up and filed the wear points. This is a standard 2 bar leveller. This is the leveller with the third bar just sitting loose. Here is the completed leveller. Here are the plans that I drew up to locate the third bar. 3 bar deck leveller.pdf This is a deck from the internet with the 3 bar leveller installed. I have not installed mine yet. I guess time will tell whether this was a useful upgrade or not. Cleat
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    Have them on my toy and love them.
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    I know more about computers than all three combined but they might know phones better than I. But I doubt it... Not completely intuitive to me but here. Not sure where that creature came from... Killed it before the fourth upload which just replaced the failed upload. The angle adjustment looks altered, nicely but altered. Will it fit a Classic? Or should I trade it? Or would it justify buying a "D"? Yeah! Maybe that! So a hillbilly from WV shows me how. Oh the shame... Thanks buddy! I might still be paddling if you mean finding a blade for my tractors but with some help I'm uploading pictures from my Android now!
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    I think so but a couple hours has passed so I've filed all that in the trash of the mind. I'll do the tests again to double check.
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    Just my opinion, but the Big Show is about seeing friends and meeting new friends. I have only been there twice and there is precious little time as it is, I want to spend it with my fellow Horse-A-Holics!
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    Yup - used CAD last night to make a baffle to seal the lawn vac to the deck on the 16 Auto - works great . I like how you set up those bearings to the drive axles - nice to keep them out in the open and easily accessible as well as not building up mud to rot it out . Sarge
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