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    Ok, there is no way that I'm the first guy to do this. I was looking for a replacement for my destroyed steering wheel. The options to fit the shaft were few and I thought a bit expensive. Thinking back to when I raced dirt track, I had a brain storm. Or a slight drizzle. A steering wheel quick connect is a 3/4" shaft. $25 for the quick connect and $32 for a Grant classic wheel. No modification made to the shaft. I drilled a hole in the coupler for a roll pin. I might rig a spot weld on it. Cool thing is if the wheel is in the way while doing maintenance, it takes half a second to rip it off. Mark.
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    My problem would be........Now where did I leave my steering wheel.....
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    Hello all Richy in West Wales here. I collected my Wheel Horse today - bought from a classic car /automobilia auction a couple of weeks back. I'm new to this - can anyone tell me about this model please, as I'm clueless so far!
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    For the first time in my 40 year old life, I changed oil, gear oil, a fuel filter, and an air filter. Woot! Now I am looking to rewire my headlights and apply some grease. I was just going to grease the spindles, but I noticed some grease plugs on each side of the back axle. Is there anywhere else that I should think about greasing? Is there any other maintenance that I should learn? Thanks guys!
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    With all the talk about snow plows of late and winter on the way I thought I would share a few parts I decided try and make and I think they turned out pretty nice...the adjustable skid shoes for keeping the cutting edge/wear bar up out of gravels or grinding off on asphalt/concrete the factory O.E. are sand blasted black the ones I made still raw steel then painted black on the plow ,and the rear axle quick hitch black factory and raw steel I made the locking keys if you look close enough the pitted one's are original and non pitted I made, Jeff.
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    11-10-1969 Sesame Street debuts On this day in 1969, “Sesame Street,” a pioneering TV show that would teach generations of young children the alphabet and how to count, makes its broadcast debut. “Sesame Street,” with its memorable theme song (“Can you tell me how to get/How to get to Sesame Street”), went on to become the most widely viewed children’s program in the world. It has aired in more than 120 countries. The show was the brainchild of Joan Ganz Cooney, a former documentary producer for public television. Cooney’s goal was to create programming for preschoolers that was both entertaining and educational. She also wanted to use TV as a way to help underprivileged 3- to 5- year-olds prepare for kindergarten. “Sesame Street” was set in a fictional New York neighborhood and included ethnically diverse characters and positive social messages. Taking a cue from “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In,” a popular 1960s variety show, “Sesame Street” was built around short, often funny segments featuring puppets, animation and live actors. This format was hugely successful, although over the years some critics have blamed the show and its use of brief segments for shrinking children’s attention spans. From the show’s inception, one of its most-loved aspects has been a family of puppets known as Muppets. Joan Ganz Cooney hired puppeteer Jim Henson (1936-1990) to create a cast of characters that became Sesame Street institutions, including Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Grover and Big Bird
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    One of the more desirable WHs. I really don't need it but I DO desire it. Most all C, 300,400 and 500 series attachments will fit, though as already noted the dozer blade will need extension. This is because it has a forward swept axle that will also accommodate the 60" deck. I'm guessing you'll have to spend some time pulling the engine tin off and blowing out fins. My 2 cents from mowing with my 416 Onan is that there are better engine choices for mowing. Mine is however a great leaf and grass cutting collector! Seems they all try to gather on the engine shroud! Won't help with engine cooling! And if I might interject a question, guys, does the swept axle also mean steering gear reduction? Either way I'm pretty sure I'd have to buy it! Hubcaps, weights and if that was a 48" deck? Yep! Silly match up IMHO to put a 42" on that 20 hp beast!
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    Nice Horse! Yes, 48" SD deck, height adjustment on the right. Be sure to clean all the engine and trans fan. Post your progress, we Horses' need updates!
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    mr washington, Glenn you were a great president
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    Certain case of Wheel Horse Addiction. A good thing! Does the Ms. believe the, "Followed me home." story thingy?
