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    If you have ever seen an old big tractor tire, you may have noticed that the tire may be heavily weather cracked and worn, but the lugs are still fairly high, at least on a good tire, that is because the rubber used on those lugs is extremely hard, not always so on little tractor lugs, I'm posting a picture of a tractor with Deestone AGs that aren't very old and you can see the lugs have worn down considerably, I'm also posting a picture of a old style Carlisle lug , both the Deestone and the Carlisle did not have really decent lugs to begin with, but because they were soft rubber they wore down fairly quick with use and they become useless, heck even when new they are not that good or deep a lug. I know many people here have tried AGs in the winter and either needed to put chains on them or go back to turfs with chains, AG tires are not always an optimal solution in many winter conditions. Another tire that is less than optimal is the skid steer loader design tire, that tire was made for extreme weight conditions and has an extremely stiff side wall that makes it a horrible choice for GT applications, coupled with the fact that its lugs are generally made for a solid surface such as asphalt cement or at least smooth hard pack they are generally not good in field or winter usage. The learning curve on tires is not easy, because we don't use our machines commercially, same for our vehicles, we mate our tires to our general driving conditions, but if we were driving commercially in various environments or professionally in different sport and racing applications our tire would need to be mated to those conditions. All in all though, whether we are talking about small tractor tires or auto/truck tires we generally get what the manufactures makes, that is why we are buying freakin 20 inch tires for pickups and SUVs, because the manufacturer says we need them, no we don't, they want to sell them, and we are dumb enough to buy them.
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    I appreciate the information provided by Tractorhogg to allow members to consider his observations and potentially make more educated choices and not necessarily have to pay the high price to learn by personal expense alla carte so to speak at high cost. In my opinion, he does not appear to be conflicting in opinion that even the harder compound tires will eventually wear out. Just that when choosing tires the hardness of tire compound should be another factor in the decision process along with budget, use, availability etc.
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    Well my good friend joe at imissthefarm.com makes all kinds stuff with basically any tractor you want... He emailed me the other day to tell me he started to try cell phone cases with tractors or tractor logos on them.. I immediately told him to send me one with the wheel horse and logo on it.. I got it today and he says he will be getting better and better at it but I'm 100% happy with it. Actually might have him make me a backup one with a wheel horse tractor on it. And if he don't have the tractor your looking for email him (tell him Greg from NY sent ya) and he will either find you the tractor your looking for or send him a nice big picture of your own tractor. He is one of the nicest guys to deal with! I will post pic of my case asap!
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    2-25-1938 Miami drive-in debuts American drive-in movie theaters experienced their golden era during the 1950s, but some Floridians were watching movies under the stars in their cars even before then: The city of Miami gets its first drive-in on this day in 1938. The Miami drive-in charged admission of 35 cents per person, which was more than the average ticket price at an indoor theater, and soon had to trim the price to 25 cents per person. The sound for the movies was provided by three large RCA speakers next to the main screen. (The quality of the drive-in experience improved during the 1940s with the advent of the in-car speaker.)
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    With 15 horses, I run what ever tires came on them until the are cracked and leaking...then i put tubes in them and run them some more. I have purchased 2 used pairs of Ag tires as I prefer them for 3 seasons on some horses...but not snow/ice. In the last 15 years I think I have bought only 3-4 new front tires only because the originals were bald or cracked so badly I was afraid the tube would fail.
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    so around a 1-1/4" offset, as 3-3/4" would be the middle of a 7.5 inch rim. Simplicity/Allis is similar, Bolens, Massey, Cub all different. BTW, its still a nice town, Tulsa that is. To big for me almost 400,000. I live 35 miles north near the Will Rogers ranch on Lake Oologah, Cherokee Territory, 900 in the town, and I don't live in it, lol. Were a little spread surrounded by miles of prairie
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    Thanks Aldon, I have had to consider tires intended for other vehicles and applications because some of the AG tires made for GT's are often made more for show than go, or are made for pulling applications, which is a very different need than we need for a garden tractor tire. I do find the quality and expertise that goes into the ATV/RTV tires to be of a much higher standard than many GT tires, because of the demand from the consumer for a worthy tire, not just a good looking tire. However most ATV tires do not hsve a good appearence on a GT, or will work well for a GT, so it is a quest to find that tire that looks good, performs well, and is durable. Much of these same lessons can be related to picking the right mate as well.
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    I agree.Tires are consumables.I haven't bought a tractor yet with brand new rubber on it,and I have about 80 tractors.When I'm fixing one to use,I grin and bare it and buy new tires.For a while,I think the UPS man figured I had a tractor tire business here.He was bringing 8 and 12 tires at a time.Expensive? Sure.But I like new tires on my tractors.Wish I could put new tires on them all.
