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    Time to restore and get the ugly green paint off
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    Loaded up my Mrs Rules, and our two twins(Suburban models 400&401) & headed over the mountain for a ride around West Point's Morgan's farm today. We were just in time to catch a few minutes with Ace, a little American miniature horse boarded there & his owner Cathy. Made for the perfect photo opportunity...capturing Ace, the mini real horse & two of our little Suburban Wheel-Horses checking each other out. And here's Ace taking a little bite out of the competition.
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    In November of 1997 I bought my first new vehicle. Today, that old friend no longer belongs to me. It always was a bit of an unusual truck. You don't see many of these 7700 lb gvw Fords out there with their bizarre 7-lug wheels. Heavier than an f-150, but lighter than a heavy duty 3/4. I guess it was more of a 5/8 ton. It was a 1997 F-250 light duty 4x4 with the 4.6L v8. I paid extra for the automatic transmission thinking my then fiancé (still my wife today ❤️) who couldn't drive a manual would drive it periodically. It was the first vehicle I ever drove with an automatic transmission. In 20 years, she probably drove the truck 5 times. the things we do for love! It could carry 2700 pounds and it did that and more many, many times. It probably has hauled over 100 separate wheel horses in its 8-ft bed. Until 2003 it was my daily driver until I grew tired of the 17 mpg it gave. Since then I added another car and only used the truck as a truck. So the last 50000 miles or so were usually loaded with something...rock, dirt, tractors, drywall, etc. or pulling a trailer. In reality, it's worked pretty hard when called upon for the last 14 years. It moved me and my belongings from Illinois to Missouri to Indiana and back to Illinois. A friend borrowed it to move his stuff and ended up making multiple back and forth trips to West Virginia. its its been registered and titled in three states all under the same name -mine. Never an accident and until a hailstorm last spring that claimed the headlamps and windshield it was still 100% factory. It's going to be weird not seeing it around anymore. Hopefully it doesn't get crushed soon as I think it has quite a bit of life left in it. I'm sure it's bound for an auction as the next part of its life. age was starting to take a toll and rust was making weird things happen. The engine and transmission are still sound but it had been decaying around the edges. The exhaust manifolds are both rusted, the 4x4 system only works 75% of the time, the AC is dead, and general rust was making it somewhat unreliable. I had good luck in the last 20 years with this truck, but it did make me pucker the time the brake line ruptured at a rail crossing with a train careening across the road. Had I not got that sucker to stop by throwing it in park and flooring the emergency brake the day would have ended differently. Another er time it wouldn't start after launching the boat with the trailer still in the water. That was fun. And there was that 10-degree winter night between Decatur and Springfield Illinois when the heater core blew leaving me with no heat and a puddle of coolant on the floorboards. Thank god Home Depot was still open that night so I could cut the heater hoses and isolate the heater core. That last 120 miles to mom and dads house was cold and my poor dog kept looking at me with confusion on why we were freezing with the windows open a crack (to keep from fogging up)instead of running the heat. But it was still a good truck for me. Some time ago it hit that valuation that made anything beyond regular maintenance an undesirable investment for me. Filling the 30 gallon tank increased its value by 25% The new battery this spring kind of broke the camel's back so I kept it through the summer to get some work done around the house and decided to sell it before the plate expired in November. No regrets letting it go, but it's going to be missed for a while. replacing it and my wife's car is a Honda Ridgeline that better suits our current needs. We're back to two vehicles which just makes more sense. I'm sure others have old trucks or their first cars with which they parted and it might be neat to hear some stories. Farewell old friend! steve
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    1960 Suburban Model 400... & 1961 Suburban Model 401.
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    Great running 414-8 with 958 hrs on the clock. One fuse holder has been replaced. Everything works including the lights. The seat is not torn but has a permanent dent in it from something resting on it for a very long time (got it that way). Carburetor has no play in the throttle shaft. No leaks. I have more pics I can send if wanted.
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    Hello all, I have been a fan of Wheel Horse GT's since childhood (51 yrs old) and was looking for a GT to do some work on my little acre. I found this pristine looking 18HP, 46" hydraulic deck Work Horse with the Wheel Horse logo on it and am wondering if it is worth owning. I thought all Work Horse GT's were white/grey, but this one is all red? Any help appreciated. Also, it comes with the grader box.
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    Found a 1977 Ford diagram and it has a 30 amp fuse in that circuit. I know a mid 1980's 16hp Kohler model Jacobsen with single cylinder engine also has that fuse. You can get a 30 amp fuse holder and they have a 10 gauge wire designed to carry that type of load. Often used years ago to power the air conditioning circuit in autos. Most often fuse holders are damaged by heat because the terminal to fuse contacts oxidize and cause resistance. Good idea to coat the fuse and holder contacts with dielectric silicone grease to prevent that. Garry
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    It was time to switch gears a bit. After working hard for many years to acquire a nice little collection I decided to let many of them go and enjoy something else with the family. Over the past couple of months the number of machines and attachments have been reduced considerably. With the funds I went out and grabbed another pony, that is red, still has 4 wheels, but seats all 4 in the family. Welcome to the Horse Barn a 1964 1/2 Mustang.
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    Hello all, I was at my boat club... friends diesel 1 ton dually broke a u joint half way up launch ramp. Nobody around but me and my 2wd 2.2 liter 4 cylinder auto. We blocked wheels on trailer and got his truck out of way... hooked up S10 and without even breaking sweat my Chevy got it up ramp and to safety. You guys always say if there arent pics it never happened! So..... Tony
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    No, just has some really great patina Alan.
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    One of those horses is the wrong color.
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    Just thought I'd pop on my '79 C-81 fitted with '62 finger bar.
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    A great way to spend sweetest day ...
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    I'd be IN for that !! Could advert on CL, Unclehenry's. Chuck a bunch o' stick-in-the-ground-style signs out on route 26. Maine Antique Power Assoc might be of some help and/ or be interested. Any Pulling clubs local to us?
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    i had a 312 that I thought I knew what I was doing, but it took me 3 times to get right follow directions eric j
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    Looks like a good time to take the breather off for a cleaning. And check the valve clearances while you are in there. Make sure you put the breather back together correctly. Check the manual....do not assume the PO put it together correctly.
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    Hi all, the Wheelhorse is now running very smoothly, and the electrical and charging issues are fixed. I still need to touch up the wheels and sort out the seat, but for now here's some pictures from a nice autumn drive
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    An older S-10 with a 4.3 would have yanked that boat off the trailer!
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    Went out to the family farm today and took a couple pictures . @Achto Will get better pics of the Cockshutt in a couple weeks ... promise @WHX12 here’s a wooden sheet metal brake made during WW2 .
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    Okay, Okay... I feel bad... look in pic... you can see trailer jack down. I was leaving club and just backed up and took quick pic. Boat and trailer is 19,000.... theres no chance in heck an S10 wouldnt poop itself silly if it even THOUGHT about moving it. Friends 1 ton dually Silverado Duramax pulled it in lo range no problem. It has to sit there overnight till his over width permits are legal tomorrow morning. Its 35' x 14' Sorry fellas 🤣🤣🤣 Tony And yes S10s are great little rides whether mini pickup or Blazer. I love the things and have had probably 6 or 7 Tony
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    The pony looks in great shape , hope you and the family enjoy it .
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    Jeff, thanks for taking us along. Can't help but feel some sadness for all this great old iron.
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    I think the stouter hood stands on the older models have something to do with this phenomenon.
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