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    So I get am PM from Craig with a CL ad for a 12' sign broken into 6 pieces. It was in New Hampshire and priced very reasonable IMO. After contacting the seller I paid for it and it took 3 of my co workers to pick it up and get it to me (nice to have good people to help). I had it for about a month and just got around to framing it up and hanging it. Craig has been keeping his eye out for a nice big old sign for me to hang on that wall and I think he nailed this one. Thanks Craig!
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    This is a fairly tiny project but I'm all jazzed up about it so I wanted to share it with those that'll appreciate it. I've been saving the original shower head muffler for the k90 on my RJ for 2 years now - since I did a full restoration. The front was just rusted to hell and the baffeling was long gone, but the back piece was in good condition. I've been saving it with the idea that one day I may be able to somehow get it back on the RJ. And that day is.... well not today, but tomorrow. Technically today, but chronologically it occured over a 2 day period. Here is the original I pulled off 2 years ago.. Here is the new one for reference.. As I got to looking at both the new and original mufflers it appeared that the diameter of where the face joins to the 'body' was relatively the same on both... a quick measurement confirmed my suspicions! And the holes on the face share a similar pattern.. not exact but not the perfect circle kind... I diced up the new muffler with the grinder and cleared the remaining material from the joint. I pulled the original apart.. Cut the baffle from the new one down to fit the one I'm making.. this is all my parts ready to be assembled This is just after assembling and hammering the lip of the new face back down. I made sure to hammer it down as flat as possible to reduce material loss from filing down and cleaning up the hammer marks... for the sake of integrity. This is after cleaning up the hammer marks.. Came out pretty slick.. I'm happy. Since I don't stock any silver/galvanizing magic muffler paint I went for flame proof matte black - the same as I had on the previous muffler and on the exhaust piping. This the finished product... before temp curing. And after curing and mounting! Don't mind the lack of steering wheel and rod. Now I'm trying to figure out whether or not it looks goofy with the 12 inch pipe instead of the stock 14.5..?? It looks like it needs to move forward a couple inches.. I like it away from the hood so that soot won't accumulate on my paint, but it just looks a little off.. anyway, hope you guys liked this quick little project!
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    My wife wanted to do my sons 4 month pictures, we came up with this idea, and let the rj35 get out in the sun and breath a little.
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    This one came to me last year and after a couple carb cleanings, a carb rebuild, all new fuel lines and filters and three different fuel pumps it still ran crummy....so I parked it all winter in disgust. But when I saw Stevasaurus's video @stevasaurus of a couple of his short frames running it motivated me to try again. First thing I did was reset the points after giving them a light sanding.....AND THE DAMN THING RAN GREAT!!! I can't believe I didn't mess with the points last year 🙄 ! This new development re-newed my interest and this weekend I gave the rims some attention. I love the patina so I won't be messing with the sheet metal. Pics of course.....first pic is when it came home. Mike.....
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    this is my 416-8 she is 31 years young and still has it,,,i got this tractor new on april 16th 1986 and the tiller and yard cart,,,changed 1 belt in all that time it is a good one,,keep her parked next to the D180 that i came by a few years back
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    Stopped at a local junk yard today and didnt find what I was looking for. But I found better stuff and ended by picking up a set of weights, rims, hub covers and snowblower flag for $40 and on the way home seen this 702 on the side of a lawn so I inquired and picked her up for $60. So a great day of unexpected finds! The weights someone modified a solid steel piece to fit in the middle and are bolted on and it looks pretty well done.
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    Sorry, I don't have any digital pics of the day we brought it home, but after two years of locating and acquiring parts. Then every weekend for six months on the restore. Here is a pic of the finished tractor.
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    Having two Daughters it looks like girls keep flowing in our family. This is our oldest Grand Daughter HENNY She loves the Horses even if they don't have an engine on them, She even had her picture IN LAGC Mag She will have the pick of the Stable when I am gone. Many years have past, we have definitely had some good times. I guess these Horses have a good way of helping doing that.