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    The Sundstrand Hydros used WH # 6449 for axle seals. 8 speeds used 100443. They cross to SKF (CR) 11124 for the hydro which as you can see is really a double lipped seal and SKF (CR) 11050 for the 8 speeds a single lip seal. Maybe WH was thinking keeping dirt out of the hydro systems was more important than for the 8 speeds????
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    All of my buddies and my wife think I am crazy to have 5 Wheel Horses. If I had this amazing collection, they might commit me. Unbelievable and not a single spec of dust to be seen, how can anyone keep a garage that clean.
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    From Marks Youtube channel...always an awesome watch.
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    Well I "Finally" got AG tires on the front of my Horse.. What a pain lol .. How she look guys ?
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    as I posted on this in another thread,i put cheap china tires on my skid steer,just on the rear because that's all I could afford at the time,i had to no choice,they will wear out far faster than the originals on the front that are bald,but a very well built tire,but I did know that I was putting cheap tires on,i just didn't know they would wear so fast,but being soft they do work quite well in the snow,jeeze I only paid 135 per tire and im in Canada where everything is way more money than America,the good tires were around 700 bucks a piece,and that's not include install,i did that my self,the deestones must be some soft to wear that fast on a garden tractor,this is good to know for guys wanting to use ags,i too use what ever tires I have,and run chains,its hard to justify new tires for 7 tractors,up here your lookin at nearly 500 a set installed times 7 is too much for my better half,heres a pic of the skid tires,the rears only have 100 hours
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    A quality tire is far less of a consumable than a poor quality tire. You lose the saving when you need another set in a short time
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    Had a great time in Tulsa, should've stayed. Picked up a pair of mounted 23 x 10.5 x 12 Carlisle Turf Chief's on Simplicity Landlord rims. The Simplicity rims while they do fit the Horses, too close for comfort to the gas tank and mounts. Offset? Rubber is in decent condition and for $10, why not? I only use the Horses on turf or gravel drives. The pickup was 10 minutes round trip.
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    Tires wear down and wear out. Fact of life. Just like shoes, they all have different purposes.
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    Thanks guys. It will not be show quality but a sturdy light duty worker with new clothes.
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    I posted a pic, don't know what happened , but I'll try again.
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    All that I can tell you in that when I was in the home improvement business, I replaced many Culligan systems for one simple reason. Parts. Replacement parts are only available from Culligan, and they will insist on installing them at ridiculous prices . I found the same to be true of EcoWater. My solution was to use a systems from Lancaster Pumps. They are just as good as any name brand, and cost about 1/4th the price of a name brand, and are available from many plumbing supply houses. I recently installed one for my daughter, Total cost was under $900.00
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    We got the same line from Culligan years ago. By their standards our water was a mess. I got an independent test that said the only problem was a slight acidity. Nothing major. I'm not against water softeners, I have one, but I would just pick up one from Lowes or Home Deport and install it. Salt is cheap at Walmart.
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    Looks like a lot of work but well worth it. You will have a lot of fun with this one.
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    I got the transmission and frame bolted together and up on stands this afternoon. I put gear oil in the transmission and started assembly and decided to let it sit a day to make sure there is no leaks.
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    Yes the lift arm cracked at the welds so we re welded it and put braces on both sidesand welded all the way up on all sides, with a mig welder.. I had to buy new rims for the front my machine came with 6" rims and they dont make 6" ag tires so i had to buy new rims,, i made a post on here looking for some but got no replys so i had to buy a new set off ebay,, so yea valve stem is on outside ,, but they were all i could find anywhere.. Thats ok tho the are well made and look nice so im happy as long as they do the job..and yes used the same spindles..i had to put a axel spacer on the back 1/2 inch off of harley davidson axels ,, cause my axels were a 1/2 longer than the wheel hub.. But the spacers are made for axels and they look fine on there and they are the exact right size as far as axel OD,, Harley Davidson axels and wheel horse spindles are the exact same size.. Hey when money tight ya make do with what ya can,, but they are chrome so haha looks cool , i would really like to get a set of hubcaps for the front now and paint them black,, so if anyone has a set doesnt matter if chrome wore off or they plastic , as long as they arnt dented im gonna paint them anyway,, let me know
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    Hello all. so as promised a minor mid week update. My two key switches arrived and i picked my favourite one and test fitted it. i also found my chassis was fully cured so flipped it back the right way ready for some paint! photographed it just to show after the primer has been sanded james
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