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    Made up this shop sign, gonna find a place to hang it up tommorrow.
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    I've been watching these 2 horses on our local CL for a couple weeks.Fella had them listed in separate ads.I made a package deal price and got them last night.One is a C-195 that will run only on ether.Has a 48 in SD mower deck and a single stage snowblower with correct lift tube.Not sure if a C-195 ever had a single stage blower,but it was included.Other tractor is a C-105 8 speed that supposedly has a broken connecting rod.Has a poorly patched mower deck.I didn't need these tractors.......I wanted them.I'll check out the fuel delivery problem on the C-195 and probably consider some kind of interesting re-power on the C-105.Enjoy the pics.
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    If you have followed the "875-Iron Horse" thread in the restorations section of the forum, you know that my dad's first garden tractor was a . We finished the rectification of that tractor and have decided that it has worked hard for a lot of years and has earned a much deserved rest. Dad will use it periodically for light duty but mainly for shows, parades, etc. For anyone who knows me, I love GT plowing. Dad periodically plows with us and although the 875 is up to the task, we just don't want to put the wear on a fine resto. So, I began to hunt for a tractor for him. In his mid sixties, I wanted to locate something with hydro lift. Dad likes plowing with a gear jammer and so that was another parameter I had to keep in mind for my hunt. Because of dad's longstanding use of his 875, it had to be a horse, of course. Enter Clyde!!! Back in the spring @Shynon posted this beast for sale. Tom, you can feel free to post here any background about the tractor. I know it has been repowered and everything on it is functional. It had dad's name written all over it. So, I decided to purchase it for his birthday! I had to wait till the Portage show to pick it up since that was when Tom's path would cross with mine. the cool thing is that my dad came down to that show unexpectedly. He walked around with me and saw "his" tractor there, before he knew it was his! It was in this spot when he spotted it and we talked about it for awhile. He had no clue that these were ever made. My buddies @WHX12 @Achto @stevasaurus and @Rp.wh were all aware of it and helped me keep it a secret(no small feat for me!). Thanks guys! Here Zach is enjoying a little seat time once we got it home. It has some scuffs and scratches from 50 plus years of life but it is in what I would call "perfect plow tractor shape". Looks nice but you aren't afraid to use it! Here it sits with some of the other members of my stable. Dad turns 65 tomorrow and so the long anticipated day is almost here. We are going out with him for dinner on Friday night. I'm gonna try to have mom get him out of the house mid afternoon. Then I can bring it over and put it in the garage with a ribbon on it! When we get back from supper--SURPRISE! I sure hope he likes it. I wanted to have a set of AG's installed on the back but my fridge broke down two weeks ago and there went my $250! Oh well, there is always Christmas. Stay tuned for the big reveal...
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    I thought you guys may want to see this. Now excuse the sears has it was dads second favorite.
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    Enjoy the little things in life!
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    I have been very busy lately and have let a few issues that I have needed to address go by the wayside. Sorry for that. First, I want to thank @ACman (Jeff) for buying and sending me an official T-shirt from the Big Show. I owe you Mate and Thank You Very Much. I have one from all the years I have been there, and I did not really want to miss this year's. Jeff, I apologize that it took me this long to acknowledge your gracious gift. Second, I got a PM from Squonk a few days ago telling me to look for a package on Saturday. I did get a package from Mike on Saturday. My wife brought it down to the "Man Cave" and asked if I was expecting a package...I said "yes" and she produced it and said "here ya go". I told her it was from Squonk...she rolled her eyes and said..."not more dinosaurs?". I was in the dark...had no idea what was in the package. Opened it up...3 more dinosaurs...one of them lights up, and a plaque (which I collect) from the 57th Pagent of Steam show in New York. Thanks Mike I have quite the collection of dinosaurs now...I think I should take a picture of the entire collection at this point.
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    Well the US postal service seems to have misplaced a couple of my shipments and it's slowing my project a bit. Took the opportunity to do some odd jobs in the shop and then figur d why not install the 3 point. At least it clears the parts off the bench for a while. Pretty sure I installed cylinder incorrect but for mock up it is fine. @19richie66 handwork is in one of the pics.
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    Some job training landed me in Baraboo Wisconsin for the week. Just so happens the Badger Steam and Gas show was on. What an awesome show. Very impressed and highly recommended. Low on Wheel Horse, but high on fun.
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    Dad was certainly surprised! He had no clue that we had gotten him the tractor. He really seems to like it--sorry to all those who called dibs. I showed him all your comments and he got a kick out of them. Happy 65th dad! Surrounded by the grandkids opening the typical gifts. Dad read the note before pulling off the tarp. Thanks to uncle Roger for bringing it up secretly into the garage while we were eating supper! Looking it over with great surprise! He likes it! Thanks to all who contributed to make this a reality. I'll be posting a video link here soon. I'll Also be sure to keep updating as we do odds and ends to it like AG'S, seat work, paint the rear rims,etc Then he took Zachary for a ride just like he did with me on the 875 over 35 years ago! I love the legacy...