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    I ordered a gas gap lens, pennants and spindle covers from Mr. Pettit. Can't say enough about the quality of what I received. We sure needed Mr. Pettit back in the "old days" for his decals, dash plates, etc. Glad he has made restorations easier with his products! Thank you Mr. Pettit!!!!
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    Both the 857 and now the 876 K181S engines have been rebuilt. So I did a video with both of them running. The automatic keeps wanting to run away on me. I need to fix it so the forward/reverse lever will stay where I put it. That's next. Also, I should be getting the new stickers for the 876 from Terry next week.
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    I've been saying I'll post pictures of the Horses new stable but geez, this getting settled in is a lot of work. We still have a ton to do. Besides the unpacking I've been installing a water heater, a water softener, fixing a host of things and........ Anyways, this morning I replaced one of the garage door openers and when I was done it was time for some fun. A beautiful day and some grass screaming "cut me!!". Although I don't have any tractors pictured you can get a peek at their new home. Two 26'x32' garages gives me more room than I've had in 17 years. The one down the hill will be the main stable except for the snow movers going to the one by the house in the winter. I have to say that it sure is good to be back in Indiana with a bit of elbow room. I will get pictures of my babies grazing and even of that crapsman that was left here. I haven't had a chance to even touch it but it does have a 18hp Kohler Magnum on it and the neighbor said the previous owner had it out with the lawn vac last fall.
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    Made my rounds yesterday spraying the yards of family members. It is always enjoyable getting a thumbs up or a wave and a smile by those passing by. Jobs are always more fun on some of the old faithful machines!
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    Picked up this 520 about 20 miles from home today. Thanks for the heads up TT. I don't think that I did do too bad for $400.
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    Here is a before and after For the new members th at have not seen this before. This is a 1057 that is almost done. Just taking my time no rush to finish. Work on it when I feel like it. So here is the video. Before on bottom.
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    Here's my three future wheel horse owners. Two are already hooked. The third, she might need to be convinced but I doubt it will be too difficult!
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    I had been looking for a tool storage unit and finally picked up this drawing storage unit that really fit my needs. It is 48"W x 36" D x 18" H with 5 - 3" deep drawers. It weighs 170lb. The drawers are great for hand tools, but too shallow for power tools. I lagged it to the pole barn at the back and added legs at the front corners and a shelf for socket set storage in front and bar stock storage in the back. The top also provides some storage space for power tools in the back and a chest high work table for small assembly and inspection in front. So, I have two drawers left for wrenches and screwdrivers..... that'll have to wait for another rainy day
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    About 1250 round trip to pick up a D-200 with Ark 550. Worth every mile. Not too many horses down here, so ya gotta travel to round em up!
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    I picked up a nice 310-8 this weekend from a guy up north of KC. He said you guys would know him by Wheel Horse Rick. He had the NOS tractors that he sold to Larry. Super nice guy, we had a nice chat. He told me this was a 1985 and it looks like its 5 years old instead of 32 to me. Very happy with it and it mows like a dream! He is some pics and you guys can tell me what you think. I think I will put some tail lights in place of the reflectors and I need to move the seat back cause I am a fatboy! Randy
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    I thought it might be time for an update on my health status. The past several months have seen me in and out of the hospital for several issues, the latest being fluid retention in my abdomen. The problem has been that I can't get rid of this fluid which is caused by my malfunctioning liver and other organs leaking into the cavity. So far they have take fluid from me by paracentesis which is where they insert a long needle int the cavity then hook it up to vacuum bottles that suck the fluid out. The first time they took five liters. The next time they took ten which is all they can take at one time. The last time it was 7. I will have another one tomorrow. The reason for the most recent hospital stay was o try more aggressive treatment. Now they have upped my dose of lasix to 40 mg twice a day which should help greatly to take it away. This all seems to be working so they packed me up and sent me home yesterday. So there you have it. If you are interested I will try to keep you up to date better than I have. I intend to stay on as a Moderator as long as the powers that be will have me. It has been and continues to be a pleasure to help out. Thank you all.
