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    I realize this is against all wheel horse policy but - my nephew really wanted a “Tractor Mac” book themed Tractor. So naturally out came the paint and I vandalized the 310.
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    it's hard to believe I've worked for the same company for 40 years. I've done numerous jobs over the years. Started as a Coal Plant Construction Inspector in 1978. Worked around the steam plants, got into performance testing, project management and then got wet (more than once) working various design, technical support and supervisory roles at the six hydro dams. I've been a "Dam Guy" for about 30 years. For years I've said I needed one of those Maytag repair man posters of the old guy looking for something to do, for my office. Unlike the Maytag guy the phone and now the emails never slow down around here, The dams sit in the flash flood prone Texas Hill Country section of our Texas Colorado river. it crazy that a flood has become the rare time that everyone focuses on one priority vs. the normal daily routine of too many phone calls and emails. Today I push a keyboard, and work on budgets as much as I actually get to do technical work these days. Today I got in the truck and visited the guys at several of the dams, had a nice lunch with some of them and stopped at one more dam before heading home. Almost as good a day as seat time on a tractor! That retirement light at the end of the tunnel is getting bright, I not sure if I'll make 41 years here! I won't make the big show this year, but I'm thinking there will be one less big thing holding me back next year.
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    I found it on Facebook and I bought it. I believe I over paid a little, but I wanted it. She has a leak in the hydraulics, I haven't investigate that yet but I think it's coming from the pump. Missing the plate below the gear shift that covers the pump. Needs new headlights lenses, I sent a check out this morning to Mr. Glen Pettit. It's also missing the tag that shows the shift pattern along with the serial number. Can the serial number be found someplace else on the tractor?
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    Here's a video I know that most of you will enjoy. It's about my '84 C-125 I bought used from a Toro Wheel Horse Dealership for $1050 when I was 17. That's almost 12 years ago. It's had some different deck configurations and small things done to it over the years like different tires, cup holder, new seat, tail lights, 48" side discharge deck front mounted, 42" rear discharge deck, snowplow, and one of my favorites is my homemade 5 gallon bucket holder. This is the tractor that I mow my yard with now and I used to mow the grass around my Dad's barns at his farm with it too. This winter I did a bunch of work to this tractor. I repaired my front pivot plate, installed a new front pivot pin, spindles, clutch pulley, front tires, voltmeter. I re-wired the tractor and cleaned up the harness. I had my front rims powder coated and I installed new wheel bearings and dust caps. I also bought and installed the missing firewall and bracket for the belt guard that this tractor never came with. The good ole K301 was getting low on compression so I had it rebuilt and in the video I start it up for the first time. Wheel Horse C-125 First / Cold Start After Rebuild and Tractor Overview
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    Love It! Here is another one.
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    Got home and cleared the first batch (maybe 3”-4”s)...if the weather guys are right I should have another 5”-7” coming! Can you see on my garage floor where the snow blade has sat a time or two 🤣 ! Trusty WH always gets it done!
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    Well once I drove from Elgin, Il. to the Big Show...684 mi one way (1368 mi round trip)...not to buy a horse, but I bought 5 raffle tickets ($5) and won the raffle tractor. That has to count. BUT!!!...I can top that. Again I drove to the Big Show 684 mi (1368 mi round trip)...picked up a round hood for Ryan in Minnesota, and delivered the horse to him at the La Sueur show 743 mi (1486 mi round trip) for a grand total of 2854 miles.
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    I finally had a chance to go pick up my new sign, it still had the original divider paper from when it was new. I did not get the box but I believe it was never installed because the nail/screw holes do not have any paint missing or show any signs of wear.
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    A local dealer had a sell out today. Got a bunch of parts and a ton of belts. Also a lot of books and brochures. Many pics to come and a lot will be for sale once it's sorted through! To give you an idea on how many belts are in that box, the box is 3ftx3ft
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    24 hour turn around. Great to have wonderful and very talented friends.
