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    After I bought my new Dodge Ram 2500 diesel I thought I would go check out some truck forums to try and learn a thing or three about them. Every site I checked out had some knowledgeable folks & good contributors but man do the other forums suck out there compared to here! Ads, ads and more ads not to mention looooonnnnng running scripts & lousy topic layouts. Most very slow and complicated to navigate and figure out. Terrible to register and login, Not at all like the ease & ad free we have here or our sister site MOM. Maybe I am just used to being here. Keep up the good work Karl!
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    I started the restoration in 2009. Had to stop (work and life) finally got it back together last week. It still needs some stuff here and there but the hardest stuff is done
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    You guys no how this goes. Well I recently let go of a few only to have a few more take there place. Well I tried guess there's no hope. My grandson even approves one of them.
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    Super easy to load pictures ,if you are a supporter No one is mean to you if you do not have the knowledge that they do I could go on, but that covers the important stuff. And also, we have Big Red Fred [I told you we already covered the important stuff ]
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    Yes we do have it made here at RedSquare. I belong to several online forums, and this is by far the easiest to navigate and has the best membership of all of them. This feels like one big family that I feel deeply honored to be a part of. Huge shout out to Karl and the entire team of moderators for making RedSquare the wonderful place it is. Keep up the good work guys
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    You couldn't ask for better weather and the variety of equipment was outstanding. Member @turnnleft was there with his grandson and a lot of outstanding RJs. This poor horse has been abused! Here are a few more photos of the show. Don't know what this is but it was Not For Sale, owner had picked it up a few weeks ago and hoped to find out more information fro people at the show. Here is a Standard Twin walk behind tractor that has been converted to a rider. Very interesting! I have one in my barn and have plans to do something similar with it. Massey was the feature tractor this year. This gentleman had a great Deere toy collection
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    Dear Lord, Jim DeLong has a medical condition that needs your divine intercession. Please guide the surgeon's hands to be steady and effective to do the task at hand, and not create any further damage We pray against any infection or complications. Calm the heart of his family. Give Jim your peace so his body can heal under the best conditions. In the name of Jesus, bless Jim to be healthier after this procedure than before. Lord allow this temporary trial to bring this family closer to you and each other. When he is coming out of surgery, let the side effects be minimal. Work a miracle in this whole situation and bless it from beginning to end. Thank you Lord for your blessing on this family. We praise you as we know we are in good hands- the very hands of God. In Jesus name, we thank you for each day. Amen.
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    Had all three out today, hopefully the c160 is going to a new home tomorrow.
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    Stevebo's manual, and electric start '56 Ride-Away Seniors.
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    1973 Cub Cadet 149 Hydro with hydraulic lift, 42 inch deck and 42 inch snow blade.
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    Well, I've been so excited about this project that I need to share it. Can't tell my son though-this is going to be his Christmas present this year. He absolutely loves driving the C125 that I got from @oldredrider. I picked this ugly beast up for $50 at the auction in Charlottesville. I only wanted the deck from it. Got the idea to fix it up for Emory for Christmas. Best part is he thinks I'm doing it for me. Can't wait till Christmas morning for him to find out it's his. This is going to get the Vanguard I picked up last week. Got several ideas to make it just his. I'll share more later as I go. I do need to get in touch with @Vinylguy to get him to do a set of his custom decals for it. I'm going to need a little help hooking up the Vanguard. It's got one wire coming from under the tinwork and I'm not sure what I'll need. I'm thinking it will need a regulator, solenoid, and switch, but which do I use? Look at him in the last picture-no idea it is his! Oh well, that's enough for now!
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    It was time to switch gears a bit. After working hard for many years to acquire a nice little collection I decided to let many of them go and enjoy something else with the family. Over the past couple of months the number of machines and attachments have been reduced considerably. With the funds I went out and grabbed another pony, that is red, still has 4 wheels, but seats all 4 in the family. Welcome to the Horse Barn a 1964 1/2 Mustang.
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    This my dad with his dad's 875. Grandpa bought this new and i am the 3rd gen to have this. Big Hi from Pekin,Illinois
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    Bought this C120 for $500 from a old guy didn't realize it when i bought it and its not the sellers fault he never put it on but somebody made new mounting brackets for the snowplow.. ok so thats not so bad but they cut the frame to short so I can't turn the plow it can only be straight. I will eventually either buy another plow or weld it a bunch lol. The deck is in pretty good shape it has a few rust holes not bad someone must have repainted it but I can't figure it out as it has all the decals all in good shape. The guy said that the belt was bad but i took the cover off and it was just the tenisoner spring broke bought a new one from tractor supply for $4. The motor sounds good but it is having a few issues it doesn't always run smooth and it sputters sometimes but at high throttle it runs fine. I will get into that soon when I have a little time. Overall I am happy with it just a little bummed out about the plow. Right now I just have some chains hooked up to it so I can raise it up, to at least get me through this winter.