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    Here is a my daughter helping out on our wheel horses, she likes working on wiring
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    Well I haven't been looking for one but always told the wife I wanted one one day. Well the other morning while doing my daily searching I found one. It was reasonably close to me and only an hour away. She is not a show stopper yet but will be after I clean her all up. And here are some photos.
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    Here they are i call them Thing 1 and Thing2
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    Now common boys, you know there has been times that these Lil Red Tractors have called and beckoned to you at some point in time, And took them feet places that they might have not normally went! Tell the truth and fess up, We all know its an addiction. Now that I have it under control I can look back and laugh about it. I have 3 trips that I have taken that today I would consider to be a little over the top. I will start with the shortest and work my way up to the GRAND FINALE. This first trip was 414 mi one way or 818 round trip from Niles Mi to Des Moines, IA it was to pick up a 551 and a 1956 RJ 35 not a bad score right? Well by the time I add the Tow bill and the serpentine belt from a locked up air conditioning compressor that ended up bustin the wallet real good. add an overnight motel stay in there and fuel and as you can see the tractor costs were jacked up pretty high. I never recovered the cost's but so it goes in collecting. Many Many I have got for free or nearly free but some I have had to pay the Piper. I guess it all equals out in the end. On this trip I also picked up a Lawn Skiff and a set of 3 Gang Reel mowers. The tractors and reel mowers are long since gone and are faded memories. So common let's here um? don't hold back!
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    This is the 2nd Kohler 8hp engine that I rebuilt. Thanks for looking. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. and finally the video "Dueling Short Frame Square Hoods" click on link under here. 51. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqB3molMjzI
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    This is the 1st tractor that I actually bought. I got a phone call from a friend that told me of a 502 about 5 blocks from my house. I was there in 4 minutes and met one of my nicest neighbors...bought the horse and brought it home. My farthest trip at the time...round trip=1 mile.
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    My first road trip after retirement was great. I departed Fort Pierce, Florida to visit my Mom in Syracuse NY for a few days (1.300 miles) then on to LeRoy MI (570 miles) to pick up a RJ-58; next stop was Coldwater MI (220 miles) for a '57 RJ-35 then on to Danville KY (375 miles) to load a Suburban 400; then on to our newly acquired Franklin NC home (280 miles). Total of 2,745 miles. Had to remove the rear wheels of the '58 to get two RJs in the bed of the old '96 Dakota. I had the pleasure of meeting some real nice people along the way too.
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    Time to close this thread, it's headed nowhere.
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    I have been a member for about four months. I do not own or have ever owned a wheel horse, but that should be changing soon. This weekend I was at a thrift sale girlfriend made me go and I saw this wheel horse tiller for sale it was $150 bucks.On the tiller was a sign that said loaded and deck for 520H $200 or best offer. Long story short I grab my Gal and we headed to the location we're the Loader was and I took one look and said I will take it. Ended up buy it all, loader 40 inch bucket,all brackets,weight box , 42 inch recycler deck and ,tiller, and he gave me 2 never used ag tires on new or never used rims and some brackets for duel tires.Are you all sitting down ?I paid $300 for all of it. Best is that the tiller may have been used once and the loader a kwik way only for 2 to 3 hrs bucket has a few scratches in it. This was mounted on a 1990's 520H owner was keeping it and blower as his dedicated snowmachine I tried to buy it but no luck. So here are a few questions, 1. What is the best Tractor for the loader an 520H or are there others that my current brackets would allow me to attach it to another with out modifications like the 416H,I see one for sale with a 16hp engine. I would like the best possible tractor to take advantage of the loader. I have some project around the house like paver patio, maybe part of a paver drive way and others. 2. How good is the 42 inch recycler at mowing. And this deck when flipped over only has a few scratches on it. It also feels like the deck weights as much as my current tractor and deck combined a John Deere LA125. I am looking forward to finding a new to tractor and joining the Wheel Horse Community
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    Funny how some people just want to know what one is worth but don't realize how great this site is for finding out things about any that exist. This forum can get you through rebuilding fixing elect problems or what color you use to bring one back to life. You can get help on this forum to do anything you want to do to your . It is funny to me that someone would thank that no one knows anything when they need some information that pictures are needed to help with the question. This is the best site on the internet. This is my 2cents.
