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    The 2017 Big Show Parade was a big hit and "Wild Bill" Pearson did an outstanding job narrating the event.
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    @stevasaurus WHERE IN THE WORLD IS STEVASAUROUS ???? WELL LETS LOOk @857 horse @953 nut @squonk
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    Well, it's 1:06 and everyone is busy loading up, but it has been a great show! Only our second year, but we've met so many new friends and visited with many old ones. This is truly a family event where everyone treats you and your kids right! We even got to meet Michael Martino and get a signed copy of his book. Below are a few pics I snapped today. Enjoy!
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    As many of you know @stevasaurus is not able to make it to the "Big Show" this year, but his stunt double "Steve On A Stick" is filling in for him and had a nice chat with Mike @squonk and Aldon @Aldon at the bus stop bench this afternoon! Steve on a stick will be making the rounds of the show this weekend, no telling what kind of trouble he will get into!
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    Don't want to be "stoned" off this site but wanted to show you the last restoration (working tractor) I finished with a Sears Suburban SS15 which was covered but in the "woods" for 20+ years. Was totally worth the effort and the thump of the OLD B&S 15 is a Joy...... Here's some Before and Afters Everything from the carb to the transmission need work but it was and is a solid as a rock......!
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    Thanks Richard, here are a few more. Thanks for the clock Terry. See Y'all tomorrow.
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    As usual my son and I had a great time with a bunch of great people. That being said I did not get as many pictures as I would have liked to but here are the pictures that I did take.
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    As much as I like the garden tractors, I have a few and have own probably literally 100s over the years, I always wanted a bigger tractor. My first choice would be a John Deere two cylinder one, like a H, M, 40, or maybe a L or LA, but most I've seen are above my budget, and most of the ones that I've seen for sale, except the L and LA which hardly ever come up for sale, are tri-fronts, which I hate. My second choice has always been a Farmall Cub, preferably the earlier red standard ones. So, I have been on the hunt for one. I've seen and drove several over the past several weeks. I narrow it down to a '52 and a '47. I ended up choosing the '47 mainly because of the owners. They are an elderly couple who are now developing health related issues. They have the Cub and a Farmall M that they take to shows and parades, but now have to quit and sell off their tractors. He is a retired mechanic, so the tractors are in great shape, cosmetically and mechanically. He is going deaf and she is now in the early stages of Alzheimer's. She fell and hit her head on the M at their last show, so they knew it was time to stop. They are a great couple, honest, and really nice people. I felt like I would be honored to own their little Cub and so the choice on which one I would buy was really influenced by them. I know you shouldn't be influenced by emotion when purchasing things, but it just felt right. I found a couple of tractors that had wheel weights, implements, and attachments, but the tractor had to be right. I can always buy implements over time when they become available, plus I'm just north of JP Tractor Salvage in Fredricktown, Missouri which has the rear wheel weights for $65 a set, and I have a set of the front wheel weights that I have been using on the rear wheels of my garden tractors. JP has plenty of implements and/or can get them in as they get new inventory all the time. 1947 was the first year of the Cub.
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    @953 nut here's the pictures of Ed that you didn't get because you filled your card in the camera.
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    since I could not show the video of the log I was dragging, here is a pic of the smaller ones I was hauling around.
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    This year was a different experience for me. Having been to the WHCC show each year since 2010 as a "displayer" and an observer, this year I was set up in one of the buildings as a "seller". It was my intention to clear out all my extra parts, tractors, and accessories, as well a sell my Brake Linings, 9-Pin Connector Kit, and Lug Nut Conversion Kits. Among other things, my major sales included the following: Suburban 401 Suburban 551 1969 WorkHorse 700 1967 607 One half of an RJ-58 4 Engines 32" Snowblower 2 42" mid-frame snow plows 2- bathtub carts 48" mower deck RJ deck and several other 1960's decks and parts too numerous to mention. Thanks to one and all, including all the RedSquare members who stopped by to see me. I had a great time, made a little bit of pocket money, and went back home in one trip rather than the two it took to get there. Special thanks to @wheelhorseman Lowell, and @Vinylguy Terry and their families for being my helpers. Any time that I needed coffee or food or ice or someone to just watch the booth while I had to make a nature call, they were happy to help. I'm counting down the days until next year.
