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    The past week and a half we have been on the road visiting family and taking my wife on her bucket list trip to Niagara Falls. She was looking forward to this trip for years and we finally made it. The Canadian side is spectacular and there is so much to do we should have allowed more than three days there. The Butterfly Conservatory was a last minute addition to the itinerary and a reap pleasure. The wife cut my head off, but got the butterfly! We made it back home before the remnants of Hurricane Florence came our way. My prayers are with everyone in the path.
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    Inherited a Gt-1800 that sat for 8 years. Replaced battery, cables and fuel filter and it started up on 8 year old fuel in the tank. I replaced the blades and it runs and mows like a champ. Im hooked now. I caught the wheelhorse bug. Just a few small patch jobs on the deck to finish up
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    Having a few people over for a bonfire...figured I’d put the 656/Honda to work. Hauled out a few chairs that needed scrubbing and a couple loads of wood. Have some nice dry pallets close by as well . Wife wanted me to toss out a wicker laundry basket today (but I saved it for tonight! Wicker burns great!!)
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    The folks here get it. Fun mixed with technical information about useful toys. I’m glad to be a part of this forum.
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    This forum has been the best social media site I’ve ever been a part of. I gave up Facebook years ago and I had no expectations for RS other than parts and some advice. However, I’ve found a fun active crowd of enthusiasts that I can relate with! I plan on being at the “Big Show” next year! I hope to meet all of you. I’d also like to thank @WVHillbilly520H @ebinmaine And @dells68 especially for helping make me feel part of the community! @stevasaurus I’m in your fan club!! Lol
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    Had to go to eldest's grandsons wedding this weekend. Venue and where we stayed. Ellingham Hall. Northumberland. Feeling well out of my comfort zone.
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    After the investment if time, money and parts, I've found the only way to recoup your investment is to work that tractor. After all, that's what it was made to do.
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    I honestly believe that a lot of us don't fully appreciate the work that the moderators do to keep this site what it is.I have reassured a new member about the content being something that his daughter,wife,mother and grandmother could view.This is in part to the civility of the folks here but the moderators keep it clean and focused.Thanks to them!
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    Took today off work and spent it tinkering on one of my junkers. It was a 656 originally. Sports a Honda under the hood now. Painted up the rims, added a hood ornament and relocated the front weights. With that light weight Honda this thing will pop a wheelie at 1/4 throttle! Damn scary! Moved the weights to between the frame rails. I know the Honda’s get no respect but this one runs so smooth and real quiet. You can actually yak on your cell phone while cruising on this tractor! Try that with the original Teccy 6!! This one will be my show cruiser at Zagrays in a couple weeks. Hope to see ya there!!
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    I was just looking around Facebook Marketplace tonight in my local region and stumbled upon something pretty cute, IMO. Not sure how really practical it is, but it sure is innovative and looks on the surface from afar to be well built. The listing places it in good old Mentone, IN, home of a well-known spring and a fall tractor show in the past that has now become an early summer show. I suspect I know who may have fabricated this......part of the reason being he is from the Mentone area A forum member here who is a metal fabricator, has built other WH reproduction wagons, and that is why I suspect he had a hand in this. If he didn't, he likely knows who did build it. Anyone here have any guesses??? Comments on the below pictured gravity wagon??? If you want to know more and live out of the area, but are a Facebook user and want to see the listing, just PM me for the link.
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    I mentioned friends a few posts ago. Let me give you an example. Emory bought a 603 at the show this year. It needed mechanical help. @oldredrider spent a good portion of the show helping us get it going giving up a lot of his show time just out of kindness. Three young men in their teens came by to help and gave Emory a spark plug and wouldn't take anything for it. We've been to @oldredrider's house to visit, pick up parts, look at tractors, and even bring a few home. We went out to eat after the show with @pullstart, @19richie66, and Karen and had a blast. Emory still talks about catching fireflies with Kevin afterwards. I don't know when I've heard so much laughing out of Emory - think Kev might have enjoyed it too! On another note, I have not met @Machineguy in person yet, but I can already tell you I consider him a great friend. We keep in touch by pm and texts. I keep tempting him to come down for some delicious southern barbecue. I'll include a pic just to make everybody else drool😂! Friends we have made are friends for life!
