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    Here are a few pictures of my 1975 B-80 4 spd. The paint is original with the exception of the rims. The rims were bead blasted and powder coated ( contractor vanilla is the color that was used. It was painted by All Color Inc.) Everything is original. The motor was rebuilt. The paint is in really nice shape, so I rubbed it out with Meguiars mirror glaze #1 then #2. I'm going to use it as a worker. It's snowing here today, so I get to see how the plow works!
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    Looks to be in good shape....I would say the price is about right....You have to be happy with the tractor and the deal...No-one else!
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    Vey nice horses you have :handgestures-thumbup:
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    nice tractors,ive got a pair also but one of mine is a hydro
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    I really like the plow tractor!
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    Step 1) Remove Tecumseh... Step 2) Walk to dumpster.... Step 3) toss in offending lump of alluminum Step 4) replace with Briggs or Kohler or Honda and be on your merry way. Matt it sure sounds like you either have a bad ground or bad ground strap---I have seem the cables corrode inside the connectors and won't "flow" enough power. Another thought is the timing.... I once had a Tecumseh that ran fine once started but would buck and wouldn't crank and started very hard----then I found a partially sheared flywheel key that essentially advanced the timing to the point that the plug would fire WAY before top dead center and stop the starter. I would check that too...... Good Luck
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    Think I could get an image of the back of the dash that shows how it's hooked up too Joe? Will these work? (Click on them to make 'em bigger) I just noticed something.........Where's that ignition lamp? Joe
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    Norway rocks Kvinesdal! Mad fab skills there too guys, keep up the good work. :bow-blue:
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    She's a keeper :wub:
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