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    Story is guy I got it from bought it New in 1966 and he said the dealer painted it this way to sell it faster... I got new decals with it and it will be restored to original. Sat in his barn for 10+ years, he put battery charger on it and it fired right up and it doesn't smoke a lick. When these techys run good they really run good! First pic is from before I washed it
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    1000 bucks to put 9 trees on the ground is super cheap...you got a great deal...but most of the expense is in the cleanup...thats the hard part...putting them on the ground is easy with the right equipment I used to think the same thing...but once you've been up in the bucket a couple times it's not bad at all...i used to love the feeling of being 40-50 feet up with my chainsaw in hand...now them guys that's climb...thats another story...ive got all the climbing gear...but there isn't a customer within 250 miles of me got enough money to get me to put it on LOL. Here's a couple shots of the view from up in my bucket. Sure gonna miss that old truck when it goes to it's its new home next week
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    I'm sittin here with tears in my eyes being thankful for the wonderful people of this forum. I thank you all for your good wishes and especially the prayers. You have made me stronger just knowing you are with me in spirit. Thank you all, Jim D.
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    You know why Yugos came with rear window defrosters, don't you? It keeps your buddy's hands warm while he pushes!
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    Yeah, there’s a 74 wagon and a 73 fastback in there. Both are in decent condition but nothing special. Here’s a couple pics. Craig
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    Went out to the family farm today and took a couple pictures . @Achto Will get better pics of the Cockshutt in a couple weeks ... promise @WHX12 here’s a wooden sheet metal brake made during WW2 .
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    In my opinion the cast iron Kohler single cylinder engines are rather bullet proof. If it sounds good and isn't smoking excessively you will get another 1,000 hours out of it with proper maintenance.
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    After the exhaust fix, the tractor and I both got a break. Took a new job driving a truck in the oilfield...suddenly I had the money for my projects, but didn't have the time. Finally got a day off work, happened to be my birthday so I treated my self to a new seat for the old girl. Looks so much better and so much easier on the old backside. For those of you wondering I picked this seat up at Atwoods (it's a farm and ranch store we have here, similar to Tractor Supply but much better prices) for $54.99, direct bolt on replacement and very comfy Then came the wiring. Its by no means factory correct or perfect but it's functional and much cleaner looking than what was in there. Isn't that belt tensioner the finest piece of redneck ingenuity you've ever seen
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    Stripped more of Emory's black hood down so I can pressure wash off all of the grease and oil.
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    Craig's video sums up the update. Still have a lot of work to finish it like turning brakes & hydraulic pump and reservoir. Not sure how much I'll be able to work on it this spring. Depends on my potential relocation. Pretty happy with it. Kyle @fast88pu got the predator hooked up for me a few weeks ago. Shout out to him for his assistance!
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    Just recently, spied this Horse hauling the male.
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    Took off the center "tower" piece today and found the bottom had broken off but still held on by the bolt. Cleaned up both pieces, put a magnet behind it and stuck the other piece to it. Welded them up along with two more cracks and then cleaned it all up. Also welded some small threaded flat "nuts" I made to hold the lever panel to it so I can remove it without taking the tower out. Post office brought me some goodies today..... two 90* mandrel bends in 304 stainless. Now I can build my muffler. 👍
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    Beautiful October day, taking advantage of the weather. One of these will be on winter duty, guess which one? funny they all have 42” RD decks on them now left to right: 1994 416-H 1995 312-8 1974 C160 Automatic
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    I saw this thing sitting by the metal scrap pile at the county dump today and I could not leave it there. I haven't looked to see if there's any brand names on it, but it's red! Unreal that someone would scrap this thing.
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    When Mike wrote the book on Wheel Horses he left out a couple of experimental models including the "Bugatti" inspired Type 35.
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    Some one ran off the road and knocked my mail box off. I loaded up the trailer with my generator and tools went out and replaced it.
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    Have been prodded by Craig and Bryce to enter, here goes. My great grandson having seat time on my half size D - 160. 7=1/2 months old and he loves being in the workshop.
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    Well said Jim. There are all sorts of worthless sites on the internet. We are blessed with conscientious Moderators who keep us straight and Karl has done a great job of building and maintaining the site for us. All of us benefit from the combined wisdom and humor of this group; wonderful.