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    @Machineguy, you've found exactly what I did a few years ago-there's nothing like the folks you'll meet here. I used to go to lots of antique car shows, but the people there always seemed to compete with each other (with the exception of the VW community). I joined my local tractor club several years ago and found out there was no nicer, friendly, helpful group of folks anywhere. The same holds true for the wheel horse community - there's no competition, everyone is helpful, and there's a strong sense of family. Just ask my 10 year old son how many friends he's made through these little red machines! Once you go red, you'll never go back!
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    We are glad you came along too. For me this site is all about people helping others, It is sort of like sitting around the shop sharing information about tractors and other random thoughts we exchange with each other. The only thing this electronic gathering place doesn't have is the handshake and warm smiles you can exchange in person, that is what the "Big Show" is for.
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    Hey, there's hillbillies in Pa. too... That's why we call it East Virginia
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    This popped up for sale locally and I figured I would share the creation someone made from a D-160
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    Here's my White/ Oliver grader
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    I've told the wife that I plan to loose as little as possible on selling anything I restore. I do what I want to do because I enjoy it. Anyone who collects anything with future value in mind is likely to see the wind taken out of their sails. Base ball cards, Beanie Babies, Swarovski Crystal Figurines or any other "hot collectible " will drop in value once everyone has a bunch of it.
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    Yous guys are all nuts .... I only like Richie cause he gave me a baggie of tire nubbies and Dino ...hrumpp...all he does is spill his wine on the carpeting of my truck. @Racinbob is cool cause he sends me dashes and dog points but then I gotta put up with his hebbe gibbes about the simple task of getting a 854 in his truck. All @pullstartwants to do is swill my free beer & sample the apple cobbler and @953 nut lets me part out his tractors but keeps the good stuff to his self. All @Achto wants to do is live his tractor habit through me 'cause his wife put a ban on his tractor buying habits and all @PeacemakerJack wants do do is plow my dirt.... Better than FB you say??.....ok maybe a tad better.....
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    I, like many of you, don't follow facebook or any other site. I came to this site by accident looking for info on tractor i purchased that needed work. I probably check site 2-3 times a day, just for other content. Wonderful advice and experiences from like minded individuals. Hope to be at Big Show next year as I am retiring from Fire Department in Jan-Feb. Looking forward to meeting and greeting you all. On my "Bucket List".
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    Putting names with faces and shaking the hand of someone who helped you (via the site) is a big part of the Big Show. There are so many great people at the show of all ages and if you want to start a conversation or join in on one I have always found the people here to be welcoming. Plan on coming in on Wednesday for dinner at the Italian Village, that is the unofficial start of the Big Show.
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    @WHX20 Basket is gone!
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    I picked up a couple of movie theater poster frames the other day from the company auction. Had to buy all 9 of them just to get two. They are 30”x50” backlit with 12 LED lights. The poster section is 22”x36”. I plan on trying to talk @Vinylguy into making me a decal so it will kinda look legit. I know it’s not a factory sign but you have to do what you have do down here. Plan on painting the frame red/black or red/linen and make the center “poster”section the sign. It will get turned horizontally. I hope to make it look like @AMC RULES picture I borrowed. How about it Terry.... can we do this?
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    Dell there might have have been one person who had more fun than Emory that night, up here in Michigan! I swear I’ll never watch a firefly without remembering dinner with yours and Richie’s families, and especially chasing lightening bugs with my pal! As for the friendships gained on RedSquare, wether I’ve met you or not, or might or might not, it’s all been said above. Best site on the web! I brought my family down to @whfan74‘s meet and greet a few years back and one of you folks out there brought a spare Brinley adapter so I could plow the dirt. I’ve shared rides, tools, dinner and a couple drinks with before the big show total strangers that I get to call my friends. I’ll offer what I have, tools or a roof or a ride if needed because I know others would do it for me. Crossed town and broke down to help a man work on his family heirloom GT-14, only to get a ride home and gas money for my troubles (he brought me home), but it all comes back around some day, and we get to enjoy some old machines in the meantime.
