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    I just wanted to thank everyone who has given of their time over the last few days to vet Emory's new 633 up and running. It was running when we first found it, but had a faulty tilitson updraft carb. Within a little while of purchasing the tractor @oldredrider was busy helping us work on the tractor. He had decided to spend more time in the show this year instead of working on tractors. Well, that changed once he saw we needed help. He gave us quite a bit of his time the last two days to get the tractor up and going. Thank you so much friend! So many people stepped forward to help out the last two days, many of them from right here. Vendors, passers by, and many who I can't remember names came to Emory's aid, whether it was loaning us tools (thanks @pullstart), giving time, pulling a carb gasket from their own stock, or just moral support and advice. To all of you I say thank you! Two young men, 23 and 16, reaffirmed my faith that this hobby will continue for many years. They stepped up and gave Emory a spark plug from their own parts. Below is a pic of Emory riding his tractor after just getting it going. I think his smile says it all - THANK YOU FRIENDS! Your kindness and generosity really prove their is no better group of people than Wheel Horse folks!
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    Single owner estate sale agent opened shed and this was resting inside. Runs perfectly after a quick carb clean and a battery charge.
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    It all started when I went to one of @WHX20's plow days and took one of his round hoods out for a spin,and thats when I was hooked.Then when we saw that 854 for sale I really wanted to have it Then dad said it was in NJ my heart sank to my feetbut dad said he'd look into shiping it and getting the money for it.So that gave me some hope of getting it Well then @WHX20 offered to ttake us to the BS in PA since his wife didn't want to go this year and @ACHTO didn't want to go at first.Since April we had wanted someone to take that 854 to the show two days before we left for the show @Sparky decided to take it to the show for me.Saved us time and money,thank you @Sparky!!!! He delivered it and it was great we only had to do a little clean up on the outside with gas,put a little bit of oil and gas in it and put a new battery in it and it started right up
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    What a great day at the Big Show! @Coulter Caleb said @AMC RULES and I had to get our Red Square Limited Edition Trading cards and get trading immediately! He’s winning with the most cards traded so far! And we’re wishing him a Happy Birthday today too! Thank you @PeacemakerJack - it was great to meet you and talk with you at the Big Show!
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    Here are a few shots of this year's parade, @Mrs. Rules will be along with more. As usual "Wild Bill" did a great job running the parade and interviewing the participants.
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    These Wisconsin boys can get the job done in a hurry! I picked up a roller for the transmission and tires, gave the rest to Jim and @Achto, @WHX20 and @PeacemakerJack had it stripped down and in a cart in a matter of minutes, what a crew.
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    I guess I’ll try to remember to not park either of my show putt-putt tractors near where the “Wisconsin Boys” hang out!!
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    ...when it comes to the big show? You gotta pace yourself. If today was any indicator... there's gonna be some stiff competition for them bus stop benches tomorrow.
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    This forum is great! Sparky went out of his way to bring this tractor to Caleb for his birthday. We changed the battery, put in some freash fuel, wipes it down, and it started right up. It needs a good soap and water cleaning, and a little polishing and this tractor is ready to enjoy as is! Caleb was ready to start making “Comanche”, as he has named him, look great. Comanche was the name of General Custers horse that was the lone survivor of the battle. Since this tractor is an original survivor, Caleb felt it was a fitting name! It was fun for Caleb to take it in His first GT parade! Thanks to all who made this happen
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    @857 horse arrived! Here he is with @AMC RULES- and I saw Reggie over by the first barn
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    The truck and trailer are all loaded. Heading east in the am!
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    Hanging at the hotel with Karl on a stick, Steveasaurus and his wife .
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    The Wheel Horse Collectors Club and the staff of the 20th Annual WHCC Show did an outstanding job and provided us with an opportunity to gather and enjoy our hobby together.