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    An electrician works on it and the first thing he attacks is fuel!
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    Well not totally done this fall / winter ill need to restore the deck. I rebuilt the tranny stripped and blasted it did some sheet metal work primed and painted it. I traded a fair-poor condition 312-8 for this. It didn't have the original K91 on it and i had a 5.5hp Honda GX160 laying around, it dropped right on with no clearance issues and it has the original push / pull throttle working with it. I had to make the header for it and it sounds pretty sweet lol. Ill post some pics of the other side too i have a pretty cool mini K&N on it. Ill be at the BIG show in June looking for more parts for it (We've had Wheel Horses since as far back as i can remember and my father took me last year for the first time and after thats when i traded for this was hooked! ). One question, how the heck can i paint the raised letters on the front without them looking like crap!? Thank you to oldredryder for the fenders and toolbox and Wildside for the lugs and belt.
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    Some folks who have heard of "Wheel Horse" find one and stop by here to ask "What's it worth?" Some of those folks believe that everything that says "Wheel Horse" is collectible and therefore quite valuable. And while some are valuable I'd venture to say that many of our beloved "Wheel Horses" cost $300 or less (I KNOW most of mine did!)! "Dollar Value" is a tough topic, very variable and I think many of us value them more than their "Market Value" because they are worth more than their "Market Value" because often a $300 WH will outperform and outlast a brand new $3000 new "Box Store" tractor! Doesn't mean we can sell them for more, just that we know they are worth more, well, we know anyways. The really valuable WHs are the rare ones, that you never see! And then only to a select few collectors that can afford them. Many WHs are sought after because they are great values, maybe not great investments. That said, if you would like to know more about your Wheel Horse we would like to know more about it and you! Perhaps we are less interested in being appraisers but rather being kind souls trying to help other "soon to be afflicted!" Wheel Horse Lovers! My 2 1/2 cents. But if you want to know more then post some pics! A "like brand new" common WH does command a better price than a common used one! Oh my! Oh my goodness! I can't believe you said that! And here on this forum! This very forum!!! But I agree. Except you could have mentioned "Sears" (the older Sears Suburbans anyway. Not all Craftsman! But there are some darned good AYP/Craftsman as well!) Oh! And Ariens! Simplicity! Massey Ferguson! Gravely! And...
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    Here is my 4 month old getting some horse time in
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    These 2 guys been helpin me move some dirt. They both love tractors.
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    Well I just picked up a 312-8 from the estate of one of my best friends that died last year. The heirs asked me if there was any thing I wanted of Dave's......and I told them the Wheelhorse. Dave was a mechanic by trade and took unbelievable care of his equipment. This horse will stay in my stable forever.......
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    And I thought "Whizlock" was that time my zipper got stuck.
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    Thanks for that 19richie66, I have noticed over time that members say the charging system is not up to a lot of extra work, and I like the easy uncomplicated life when possible so that looks a little involved to me. As I say if oil temperature proves problematic I would place a cooler in line in front of the flywheel screen, (might even make the loader look even more industrial) we will see. Tonight's episode Pump mount. I didn't have a piece of plate wide enough for the baseplate so I butt welded two together, worked out where on the frame the bolts would be, marked the baseplate and drilled the four holes. Then using the four bolts and eight nuts I made a little 'table' of the baseplate, clamped it to the frame making sure it lined up with the pto pulley. With every as it should be I tacked the bolt heads. Took the plate away and welded the bolts finished. I had given myself enough room for some adjustment of belt tension between engine and tank, so I drilled out some holes and with a round file created about 30mm of lateral movement. I wanted to be able to back the belt off so that I wouldn't be loading the bearing any more than necessary. The pump makes its appearance and the vertical plate is self explanatory (more drilling and filing). bit more with welder.... And the pump is shown up. room enough for the pipe work, looking like it might even work.
