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    Well, I haven't posted a lot lately since life seems to have taken over. As many of you know, my son suffered a stroke before birth and technically has cerebral palsy. You would never know to meet him. We were lucky enough to get him enrolled in a medical study to help him gain use of his right hand through Virginia Tech and Carrillion Research center. He is one of about 140 kids from around the world to be chosen. He has a cast on his arm and hand he favors to force him to use his affected hand. We have had to move 2 hours from home 3 days a week. I thought it would be something fun for him to go get a cultivator from Limited12. Tommy has been a good friend for the last couple of years. When we got there, Emory wanted to look at Tommy's tractors. He really liked a couple of Lawn Rangers Tommy had. Before I knew it, Tommy and Emory were off talking about the tractors. They ended up flipping a penny for the tractors. Long story short, Tommy told Emory he would "sell" him both tractors for a penny! I couldn't believe how generous he was being. Needless to say, Emory was thrilled and can't stop talking about his tractors! I told a couple of girls I teach with about Emory's gift. One said, "That's proof that there really are truly nice people left in the world!" I know where a bunch of them are - right here on Red Square! I can't seem to get the site to let me upload any pics. I'll try again Sun. or Mon. when I'm back in cell range. Thanks Tommy for bringing a big smile to his face!
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    How many lawn tractors made today will be able or around to accomplish this 56 years from now?
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    My son got bit by the Horse bug, and I think he likes it!
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    It has been 36 hours since it last rained. One the longest stretches recently. The off season stable got a new roof this week and I had to move horses all over including the ones sleeping. Missing from the picture 418A (on loan to my new neighbor) Commando 8 in pieces being rebuilt. and 416 rolling frame waiting on a motor. I do not change implements anymore. No trailer queens here each one has a job, gets dirty and works.
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    When I saw this tractor on a farm sale bill, I had to take a look. I have always liked the 417A, and this one is clean and has been well taken care of. I talked with the PO at the sale. He purchased it new on August 6th, 1986 and paid $3539.58 . He gave me all the manuals, tractor, mower, motor, parts breakdown, and other sales literature. It starts right up, no smoke, and runs like it looks. The tractor was this clean when I bought it, all I have done is load and bring home.
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    More (time) in the shop!
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    Picked up this nice 4 wheel wagon on Saturday. 2nd trip to Wisconsin in a week. Pretty stoked to add this to my collection .
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    Here's the story....I am a career FF, and I do part time landscaping, my own biz. So I'm in this parking lot...and I have my Toro Grandstand (cutting) and my old Wheel Horse 312 Hydro as a mule for my aerations. Both are shoved onto my 12 trailer. Random cable guy in his truck comments on it and asks me if I want another WH, he'd sell it to me cheap. I said, no thanks, I'm good...then he sees my Firefighter plates and asks about that...I told him I do that full-time and do landscaping part time. He then says...How about I give it to you?? WHAT??? Of course I thought it would be in horrible condition...but when I picked it up...I was completely surprised!! He sweetened the deal...he also gave me his Trac-VAC!!!! What??? He just had no more use for it, lives on 7 acres and has big tractors and toys....and wanted to give it to someone who would use it especially a first responder. So to pay it forward...I've been doing all of my neighbor's leaves free of charge. Just wanted to share!!
