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    It looks like this Two Owner 1994 520H with 729 hrs will be coming home to THE Duke"O" minium. This will end up being my Loader Tractor when a ARK 500 will be fitted to her. What I need a loader for with a 100' X 150' City Lot is beyond me? Maybe unloading the groceries or salt for the softener!
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    Was at my desk working on some work stuff when my youngest wandered in. Snapped some cool photos. Apparently she loves red. She's a real garage rat. She loves to hang out in my carpentry shop. Thia is the first time she was in my " hobby" shop, she was into everything. Needless to say I got a lot of cleaning to do putting everything back in order
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    On the second weekend in a row I went to Iowa to pick up some NOS implements. I woke up in the morning on Saturday and saw a post for NOS implements. My son had two varsity high school baseball games on Saturday so I was a little bummed I couldn't leave right away. I told myself I would call them on my way home from the games but figured they would be long gone....NOPE. I got home and left immediately for the 3.5 hour drive. Included are 2 NOS 37" side discharge decks, 1 NOS 48" dozer blade, 1 NOS cultivator set, and 1 NOS row planter. Never been assembled....this stuff is awesome!!!! I'll probably sell at least one of the decks, but will probably keep the other stuff unless I get an offer I couldn't refuse. The stuff is super dusty but wipes off easily.
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    When I was a kid back in the mid/late 60's my brother and I mowed a few local cemeteries and Dad bought this 14" push mower that we used to trim around head stones. I ended up with it when Dad passed and used it to trim my yard once in a while until the engine gave up, it's been just sitting in the shed for the last few decades. Now that I'm retired I'm back to mowing one of those cemeterys so I decided to fix this old friend up and use it again, mowing the same grass I mowed with it almost 50 years ago. A new engine, a set of wheels and a little paint and it's good to go.
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    Traded a cub cadet for these two yesterday. The rj58 is all complete and runs. The guy said the seat cover was the original to. The rj35 has seen some neglect, but think the cast iron steering wheel is pretty neat.
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    Is interesting to see all the fancy rigs , 2 stage , Cabs lights etc 20 hp units.. Some of it looks to be overkill for the driveways involved. But these two simple old horses no cabs stock lights, a blade and short chute single stage blower did all this. Mind you the snow was much deeper on Wednesday (26 inches). I just took these. They cleared from the road all the way down to the barn with the snow on the roof and in front of the workshop. still had to work today as the snow slid of the workshop roof. Only real issues were the belt broke on the blower, I had to tight up the PTO clutch. and the hydro lift handle fell of the plow tractor (cotter pin failure)
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    Washing wheel horse's that's what! Lol they actually begged me to scrub the grime off the 520! Doing a great job I might add! Haha
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    It is with a heavy heart I write this post, and I was undecided which forum to use. I decided to use this one hoping it may help prevent another tragic accident. I am not looking for sympathy and I will not relate details. Last week I lost a friend and neighbor in a tragic accident. He was the active 79 year old owner/ operator of a one man excavating business that would do anything for anyone at any time. He was similar to many on this forum, A devout Christian, Sunday School teacher, Inventor, and capable of building anything that he wanted or needed. Including a flying machine, a snowmobile, and was presently building a snow thrower for his skid steer. He made several visits to my shop recently collecting information from my throwers. He will be missed by me and hundreds of others in Southern York Co. Pa. Rest peacefully my friend. For all my friends on Red Square, Please use care and respect when working around flammables in your shops.
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    So between my boss being a dink, and my step daughter being in hospital with my ol lady, my head has been going in circles and going nuts. So I worked til 9 tonight and told myself I was gonna put on my sickle bar assembly after work. So I did. Lemme tell ya, it definately helped my mind. I liked the end result. Got a little tweeking to do, but it's all on. Haven't ran it to see if it works yet, but I will soon.
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    Posted about seeing this last summer, finally got it. For free in fact. Definitely needs some work. Steering isn't working, wires are broken, tires are probably shot, hydraulics leak, and it's rusty. It came with a custom blade and a mower deck (not pictured). Still deciding whether I'm going to try and fix it or the 1973 12 Auto. Or both of them.
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    The 654s being round hoods are probably the most sought after of the group, though all are very collectible. I understand that the Nebraska authorities are watching for you at the state line, they hang horse rustlers there!