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    This is just incredible. You all know how I love people pictures. A huge thanks to all you guys and gals for making me feel like I am there. I have tears in my eyes.
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    So before parking the ol horse I took a couple pics of its glory. I haven't rode it since before I put the massey weights on. I took it around the yard, then on the road down and back a few times for exercise, then put it back in the shed and wiped her down.
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    2 more days then we will all be big kids in the candy store lol. Wish safe travels to everyone going
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    Thanks to everyone who made the show so enjoyable! We had a lot of fun like usual! Come home with a nice load. Thanks to everyone that helped me out along the way! Here's the load I came home with. A 1963 633, a 1956 RJ35, a set of HL5 lights, an original back rest, a set of old style painted hubcaps, an original oil bath air cleaner, a stop button kill witch for a '55 RJ35, a throttle handle for a '55 RJ35 a recoil, a straight from the horses mouth book, and finally a 4 wheel wagon! Thanks again to everyone!
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    Finally found some time the last two weekends to reinstall the K301s I had rebuilt a few months ago. Everything hooked back up and tonight after work she went on her "maiden voyage" mowing lawn. Did a great job.
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    Notice...Steve's not smiling.
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    My daughter Toni bought this for me last week at Wilhelm Tractor Show.
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    Show went by too fast. Dodging the weather made it interesting. Different feel this this year. How will I make it thru the show with out my "Dino" fix. Well Richard took care of that problem! mirror shot; Wed. Night arrival. soon as I get there it dumps! Could get out of the truck for 10 min. no one at the hotel bus stop waiting for me. Came down from cleaning up. look who's here! Caption This: Me Aldon and "Steve on a Stick" dinner at the Green Village Italian Kitchen. My favorite stop. Steve waiting for the Stromboli. Wed night tailgate. That's Phil Bowling and Aldon discussing the price of Free Range eggs. Great talking to you Phil Richard (953nut) unloading. Who says roadapples isn't a morning person! Bud Andrews stops to chat by the pole. Howard kabitzing off to the side The pole taking shape. woodchuckfarmer (Wayne) I think Bud and Jake Kuhn and Dad Wayne and Brian (buckrancher) First time I've ever seen Brian ride the stainless. Ed Dog! (Ed Kennel and his hot rod) (Mrs. Zeek) ( Mrs. buckrancher Jo & Zeek in the background) Howard and a new show visitor BJ (I think Betty Jo) What a wonderful person both of these individuals are. Howard as the Big Show "Wal-Mart greeter and BJ made a beautiful sign and picked cherries Fri. morning and was passing them out around the show later. Wish I had better pics of this event Howard didn't like my first name tag so I had to "upgrade" Terry doing a little Horse tradin Jay (JPWH) Terry leading his horse to water! Jake and Dad again. Jake looks like he's plotting something Caz (formariz) Taking the family out for a drive. My new ride 61 701 wallfish (John) John's dad & Waldo (elcaminowheelhorse) in a "Caption This moment" ) (The're planning something evil for me)! Zeek showing off his beautiful 1276 Don (varosd) asking if anyone knew where he parked his car! Waldo asking Jeff (AC man) if he knew where I was. He couldn't find me! Steve on a stick waiting for the bus to Chi-Town! Jay (JPWH) and grandaughter Finally stevasaurus' official I'D' badge hanging from my sign.
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    Picked her up on Craigslist.. 1977 C160 auto. Decided to bring her back to life with an interesting idea.. even wired HID bulbs too! What you guys think..
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    On the road to the big show !!! Who else is on there way ? Mods feel free to move if not in appropriate spot .
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    Thanks guys...I almost feel like I am there. I am really missing all of you guys.
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    What a great way to have Steveasaurus share the fun of the big show too! It's just not the same without him!
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    I had plans to at least attend today, but Mrs. Sailor and I just returned yesterday afternoon from a 12 day Baltic Sea cruise. My body is still complaining of the 7 hour jet lag! I am up at 3 am because it thinks that it is 10 am!!! Thankfully it was uneventful as we spent two days in St. Petersburg, Russia right after the political demonstrations, and then there was the US surveilance plane/Russian fighter encounter over the Baltic right after we had left the area. Tallin, Estonia just returned
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    All loaded up, heading out in the a.m. Friday/Saturday are my days to shine.
