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    About 20 years ago, a friend I grew up with & I stopped by my Uncle's house & this tractor ended up going home with him. He used it for his garden a couple of times but mainly his kids grew up enjoying riding it around the yard. By chance, my wife spotted him at a gas station about a month ago & he asked her what I had been up to, she mentioned the Wheel Horses & of my Uncle's passing shortly after Memorial Day last year. She said his stunned response was, "I have something that needs to go home to him". He called me the next day & we set a date for my Uncle's tractor to come home. I haven't looked her numbers up yet, but I'm pretty sure she is mid - to early sixties S14 Speedex, made by Elmer Pond's brother Harold. I'm happy to report that she has now joined her half sisters in the stable & they seem to be getting along nicely. The first pic is how she looked just after we pulled her out of the weeds.
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    Some of you may know I work a long way from home, and play the part of call centre for many family tech issues, as well as remote bicycle repair man and occasional mower won't start... Last weeks call was... 'dad, do you think this is fixable?' the part in question being a 1970 lawn ranger tow hitch. I'll let you guess my reply Apparently the trailer rolled with 400lbs of dirt in...
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    Ok Guys ... I tried to do the running scoop the gun off the ground like they did in the old westerns ... well ok it was only a garden rake... garage wall came up way faster than it was supposed to & tractor tried to drive right up the side of the garage wall and was dang near vertical... flipped me right off the back and on my keester into the tub I was pulling. Would have been embarrassing if someone would have seen me! Put on nice dent in the garage side wall steel. Mrs gave me a real butt reaming when she got home. I think it busted when I hit the garage foundation and before the horse decided it wasn't going to move the foundation so decided to climb. Guess I should have been in 1st and idle when I tried that stunt. Sorry no pics! Send me one and let me know what I owe ya! Thanks fellas
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    New to the forum but not old stuff. Picked this up at an auction, got it running and threw a new starter on it. Got the mower deck too just need the belt for it. Been a lot of fun, just need to find the correct front wheels
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    Bye bye D250. On on the way to the corn husker state. Steve
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    stevebo, I have them on hand. PM your mailing address and I will get one in the mail. $40.00 to your door. Genuine Cole-hersee. David
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    Put a solenoid on it and don't look back. You can see mine right where the PTO bracket would be on my 1267. You can use one of the little 3 pole solenoids that most riders use and can be found anywhere.
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    The Cole Hersee part number is 95520-B they are about $70. This would be a direct replacement. https://www.thewrenchmonkey.com/products/auto-parts/cole-hersee/95520b/ Nice looking cables Jim.
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    I tried to post in wanted but was not available, maybe I need 30 days before the forum lets you? Edit: got it posted
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    Anyone know off hand the difference in diameter between the 8 speed engine pulley and the hydro pulley? Is it a huge difference? If it is, I have a c120 Automatic engine and drive pulley on my bench, will that be a direct bolt in swap for the M10 that originally had the 8 speed, but now has the hydro? Is the diameter going to be correct on that, if so? It originally had a Sundstrand in it.. Mike Here she is now, all controls in the tower swapped over and back on four wheels. Just need a drive belt now...
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    Trying to make some Cents, Since, Sents. of it all.
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    OK, so you were dumped into the dump cart. I have been able to do the back flipper thing when pulling a trailer, but have yet to try climbing a wall. I'm laughing at the image .... glad only the pride suffered.
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    Yes im wanting the thread size at the block . Im going with 1 1/4 . smile if its not right its just another trip to the hardware store. i have to go in there with my eyes closed ,or i come home with something i didnt really need . LOL
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    Battery is ok. it doesn't have a problem starting ever. I have a Fluke multimeter just calibrated maybe two months ago so i know i'm good there. I have 12v to the hot side of the pto switch. when i engage it, only 5.5 or so volts come out going to the clutch. I couldn't wait this morning and ended up jumper wiring from battery positive straight to the clutch and WE HAVE MOVEMENT! gonna go with i need me a new switch! just very confusing when i had 14 volts coming to the clutch while the engine was running. Electrical..😤 Does anyone know of a new switch that will exactly fit or do i need to look used? thank you all!
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    The 16 horse kohler I have has bigger threads in the block then a reduction fitting to the muffler.
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    Dicks Wheel horse in Towanda ,Pa had a closing auction today I managed to get some nos parts and two lighted signs Brian
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    I've got 3 '67s Steve and one has been coverted to solenoid, one has has your sticky return to run issue and one is about there. I have got replacement numbers for these 70 amp switches if you want to stay original but you might not like the price... none less than 70+. I tried all the usual lubricants and finally figured out that return spring in the switch is just 50 year old plain wore out. I fear to think what kind of carnage I might be doing to the S/G or reg. by forgetting to turn the switch to run. If the one on the 1257 gives up I will dissect it to see if it can be saved. Nothing to lose. Anyway maybe some one in the know more than I may disclaim this but my 1067 looks like it was retro fitted by possibly a dealer available kit to change it to solenoid start with the 3 pole switch. It was done in a manner that just doesn't feel PO done if you know what I mean. Factory looking connectors and hardware. I'm sure Garry would have a service bulletin on this tho? Pics on how it was done ...pay no never mind to the hardware and other wiring as this is a custom. Note that the wire going from solenoid to S/G is/might be orginal dealer kit? The bracket from the S/G holding up the solenoid just does not look POish unless the guy was really good but still doesn't fit into the other PO things that were done to this tractor? Mornlikely I am full of cow dung here but something to cud on?? BTW nice '67.. Not sure if the steering wheel is correct but no nevermind ....my favorite year!
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    When I bought my first 857 two weeks ago, the owner had two of them. The one I took was the better tractor, but the deck bearings were shot. The second one was not quite as nice cosmetically, and totally wrong seat, but had a fantastic deck under it. To make a long story short, he offered me the second one for half of what I paid for the first one! (This would be the third tractor I bought from him) So I picked it up for $200! Only problem was, I did not have room on my trailer, and he lives a 7 hour round trip away. Well, just so happens, he is on the bridge crew rebuilding an overpass 1 mile from where I live. So last night he brought it with him and I picked it up today. Swapped out mower decks, and now my 857 mower is a joy to run and cuts awesome! Haven't decided what I am going to do with 857#2, it's motor may wind up in my 854 when it gets a total restore this fall.
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    yeah I was just out in my garage and did a test fit on the C-120 and worked out slicker then snot on a sneaker LOL! just got to get about 3 chain lengths to pick up right on it dam this works out well so what I 'll do just concentrate on a snowplow and a brinly type unit for the 953 ...........nut and everyone else thank you for all the advice you guys are truly are a great bunch of guys !
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    May be best to go with a three pole and a solenoid, the 70 amp starting current rated switches are few and far between. It cleaned up real nice; looks great with your truck.
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    Jump a wire from you r battery + terminal to the PTO. If it snaps then you have a switch/wire problem Incidentally 12.3 is kind of low at the switch. Engine off good battery should be 12.6
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    My brother David and I were able to get to A.J.'s Garden Tractor Jamboree this year held in Oregon, Illinois. We had a great time and were able to connect with fellow Red Square Members : Stevasaurus, Terry M., Shynon (Tom Prondzinski ), and Prondszy (Mike Prondzinski ) ! It was a very wet day and yet a warm day too with all the garden tractors, attachments, old farm tools and quipment and collectors and owners from Illiinois, Kansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and maybe a few more places.
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    Could it be that....the grass has just become tougher in a preemptive stand against global warming.
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    Please do NOT restore that one. That is way too nice to restore. Great find!
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