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    Don't let it bother you Flynhrse, there was a few threads started about that auction a week ago so most of us already knew about it but thanks for making sure the bases are covered! For your transgressions against RS and your horse brethren by posting forbidden content in the wrong section you are herby sentenced to giving your 520 a bath monthly for two years, and changing fluids yearly for the rest of it's life. Any more slip ups like that and you will be required to acquire another . and made to log in to that green and yellow forum.....eeewww now that's cruel... BTW
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    Nice orignal c100 -cleanest original I've see. 854 with factory headlight and tail light kit http://pho.to/AmgxX
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    I'd say stay local, NY is a terrible place to buy tractors. We have bad roads and big taxes. Down staters don't like horse rustlers. So you need to have to worry about that when you're in state and have out of state plates.
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    Nothing special but a bit of an oddball: '78 C-161 Briggs Twin
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    The eclipse on Monday promises to be a big event for lots of small towns like Franklin, NC, my home town. With a population of about 3,500 we are anticipating an influx of 15,000 to 20,000 visitors for the event. Every motel room has been booked for the weekend and local leaders are doing their best to prepare. The eclipse will be from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM with totality occurring at 2:35 to 2:37 PM. This mid-afternoon timing has made us a prime site for people living a couple of hours away. Fortunately for me we live at the end of a quiet country road and don't expect to get caught up in the melee. Let the maddening crowds converge, the wife and I will be in lawn chairs with a couple of welding hoods as eye protection. Hope you can enjoy it too.
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    So since the decals are on I can call this done. Some areas of paint did not come out as well as I would have liked but oh well. As they say good enough for the women we hang out with & looks good from Berlin Dan! In a way I'm glad the paint ain't the best as now I can work it a little & welcome kids climbing on it and not fret about getting scratched. Thanks goes out to some who offered parts & advice. Steve @stevasaurus Transmissions thoughts & advice Lowell @wheelhorseman Transmission parts & show tie rods Tom @Shynon headlight bucket & hood latch & advice Dan @Achto custom battery cables & great idea for battery tray bracket & probably something else I forgot about Bob @Racinbob cheese & sausage dash & transmission parts Terry @Vinylguy decals Linc @A-Z Tractor steering wheel Bob @rmaynard lug bolt kit Probably others like the fellow member who sold me the fronts... I can't for the love of God remember who he was! but thank you. Other suppliers McMaster Carr - hardware Ace - paint & hardware Mills Fleet Farm - seat & exhaust.& hardware TSC - Fluids, bearings & hardware Pat's Small Engine Plus - cables & engine parts http://www.psep.biz/index.htm ebay - lots of little crap I was going to list about how much $$ I had into this but though best not to just in case she is looking over my shoulder...lets just call it a labor of love for one's first horse of 30 years and is priceless. Will try and follow up with some what not to dos or things I should have done right the first time!
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    Spent a lovely weekend at our annual tractorfest show with a few Wheelhorse's and a special guest. heres a few photos i took over the two days.
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    I just finished up the B-80 so I did a quick video of it. I have less than $250.00 in to this. I bought a head gasket and 2 seals for it and the Gloss Almond paint for the rims $9.00 with tax. OHH and one bottle of Gear lube. $ is ? so I should be a good plow tractor for the winter. So far the carb is working ok and the belt is good shape a 7473 belt. That is good. I hope you enjoy the video.
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    That's pretty cool being bullseyed with 100% coverage Richard. I don't know anything about welding hoods but just did a quick search. Apparently only a level 13 or 14 should be used and most hardware stores only had 8's but they were sold out anyways. It could be that they are just adding a safety margin for the lawyers . I'm thinking you've got this covered. We'll be at just under 90% coverage and with no glasses or hoods I'm setting up a pin hole thingy and look at other things like Jeff mentioned. The local weather dude said the same thing about holes in leaves, critters acting strange, etc. It should be interesting. I have to rat her out. The other night my wife heard that we weren't having a full moon at that time and said "How can it be a total eclipse if the moon isn't full?" I just looked at at her and cracked up. She quickly realized that she shouldn't have said that.
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    Waiting on an engine mounting plate and a couple other odds and ends. But decided to trim some fenders and fit to see if I could get by with stock fender vs total customs to clear the rear tires. While it's close, I believe it will suffice for my needs.
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    Mark, please don't take photo tips from Fred. He has the only auto antifocus camera available.