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    Better pull up a chair...... I used to go over to my Dad's house and he would be on the computer or out in the garage working on a tractor. Kept mentioning this thing called "Red Square". I didn't know what he was talking about. Some Russian website or something? Meanwhile he keeps getting more and more tractors. I would go over and help him work on them here and there. They were his thing. I had my interests also but at the time it wasn't tractors. Time passes and Dad keeps trading and dealing his tractors. He had gotten rid of most other brands and Wheel Horse became his thing. He gave me a 1056, 857 and a Commando 8. I tried to get into them but had a lot going at the time. They sat under the back awning. I would still weld up stuff and help him wire up things. One day I am at his house and he was Skyping with Stevasaurus. We were trying to get a 3 speed tranny back together. Dad had always talked about skyping with different people he had met on here. Not many but he enjoyed it. So more time passes and then so does my Dad. We had been working on the 418A that I now have, welding up a lift bracket. I didn't know that that would be the last time I got to talk to my Dad. He had a massive heart attack the next night at work. A week after he passed,that's when I joined Red Square. I talked to Karl and explained what happened. He let me have my Dad's password so I could go on and tie up any loose ends on deals that he may have had going at the time. I sat for hours reading his posts (and still have the bookmarked). I started learning things about the tractors I had, people he had talked to and things he wanted to do. So I have been on here now for almost 4 years. I have learned a lot and have met many nice people via computer. There is not a whole lot of wheel horse people down here in Florida. But I did get to meet RacingBob. I spoke to Bob one day and set it up for him to come to my house where I welded up his suburban hood. Right then I knew Bob was alright. Met a couple more around Florida in the past year or so. Bob however blew me away. I had sold an engine to Aldon but had no way to get it to him. Bob said "I can take it with me to the show". Well that is what he did. Not only taking stuff up there, but also bringing me back a stack of parts. Bob had posted a want list in the big show for sale/ wanted thread. I had half the stuff he was looking for. He came down to my house, picked up Aldon's engine and I gave him all the parts he needed for transporting my stuff. Bob asked me what he owed me and I told him that Dad would have wanted the parts to be used by someone rather than getting thrown out or laying on a shelf. No money exchanged hands. I did ask Bob to get me a wheel horse decal at the show. So then the big show rolls around and Bob told me he got my parts and we set up a day to meet up. I went today to pickup my parts and Bob got my decal out and handed it to me. Then he tells me he also got me a supporter plate from Karl. After that he pulls out this little cardboard tube. He starts unrolling something.......... You see, Bob took it upon himself to get in touch with Terry(Vinylguy) and he had me a supporter banner made with my Dad's picture and screen name on it. I was almost speechless. I stood there trying to keep the tears from my eyes. Didn't work. Someone that I met from an internet forum about tractors had went so far above and beyond and gave me something that I will cherish till I am gone. THANKS BOB! You are the man. I also want to thank Terry and his wife for making the banner and Karl for the plate. My Dad had always wanted to go to the big show and I planned to attend the last two years but things kept coming up and my tractor wasn't done anyways. Now I am shooting for the 2017 show and hope to meet & thank all of you in person. I thank you for the friendships I have made even if only from behind a keyboard. This forum and the people on it are what makes it so great. Thanks for letting me be a little part of it. Your friend, Richie
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    The 2017 Big Show Parade was a big hit and "Wild Bill" Pearson did an outstanding job narrating the event.
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    I just had to post this photo! There is nothing more needed to be said!,
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    Decided to take a couple pics of the 1257 on my lunch break of the horse. Idled it for 15 min.
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    I came home with a pair of 420-LSE tractors today. I can't even believe I'm typing the words. Serial numbers 7 and 70 both have around 800 hours on them and aren't in the best shape but for tractors from 1986 that have been used they don't look bad at all.
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    @stevasaurus WHERE IN THE WORLD IS STEVASAUROUS ???? WELL LETS LOOk @857 horse @953 nut @squonk
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    It's been a long process, and we reviewed millions of applicants and have asked @JimD @Terry M to help us moderate on RedSquare. Congratulations to Jim and Terry and thank you for volunteering your time to help with the forum.
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    First, thanks to who ever took and posted this pic, it's one of the best I have seen. So it's like this. As most of you know, I have advanced coronary issues. Next years show?? Yea, that would be a medical miracle. For the last 3 years, I have used this project, to basically stay alive. It kept me from just saying "screw it" and rolling over. Every day I had a reason to get up, a reason to live. Dad would be very proud of this piece, but, like me, he would have been even more impressed with the fellow collectors. A great bunch of people, unselfish to the max, and always eager to help and admire. I stopped twice on the way home and cried, I am so happy I did this, and was able to make the trip. I am very lucky and blessed to have met such a great bunch of people. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for a wonderful experience. Bob
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    I wanted to be the first to tell you that I have launched a new website that is appealing to the eye, easy to navigate, has an easy checkout process, and is user friendly to everyone. My new online store is Wheel Horse Parts and More. This is a new adventure for me and my web designers are asking for individual feedback as we continue to tweak the new site. In case you did not notice, I have made a slight change to my username, which is now "wheelhorseman." I invite each one of you to visit my new website. Here is a http://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com
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    Picked up two new machines this month 1955 Rj-25 1965 1045
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    Some pictures of my 1985 414-8..fully restored. Carb, Motor and Transmission fully torn down and rebuilt with all OEM parts.. All new OEM belts, PTO rebuilt with new OEM bearings and clutch. Frame and body parts and wheels sand blasted and powder coated. Hub Caps re- chromed New tires. Electrical harness repaired where needed. 48" Mower deck is brand new... Total cost for parts including deck..$4500.00 132 hours of exciting and rewarding labor... Good for another 40 years...(That's if i use it !)
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    One of the greatest features of Red Square is the outstanding support we have from our Moderators. One in particular is @gwest_ca. Garry has provided manual downloads to countless posters needing information and I want to take this opportunity to thank him. .
