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    New to the herd 551 original
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    Yes, thank you, just created an account for this WH site. Really great site from what i have been looking at and reading to answer some questions, My brother got the tractor in the late 80's Started to restore it, and never finished, so it has been sitting arounfd for a very long time until last year. This 400 was a year long build,. Sometimes progress was minor and even slow, to leaps forwards in progress. Parts list, 3-5 hp Industial series briggs engines( picked briggs, for fit, easy to get parts, and easily modifyable, these engines are drag raced, so i have the option to go very radical) Troy Built pony tiller electric start system, 3-plumbling chrome fittings for the exaust, 3 chrome air cleaners, 3 thecumseh H50 carbs, 1 fuel pump operated from the crankcase pressure, 1- triple snowmobile trottle sysem, 1 john deere belt gaurd/ elevator sheet metal, 8 pulleys, 3 idol pulleys, made the battary box and used a motorcyle battary for the small space i had left under the seat that was not taken up by the gas tank/ seat bracket, and belt gaurd , made and mounted the steering system on top the middle engines's L head offset the steering shaft. Deck lever(shortend to fit under air cleaner and remade bracket), reworked clutch/brake pedal, wider tires for the back, 5" ones for the front. and many more hours with metal brackets, intakes manifolds , air cleaner mounts. overall i just got it running and driving late spring of this year, I still have to finish it, just not now, maybe next year,, but painting, will not be an option, i kept it as gotten condition and i wanted a Ratrod themed tractor, lot of work just to get it to this point, a lot of EBAY parts since my brother lost a decent amount of the parts he took off
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    I will be using my first Wheel Horse. Just got a free 314-8 and went out and picked up a snow blower attachment.
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    ****UPDATE**** The beans are coming off the field. Make sure to pack those plows and be ready to turn some soil!!!!!!
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    I've seen the topic come up a couple times about using spray on bed liner for under a deck so I thought i would share my experience with it here's a few pics of my deck off my lawn ranger that I used this summer for mowing that I used spray on bed liner. I will say the only place that is flaking off is were I welded in a stainless steel patch when I restored the deck I'm not disappointed in how it held up its about what I expected I think using POR15 or easy slide graphite coating would be the better route but this is cheap and was worth a try hope this helps someone out
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    Caught this little, tri powered, custom Suburban 400 cruising around the show field today at the Kent show. Nice young man by the name of Ethan, said it was originally his brothers long term restoration project that languished a few years before he got it. Ethan wasted no time shoe horning three Briggs under the hood, which starts on one engine, then engage the clutch to bring the other two on line. Little guy sounds like a mini top fuel funny car sitting there at idle. I asked him if he's done any mowing with it...he replied, yeah, some...really fast mowing. I told him about us here on RedSquare...so hopefully he'll be joing us here soon...also mentioned, he's built a rotary engined Raider that eats gobs of gas.
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    can anybody tell me what this snow blower will fit (i have a 702). and the bar for the turning rod is that supposed to be bent?. the serial number on this is a-10286. also if anyone has pics of one like this mounted that would be great. thanks.
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    My 42" deck does this.. You can see the deck flex when it's lifted... You'd be better off to find out why it's twisted (my bet is stress cracks like mine) and repair it...
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    Yessir! One heckuva job for sure!! Welcome to Redsquare! Looking forward to more pics of this beast! :-)
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    this is my c-120 restoration project (gear drive) I got 2 weekends ago I paid 100 dollars for it came with an awesome non wheelhorse really heavy snow plow.IT has a twelve horse kohler that I had to just adjust the points on it and clean carb and adjust it.
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    Was thinkin', "Son has a trashed handicap rail from a recent job." We cut the rail, stainless with welded flanges. Pulled out the pop rivets. The Dewalt cutoff saw did the trick. Then we thought, sounds great. We tried to use the fall off from out first try. Sounds great and the heat is rising. Sounds like sunrise at Camp Lejeune!
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    Finally got the trans fluid drained, and cleaned up a bit... visually, everything looks OK in there, found no bits in the bottom... gears seem pretty good, all except for that B-1816 needle bearing in the axle tube. I'm hoping I can just replace it, add a new axle seal, then button it back up.
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    Yes, 1 stick in each gallon for 1 to 2 weeks. The bad thing is you have to taste it to see where it is at. Take the stick out when if has the hint of Cinnamon that you want. You could also ferment the juice to make wine. Here is a couple of pictures of my grinder and press. I have not used the press in a while...as you can tell. We rebuilt the frame some years ago with full dimension oak. I am not wanting to hi-jack your thread...I am just thrilled to see another press and someone using it. Let me know if you want a recipe for making wine. The press is like 4 feet high.
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    Maybe the trash man will take the Craftsman.
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    All the Horses love snow, plow, plow, plow. 416-8 and 414-8 aren't set up but, here's how they'll look.....shortly. The 520-8 will be setup too. For what? Grandsons love snow too ya know!
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    312-8 with 48" blade and a sb421 with a homemade back plow
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    Very cool custom Lane. When talking with Ethan, who fabbed the tri po 400... he mentioned he was very adamant about not modifying the frame or factory sheet metal when building this .
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    Jeesh! Tough crowd! Can't a girl get a break for burning her hand? It's tough to produce a video with one hand! So, here it is. Ed, it probably still wasn't worth getting up early for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plLoCF6tJpw
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    Oh!...... is this what my GT-14 is suppose to look like ???????????
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    The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias manifesting in unskilled individuals suffering from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than is accurate. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their ineptitude. Huh???
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    While waiting to paint the hood I have been making several adjustments in how the panels fit up, installing new amp meter and replacing the carriage bolts with stainless steel bolts. Also looking into a surface mounted tachometer.
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    Thanks for the encouraging words. Much appreciated. Well, its time for another update. I got the wheel weights painted, and on the tractor. While not as nice as OE wheel weight, they're very functional, and look decent. I'm currently running 115 pounds per wheel. I took the tractor out for a good workout today. We decided to expand the garden, and I decided to give the Brinly plow a go. This ground has never been broken before, and our soil is very, very hard to plow, till, etc.. Not to mention, this is the area we have been parking a big class A RV in the past, so it was well packed. While the plow works great, the tractor had a hard time keeping the plow moving. It did it, but it didn't like it! The pics below are of the hard packed soil. After that, I ran the plow through an area that had been broken last year, and it ran down through that like nothing. After breaking the ground with the plow, we hooked the tiller up, and finished it off. I also took a short clip of it tilling. I've ordered a hydraulic flow control valve for this Case, to help with tilling, and such. On Case Garden tractor, the travel control doesn't just increase/decrease speed, it also increases, decreases hydraulic pressure, so when your trying to go slow for tilling, your not putting much power to the ground either, so when you try to slow down, it ends up stopping, so you push the lever farther forward it goes to fast. Its very annoying, especially when your used to working with a that has an 8 speed. Gotta love those low gears on a Horse. Anyway, the travel control I ordered will allow a very slow ground speed, while still maintaining maximum power to the ground. I'll try to get a better video soon. Thanks Matt
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    Just a question, wouldnt that be kinda like jumping from the frying pan into the fire? I thought the 195s were far and few between also, I guess it couldnt be any worse on the parts side of things? Do regular C attachments fit those or are they like the GT14?
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