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    Well, I know you guys are waiting for the results of todays auction. Here's the bad news....I ran out of cash at 350 and it eventually sold for 477. My pockets just weren't deep enough. I think you all thought I went to buy a tractor, but it was actually the 38 acre farm that adjoins the back border of my property. The good news is it will not be developed and the farm will be worked with horses and mules. This elderly gentleman put down the $477,000 required to outbid the developer. His pockets were pretty deep. Sorry, If I confused anyone, but your clue was , this was not in the tractor forum.
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    I degreased and then used 000 steel wool with Windex to thoroughly clean my 606 roller. Then I put a couple coats of Matte clear coat on everything. It retained the patina without adding unnatural shine that old paint wouldn't have. Plus. It protects the paint well since it's kept inside.
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    1964 Wheel Horse 854 with 50 inch Wheel Horse Sickle Bar Mower
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    I mow over an acre of smooth flat lawn with the c-160-48" deck. 2nd gear works fine even in thick grass , but 1st gear high range is my favorite gear. I like to watch the clippings flow out of the discharge and the seat time is the only time i get to relax . I usually grin ear to ear the whole time. Over 40 years of memories with my Wheelhorses come back to me every time i drive it.
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    Here's a couple. 1961 551 1967 Lawn Ranger 1981 GT2500
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    Would be great to do a vintage calendar using some pics from our vintage pic thread ,for a trip down memory lane ,
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    What an awesome pic this is
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    1:18 PM today. Dusk to dawn light came on, cars going by with head lights on, and sun totally eclipsed by the moon. And the second photo, the camera's flash came on.
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    Hi everyone just bought myself an a-81, never had one before and want it to be my project. Want to like new. Seen one on YouTube with led lights on and a nice exhaust induction kit. The exhaust on it is knackered so defiantly needs a new one. It runs great and cuts well. Also is it an easy task to take the mower deck off bottom ? Also how can I tell what year it is? Many thanks Matt
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    I had another project I had to finish before I could get back to this one, but that one is now done and the weeds are getting tall so I have been chomping at the bit to get this working. It seems like all of these need the self-aligning bearings replaced on the front frame bracket. One of mine was totally locked up. Thanks to the tips on here, I was able to get the 7/8" bearings to fit the flanges and the bronze bushings to fit the 3/4" shaft. The bearings I got had a locking collar instead of set screws into part of the bearing itself, so with the added width of the assembly I needed 2 bushings per bearing, one on the inside and one outside. I wasn't sure how well, or if this would mount on my mid-frame B100 Auto, but fortunately that wasn't an issue. The only thing I had to do was make sure the steering stop was in place on the RH front wheel. I had turned it out of the way after I took the mower deck off, but the RH wheel would have gotten into the pulley at full turn without it. Since this sickle wasn't originally installed on this style PTO system, and I didn't get the original engagement pulley with the sickle, I had to get a little creative with the drive belt. I ended up using the pulley from the deck that came with my 854, and running a spring back to the belt shield bolt. With a 1'2" x 41" belt, this seems to work pretty well. So far, so good without too many difficulties, but now for the fun part... I could see the input shaft on the wobble box was missing it's seal, so I ordered an SKF 9815. I may have jinxed myself by also ordering an SKF 12330 for the bottom just in case. I initially installed just the input shaft seal hoping to not yet need the bottom one, but after filling the box with oil I found it all leaked out through the bottom the next morning. Replacing that seal wasn't too bad, but it gave me my first look inside the wobble box. I could tell there was a little bit of play in the system, but it didn't seem like anything was too bad. Inside the wobble box, the first thing I noticed was a big weld across the base of the outside yoke ear. It looked like a good weld and it was holding just fine. Peering deeper into the box, I noticed some excessive play on the inside ear of the yoke. Further disassembly revealed the issue. the inside ear was cracked all the way through. Fortunately, it looked like there really wasn't any collateral damage from it being broken, and the pieces were all there. This may yet prove to be a mistake, but I gave welding it back together a shot. The weld looked pretty good (for one of my welds), so I reinstalled the bushing and put it all back together. I finished installing the sickle on the tractor. I had to fabricate the lift rod, which fortunately there were great drawings on here of. Instead of making the travel hook and bracket, I opted for an eye-bolt and chain. I wish I had gotten some pictures of the cutting. I only ran it about 1/3 throttle so it didn't go too fast. The teeth on the sickle aren't in perfect shape, but I was impressed with how well it cut. Unfortunately, before I got any pictures of the cutting I noticed an increase in the amount of vibration coming from the sickle. Rather than risk it, I shut the sickle off and pulled the tractor back to the garage. I took it apart again, and sure enough the yoke broke again. It was only broken on one side, but I'm sure it wouldn't have been long before it was broken all the way through again. I plan to take the yoke to a weld shop tomorrow and see if they can do anything with it. It looks like the yoke might be a standard size, so worst case I think I could get something machined to replace it. I will keep you all posted.
