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    Um hello , C-120 with a plow and 417-8 with a blower . You know you want it anyway !
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    I'll be up 5 stories all week and I'll have my bino-coculars! If I spot any rustling around my parts I'm droppin the hammer!
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    This video is probably well known at RS. But, just wondering if these guys are members here. If not, it's still cool. I love seeing garden tractors doing what they were designed to do, work. And any video that shows a gt plowing a field or garden, well that's just a bonus for me.
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    Found a little time to play around this morning. Maybe some Black and White?
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    A Wheel Horse trailer came up for sale in Iowa. It appears to be from when they made snow mobiles. I was just wondering if this was considered rare or desirable. It seems to have a tilting mechanism, and it looks like it would be a convenient way to transport a Wheel Horse.
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    Road trips are always fun, especially when the event is shared with a good buddy... I'm the Gatekeeper for Connecticut in the event any guys are looking to sneak over the NY-CT. line BUT, Guys such as 857 horse and Roadapples are always more than welcome in these parts. Most others will have to pay a Penalty Fee to be determined...
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    Some progress was made this weekend. The front axle is tacked together to see what it will look like... I think there will be a bit of a challenge to get the tie-rod geometry to work properly on this build. I may have to re-configure the way the two axles mount to each other... It looks like the front axle will be moved back an inch from where I have it located now. As it sits, I wont be able to use my 48" deck on it, which bums me out, so I may be shooting for a 42" deck instead. Here are some pictures of today's progress. Enjoy. Oh, as it sits, if I maintain the current course of assembly, I'm going to need to raise the rear end by 5.5 inches to maintain a level profile. This build is going to make this tractor sit up higher than the C195 I just sold!
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    well finally got this 1976 C 120 bought for 300 bucks as is. pick it up latter this week. turned the 10 hrse over by hand and it does have great compression yet . has firestone ags on rear and a tiller lift bracket on back. also has 48 inch deck that is in great condition solid no holes. this machine is complete no parts missing. plan is to get it running and use it this fall then tear it down this winter and do a complete restore. the lens on the front headlight is broke anyone on here make reproductions? the headlight bucket fine just lens is broke. also what wheel color does the C series have from factory white or almond? was at my local wheel horse dealer asking about this tractor and the gentleman says he knew the original owner of this tractor and remembers when he bought it new from him. also he told me he may still have all the service records for it. it was dealer serviced by him every year. he also remembers he did a complete engine overhaul in the late eighties on this tractor. just amazing how this old guy in his late seventies remembers all this and this specific tractor.
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    I hope to see you also Steve. I bet since its Scott's last show he expects me to take more pictures of him
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    All looks mighty familiar! think your tires look a bit knarlier than mine! Good to see you cracking on with it
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    What's all this bilge water bein spilled about stabbin the monkey? Iron Sam Flint here, in support of Monkey Paw Squonk pictured below tellin you barnacle biters to leave the Monkey alone!
