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    Spent some quality time with the kiddos. The 1045 got a chance to stretch her legs out. It was a good day today
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    We are now making reproduction fenders to replace the cracked and broken plastic originals. These are made of fiberglass and are good construction. I do not have a picture of the exact fender yet, the picture i posted is the same fender just with the C195 lever placement. All you have to do is drill the mounting bolt holes you need(the holes are marked just not drilled). Pm me with any questions. Can deliver to Portland Indiana show in Aug.
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    Hi everyone. I've been a little delayed getting my updated pics to you. Took these pics about a week ago. I will include pics of how the tractor was when I retrieved it, as well. I read a post from someone who named their tractors after the original owners, or the previous if the original was unknown. I would like to introduce everyone to Edward (original owner) . Funny what a good power wash and replacing tires can do. Picked up a blade a week ago, so have to get the bracket painted and mounted.
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    So since my dad passed yesterday. i got to thinking about expanding the working pad i put in earlier this year. i pulled up all the blocks from infront of my shed. i been having rain getting into my shed anyway because it basically funnels it in. so i got dads second favorite tractor out and went to work removing the dirt that needed to be moved. then i started laying down the blocks. it turned out pretty good. they are not level but that doesnt matter. its better than laying on the sand. i got the tractor stuck twice today lol This was the most work this tractor seen in months. partially due to a good winter. and then when dad got sick it was not used.
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    Try adjusting the depth limiter (# 40 in diagram), turn it counterclockwise and see if that will allow the deck to lower.
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    A friend of mine built this little beauty...
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    Yes the 48" does the job as the 54-56" is actually for the big "D" series, and you will also need the "frame extension kit" because of the swept forward front axle and the rear axle hitch, Jeff.
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    Great pics , love to see the kids having fun
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    I have one off of a grasshopper I plan on putting on a 520.. Just got it about 3 years ago...
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    Thanks, they really do have a love for tractors, and i hope to keep that going with memories
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    This is a keepsake if there ever was one!
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    The real. Work starts after the deck is together
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    If you can't get them to "clean" up, I had a set powder coated close to polished aluminum then hand painted the embossing, Jeff.
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    I have a fraind that is a major wheel horse collector, I went to his house this morning for some parts for my 753. I saw these hub caps laying out side I picked them up to look at them and he said "you want them you can have them". They are my first pair of wheel horse hub caps, they have a coat of green paint on them and black but I think I can get that off to get them back to there original glory.
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    Dealer digging so far and more to come enjoy . http://pho.to/AlZHU
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    Bahmi You will find help here as you can see already. Just a note try taking pictures that always helps. Enjoy the site.
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    As near as I can tell, there are basically 2 different hoops for many of the B, C, and GT Tractors, no matter the engine. Both hoops have a top leg is about 1" long. The diameter of the hoop is about 7 1/4". The bottom leg is either 3" long (for the non-cradle engines) or 1 3/4" long (for the cradle mount and plate mounted twins). Basically, it comes down to tractors made 1977 and earlier and tractors made 1978 and later. I could be wrong on this, and if I am I hope one of the more knowledgeable members will chime in. If you get ahold of the longer lower leg hoop, all you have to do is cut it off and re-drill the hole in the lower leg. If you can't find the exact one you are looking for, I have one of the long lower leg hoops that I would sell cheaply. I would only have to find the cheapest way to ship it. Hopefully for $5 or $6. Jim
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    The parts to raise, and lower your deck are shown here in this diagram.
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    80w90 gear oil . It takes about a quart, or until it comes out of the hole on the right side of the trans case.
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    You can't ride on a Mower Deck ! ........that's why it has taken me nearly a year to refurbish my Deck here in the UK ........ Progress LINK
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    So good news, the pump and Hydro work great! Bad news, while the leak was indeed more noteworthy at the cam, after installing and testing the pump for functionality, it became obvious that the bottom was leaking. This area acts as reservoir for the pump and doubles as and I'm not sure this is correct terminology but what I call the transaxle. The axles and limited slip gears that mate up to the pump assembly. Not sure how long it's going to take me to accomplish this as I have a few things I need to do on other projects while I still have some summer left. I want to have it ready by the Fall. But that's more of a mini goal to keep me focused than a real need. I'm learning so that good but it is a royal PITA. Very frustrating. A couple pics of the removal surgery. Definitely would have been smarter and easier to do as part of the initial resto. But at that point I was too intimidated by the hydro.
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    Sporting the big apple licence plate, no less... of course, I'm digging it James.
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    $80 for media blasting and powdercoating plus the paint markers I used, I have a set that cleaned really well too second pic shows the difference between chrome and powder, Jeff.
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    Some time ago, a one time Horse lover, gave me a set of hub caps. Love the baby moons!
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