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    540 front pto, hl-6 headlight, wheel horse radio, HY kit and wheel horse planter
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    First off I just wanted to thank all of you who I have talked to via pm’s, texts, phone calls and emails. I had a great time despite a little wet weather. It was just like home without the heat. Swapped some parts, stories and trading cards. @Vinylguy Terry’s cards were one of my favorite things here. It gave me a chance to get to meet those of you who frequent the forum and make it what it is. The Comfort Inn group kept me cracking up the more we hung out. I was so busy taking it in I didn’t even get half the pictures I wanted. Highlight of the show for me was meeting @stevasaurus, (who was the first person I ever interacted with on redsquare helping my dad with a transmission), @Aldon(my gt14 guru and build cohort) and meeting @PeacemakerJack and birthday boy @Coulter Caleb. It was a my privilege to finally get to meet and hang out with you guys. @WHX20 I hope you enjoy the nubbies. Great meeting you and @Achto. Too many people to list but I really enjoyed meeting everyone. Like a flash it’s gone and I am just soaking in pictures by everone else. Safe travels to all on the way home. @Racinbob, @rjg854, @stevebo, @squonk, @BOB ELLISON, @Tgtack, @dells68, @Lane Ranger, @fast88pu, @AMC RULES, @Mrs. Rules, @p38js....... I know Im forgetting people. Great seeing/meeting all of you. Terry and his Commando Wallfish and the “Wheel Horse Chopper” Racingbob giving Caleb the rundown on Bob’s fresh 854 buy until Calebs 854 gets there. Caleb on his “new” 854 HOOWWAARRRRRDDDDDD and the infamous mash pole. Finally got on it!👍 Meeting the legendary “Wild Bill” Steve, Chris and Karl on a stick Aldon and his hydraulic resivoir that he, myself and my son fabbed up over the phone. 😁
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    We're coming to get you! We used to be in a pit crew but got tossed for drinking and swearing too much not to mention our farts smelt like limburger cheese!
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    Red Square members getting ready for Friday’s 2018 group picture!
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    It’s been hectic with travel for work and I’m way behind on all my spring chores...like getting out on a lake and fishing! License (check), fishin gear (check), boat registered (check) ...boat un-winterized and plugs swapped and both batteries in, umm, nope . Finally got my rear in gear and she is ready for water. Launched tonite and the wife and I tore around the lake for an hour or so. No fishing but I like to give the boat and motor a good hard workout before I trust it in some faraway lake. She ran great! Now to get a couple of my lures wet ! And yes I know my ropes are a tangled mess!
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    Just getting started but will be ready to go last minute as usual
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    Gonna make it to WXH20 before the show.... how will people know who to look for? Worse... what's Terry going to do with all those outdated trading cards? That WHX∞ isn't looking like such a bad idea now, is it? What were you last time you went to the show... I'm thinking it was like WHX4 or something?
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    The White Horse barn: There were lots of more things to see but I’ll let others share their pics and experiences too! I had a great time and very much enjoyed visiting with my new friends!
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    Going to post pics to get them out before my phone dies so please forgive me for not including names yet. Will update later but just want to share them! Here’s @Vinylguy Thank you so much for the collector cards! We are having a great time exchanging cards with everyone who is here today and can’t wait to see who gets all the cards when everyone gets to the Big Show tomorrow! Thank you for sharing @ACman’s card with us too! And I caught Wild Bill in the background! Looking forward to his hosting the Tractor Parade tomorrow!
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    The Birthday boy is still out...but i’m Sure he’ll be excited once he comes to... He is a miracle kid in a way...14 years ago this morning Kelli was at 35 weeks and having some odd symptoms and so she went to see the doc and I went off to work. She called me an hour or so later and said “grab my bag and come to the hospital, we are having a baby today.” She had preeclampsia and both her health and the babies were beginning to decline. Caleb was born at 11:59pm weighing 4.5lbs! He had to spend a week in the NICU before they allowed us to load him in the GTO and take him home for the first time. Hard to imagine that this young man who is nearly 5’7 was the size of his head then. I thank God for this guy!
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    FOR SALE: Two Pond Ride-Away Jr Garden Tractors. Not sure of the year. The first one has the small cast steering wheel. K90 Kohler engine. The second tractor has a small Clinton or Briggs engine, not sure which. I've not had these tractors running. Three years of storage dust comes free with the tractor. $900.00 each OBO. Please contact me by phone - 231 861 7743 if interested. I have difficulty with the PM feature. These tractors are for pick up only in Shelby MI 49455 - WEST MICHIGAN. DRIVE UP AND TAKE A LOOK. I HAVE SEVERAL ROUND-NOSES FOR SALE.
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    Home made land roller. Finger bar Lawn sweeper Saxon trailer. Home made mid mounted grader blade.
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    Mini-duals made by DMI (Deitrich Manufacturing Inc) the same as their larger clamp-on duals for farm tractors.
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    Ok, @PeacemakerJack , I texted Chris with the 854 and I think I can make it happen. My trailer is not full and I’ll be passing by that area Friday morning. But I ain’t cheap and I have a short list of demands that must be met. 1) I’ll miss the Friday RS group picture with this slight detour so @AMC RULES and @953 nut have to promise to photoshop my ugly face into the pic. 2) I’ll need a burger from the food booth...on a bun with catsup.( no cheese!) That’s it. If those demands are met then I’m your man.
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    Emory hauling our tractor club president last summer just before another member gave him the big DUMP!
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