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Member introduction and life of a Commando 7 in Sweden

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Hello and   :text-welcomeconfetti:.    Enjoy the forum.   :handgestures-thumbupright:

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She is a pretty little thing , welcome to to the party


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Welcome Johan!.  A great 'Little Giant' you have there. Enjoy the project and look forward to seeing your progress.

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Quality made seat , I wonder if they could do them in leather 

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Thank you all for the warm welcome greetings! 


Neil, I asked my upholsterer about doing the same work in leather, but they said they would not recommend it mainly because of the risk of exposure to water, and also, it would be more expensive. 


Currently I preparing the seat pan for paint, it will be done in a wrinkle black finish. 

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      Hi everyone!
      Happy to be a part of the world wide Wheel Horse family.
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      I am very impressed with the smart functions, and how easy they are to use, and work with.
      Myself and my neighbour now own 5 Wheel Horses, and have a lot of fun, as WH nerds.
      This coming winter it's time to take apart one tractor each, to get them in great condition.
      Have fun!