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    I knocked down some weeds this past weekend and Pop had to have some seat time, he had a great time and I got a break to stretch
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    Check it out! I found this RJ today as a lawn ornament. I knocked on the door and the guy ended up selling it to me for $200 with a plow and mower deck in awesome shape and all the manuals and receipts and even spare parts! I couldn't believe it. Hood has been repaired but its not destroyed, no muffler guard (typical), but its the original engine, belt guard, serial # sticker. Attachments are in remarkable shape compared to what I've seen. The skid shoes on the plow aren't even worn. Heres a couple pics, Ill take more tomorrow.
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    Having always plowed my driveway with my B-100 8-Speed, I was of the opinion that there was nothing better than my tough old 8-speed. Well, this morning I awoke to about two inches of the white stuff. Now mind you, I could plow that with a 2 x 4 on the front of my grandson's tricycle, but I decided this winter that the 416-H was going to be my weapon of choice. Having removed the front end loader to do some modifications over the winter, I installed the 48" front blade, chains, and rear wheel weights. The temperature the morning was 24F. The engine fired up, and without even letting the hydro warm up, it was ready to go. All I can say is wow, what a difference. Infinite control of speed while maneuvering around obstacles, plenty of power, and hydro lift on the blade. Having had major spine surgery a year ago, I worried about pulling the lift handle on the B-100, but fingertip control on the lift, no brake or clutch, and I was like a kid with a new toy. Now as I said, this was not a real test since it was only 2 inches of wet snow, but if this what I have to look forward to when the real stuff comes, I am pleased. Mark me down as a new hydro believer.
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    Finally Project Jr. is drivable this it before we test drove this beast She is ready to go after he over 20 year nap. tommarow the decals,different muffler,tuning and get the steeing wheel to fit on. How do i get the wheel to fit on the steering shaft it stuck on there but i cant get it off.
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    Beautiful night for trick-or-treating here. Happy Halloween!
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    We just attended our first of four Grandsons High School Graduation. Reed concentrated on math and science and finished 3rd in his class. He will continue his studies next fall at Penn State majoring in astro physics.
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    Dicks Wheel horse in Towanda ,Pa had a closing auction today I managed to get some nos parts and two lighted signs Brian
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    For those of you that opened this wondering what is a McLean, here is a link to some history on the tractor. It is also the most information that I have found on the McLean.http://www.tractorfriends.org/lawngardentractors/mccleangardentractors/mccleangardentractors.html Last year when I bought my Suburban 400 I also saw this strange little tractor sitting off to the side. I had no idea what it was but my interest was peaked. I took a couple pic's then kinda forgot about it for a while. Eventually it came back into my thoughts and I decided to do some research to find out what it was. I posted my pic's on here hoping some one would recognize it but I seemed to have every one stumped. After a few days of searching I finally found a picture of one on the net. Great! I thought, now I can find some info. Well there just isn't a lot of info out there on these thing, unfortunately. I did manage to find the owner of the one in the link that I posted above. He's a great guy, I spent some time on the phone with him and he was willing to send me some pic's to help me out with my project. Below are pics of when I brought my McLean home. Really rough shape, probably not worth fixing but it's a rare tractor so I was willing to give it a shot. A tractor needs an engine so I started there first. The K90 that was in the tractor was locked up of course, but after a month of dumping ATF down the plug hole two times a week it broke free. All of the tins and the bearing plate were junk so I started to look for parts. Then I found a K91 close buy and decided to go with that engine instead. I will tackle the K90 another time. There are many great engine rebuild posts on here so I'm going to keep mine real simple. 1 2 3 Next was the tear down on the rest of the tractor. Most of this went well, a PO had made a lot of changes that I had to cut out. I will share those as I go along on this resto. First thing that I tackled was the front end. The steering shaft had an aluminum pulley on one end and an aluminum steering wheel on the other, both of which were locked on to the shaft. i decided to cut the shaft in half so I could deal with removing the pulley & wheel on the bench. The steering wheel I did not remove because it is wrong anyway, but I needed the pulley. A little wax and some heat helped start to get things moving and then "Sha doobie Shattered Shattered". Well I have no way of casting aluminum but I did find a nice chunk of aluminum stock laying in my garage. It was 3 1/4" dia, I needed 2 1/8" dia. Time to make some shavings. Finished product next to original. A PO also cut part of the steering arms off that will be required for the differential to work. I made new pieces and reinforced the axle where it was worn. Then carefully measured and lined things up so I could weld every thing back together. Removing the old steering arm was great fun! Front end mocked up and looks ready for paint. Next it is on to the transmission. What to do with this mess?!