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    I thought about pulling some wool packing out of an old dirt bike muffler and stuffing it in there because I was worried about how much louder it would be... didn't do it, and it's loud as all get up. I dig it, but I'm sure my neighbors could stand to live without it! Here's some better pictures of it since I know how much you folks love them! The cruddy thing is that no one down here even knows what a wheel horse is so you guys are the only ones I can show it off to! Thanks for the likes!
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    Is there something going on.......the moon and stars aligned.......eating lucky charms....,.......what's up with all these great finds lately!!! Greart finds there Chris
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    To support my other habit "Cockshutt farm tractors", I traveled from Redgranite WI to Niagra Falls Ontario Canada to purchase a Cockshutt 20 Deluxe. 750 miles one way. We left at 4:00am Central time on a Fri., and were loaded up & leaving with the tractor by 7:00pm Eastern time. Stopped in London Canada for some shut eye on our way back home. The next morning we were fortunate enough to speak with a Canada patrol officer , ended up donating some cash there. Then spent 4hrs at customs in Detroit. That was fun!! Finally made it back home around 4:00pm on Sat. Other than the fine that I had to pay & the wait in Detroit, it was not a bad trip. Well worth it to me to get a tractor that I wanted.
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    Thanks everyone for the welcome! I'm looking forward to learning how to get this old red machine running again. The model number on the side of the tractor hood is 308-8. I inflated the tires yesterday and rolled the tractor out of the garage to take some pictures. The tires actually seem like they could be used for a while. They are holding air (12 lbs rear, 14 lbs front) and don't seem to have excessive dry rot. I figure my next steps are to replace the battery, clean the carburetor, change the oil, and change the spark plug. Am I on the right track? I don't know, do I need to do anything with the gas tank? Drain out the old gas and clean? Anything else? My Dad says the cylinders are rusted and it will never run again. Not sure what products to use or what oil it takes. Our previous tractor was an even older model Wheel Horse. If I remember it took straight SAE 30 oil, but not sure if this one uses the same oil. More pictures to follow in additional posts...
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    Put a hydros kit on it this past winter and a few other odds and ends. Think it's my favorite now.
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    Talk about vague Texas.... with an answer like that your gonna be right, you a politician? And Horsefixer, you've go buckets on the brain, l reckon your a little jealous of that steel, having to wait on yours. Bit cruel really, such a weird build who would guess bonnet supports.. Even though the frame had been lengthened beyond the steering axle 230mm, the bonnet was still going to be to long. This was because when the driver sat back in the seat it went down and back some more. This picture is taken with the seat folded forward, but you can see I've clamped a pry bar to show the area that has to be open to allow the seat to move. consequently this is what I cut these steels for. Basically somewhere for the bonnet to latch down onto. The only slight problem was the engines dipstick, but l got lucky again and had just enough clearance. The bonnet has a slight curve so l shaped the top bar to match. Bonnet down showing the excess, marker pen inside on the top and outside on the sides. Cut made, now I have a stumpy new bonnet. I saved the offcut, to be used later, forward of the steering tower. Time for me cocoa...
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    A friend told me a back last fall he had a Wheel Horse in his barn I could have, he just had to dig it out . Well he got it dug out today. I believe it is 753 from looking at photos and the fact it has a Kohler K161 7 hp engine. Could not find any ID tags on the tractor. Still a dusty Barn Queen in the pictures. Everything there except air cleaner cover and the fact it was the victim of an attack in the gear shift area..... :/ Trying to figure out what missing in the tranny?
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    Whizlock is a bolt with serrated edges under the head. Not sure on the other. Maybe "special type"?
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    890 one way to pick up an RJ... anyone recognize the destination!?!?
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    I guess I'm a rookie but I have had just one trip for a NOS Wheel Horse 48" SD deck. The trip was about 3 hours each way and I didn"t break anything.But who knows what is in the future, or what lurks around the corner. Well HorseFixer we all know we can't take it with us so we might as well enjoy while we can, or in my case start giving to kids and grandkids, and yes great grandchild, i'm to young for that! Bob
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