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    Inspired me to make up one of them "pin hole" viewers today... I mean, you want to talk about trippy...check this out.
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    Weird things happen during eclipses . I was talking with @stevasaurus and told me a story about fishing and they were practically jumping in the boat. He can elaborate on that more . In the 90's I was working at the family dealership and had to go outside . The drive alongside our shop is shaded with a line of trees . I was walking down the driveway and looked down on the ground and the ground was covered with thousands of circles with dark crescents dancing all over the driveway . It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen . Maybe an effect like the paper and the pinhole trick https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/make-pinhole-projector.html . I immediately ran into the shop and grabbed the trusty Polaroid (used it to take pictures while taking things apart) and had one picture left . I took a picture of the ground and it actually turned out though it didn't do it justice of seeing it person . That picture is still hanging by the counter today but really faded . People over the years always asked about that picture and what all the circles where . So on Monday keep a eye out and the camera ready because you might see something that you didn't expect .
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    Update: I found a picture of my C125 from a couple years ago.
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    I won't tell you what to buy, that's just personal preference. But I will ask...what's your plans for your next tractor purchase? Worker? Restored show machine? Something to putt around shows with? Maybe to flip for a profit? Just want the number of tractors you own to go up by 1? Both those tractors (all tractors actually) have their pro's and con's. Figure out why your buying it and your desision might be easier. Mike....
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    You have to get to know Wheel Horse owners! Meet and greet, go places, talk, ask questions, go to some shows, swap meets, etc. Once your phone has ten of twelve wheel horse guys and gals listed you will have more ways of finding parts, tractors and information that you even wanted !
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    Perhaps modern pics that have been "antiqued"? Just thinkin out loud here Terry... 1960 Suburban 400
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    I am in the process of replacing the plastic seat pan on my '82 C195 Wheel Horse. I am using the fiber glass replacement seat pan sold by Adams94. Its a really nice fit. I believe a small spacer will be needed under the seat pan to bolt the seat pan to the tractor. Yes I plan to paint wheel horse red. Edwroy
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    Hello, Just joined the forum and it seems this placeis a wealth of knowledge.... Anyway, I am currently in the middle of a small restoration job on a C 125. The tractor was given to me by my grandpa and he was the only owner. The tractor was in pretty good condition to start with, just a few small problems. Sorry that I dont have any starting pictures but ill try to find some. I'll try to post updates as I progress through this project. Hopefully this post will spark some good discussion. Thanks for reading!
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    Off to the auction......wish me luck, I really want this one.
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    Also check both wheel hubs to see if one of the axles is spinning inside the hub. There are keys in them as well as the input pulley. It only takes one of the three to fail and no drive. Garry
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    @AMC RULES You made me laugh so hard i fell off my chair ole buddy, heres the pic That 1 has a better seat
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    I'm a newbie here. Just a Wheel Horse lover who grew up with one when my dad purchased a 665 when I was five years old and now have a Sole 520-H. I ran across an interesting auction and posted it in the classified section here in Red Square. Stupid me read the rules and regulations after posting and, well, it was flagged and pulled off the site for posting an auction in the classified section. My Bad... I'm waiting for the judgement and sentencing to be handed down to me by the Red Square officials. But in the meantime, anybody interested in attending a very interesting auction with over 80 Wheel Horse tractors up for grabs, it's coming Sept 15th and 16th. Multiples of just about every model made by Wheel Horse and Toro up for auction. A gentleman who was a MAJOR avid collector for many years has passed and the family has put his collection up for auction. There will be many implements, parts, whole tractors as well as partial tractor assemblies. There will me more than 300 garden tractors in all with brand names we all grew up with like Bolens, Simplicity, Cub Cadet, JD, Massey Ferguson, Ford, Allis Chalmers, Case, Troy Built, Gravely and others as wells as some very rare tractors including a Pennsylvania Meteor. For the record, I'm not connected to this auction in any way, shape or form. I'm just a Wheel Horse lover trying to help other Wheel Horse lovers with a really nice tip. I will post more on the subject later. Maybe, we should all get together and ask Red Square to grant permission to post Auctions. Maybe there's a place to do this that I'm not aware of. ( Remember in the beginning, I did divulge that I was a newbie here.) If somebody will tell me where I can post it here on Red Square legally without getting into trouble, I will. Thanks and what a way for me to start off here in Red Square.
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    If that is the worst you do around here you will get by just fine. But don't let it happen again!
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    1977 B-80 with 42" dozer blade.
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    Bet this guy... is really from CT.
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