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    Soon after I retired I made a little horse rustling trip that totaled 3,610 miles. I can't claim the entire trip was a venture, part family visitation too. I departed Fort Pierce FL with the 1055 in tow on my way to our present home in Franklin, NC (675). From there I headed to Syracuse NY (850) to visit my Mom and visit some friends. Now the rustling started, headed to LeRoy MI (570) to pick up an RJ project, next stop was Niles MI (185) for another RJ, next was Lawrenceburg KY (325) for a Suburban and then back to Franklin NC (330) to unload. After a couple days I headed back to Ft. Pierce (675). So the legitimate rustling mileage would be 1,410
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    Getting ready for the season. Needed a dolly for my sprayer so decided to make one. Pictures (yes I know didn't happen if no pictures). Here they are:
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    Had to get rid of some construction debris today and had a half empty trailer and so I decided to clear some trash out of my business storage. GhostRider has been taking his long winters nap in there so I started him up and pulled him out. Then Judge (my third born) wanted to drive awhile... nice picture opportunity in between cleaning stuff up!
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    Well today skittles got some new front hubs. I bought some 5 lug trailer hubs and wheels. I had to install a 3” long spanner to increase the axle size to 1” for the bearings. Also I took a 3/4” wide bushing (1” id x 1-1/4” od) and split it for the seal to ride on. New bearings, taces, hubs & seals. I just got my front wheels back from paint so they are going to sit for a while and harden up before putting tires on it. So I had to put my extra trailer wheels on it for now. Not sure I like the skinnies but I cannot wait to get my other wheels and tires on it. Also got the tensioner figured out today. Still have to make a spring tab for the tension spring.
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    20 years ago this month I bought my first (anniversary 520H)brand new as my dealer was my neighbor seperated by a creek and with the following pic you'll see how far I went to go it , and it's also where I picked up my second 520H as well as a non running 523Dxi (gone now) after moving about 125 miles away, anyways the blue outline was where used to live and use my 520H the red line how far I went to get it and service/parts after the sale, and yellow my dealer, Jeff.
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    This is 1978 with the 857 and sno-blower which I still have...this is snow!! Testament to an 8hp Kohler and a single stage blower.
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    Hi. I recently found a 1987 312-8 in a friends barn that had been sitting forever. I plan on joining my local pulling club this year and having some fun. I have cleaned it up and added a few mods but still need a hitch and a few other things. Thanks to this site I have found a lot of useful info.
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    Spent a few hours today watching the Amish selling and the English buying. No Wheel Horses....all I came home with were a few pics. English parking lot Amish parking lot Registration Farm equipment A different snow blower and a buggy with hydraulic drum brakes Ladies shopping Projects
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    Could be tough for me to be a competitor here.... Approximately 29 miles. That's a 2, and a 9. Now here's the thing. I had to go there. And back. So that's really 58. But I also dropped the machine at the shop for an additional 20 miles or so. And back of course. So I'd say about 98 miles !!! hehehe.....
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    So the long awaited update and potential conclusion. Figured an update was least I could do for those who participated in poll and provided input. I have all tractors sold or pending sold but 2. As such the market has made my decision. Assuming all pending buyers follow through. I will retain the C160 with 48 inch deck for mowing and the GT22-8 which I will attempt to more fully complete for the show.
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    I bet you shoveled uphill both ways eh Steve?
