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    I went and test drove this unit a few days ago and it needed a boost but otherwise ran smooth and quiet. 48" deck runs smooth with a couple of weld repairs but otherwise in good shape. Offered him $600.00 Canadian (464.00 US) and he agreed. Got it home last night after around a 20 minute trip to get it and put it in the garage. Tore it apart a bit today to get a better look and holy crap, what a mouse nest. When I removed the tunnel covers, the nest was completely solid to the bottom of the cover from the rear end right up to the plate below the battery. Never saw anything like that before. Got the nest dug out, no smell or anything, just packed in tight. Made quite a pile on the floor. Pushed tractor outside and pressure washed it. It turned out quite nice. Except for the bent pink hood, the sheet metal and general paintwork is better than any I have brought home so far. Deck has been cleaned up but I don't have a pic of that right now. Here is the deck as received with the guards removed and some tractor parts I removed to access the nest. Fuse block has been removed and 3 inline fuses in it's place. 9 pin connector is removed with wires joined into one continuous harness. Actually looks good, just will make engine removal more difficult. I will likely replace the connector in time.
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    Jim, I just pull and twist the old ones out.The tank is pretty robust in that area.The shutoff is bulbous where it resides in the tank but has no sharp edge.A little oil when inserting a new one will help.JAinVA JimAnderson Gloucester,Va
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    A mouse made a house out of a horse? Now a mouseless horse and houseless mouse! Looks like a great project!
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    Used the C 105 this morning to put in the boat (1972 Fabuglas with a 60 hp Johnson 2 stroke)... Love how I can back the WH right up to the trailer in its tight winter quarters...Used to wedge the car in to pull it out and always worried about hitting the side of the garage. Not anymore!!!
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    Good thing my wife can't tell the difference. I used to have a few more than I do now which were stored around in different places. She would see a new one and ask "when did you buy another one" but I would just tell her it was the same one I already had but moved it there. Then I got caught once when Charlie Pitcher and his father stopped by for a visit. Not thinking, I had pulled them all out front to show them and she saw how many and flipped. " I knew you bought more! @#@$ *&^%^ )&%$# $#&^% %$#$#@ %$##^% $%$#* Blah Blah Blah!!!!! 2 days later there was a new 551.
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    Good! Seen You do some dangerous crap over there!!!!!!!
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    Got my Craftsman GT out of this shed this past weekend, gave it an oil-n-filter change, a new fuel filter and of course a bath. They get no respect but this one is about to take on its 16 season mowing for me. It was a Father's Day gift for me 16 years ago and it's never let me down, very comfy and not to loud. It came with a 46" deck and a triple bagger which it's a perfect combo for my yard and we all know mowing with a hydro is faster and easier than a gear driven tractor. Other than the basic maintenance I have never had to wrench on it. Pics of course; Mike........
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    ok guys, just got done packing the freezer with half a cow( i think it was the left half) about 200lbs we now have enough beef to try different recipies so if you have any good ones you'd like to share, share away and of course a little pic
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    Sand the rust off first, then paint it with a VHT Flameproof Flat Black paint. I have done it with many mufflers. Available online and at Advance Auto Parts, plus other stores. Follow the curing instructions on the can.
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    If you need an exact estimate on length, I can get you one this evening.
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    I would guess a trailer of at least 4' X 8' with a load rating of at least 1500#.
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    I hauled one home in a snowstorm in upstate NY on a 5x8' tsc trailer. I would not suggest doing it but I was able to. Had to back in and put loader arms over the back gate.
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    Since Kelly wet your appetites about Wheel Horse tractors at Indy with his story and pictures of his White Walls from the Indy 2 1/2, I thought I'd also share these pictures I've dug up by scouring the internet. A while back, several of us had been discussing some Indy stuff and it prompted me to go looking. If I remember right, it was sorekiwi that posted a pic that showed a Massey and a Wheel Horse Charger both behind a pit wall, someone else posted a Panzer towing a racer. I had the thought that rather than searching for pics of tractors from the era, I should search for Indy Pit Pictures. I managed to come up with this small collection from the early 60s. There is at least one Wheel Horse in every one of these pictures. The key is to look at the background. Some of you have seen these before, but many of you have not. Enjoy guys! Sometime, I would love to find the time to be able to look through the photo archive albums at the Speedway in Indy, They have hundreds of thousands of photos. A year or two ago at the show, one of the prizes was several reprints of official Indy Motor Speedway Wheel Horse pictures. They are copyrighted material that can't be posted online though.
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    Now that's funny right there!