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    Made 2 trips to Iowa on two consecutive weekends. First trip I bought 6 tractors... Qty (2) 654's 312-8 Commando 8 1267 C-81 8 speed I couldn't get the C-81 loaded so I'll have to go back and pick it up later. Can you tell me a little about the 654, Commando 8, and the 1267 like how rare or desirable are they, what (if any) other machines do they share parts with.
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    Third haul here. 1976 B-80. All original, picked it up from the 2nd owner, first was his father in law. Got the owners manual parts lists and attachment manuals. The guy still has the tiller and a snow blower I'd like to pick up as well. Got his tractor and blade for $550. This will end the last for me for a while, I'm getting in trouble with the war department.
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    Been working on it again. Will be finished by end of summer. Progress may be slow with my 3 week old daughter. And mainly all NOS sheet metal
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    It was time to clean up our wood pile from behind the house so we would have room for our mowing equipment so the 606 had to "spring" into action. IMG_4200.MOV
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    So the guy that picks up our HVAC scrap & tear outs has this yard. Mostly scrap stuff but quite a few LGT's so I decided to browse the other day. This lot is only 50 yards wide but goes back quite deep. The farther back one goes the older the GT's are. Lots and lots of vertical shaft stuff but some have rims & whatnot that could be used on our horses. I had already rescued two newer vert. Toro branded tractors for parts. Found this little guy...fenders are immaculate and transmission shifts. Anyone care to PI it? Tom @Shynon thinks its a 502. This was in there as well, thought the engine might be savable, quite the cool tractor as well. Note the ear on the carb... oh well carbs can be had seat looked real familiar More to come as I explore further...this is like being on a treasure hunt as I have a feeling there is more horse/Kohler stuff under huge piles of scrap. Problem is getting to it. Nettles are wicked bad and most stuff has trees growing through it! It is thought the base pan on the 321 might be wrong for a horse but they can be swapped too.
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    I think it's a straight edge I was using a few years ago when I built a porch. My house is so old and crooked that when the porch was level it looked like crap so I threw that straight edge out into the street!
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    Getting my brand new mid mount grader blade painted so it can be mounted soon!
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    Got the C-141 out to "help" grade out the new carport today. Borrowed a good friend's JD loader with rear box blade to do most of the work & was using the to clean it up. Was working great until I ran the 141 out of gas, so I thought hey, perfect photo op. & a couple more when I got done, have ten yards of gravel coming in the morning so I'll get to use the grader blade tomorrow. Sorry about the last pic, but gotta give some credit where credit is due... Will have some more pics of the progress tomorrow night.
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    Changed them over from a green machine to my Bronco today. The 10.50's fit well on the 8.5 WH rims. Very cool, I like them a lot!Need to put the wheel weights back on.
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    Put a foot feed on the 520 hydro and use it as a worker....you'll luv it. Switch a couple pulleys on one of those gear drive tractors if you wanna go fast.
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    So the C-121 I picked up a few weeks ago has patiently been waiting for some attention. First order of business was to check out the drive belt idler pulley ( it's a wee-bit loud) . Good grief!! How long do ya think it was going bad!! Second thing was to get rid of the plastic wheel weights.....check out the mouse nest that was inside a rear rim ....can you image how the mouse felt after going round and round for an hour while the tractor operator mowed their lawn! Mike....
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    Well worth it to help keep this place privately owned and keep the lights on!
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    So being unhappy all of these years with replacement mufflers for the Electro and not wanting a tall stack I finally decided to adapt the Jay Bee muffler to it. A little improvised plumbing and although unusual and probably not for everyone, after using it for a while I am really happy with it. Incredibly I now can hear just engine noise from front even realizing that my PTO has a ringing noise which I never noticed before. From tailpipe, just a nice burbling exhaust note right under tractor.
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    Yeah, I decided to pass after hearing from you guys here and on another site. I will wait until I find the right one....
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    Dethatching and aerating this evening. Excited for the new season! My apologies for poor picture quality😕
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    Just another day at the lake in South Central Pa.