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    I just got finished making up a crank rod to turn the snow thrower chute on my 520-HC with a Ber-Vac snow thrower. Here are some pics of how I did it. I am very pleased with the results. I used a 3/8 drive universal and a 3/8 drive extension. My neighbor welded the extension into a piece of 1/2 inch conduit and the universal into a piece of 3/4 inch conduit. Then he welded the original crank handle in the other end of the 1/2 inch conduit. The universal snaps into the extension giving me the flexible joint I need for the angle and also it's easy to remove when I remove the snow thrower with no tools. I can let the universal attached to the snow thrower. The 3/4 conduit has a 3/8 hole drilled in it for a bolt to fasten it to the chute gear on the snow thrower. The 1/2 inch conduit fits perfectly in the hole on the support bracket attached to the tractor. All I need to do now is make an attachment for the lift assist springs on the front quick hitch bracket.
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    2 pages 100.29KB Belt installation instructions for the six-sided belt used on the 05-37SC01 - all pulleys are V-pulleys Drive and spindle belt 111178 (1/2" x 140.5") Six-sided double-V belt [265-001 Stens] The 05-37SC02 deck used a regular 4-sided belt with flat idler pulleys for the back side of the belt. Drive and spindle belt 110265 (1/2" x 141.00") Fits 300 400-Series tractors Mower Rotary 1986 37in SD model 05-37SC01 Mower Rotary 1987 37in SD model 05-37SC01 Mower Rotary 1988 37in SD model 05-37SC01 Mower Rotary 1989 37in SD model 05-37SC01 Mower Rotary 1990 37in SD model 05-37SC01


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    Hey guys, I've started the restoration of my 1968 Raider 10. I originally found that they didn't make a Raider 10 in 1968 but through discussion with the experts here, we determined that my tractor was a 1968 that was badged a Raider 10 with the 10 HP Tecumseh. Here's the starting point picture. It was in better shape a few years ago but it was a slight casualty to hurricane Sandy. Nothing is rusted through, thankfully. It's unfortunate that it happened and I never expected it to get wet where it was. We were at least a 1/4 mile from the water -- probably more -- but, I came to work (where it was stored) the following day and we had a garbage dumpster from the business across the street and a boat dock in out parking lot...It was insane and very unexpected. Anyway, I've disassembled a bunch of it and will e-tank the crap out of everything.
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    Today I came across a true barn find. these were offered to me, not cheap, havent run in years. what would you fellas do and consider? one rj, 4 lawn rangers, one commando 8, one GT 2500. and possibly a tall shoot single stage. you will see by the dust. I didnt take many pictures, but will go back for more. Enjoy the pictures I took, and please advise. like I said, pricey to. Glenn
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    Last year I showed up with a two page list, found everything on it and another jumped on the trailer and came home with me.
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    The crank rod is the same from a single stage tall chute I know that for sure (I made an extension to bring mine closer into the cab, did you get the frame mounted rear belt guard/sway bar support (1st pic) if not I have one available and sway bar (2cd pic) I don't have an extra 1 of those? Then you'll be chucking snow like the last pic,Jeff.
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    Whats in my trailer?? I always wanted one ...and this one fell in my lap... Missing parts tho
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    Welcome to the forum. You have a nice project tractor there. Looks to be in nice shape.
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    Welcome to the square nice tractor not an expert on 520's but I believe that is a 48" deck if cut adjustment is on the left 48", on the right 42". Have fun
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    It came with a deck, snow thrower, a rear blade (I think that's what it is - no numbers) and here are the pics. The deck is in really good shape -- no rust through anywhere and it's very solid. All of the wheels are there and work. The snowblower/thrower is in great shape as well. A little bit of surface rust but that's it. The cable is there and properly installed so the chute works great. The blade is a rear blade, I think. There are no numbers on it so I can't really tell. Any ideas? Just a really small front blade? I think I'm missing the mount for it. It looks like it is a manual angle adjustment type of thing. Thanks! Sounds good! I'll be sure to record this resto as best I can. I'm going to clean it up and see what the deck looks like. I think I probably will, though. I'm going to be using the electrolysis tank on the rear fender this week. I'll have before and after pics.
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    I bought my first Wheel Horse just a little over a year ago. It was a 314-8 as well. That is one purchase you will not regret. Also they are addictive. I now have 5 and don't plan on stopping at 5.
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    Imagine what this guy... could accomplish using a comfy chair. 2017 BIG SHOW or BUST!!!
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    Spent my day with these Guys tunen playin and freshening up. Awsome Day!!!
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    Deck assembled, decals installed, blades balanced and installed. Installed deck onto 520-HC. Still need to test out bagger whenever grass starts to grow.
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    Looks good, I like your idea. Don't forget to replace the shifter boot as you clean up the rest of the tractor.
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