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    Here's a simple recipe that I am fixing for dinner tonight. Two NY Strip Streaks - Marinated overnight in fridge in red wine, then onto the HOT grill for 2 minutes, rotate 90 degrees and grill for another 2 minutes, then flip and grill the other side for 2 minutes. Let rest for 4 minutes and serve with a baked potato with sour cream and chives. A nice glass of Merlo and I am good to go.
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    Nice haul except for the mouse nest. Had tractor been setting for a while or are Canadian mice more industrious than their American cousins?
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    It's amazing how much those Wheel Horse tractors are capable of.I'll be towing my Jeep Cherokee into my shop tomorrow with a 312-8.No problem,I'm sure.
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    5-13-1973 First Battle of the Sexes On May 13, 1973, during the early years of the women’s liberation movement, tennis stars Bobby Riggs and Margaret Court face off in a $10,000 winner-take-all challenge match. The 55-year-old Riggs, a tennis champion from the late 1930s and 40s who was notoriously skeptical of women’s talents on the tennis court, branded the contest a “battle of the sexes.” The match, which was played on Mother’s Day and televised internationally, was held on Riggs’ home turf, the San Vincente Country Club in Ramona, California, northeast of San Diego. Proceeds were promised to the American Diabetes Association. Bobby Riggs had originally proposed a male-female match-up to Billie Jean King, whom he dubbed the “leading women’s libber of tennis.” King ignored the offer, but Australian Margaret Court, who had won 89 of her last 92 matches and was the leading money-winner on the women’s professional tour, accepted. Leading up to the match, Riggs loudly and consistently belittled women’s tennis and its players to the media while Court, occupied with raising her one-year-old son, said little. Court was a serve-and volley player, known for her tough play at the net. By contrast, Riggs was a baseliner, and it later became known that he had the court resurfaced to slow the game, giving him time to wind up and put more power into his stroke. The slow surface immediately put Court at a disadvantage. Riggs lobbed Court’s shots back to her, breaking the rhythm she was accustomed to on the hard-hitting women’s tour. Rattled, she lost the match, 6-2, 6-1. The moment the match ended, Riggs again challenged Billie Jean King. She accepted, and their $100,000 winner-take-all match—dubbed by some “the libber vs. the lobber”—took place on September 20, 1973, in front of a sold-out Houston Astrodome crowd. The 29-year-old King prevailed, 6-4, 6-3, 6-3. At a news conference after the match, Riggs explained the loss: “She was too good, too fast. She returned all my passing shots and made great plays off them… I was trying to play my game, but I couldn’t.” After Riggs’ death at age 77 in 1995, King complimented her formal rival and his probably accidental contribution to the advancement of sexual equality: “Our ‘Battle of the Sexes’ match helped to advance the game of tennis and women everywhere.”
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    I can't wait to see how this story ends. I agree that the recent pictures have too little tension on the belt. I don't know where this comes from, but I thought that a properly tensioned belt would have 1/2" of deflection if you push on the center of the longest span. (Maybe that was for drive belts?) That belt is so loose that I wonder if it is hitting itself? Moving at full speed, in opposite directions, it would pack a whallop! I'm not sure fixed tension is a good idea. The belt is going to lengthen as speed and temperature increase during use. (See previous photo of the drill press) I think a tension system that that doesn't adjust will lead to, at best, thrown belts. Or at worst, it will be a belt eating monster.
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    Too rare... to even mention the mythical unicorns.
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    Most snap rings, retaining rings and E-clips are made by stamping the metal. If you look close you will see the edges on one side are rounded and the other side has sharp edges. That is the side you want doing the job so careful selection of which way it goes on is important for maximum holding power. Garry
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    First of all let me thank everyone participating in this post not only for your time,opinions, suggestions and help but also for the therapeutic value of all mentioned before. I just go a little insane when I can't understand something and I can't rest until I do. Perhaps thinking about all of the time and expense spent with this deck many would have scrapped it already but that is not possible here. With all of your help this will be solved. So listening to everyone's comments and not having put deck back yet, I removed idler and placed it on the next hole which is about 1"+ forward of the one it was on. That changes things substantially. Spring is now stretched twice as much as before to the point that you really need two people to put belt on. Belt is actually stretched more than when I locked down the adjustment bar. It also changes drastically the positioning of the studs in the elongated bar slot. Everything moved into the other extreme. Now it is not really possible to stretch belt any further. The only way to that now would be to substitute the idler with a larger one. Now I still have the damaged belt on and I am sure that it is longer than it should be. I can see that it is going to be some job trying to put new belt on now. Within the next few days I will be trying it this way. I still have to understand how the cuts on the belt are happening or if it is just the heat that deteriorates the rubber and creates the cracks when it bends backwards over the idler.
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    No long underware flying Ed? That's the Amish national flag!
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    I think we're gonna need a new emoji flag now. Hey Igor, welcome to our version of
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