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    The boy just won his 4th state championship title last Sunday. He just turned 10 and is really a good kid. He and I are done for the season and going to get back to our tractor hobby together.
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    Made this meme earlier with a picture of my 1277 and my wife's Commando V8, thought y'all might enjoy it
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    I would like to personally thank everyone for the help at the show ( list is to long to post ) . This was my first time to the show , what an experience . I can't thank you guys and gals enough for your hospitality and generosity ! This is one great group of people. I don't think I could have done it without you . If it was just for some shade , water, cup of ice , or just some advice . Can't forget Bob , with the help with the charger . It's great to see people come together and help each other out . I couldn't go anywhere without someone introducing themselves. It's nice to put names with faces. The heat and the long drive took a toll on my body, but I'm recovering . Let me just say the people of are the best ! This show has to be on your bucket list .
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    Well, it's 1:06 and everyone is busy loading up, but it has been a great show! Only our second year, but we've met so many new friends and visited with many old ones. This is truly a family event where everyone treats you and your kids right! We even got to meet Michael Martino and get a signed copy of his book. Below are a few pics I snapped today. Enjoy!
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    As many of you know @stevasaurus is not able to make it to the "Big Show" this year, but his stunt double "Steve On A Stick" is filling in for him and had a nice chat with Mike @squonk and Aldon @Aldon at the bus stop bench this afternoon! Steve on a stick will be making the rounds of the show this weekend, no telling what kind of trouble he will get into!
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    You know those special firsts in a dad's life? When your daughter is born, her first steps, first day of school, first boyfriend? Then there is the first run on the horse. Brings a tear to my eye.
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    Instead of having a couple of the resident stallions take care of pasture this year I decided to let Old Milly enjoy that task for a while anyway. Its nice using her, we are about the same age and understand each others limitations.
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    We've all been concerned with JimD's disappearance from the forum, and not because he's a great Moderator. Today on FaceBook, Jim posted a new status: So our thoughts and prayers are with him on a speedy recovery. Hope to see you back soon @JimD
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    A Tecumseh with no electric start is a whole new kind of workout!! But it was very much worth the pain after I got everything dialed in. Today, I took a trip to check out a tractor I've been eyeing for a bit. I had some interest, mostly because of the front weights on the tractor, but was more put off by my experience with an HH60 on a 656 in the past (Which still doesn't run right ) and thought to myself, "There's no possible way I'd buy an HH60 with NO ELECTRIC START." But after continually looking at it from time to time, and the price being just right, I figured why not, I'll give it a shot. So I sent the guy a message, and he said he had it running in the summer, but not since then. So I brought a spark tester with me, and made sure that the tractor had spark before I bought it, which it did, thank god, and I brought it home! Once I got it home, I took it off the truck, and tried to start it by putting another tractor in front of it and connecting them with a belt with a flip in it to turn the motor in the right direction, but for the first time ever, that had failed me! Just wasn't working for me, So I had to do it, To the dreaded pull start. 3rd pull I got a putt, and a few putts in the next couple pulls. Then she started, but seemed to rev really high, So I kept playing with the throttle until it seemed okay. Tractor idled okay, but didn't want to run at higher speed well, I stalled it a bunch of times attempting to drive it around, so I pulled apart the carb, cleaned it, put some new parts in that I had laying around, and made some adjustments, and she purrs wonderfully. She uses some oil, but for a 51 year old tractor, I'm not complaining. The tractor is all original except for the seat and I think the carb, muffler and gas tank may be changed, but tough to tell, and the rims may have been painted due to some super light white over spray on the whole tractor, but the red is all original, that's for sure. I'm assuming it has been garaged its entire life because she really is a nice one. Really surprised me, a good running techy!! Who'd a thought of that! If any of you could possibly give me some pointers on how to get one of these old recoil starters to recoil better, I would really appreciate it! This one was starting to get sticky near the end of its tests, haha. and Without further adeiu, I present to you, Pictures. And a video!
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    I'm not getting any younger and everything I work on gets heavier.... picked this up the other week for £30 ($33) and with some recycling of an old bike rack brought back from the US that was built like a tank. I've got this A handy crane with a 4ft boom that swings inside the workshop (the axle is for my 3rd 4x4 I'm designing)
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    A couple weeks back I picked up this nice, original 551. Since then I just gave it a quick bath and swapped the rims and tires with an extra set of Cubs that were sitting in my shed. This is the first electric-start Burb I've ever had and I'm really digging the turn-key. No plans to restore. It's just a nice driver with the right patina.