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    Good Morning All, Happy Nor Easter 3... Heres how I found my cat sleeping after she heard the weather forecast. Lol They know when somethings up... Tony
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    Wow! A month goes by really fast when you are out of the country. I spent two weeks on a missions trip to the Philippines (more about that in a separate thread) and then I have to catch up when I get back. We are hoping to get the steering, dash, and electrical together this week but I want to take this post and brag on Caleb a little... I really don’t deserve a son as good as he is but I thank God for him. He was born one month premature at 4.5 lbs and was small enough that I could pretty much hold him in one hand (once they finally let us hold him—he was in the incubator for awhile). It took nearly two weeks before we could take him home and our lives have never been the same! He has trouble focusing on book work and remembering things at times but he is a hard worker. Probably his best characteristic is that he truly loves and cares for others. Anyway, it was his sports banquet on Friday night for his small Christian school that he attends. He played soccer in the fall and was supposed to play JV basketball over the winter. However, the varsity team was short on players and since Caleb is a tall kid, they brought him up to play with the “big boys”. He got an education for sure but I challenged him all year that when he got knocked down to get back up and work even harder. He listened! His coach for soccer awarded him the Christian Character award for his work ethic, determination in practice, and all around displaying a good attitude. His varsity b-ball coach gave him the “6th Man” award which is given to that guy who comes off the bench whenever needed and can be depended upon to play his best. The coolest award that he received though was from his team mates. There was a game that they played mid season where everyone was off. They weren’t playing good basketball and the coach was on them in the locker room. Caleb got tires of losing and playing lousy ball. He ended up taking over the game defensively. He was out playing much better players from the opposing team by stealing the ball, forcing turnovers, and just being a pest on defense. This power play caused the rest of our team to step up and follow his leadership. They figured if one of the youngest guys on the team could do it, so could they. They still ended up losing the game by a few points but managed to come all the way back from a 25 point deficit. Unknown to the coaches, the captain of the team bought a game ball and had everyone on the team sign it to Caleb. After the awards portion of the even was finished, Tanner (the team captain) took the mic and gave this ball to Caleb while everyone listened in. I think it is really special to be honored by your peers, especially when they are teenage guys (not typically the most thoughtful). I couldn’t have been more proud of Caleb for the character that he showed as a 13 year old. I pray that he can build upon that as he continues to grow. now back to the tractor build...
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    You probably run out of traction much before that. Made a couple of improvements on it that have really made it easier to use. Th new seat is much higher making it much more comfortable for my long legs. Also made an extension for plow lift so I dont have to lean forward to operate it. I don't even have to take left hand off steering to use it now.
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    Not a tractor but I went about 1100 miles 18 hour round trip to go to the auction that I bought my 4-wheeled wagon at. That was quite a few years back... they weren`t nearly as plentiful as they are today.. or at least they didn`t seem so! 😉 I`d been actively looking for one for 3 years when I came across this one on an online sale bill.
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    Think I got you beat on this one Last fall I did a 8700 and some miles trip to bring home some horses. Granted, most of it was in a tin can in the sky.
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    About 400 miles has been my greatest. Picked up Emory's 60 and 61 suburbans - 2 different trips a few months apart. They were our first horses. Probably some of best times we've had are on horse trips!
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    I went to Fla. for a 520-8.
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    What do you mean junk pile? lol I have a recycle metal pile, scrap metal bucket and everything else is "I might need that one day".
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    My last post showed the condition of the axles for this project. This weekend I had a chance to make the repairs on them. First weld up the damaged key ways and unwanted through hole. True the axle back up on the lathe. Cut a new full length key way on the mill. Job done, easy as that. Finally was able to start assembly, one item on the list was the hydro pump. A Century Fox pump made by Hien Werner. Unlike the HY pumps made for Wheel Horse this pump needs to be spun clock wise, so it will drive off of the fly wheel side instead of the PTO side of the engine. So I have the axles done, I should have the transmission back together right? Well after some one wrecks a couple of seals, assembly was kinda brought to a halt. This is kinda depressing as I could have had it put back together. Oh well, I got it this far. Sorry for the blurry pic. With the transmission out of the picture I just moved on to assembling a few other things. Not quite looking like a tractor but it is heading in the right direction.
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    I have had this C100 for quite a while. I don't use it much. Based on the mushroom on the pin, someone had tried to remove it. The draw bar had been modified and I wanted to return it to original. So, a year or so ago I started working on it. I applied penetrant and tapped it with my small tapping hammer to set up vibration. Didn't work so I drilled the boss to allow for penetrant to get to the pin. Frequently, during that time until now I would add penetrant and tap, tap, tap. Then I struck it with a bigger hammer. Didn't move. Decided to give it a little heat to suck the penetrant in. Still didn't move. I decided to take drastic measures and cut the pin. I cut it flush with the boss (note that I removed the rear bottom bolt from the transmission case to allow clearance for the blade). Started drilling. I started off with a 7/32 drill bit and stepped it up in 32nds all the way to 5/8. I did not drill all the way through the boss I stopped short to be sure the pin would not break off inside the boss (that would be a bummer). I worked from the right side because I am right handed AND TO PROTECT THE NARROWER BOSS ON THE RIGHT SIDE. Ok, now I am ready. Impact hammer here we go. Rat a Tat Tat Tat, it is out. Ruler shows depth of the drill.