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    Parts that fall off aside , the later model Yugo with the 1800cc Fiat engine was a hoot to drive - burn the tires off the in first 3 gears easily , mostly due to lack of weight . Shop my Dad worked at had one for a parts runner - I regularly volunteered for runs to the suppliers , think we put 4 used sets of front tires on it , lol.... This summer , while working on I-80 there was a whole parade of vintage , like new looking Pacers in a group that went by - I though for sure it was a sign of the impending Apocalypse .... Sarge
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    Oh, on the carburetor, probably float too low.
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    Only needs about twelve more of 'em to equal that old Chevy.
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    I am in the process of restoring a 72 Raider 8 and decided I would beef it up a bit with a custom stack. Currently the motor is out of the tractor and am waiting for a rod, piston, cam shaft and bearing set. Motor was in total self destruct mode when the previous owner didn't check the oil 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️ So I made this stainless stack out of sch 5, 2 inch pipe and reduced to 1". Decided I didn't like to looks of threaded pipe so I found a couple valve parts to act as the flanges, and am going to weld the other flange to a threaded nipple and screw into the engine block. Let me know what you think! Trying to decide if I should leave it flat, mitre it or weld a turnout on it! Jake Also, I'm going to hold out for now until I can hear it run straight piped, but considering rolling a stainless screen down to 1" and packing gap between the stack and the screen with muffler packing. Has anyone else ever done this? Looking for ideas and comments are welcome! Jake
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    Mowed at the shed, swapped some attachments, and serviced 4 of the horses.
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    Hi guys, picked up new wheel horse 1055 yesterday as you can see it’s a pulling machine! All origanal except for starter wiring and some fuel hoses. Bought new plug, and new fuel filter cause the gas tank was full of crap. Little 10 Horse will have you in a wheelie in no time with that straight pipe adding lots of power. Had three of my wheel Horses at waters farm days in Sutton Mass (anyone in the area should come) left them for the night took this one home cause it wasn’t running right but got it to run like a top in no time. Very excited to pull with it tomorrow, will update you guys. And one more thing, the throttle only goes out about one cm. and I can’t figure out why I will look into it more though. Will get some better pics too
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    Various ideas were tried out for the seat using bits and pieces lying around and then discarded. A visit to a local upholstery shop with measurements resulted in a lottery win quote. Back to head scratching mode. I had already spent hours looking for something suitable on the internet without luck, trying various search word combinations. Then I spotted some cheap-ish scooter ( Lambretta / Vespa ) back rests. Not exactly what I wanted but worth a try. A pair were bought and after initial, not sure thoughts, the end result was better than expected. The fill in piece behind the seat cushion, made from plastic, still needs finishing off with padding. The first mock up from ply. The alloy frame, ex green house, just cleared the top of the gearbox. Fixing brackets were bolted on. Sheet steel was bent up for the base and back rest. There were two short threaded studs already fitted which made mounting easy. A length of U shaped trim finished off the steel plate and a similar section was fitted to the fuel tank. I finally managed to get my Great grandson Henry to try the tractor for size. Even though he is only 7 : 1/2 months he loved it. Mummy said she had never seen him so excited, squealing and swinging the steering wheel. We had to hold him though as mummy refused to let me cable tie him on.
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    Little more on the muffler today. Made the cutout for the front outlet pipe and a rear brace to the engine. Also fitted the 418 exhaust guard. Still have to make a mounting bracket for it. Going to weld that to the brace that runs the right side under the hood and try to incorporate the coil and solenoid mount so they are up and out of the way.
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    got my plow set up and working today.......and man am impressed what this will push .......LOL if this tractor was a woman i'd run off tonight to go elope...... that hydro lift is the cats rear end yeah had pushed some sand along my edge of the road and property line and just chugged right along......953 nut i know why you like these now ....man just can't say enough about it only imagine in snow what it will push!
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    Agree this site is super user friendly and member friendly as well. I've recently joined a few other sites for Cub Cadet hobbyists and some of those guys are just xxxholes. The members here are just awesome.
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    It doesn't take much gear grinding to round over those 3rd gears. Every tractor missing a belt guard is suspect to this.
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    Let's bring this back out of hibernation. Rolled her out today and redid the steering rack mount and made it simpler and cleaner than the bracket I had made earlier. Going to redo the way the floor is so I have been changing around a couple of things. Made my battery box and trimmed up the lower front hood hinge to clear it. Also made a L shaped bracket to weld to the firewall frame for support and the remote oil filter mount should bolt up there. Small steps....... I mean I have only started over twice and been working on it for 3 years now
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    Not so sure it's original - seems to show signs of being on another machine. Seems ok, has compression and is free. Haven't tried to start it, will probably save it for another project. I hope so. Just hope he doesn't catch on. Gonna get a set of carbon fiber decals from Terry and have him put Emory on the seat pan decal instead of Wheel Horse. Gonna wait till after Emory goes to sleep Christmas Eve to put that on.
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