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  1. Seat is finally back in place. Onto next project...
  2. isak_svart

    New member from Sweden

    Totte & Ljusningen, where in Sweden do you live? Var i Sverige bor ni? I'm using my commando to move snow outside Götene (not so much this year though)
  3. Thank you all for the warm welcome greetings! Neil, I asked my upholsterer about doing the same work in leather, but they said they would not recommend it mainly because of the risk of exposure to water, and also, it would be more expensive. Currently I preparing the seat pan for paint, it will be done in a wrinkle black finish.
  4. My upholsterer gave me a sneak preview today, I now waiting for the delivery...
  5. Hi all! I'm a new member from Sweden taken the first ride of the year just yesterday. I have a Commando 7 which I am upgrading in a very slow pace to a Commando 8 buying one piece at the time as they pop up. I've just finished a transmission overhaul, replacing wheel axles, seals and bearings. Thanks to Terry M for supplying the axles, I could not have found them in Europe. Currently the seat is at the upholsterers. I've got a seat cover with slight damages from Fun Engineer, thank you very much. The cover will be used as is or as a template, it is not decided yet. Also, I have new bolted front wheels laying around waiting for mounting, that might be the next thing done to this horse. Best regards, Johan