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    Well the weather was perfect and the show was busy. I got to take some pictures but for the most part I spent the first part of the morning buying the gt14 and then the other half trying to figure out how I was going to load/unload it when I did het it. Walking along there were some neat things here and there. Just some of what we saw is here. Some red, some yellow and yes, some green. And then there is that gold,green and blue thing I bought. Had a good time. And my treasure
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    Okay...I have a friend who is a honcho at a local power tool rental shop and he called me this morning to offer me this hydraulic hose crimper. It's an oldie for sure (he says it was there when he started 28 years ago). Anyway, I'm not about to pass up a freebie such as this, so here 'tis. It's a bench mount, but unfortunately I don't have room on either bench at the moment. There might not be much of a cost saving factor here because of my cost for hose and fittings, but I have to check it out.
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    Thanks Doc. I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet. I have no clue how it runs. I'll get the model when I get up there next week. My Wheel Horses will keep it in line.
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    Many of you know about our move back to our home state of Indiana. Well, the closing date has been set for March 10th. I just found out yesterday that the seller is going to leave these two items. There's a lot to mow and I actually thing the seller is trying to do me a favor. She doesn't know that I have real tractors The Agri-Fab will probably get some red paint and I'll just use the trailer to haul the grandkids around. I can see that the mower has an 18.5 hp Kohler Magnum twin and a 46" deck. Does anybody know the model? On my trip up to close I've got a cargo trailer reserved and I'll be bringing my Wheel Horses up. The plan is to leave them up there along with my truck and fly back here. We will then have a semi trailer sitting in the drive to haul everything else. Once we close on this place my wife and I will come back up in her car. When I unload my tractors I'll be sure to keep them as far away as possible from this thing.
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    Thank you Sarge will take that tip under advisement and thank you Denny, I find it takes less work by paying attention to the little stuff when building then to get it assembled and say "why the #@€& didn't I think of that when I had it apart and easy to do?!?!
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    finally got around to cleaning the nos one up
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    I got 4 of the horses in the barn.
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    First want to say, not a newbie to this site. Have lurked here for many years, so I wanted to give all you extremely knowledgeable and helpful users first chance to purchase and take care of the red baron, hopefully restoring her. She served us so well!! Extremely hard for me to part with my B-80 but life's changing, and I need to get rid of things. So here's the info. on it: Model # 1-0140-9, has 8 hp Kohler engine, 4 speed, garage kept, never used for snow, just grass cutting & hauling small wagon, hosed off after each mowing, yearly oil changes, trans. oil checked annually, and have tendency to overgrease. Snap ring needs to be replaced (may as well replace both while it's torn apart) and she's good to go. Paint job wouldn't hurt either. Purchased this used from a neighbor around '76/'77. Manual shows 1975 but internet research with actual model no. resulted in it being a '74 model. Assuming salesperson had only the '75 manual on hand and since not much changed from one year to another, handed this one out. Includes the following Manuals/Brochures: 1. Original Parts List & Instructions for 36" mower deck 2. Original Kohler Engine Owner's Manual 3. Original Kohler Engine Sales & Service Directory 4. Original 1975 B Series Owners Manual 5. Original Sales Catalog (44 pages) 6. Original Accessory Catalog (34 pages) 7. Original 1976 Series Brochure (6 pages) - compares all the series Downloaded Information: 1. 1974 Transmission Parts Lists/Diagrams (10 pages, some dup.) 2. 1975 Parts Manual (21 pages) Extra Parts: 1. Extra set(3) of used blades 2. New - 3 mower deck spindle bearings 3. New - 3 spindle cups (1 barely used) 4. New - 1 Hub with woodruff key (1 new wheel hub installed on mower in Fall, 2016) 5. Old fuel pump kit (original) - to be rebuilt? 6. Extra mower deck belt (new) 7. Broken wheel hub (original), if you want it 8. Old Tierods May also stumble upon some other things. Other photos available upon request PM me and I'll respond as soon as I can. Prefer local pickup but willing to work with your prearranged shipper.
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    Picked up # 99 420-lse brand new never started . Also the other one I have is 50 has 145 hours . Nos one is on left hand side .
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    Many of us have kids and grandkids involved in wholesome activities such as sports and others. I love seeing our young ones involved in these activities so I thought I'd start a thread so us old folks could brag them up. Our granddaughter, Madison, is a freshman in high school this year. Deltona High School is one of the stronger girls softball teams in the state. Madison has been playing softball for several years now and has become very good. I figured she'd make the team but I never figured she would be the varsity starting shortstop especially as a freshman. I was at one of her games and she was outstanding at her position. She fielded the ball very well playing part in many outs and twice caught a low line drive and and got it to first before the runner could get back for a double play. I called her my little Ozzie Smith. As you can see, she's a little drink of water. When she goes to bat if the outfielders haven't seen her play they would come in closer thinking she couldn't hit it past them. Once they got to know her they learned to step back closer to the fence. The team is currently 4-0 and has outscored their opponents 29-3. Let's see more stories and pictures of the young ones you're proud of.