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    My Pal Ray Baker called me today. He said he was digging out from the 2' of snow in SHENANDOAH, PA and he got to thinking of the King of Snow Chuckers! Its always nice to catch up with Tractor Bud's. Since I am into doing a Ark 500 Loader Project Ray sent me more Pictures of his and asked me to post them for him here on Red Square. Ray Said " Duke could post a couple of my tractor pics on Redsquare and let them know I'm still alive. See Ya, Ray" So here we go Ray;s GT14 and Ark 500 LOADER This was purchased from his Bosses Wife after he passed away last year Ray worked for many many years for him and they were good friends. ~Duke
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    Chapter 6, Subsection 12, Paragraph 3, Line 4 of the Supporter's Manual clearly states that it is a Capital Crime to desecrate a with Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange or Beige Paint unless said paint was placed originally by the Ponds on said . Addendum 3.2(3) of said manual clearly states that this prohibition extends to all attachments, implements, tools or other "add-ons", including any device commonly referred to as a trailer...(Clothing color of the operator is partially exempt from this prohibition, if said clothing was purchased unwittingly by the spouse of said operator and given as a gift to said operator). Sorry...Rules are rules... Nice Trailer! Regal Red will fix it!
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    My kind neighbor lent me his lawn roller. This weather is finally beginning to break. 65 degrees!
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    I just got back from a road trip and picked up a GT-14. I'm thinking of adding a 3-point and possibly an FEL down the road. When I got back I thought to myself I was on this forum for a couple years and it's about time I become a supporter so I did it! I feel it is a small price to pay for the wealth of information available here and as a bonus I can now post lots of big pictures! Okay here are the enjoy!
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    Nice but it is not a 502 or a 61/62...it's got the lift adjustable star wheel. That would make it a 1963.
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    Heres one of her older brothers. He's probably put more hours on his horse than most of us. He's truly got an addiction. I guess I'm lucky that he's addicted to tractors and not video games!
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    I like my 314 ! Great tractor! This is my brother's 314 Hydro with hydro lift . (hood was changed)
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    I just got back from saving this gem from the scrap metal heap. I won't start working on it until it's a bit warmer out but it seems all there and the engine is free. Pretty nice score for $25.
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    I got this 753 Thursday but I didn't know the model yet but I got the model now. It does not have the original engine in it but it has a replacement tucumsiah engine. The horse is in good condition and shifts through all the gears, I have not gotten to start it yet because still cleaning carb and putting on new fuel line. It is supposed to run but I'm not sure yet just hoping. Here ere some more pictures,
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    Alright , we all know anytime we get new tires it's worthy of a picture ( whether it's tractor related or not ) . Got these Talon's today for the E-Maxx . Can't wait for it to dry up a little so i can break 'em in .
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    Drop a single Kohler in it...14hp or better and never look back! Mike........
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    Here is a picture I took when the resto was almost done. I have since installed the proper seat pan and a genuine RM324 mover deck. I enjoyed every minute of the restore. My Dad bought this same tractor used in 1966, and it was the tractor I grew up on. Thus, the sentimental value.
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    jellyghost, Once in a while I trim around the house with this one, it gives the neighbors something to talk about. lol
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    Here's the Carlisle Tru-power 23x10.50-12s on a 520H and that is the factory stock size, I'm sure the Firestone aren't much different, Jeff.
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    The superior Onan engines were designed, engineered and manufactured to an industrial level. Made to be repairable. They were also designed to be rebuildable. Onan engines built in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's are still on the job. Why? Because Onan never made any cheap disposable throw away engines. When an Onan is repaired or rebuilt correctly it's a long term investment. Key word: "Correctly". Crappy repairs or rebuilds = crappy results. Here is a picture comparing an "old" outdated Onan and a "Modern" Kohler OHV V-Twin. Onan oil pump is made of steel and cast iron. Kohler oil pump made from aluminum and plastic/nylon. Onan engines have replacable cam and main bearings. The "modern" Kohler? Where are the bearings? Oh! The aluminum engine block is the bearings for both cam and mains. If worn beyond tolerances or damaged what do you do with that "Modern" Kohler engine? Scrap it out, that's what! Disposable! Toss it in the dumpster. Bust off or damage the Kohler oil filter mount? Replace the complete timing cover! Do that to an Onan? 2 bolts and just replace the adapter. If you want to be happy for a day: Drink. If you want to be happy for a year or less: Repower. If you want to be happy forever: Repair/Rebuild your Onan.