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    I was reminiscing the other day with a WH friend about some of the trips we have taken to pick up Horses. It made me wonder how far some of us have traveled to buy a Wheel Horse. I am sure I have not went the farthest and would guess I would land in the middle of the road trip pack. I picked up a 520 once in Indiana 5 1/2 hours one way. (that is probably my limit!). Anybody else?
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    Many of the guys here use plain diesel for flushing. Kerosene works as well. Drain all the old oil out first. It helps to safely raise the front of the tractor to get the cup or so of oil out in front of the casing hump. Run the tractor if possible or try and slosh it around. Drain noting the appearance of what comes out. This may have to be repeated several times. Doesn't hurt to overfill abit at this point. Once you get most of the crud out refill to dip stick full with a quality 80/90 wt gear oil. If this is a working tractor change the oil at least once a year. Check the boot on the shift lever as that's where water usually gets in. Good luck with your and don't be afraid to ask with any issues.
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    Ok so more backyard brake engineering going in today. Got my slot cut for my rod to move back n forth in, trimmed a little off of it to clear a bolt. Just need to thread it for a clevis rod end and redrill a hole for the connecting bolt that goes through the brake band bracket. Needs to move out about 1/2” to line up. I got all of the motion control group mounted and the parking brake lock installed with the release spring. Just need to tweek the levers for clearance and make a new top plate. Think I might just leave the hand control lever for now to see how I like it. Running out if time and dont know if the foot control thing is going to happen yet. Little things here and there but I think she’s gonna work just fine.
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    And you know what. I only have a big handful left to sort out still. Hopefully I will be done before grass season starts here in about 6-8 weeks. If I can do one a week I'll be on time, but oh my god it has been work work work. Next time will not have as many project tractors for sure. I'm dreaming GT's, re-wirering, painting and fixing all night, doing it for real all day after work, repeat........ Wife and kid says I speak horse when they get to see me. Well I guess we live and learn the hard way, and just as we get old and smart enough not to get these brain farts, nature grants us diapers again...... Just swell that is! According to this undertaking of mine, I clearly haven't gotten to the smart fase yet...........
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    729.7 which would be 11.5 hours of not for 3-4 cities and rush hours. Turned it into 4 day round trip excursion.
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    8hours once for a WH that cost only $100 for a running Commando & I visited relivatives on the way back!
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    Success on so many levels this evening. Transmission is free and everything looks good and spins smooth. Steering shaft may need to be cut out. It is froze in the lower sleeve. Hood gets dropped off tomorrow to get fixed. Hope to have it by next weekend.
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    Testing out Skittles’new colors on the mash pole sign. I think she’s gonna look good. 👍
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    Painted some engine tins and small panels for skittles. While I was at it, I got started on my mash pole sign. Painted the first color today. Hope Howard’s tractor don’t flip over.
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    And while I was puttering in the workshop....
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    My opinion: Surely, we can all agree that Wheel Horse did NOT fail because the equipment was unworthy. I think that zero turns ate away their lawn mowing market. That supermarkets ate away their garden growing market. That what was left had some pretty stiff competition. Perhaps Wheel Horse could have continued to some extent for a while but I also suppose that Toro's board members decided that their dollars could generate a better return elsewhere. They were probably right. I remember saving Wheel Horse brochures back in the mid 1980s thinking maybe, just maybe someday I would own one. Maybe not a new one but I would at least have a Wheel Horse. Now I have a dozen or more! Ain't America great! I also have to remind myself that I practically stole most of them and I'd be lucky to have just one if I had to buy it new! Especially adjusted for inflation! I'm very happy that they were so good, lasted so long and impressed enough of us to have such collections of tractors, implements, parts and this forum! My opinion...
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    Anyone that is lucky enough to go to this...please...please...please post very many pictures here. Thanks Kate
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    Here's another 867
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