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    You guys are incredible. I've been a participant for quite some time now, and like you guys, I found this place while looking for manuals, parts and advise. What I found has kept me young and probably alive. I am on here everyday at some point, and most times, a large portion of my day or night. Going to the shows and actually meeting most of you guys through the years, has become like a family reunion to me and my wife. This place is very special for sure, and I am glad you are all a part of it...and I am glad to be a part of it.
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    Agree... ONLY social media site I belong too... No nonsense and good people. And great mods that keep it that way...
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    That’s awesome! I’m not in a bragging contest nor do I care to compete over money spent either. (Money spent is a big and disgusting talking point in car shows) This is low dollar simple fun thing for me. I can buy new like many on here but I’d rather have something timeless that’s not just an appliance. Our red machines are simple, durable and timeless pieces of power equipment .
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    I purchased this from Roy at R & B Stables early this past spring, and was finally able to bring it home. I've gotten 2 other tractors from him in the last 2 years, plus a couple implements. He brings them to a tractor show in Clio, Michigan every September. The drive is pretty brutal (11 hours round trip). It rained from the time I crossed the state line, and stopped when I returned to Ohio. It was a rough trip, but his tractors are beautiful, to say the least. I've gotten to know him and his wife pretty well over the past few years. They truly are a wonderful couple, as I'm sure a lot of already know.
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    My new favorite thing is unloading wagons and running the elevator. I must have unloaded at least 12 wagons during this year’s pioneer power show.
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    Bob, I don't know how I missed this (I think you started it on my b'day weekend in Pigeon Forge) anyways my lil tractors are 4 seasons machines, I'll let the pics tell the story...in no particular order, Jeff.
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    Well, I'll stand on the other side of the scale. I happen to love SeaFoam as a gas additive. I don't always put it in my vehicles...maybe once or twice a year with a full tank, but I always put in a couple of oz per 3 gallons of gas in my can for the horses. I've seen my wife's car smooth out by adding some to the gas tank. I've used it in a container to soak parts...it cleans them easily. I think this stuff would be good on a pizza. On the other hand, I do not like to add things to my oil or crank case. Once in a while I will add some Lucus oil treatment with the 90 wt in a rough horse transmission that I am re-building...but that is all.
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    It's very cool to do things on the bucket list... I guess going over the falls in a barrel was not on the list?? BTW...the falls are excellent in January, and you usually have them to yourselves.
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    Guys, you know I'm into "street rods" and as Bob said you have many diverse groups lumped in this, but I would like to point out that most of the shows or "cruise ins" I attend are for helping veterans, kids, Autism (stepson is on the spectrum) things that are above just having the most chrome or $10k hand rubbed paint or that full tube chassis ect, but where people of all backgrounds come together for a common goal, one example from my experience was maybe a year after getting my car was at show where lots of the guys participated in the "Burn Out and Jousting" contest well I let my then BIL drive it down to where this was happening and he stalled it out and the headers had heat soaked the starter, long story short other competitors jumped in to helped me get fired back up just to compete with the rest of them and it was my first time as a participant vs spectator, there's good and bad in all we do, this as well as RS is on the better side of the hobby, Jeff.
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    I'll second that. Me too. I have NO room or time in my life for negativity or conflict. Lots of things good and bad have happened to me and because of me in the last few years. I'm in an incredibly great space and time right now. A big reason for it is this site. The tractors are great. The knowledge, available resources. Excellent. But it's the human element that makes or breaks everything for me. Such a fantastic, positive, helpful group. Thank you to all that have given me information and encouragement about horses but sooo much more as well.
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    Big Bear Auction in Eau Clair Mi. at 5580 M-140. Large selection of Wheel Horse parts and cabinets full of Wheel Horse part and tools, Kohler motors. October 11th 2018. Gates open at 9:30 am.