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    Finally the paint work is all done and decals are all installed. Seems at home with two of his brothers. Cleat
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    Guys, I've known of the location of this tractor for three or four years now. Kept telling myself "one of these days I'll stop and ask about that old tractor". One day not too long ago I actually did stop but could not get anyone to answer the door. The tractor was nearly impossible to see from the street unless it was winter time as the plant growth kept it pretty well hidden. I have no idea how long it has sat outside in the postion I found it. A long time I'm sure. Anyway, I was down at the Mentone show/swapmeet (just south of Elkhart about thirty-five miles) on Friday and got to thinking about the old tractor and decided to stop again to check on it and to find out if it was for sale. An elderly lady answered the door this time and I introduced myself to her and explained why I had stopped. I asked her if she or her husband would consider selling the tractor to me and she said "my husband died about a year and a half ago so lets walk back there and you can show me what you're talking about. So we walked through her house, out through her enclosed patio, across her garden patio, and then were able to see the tractor. I said "that's the tractor I was talking about". She said "that ol thing? You can have that! I've been wanting it out of here for a long time. My daughter's been complaining about it cause she's always having to mow around it. Just come get it and get it out of here!" ............I was stunned! The next morning at the restaraunt I go to every Saturday for breakfast I was telling all the boys at the BS table that I had been given a tractor out in the south part of Elkhart that I had spotted several years ago. One of the fellows who has a few early Wheel Horses himself said "there was a guy out south a ways that had an old Wheel Horse that everybody and their brother has tried to buy but he would not sell it for love nor money. He passed away a while back. His name was Becker." I looked at the name of the lady who owned the tractor that I had written down along with her phone number. Sure enough her name was Becker. I told my buddy "That's the one!" Then the conversation lit up. He said "You got to be kidding!" I said "Hey, right place right time!" ............................Guy's this kind of thing doesn't happen to me, always the other guy! Anyway it looks to be quite complete. Has all original tires, original seat, and still had the key hanging in the ignition switch. But above all the engine is not stuck! Will be quite a challenge but a lot of fun too! Gary
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    Hi all! Just joined the Wheel House family over the weekend and I have already learned a great deal from this excellent forum. I think I have a late 1956 or early 1957 RJ-25. It has a Briggs and Stratton model 8 engine but no serial number on the body. It has Wheel Horse embellished on the front and Pond stamped onto the drive train. I have read that there were no Briggs model 8 in 1957 and Wheel Horse was not embellished on the front until 1957. It has been restored so it is possible someone put a different engine and body together. Or could be left over parts being used in the new model year. Any thoughts from your collective wisdom appreciated! Thanks!
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    Best of luck on your hunt up here in NY
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    Do yeah think Dennis can crack a whip at 10 paces ??? lol and i think Craigs cartoon is packin a 6 shooter,,,,,, no place safe.. Might hafftah take up Aldons offer....if things start coming apart..
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    If you Virginians need a sanctuary in NY to escape the Horse Police just give this old transplanted Virginian in upper NY a shout.
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    @953 nut Carpricious! Capricious indeed! I'll have you know that this piece of grass roots legislation began around Plattsburgh NY, widely known for its contributions not only to this fine state but indeed to the nation as a whole in its very early years! Remember 1812! I’m sure you do! And I believe the more precise source of this concern was in the town of Peru, but anyway it quickly spread south and about the time that it overtook the entire state it had so concerned the Capital District that a special election was scheduled where it was almost unanimously passed, with but only one exception, and just in time to dissuade what had been a known loss of Wheel Horses to a gathering in the otherwise area of fine reputation, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, where in the following months such wranglers were known to gather and peddle their wares! I do of course care about preserving this state's hard earned collection of all memorability but I also would hate to see otherwise fine citizens of other states waste not only their time, but I suppose hard-earned dollars, to corral Wheel Horses only to lose them at our borders simply to do ignorance of our well-intended laws. Ignorance is indeed no excuse but I'm simply trying to help our members as feebly as I can... I beg your understanding and indulgence! (Richard, you know I appreciate your opinions, but do you think that this was a bit too much? Just trying to help...)
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    Michael...hope to see you at Scott's in a couple of weeks...excellent shots Mate. Glenn...always a pleasure Sir.
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    Cut the bad spots out and sandblasted the rl-426 mowing deck. Welded in new patches and new diverter wall. Put Belzona (Metal and ceramic epoxy) on the underside of the deck. Primed and painted the outside. The Belzona was pretty expensive so I only used it on the high impact/abrasion areas. The towers and the back side of the diverter wall will be primed and painted to protect them from corrosion. Towers have new seals and bearings. I bought new belts for it and all new hardwear. Should be ready by Wednesday for her first run in the yard.
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    My three RJ's ! Roger Parmley of Greencastle, Indiana - - - Wheel Horse riding in a 4 wheel wagon!
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    I am now a member. The way you guys helped me was worth the supporting charge. A few new videos loaded too.
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    Finally some more progress on the HC. Hood and fender painted and installed. Just need decals (which I have thanks to Terry) and machine is complete. Cleat
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