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    Steve on a stick needs to be a little large or that diet he is on is really working.
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    I am sorry to hear first about your health and secondly that you are giving up hobby. Hopefully we will still have you in this forum to share your vast knowledge and answer our questions the way you have done for years. Hope that all will turn out well and look to finally meet you at show.
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    Or drive on down to York and take the Harley Davidson Tour, then drive on down to Felton and help me finish loading and getting the new lights on the WH wagon. I'll have the burgers on the grill Jeff.
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    Been a long road but I think we're done.
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    A sickle mower has been on my want list for a while. Our yard backs up to a waterway and field, and along the edges is too rough to mow with a regular mower so we end up with a 2 foot or so swath of weeds that grow up tall. It has always seemed like a great opportunity to use a sickle. I've come across a couple the last few years but either hesitated and missed out on them or decided I didn't want one that bad to pay what they were asking. Today I finally found one and pulled the trigger. The sickle itself is free and seems to be in pretty decent shape. The seller said he used it 20+ years ago but it has probably been unused the last 15 years or so. He also had the Charger 12 that he said his dad bought new with it, but I couldn't convince myself I needed another tractor. That, and he his asking price was pretty strong for a straight, all original, but non-running tractor. So far, the only significant issue I have found is I am missing the tensioner/idler pulley. I'm hoping I can figure something else out for that part and get this unit to work in short order.
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    Boy steve, you sure eat alot at the big show
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    Just wondering how many of you remember the old Swisher lawn mower, one of the first zero turn mowers on the market. These machines had two speeds with a single front wheel drive, to go in reverse you simply turned the steering wheel 180 degrees. I've owned a couple of these, they were neat little machines that were a blast to drive. Down falls were, no adjustment on the deck height, and the deck was part or the chassis so it did not float. Well with retro styling being so popular, I guess Swisher has decided to jump on the band wagon. For the low low price of $3400 you can now own a retro swisher zero turn with a 32" deck. Personally I think that they went a lil over board on the price, but it's kinda cool that they brought the old styling back.
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    KC and Richie...I certainly hope we would see tons of pictures after this. Although, the tease is stimulating for sure. We will have to stay tuned...I have a feeling they are not done making me feel bad about not being there. You gotta love this site...it is family. I brought Chris (wife) down here into the Man Cave to see this thread and she knows and misses the show also...she has been there every year with me...7 or 8 shows now in a row. There was a couple of times that I talked about taking a year off...it is a long haul...and she said she wanted to go. It's the only time I take her out to dinner. and it is like 5 or 6 dinners...she is into that for sure. The guys went to the Italian place last night...and if all things remain the same...they had excellent food and great atmosphere. Dang I miss being there.
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    100% weather forecast; light during the day followed by increasing darkness during the evening. It never misses!
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    After some mild discussion (ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!!! YOU'RE GOING WHERE!!!!) and the doctor's approval, I'm going to be taking a day trip to the Show on Friday. Bringing my 856 to ride around on. It's a little over 3 hrs each way so I'll probably leave before cruise night. But I plan on being there. YAHOO!
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    I spent time off and on the last few days working on Emory's Lawn Ranger. I just have to rig an old push mower tank I have until I can find a gas tank. He wanted me to take his picture sitting on it and post it up. He's planning on bringing it to the big show with us - one happy boy!!
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    The Ponds cast that there so 45 years later a bunch of guys would be sitting around going "wonder what that notch is there for?"
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    Seems to me that EZ outs work anything but EZ.. Weld a nut to it and back it right out
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    This walk behind broom ended up as a Wheel Horse modification. There's a modified hammer mill attachment in the background too FEL snow plow Just threw this fish pic in to brag. LoL
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    Got everything loaded, ready to pull out in the am Drive safe everyone
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    Congrats Steve!! You told me you were going to get to my size and you made it!! Enjoy the show
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    Happy Fathers Day to all you dads. Shrimp on the Barbie, Barby today.
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