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    She's nothing special, just a 318-8, going on almost 30 years old, with almost 2800 hrs, and has hardly given me any grief since we bought it new. To say its' been very reliable would be an understatement. It's cut a LOT of grass over the years,and I've never had the engine apart. Here's a few mods/repairs I've made. Since the original deck linkage and rubbing parts all have wear, it was cutting the grass too short, even on it's highest setting. So I figured one way to get it higher(without having to go through all the linkages and parts) was the create a 6th stop, or hole for the deck height setting. So I took off the deck height adjuster,and figured where the next hole would go. Drilled out the ends of the slot and removed the center with a carbide on my die grinder. Works great! The hood hood stop that sat on the top of the dash was a mickey mouse affair, so I make up a couple hood rests out of some thinner angle iron,and bolted them to the sides. They hold the hood firmly,and it no longer flops back and forth. The seat strut crapped out, so I just took part of a broom stick, measured from the bottom of the fender bracket to a bolt under the seat. found an unused hole in the fender bracket and just put a screw to hold it loosely in place. When I need gas, I flip up the seat and just place the handle under a nut,and that holds it nicely. Otherwise it just lays there. The steering was something terrible loose. So I looked under the hood, and there was a thin piece of metal there behind the dash that held the bushing in place for the steering shaft. Someone must have caught one of the wheels on a turn,and jammed it, taking that force back to the steering shaft and bending it up, thereby making the steering gears skip. So took that top panel off,and got a nice piece of 14 gauge steel, make a proper shaped (flat sided) hole for the bushing to sit in,and bolted it UNDER the piece of metal, tightening up the steering shaft very nicely. The steering block at the bottom of the steering shaft still needs to be repaired, but this made it much better, til I get to that job. She's taught both my sons how to drive using a clutch and gear shift. What better way to do it. After that the could drive our older 8 sp tractors and standard trans cars and trucks. The old 312 is in her work clothes, but it's one machine we never regret buying,and it will stay around here with us for a long time yet. Thanks. Frank
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    Agreed. It's why I became a supporter after being a member for a bit. I hear of the same in police, fire, bikers. I see it my self in truckers and of course Tractor folk. The title name is an interesting choice. I see it the most in my hiking community. Whenever someone in or out of the group does something nice for no reason whatsoever.... We call it "trail magic".
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    Son delivered a free Horse, 414-8. I liked the color of the delivery truck too.
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    Wishing you Godspeed there John...getting back in the saddle again.
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    Happy Birthday @Vinylguy, we are all glad you were born!
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    Well we don't have that kinda wind here. Of course if @stevasaurus is here for plow day, gets into @Achto 's ranchero enchiladas and starts passing wind. Then it's every man for himself!
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    Six years ago I bought a GT-14 that would only run at half throttle, wouldn't idle, and stumbled at wide open throttle. To pull the carburetor I would need to remove the fuel tank or unbolt the engine to rotate it, both would be a PITA. I added a half can of Seafoam to the fuel tank and also sprayed some Seafoam Carb. Cleaner into the air inlet several times while it was running. Within two days of running a few hours a day it started and ran much better. That made a believer of me, witchcraft or not I have used it ever since.
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    This is by far the friendliest, most helpful site by far. I also thank all the members. The membership is what makes this a great place. Everyone willing to help, and some good old fashioned ribbing at times.
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    Great get together. didn't know half the people at dinner that night but like you say, we all had a bond.
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    98 312 8 with 10inch single bottom plow.
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    Motor on, generator rebuilt, hy pump rebuilt, had to pull transmission gas tank had a leak, resoldered appears to not be leaking,reinstall transmission.
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    Same here. Talked to so many over the site through messages and posts and to finally meet most of them was the icing on the cake. Some I only got to shake thier hand and say hello and then poof..... something going on and then never made it back around. The rain didn’t help any. The Italian dinner night was great, the second night BBQ was super too! Good times with what seems like old friends. Yep, best site on the internet 👍
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    It does not change plug size. it is a good idea to pull the head so no shavings get inside...I have done two that way. They recommend tread locker on the insert i would do that.
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    Here is the stained glass one that I had done
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