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    Ditto all of the above posts of the Guy's principles and methods. I also tend to be meticulous with checking fit/wear or Go/No go on any engine etc. I also set myself challenges and measure by 'Feel' with inside/outside calipers, then take measurements from those. I then compare with Hole Gauges and Mic's etc to see how close I can discern accuracy by feel. I have a number of items I use regularly for many jobs (Hobby), some of which are shown below. The Lever type Dial Indicator is 69 years old and still good for 5/10,000ths of an inch, or better. I also use it for setting Techy Timing BTDC of the Piston. The Engineer's Blue (paste) assists with highlighting High spots or wear points on Bearing/Crank Journals etc. Nothing in this pic is less than 30 years old- Like most Tools, you get what you pay for and it depends how often you will have a use for them that will dictate what you pay. If you know the source, you could also buy secondhand and obtain high quality measurement tooling for less money. Whatever you get, enjoy using them and get those engines running smooth and sweet.
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    If you have it welded, the heat MAY make the repair itself brittle and subject to further cracking. If the weld repair involves adding on a thicker reinforcement plate, don't weld the plate to the back side as that will alter the required belt length. Better to weld a plate on the inside if that's how you intend to repair it. HOWEVER.... here is a BULLET PROOF method that requires no welding. Use 2 bits of 1 /4 " 2x2 angle iron about 6" long. Cut away the top edge of one piece and fit it into place as in 3rd pic. Transfer hole locations of the transmission case to the angle iron...then drill the two 3/8 holes in angle iron. Test fit to trans case and bolt in using 2 bolts, about 3/8 longer than original. Once in plate and bolted tight, drill 1/8 pilot holes from outside edge...open the up to 3/8. Using 4 bolts with Nylok nuts, bolt the outside corner of the trans plate to the angle iron. Repeat on other side... When done and all bolted together TIGHT,, then you can trim off the excess angle iron with a sawzall....or notl An important part of this is the location of the 2x4 wood block. Jack up the rear of the tractor and let it down again onto this block, just at the front edge of the transmission case. This 'leverage' will 'pinch' closed the broken frame plate, forcing it back to original position.
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    Takes a fair amount of practice to be accurate with any precision measuring device. I can get a general idea of the condition of a cylinder by using an old piston ring and checking the end gap and looking for light getting by the side of the ring at various points down thy cylinder. Push it down an inch at a time using the old piston so you know it is square to the cylinder. If the bore seems to be needing attention then the machine shop will have to measure it anyway. The caliper will give you a good indication for cranks, but if you use a bit of plastigage that will tell you how well the rod is fitting.
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    May you rest in peace ; ST. LOUIS, MO — Chuck Berry, the rock `n’ roll founder who defined its joy and rebellion in “Johnny B. Goode” and other classics, has died in St. Charles County, Missouri, west of St. Louis. He was 90. St. Charles county police say they responded to a medical emergency Saturday afternoon and found Berry unresponsive. He could not be revived and was pronounced dead. Berry hit the Top 10 in 1955 with “Maybellene” and went on to influence generations of musicians. Among his other hits were “Johnny B. Goode” and “Roll Over Beethoven.”
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    My raider 8 with my subsoiler I made. I haven't tried it on my wheel horse. Can't wait to try it out.
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    Hope to be bringing my '57 RJ35, a '56 RJ35 that I'll be picking up shortly, my early '58 RJ, my 1964 854, and another '56 that I'll be picking up down at the show!
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    I was 4 Ponys Short couldn't see the BIG BLOCK from that angle by the way!!! Brother I love that Tractor but that YELLOW TURD HANGIN OUT FRONT HAS TO GO!
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    Like Anglo, I have a passion for the older basic hand tools. It is clear, the accuracy of measuring tools can vary greatly with the skill of the user. The exception would be a robot operated co-ordinate measuring machine with non contact laser probes. Most of us no longer have access to one of these. Here is a picture of the tool case and some of the tools I used for inspection hydro turbines. Probably would have a problem carrying this on a plane as I did for 40 years. And this is probably my most prized possession... A carpenters tool chest hand made by my Wife's Grandfather about 100 years ago. Note the custom cam locks to position and hold every saw in place during transportation to his next job site.
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