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    Back in Febuary of this year,my dear friend Felix passed away.He was 92 years old and had a very active life right up to the end.Back in 1988 or 89 he bought a brand new 520H.Over the years,he had many questions about Wheel Horse tractors.I would ocassionally help him with little things like changing spark plugs,sharpening mower blades,etc.Yesterday morning,his daughter pulled in my yard and asked me if I wanted Dad's old tractor.She said it had a flat tire and if I didn't want the tractor,they'd just get rid of it.Of course,I said I'd be over in the morning to get it.He lived about 1/3 of a mile from me.I brought my air tank and the Squaw and I took the truck and trailer to get it.We aired up the tire and pushed the tractor on my trailer and brought it home.I charged the battery and it started right up.Needs a little love,but not a real lot.Has a real nice 42 in.SD deck that turns nice and quiet.Perfect seat on it.Real good original paint.Check out his home made parking brake handle.Piece of 1/2 inch copper pipe ,a tee,and two 90 deg. elbows. Gonna leave it as is as a tribute to my old Pal.Thanks Felix I miss you every day.
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    A friend of mine tells me to take a walk to the parts barn down in the back of the show. So hear I am wondering why? We get to the parts table he pushes a few air filter & parts over that is burying a piece of paper . The paper is an ad for a 420-LSE with 140 hours & that never mowed lawn! I said to Bill no way I am getting this the guy prolly wants upwards of 5-6k. So I call the gentlemen and he finally calls me back around 7:30 Friday night @ the show and we come to an agreement on the figure o had the wheels spinning out of the show just 45 minutes north and here she is after 10 hours of cleaning and polishing! Trailer pictures out on the way back the other are after cleaning .
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    It looks like this Two Owner 1994 520H with 729 hrs will be coming home to THE Duke"O" minium. This will end up being my Loader Tractor when a ARK 500 will be fitted to her. What I need a loader for with a 100' X 150' City Lot is beyond me? Maybe unloading the groceries or salt for the softener!
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    My first Automatic in the stable, '76 C-120. Found her on a local CL ad, owner wanted to pretty it up someday but had inherited a JD & didn't have room for it. He said it ran great, needed new battery. Hooked a jumper box to it & she fired right up, no smoke, no ticks, no knocks. Tranny is strong & tight, 48 inch deck in great shape & 42 inch plow that looks like it was used once! $350.00 later she was on the trailer headed home. Here she is home next to the C-81 I got two weeks ago...
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    Picked up # 99 420-lse brand new never started . Also the other one I have is 50 has 145 hours . Nos one is on left hand side .
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    Afternoon gentlemen had some free time today, so I fabricated a new muffler for my C-81 using a propane tank, and a variety of pipe fittings 3/4" and 1" from Home Depot. I used the existing mounting bracket off the old (shot) muffler as well as the end Tip otherwise everything is new.... The 3/4" pipe inlet and outlet were "brazed" on with an oxygen and acetylene torch. I also drilled several rows of holes all around the part of the 3/4" pipe that went into the top of the tank and closed the far end (welded a nut across the opening). End result is that it sounds almost exactly like the stock muffler now we will see how long it holds up.......NOTE: The tanks have two (2) spring valves (like the one's in a tire tube)..... they are a bit deeper then the one's in a tire tube so I took a piece of steel rod (same size as the hole) took my small cut-off tool cut a fork in the top of the rod inserted it into the tank valves screwed the valves out and then blew-out the tank with my air compressor. Note: you can also depress the valve with a small screw driver and get like 98% of any gas out. Like anything else you do have to take pre-cautions and be very careful. You could also fill it with water after the valves are out and then drain.
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    Just finished putting the finishing touches on my first project, Here are the before and after pictures. One of my "Just Cuz" additions was using amber tail lights that are on a flasher for "Hazard Lights"
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    This started out as a low profile 4x8 trailer that i made to hall tractors behind my S10 7 years ago. It worked great until the axle broke one year ago. Over the summer I needed dump trailer for moving dirt around in the yard and the gears were turning in my head. So I made a smaller version of the one I borrowed last fall to haul 210 tons of fill, sand, top soil, and gravel to the house. I am not hauling that kind of loads any more, just moving it around the yard to fill in holes and leveling the yard now. I only have a little over $100 into this modifying it to become the ultimate yard cart. I already had the pump, cylinder, spindals, and tires. Just needed a stick of 2" tubing and some sheet metal. I used it all summer long working the bugs out and making small modifications tell I was happy with it. I had a buddy that owed me and he just so happens to do sand blasting and painting. I just got it back and I have to say i am very pleased with the outcome!
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    Here is the Rat Rod that some asked about. This beast was built by Jon Bell
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