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    Lots of fun in the mud yesterday.
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    Well guys I started on the 1054 the body seams to be in really good shape. I got the new front tire on, it came with 1 new tire and rim but I have to pull it back off. As I was trying to mount the tire I used silicone spray and it messed up the paint that I sprayed on the rim. I made a new seat and backrest for it. I had to buy a industrial sewing machine but they came out really good. I wanted to make it red like @Martin did, I really like what he did to his. Mine won't come close to his but it will be a lot nicer then what it looks now. @Lane Ranger made his like the original white/black . The seat needs the wood wedge cut from a 2/4 and the padding added but its ready for mouning after I clean and paint the seat frame. All the sewing is done.
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    The only other one that I've seen that has never been started belongs to @buckrancher.
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    We are starting small. Eventually we may work up to one of those.
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    A D200 followed me home from Missouri. It has a blown engine so I am pulling the 20hp Kohler out of my D180. Is it just the two bolts I can see to seperate the flywheel from the pump? I have everything else off, ready to pull. These bolts:
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    Do we have a video of the rescue??? And if not...why not? Jim
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    Our grand daughter Mackenzie is a real book worm and a Disneyholic. She is 12 and is a seventh grader enrolled in a Magnet School with a concentration in Medical and Computer Sciences. She has already gone far beyond my limited ability to help with her homework. I may need to sell some of my herd in a few years to help with collage tuition.
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    4 mower decks for C series. I have too many and need to pass them on.
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    The raffle tractor at the big show this year was a unique machine, I know I watched the progress pictures of Eldon working on the tractor. so many people came together to make this build possible, including Ken donating a really nice 16hp onan that was installed Wednesday before the show... the ticket container was packed to the point that they were pushing it down to fit more tickets. One person said that they bought $350 worth of tickets, I know of another who bought $170 in tickets. I myself bought $40 (my usual each year.) then about 10 minutes before the office closed I decided to use my last $10 to purchase a few more tickets. 2:00 on Saturday rolled around and everyone sat in anticipation of the raffle tractor winning ticket would be picked. I waited through the raffles until someone needed a trash bag which I happened to have, I handed the nice lady the bag, and found that I was the one who won the last raffle prize so I got the honor of picking the winning ticket...I did not want to because then there was no guarantee I would win I faced the crowd and pulled the winning ticket, not even looking at it because I knew there was no chance that I would win. Wild Bill then scanned the room, looking at my husband Jim and I thought no way he won!! but then he looked back at me with a smile on his face and that look in his eyes. Then he turned the ticket over to show the name on the back, (one of the tickets I bought right before the office closed)...my name NO WAY NO WAY I screamed with delight, my hands started shaking and I could not stop smiling or making what I can only describe as happy squeaks (Wild Bill made sure that everyone heard me by placing the microphone hooked to the PA system in my direction. The funny thing is that by my noises eveyone knew who won...lol needless to say I am still in awe and honored to have the custom, it will be at every show I make it to, and I love riding it around, and I think Jim likes it just as much. We stuffed a raider Jim bought along with my 401 in the back of the truck to make room for that tractor.
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    Aldon here are some pics of my Gt 14 hood hinges and latch, let me know if you need anything else.
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    I apologize to Trouty and Jim. I am usually not very sensitive about things, but for some reason, I was a few nights ago...sorry. Maybe I should have explained better what I was showing in the pictures. I was sitting around trying to figure out what it would take to get this muffler off with the tools that I had. I have an assortment of pipe wrenches, strap wrenches, etc...but everything was just a little too small. The nipple was solid, and I did not really want to get into cutting it off and beating it in with a chisel to get it out. I looked in the end of the new muffler and saw that only about 3/8 to 1/2" of threads were involved. This had to come off if I could find a way to grab it. I saw a piece of bicycle chain hanging on an "S" hook and I thought if I could go around twice and grab it with a pry bar I might get the muffler to loosen. It worked great. I know to turn the new one on hand tight, and I staged the pictures to show what I did on the new muffler. You may not have seen the chain on the old muffler...same color. Anyway, I am sorry Trouty,. Here are the pictures...the dent in the muffler happened on the way home...the marks that look like scratches are oil from the chain...the picture is set up to take the muffler off. I take a lot of kidding on this site, and I like that, I give it out also...sometimes it may seem like crossing the line. I felt like that the other day...please, if I ever cross the line...send me a PM...I did not mean to. Again to Trouty and JimD...sorry.
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    the kohler manual says: new: as in off the shelf never ran in a motor used: as from a running engine new: 260 in.lbs used: 200 in.lbs DO NOT overtorque----loosen---and retorque the hex nuts on posi-lock connecting rods cap screw style connecting rods: 285 in.lbs over torque 20%, loosen below torque value and retorque to final torque value Brian
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