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    Decided to take a couple pics of the 1257 on my lunch break of the horse. Idled it for 15 min.
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    We've all been concerned with JimD's disappearance from the forum, and not because he's a great Moderator. Today on FaceBook, Jim posted a new status: So our thoughts and prayers are with him on a speedy recovery. Hope to see you back soon @JimD
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    I have a 20 x 25 foot garage that I have been storing my various Wheel Horses and John Deeres in. It's also home to my son-in-law's Harley. Right now it's over full and it's a pain to walk around everything and a real pain to get a tractor out that's buried in a corner. So, I bought a new lofted barn from one of those rent to own shed places. It's a 10 x 16 with a loft, verical z-metal siding over osb inner walls. It's supposed to be delivered sometime this week, probably tomorrow. Paid more than I was going to pay, but decided the loft would be a good to keep things off the floor. It will be home to about 4 tractors, most of them will be Wheel Horses, so it will be my horse barn. It will probably get Wheel Horse signage while the other garage will remain my main work shop and home to most of my John Deeres and probably the 520-H, plus of course, my son-in-law's Harley. I always wanted a red barn, so I guess this is close enough.
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    Seems like the warm weather (70 degrees here in PA) has brought out some WH from the sheds. I've been watching a 418-A on CL for about a month now, but the seller was asking way too much. This weekend, I went to see it because the weather was good. I made him a reasonable offer on, much lower than he was asking. He said he'd consider it, then phoned me a few hours after I got home, and accepted my offer. Includes a nice 418-A with 680 hours, a 48" plow, weights & chains, 4 hub caps, a 48" rear-discharge deck, and a Craftsman garden cart for $800. The 418A came with owner's manual, sales brochure, and service records. It only needs some adjustments, no repairs. PO was an elderly gentleman who has his grandson cut his grass for him now (with a newer, yellow mower). I also noticed a rusty old B-100 with four flat tires sitting nearby, and they said I could have it for another $50. It will probably be just a 'parts tractor', but has some parts I need. Seems like people are taking advantage of the good weather to clean out their garages and barns, so there are deals to be found. A friend gave me a 1968 WH snow thrower just to get it out of his shed.
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    For those of you that opened this wondering what is a McLean, here is a link to some history on the tractor. It is also the most information that I have found on the McLean.http://www.tractorfriends.org/lawngardentractors/mccleangardentractors/mccleangardentractors.html Last year when I bought my Suburban 400 I also saw this strange little tractor sitting off to the side. I had no idea what it was but my interest was peaked. I took a couple pic's then kinda forgot about it for a while. Eventually it came back into my thoughts and I decided to do some research to find out what it was. I posted my pic's on here hoping some one would recognize it but I seemed to have every one stumped. After a few days of searching I finally found a picture of one on the net. Great! I thought, now I can find some info. Well there just isn't a lot of info out there on these thing, unfortunately. I did manage to find the owner of the one in the link that I posted above. He's a great guy, I spent some time on the phone with him and he was willing to send me some pic's to help me out with my project. Below are pics of when I brought my McLean home. Really rough shape, probably not worth fixing but it's a rare tractor so I was willing to give it a shot. A tractor needs an engine so I started there first. The K90 that was in the tractor was locked up of course, but after a month of dumping ATF down the plug hole two times a week it broke free. All of the tins and the bearing plate were junk so I started to look for parts. Then I found a K91 close buy and decided to go with that engine instead. I will tackle the K90 another time. There are many great engine rebuild posts on here so I'm going to keep mine real simple. 1 2 3 Next was the tear down on the rest of the tractor. Most of this went well, a PO had made a lot of changes that I had to cut out. I will share those as I go along on this resto. First thing that I tackled was the front end. The steering shaft had an aluminum pulley on one end and an aluminum steering wheel on the other, both of which were locked on to the shaft. i decided to cut the shaft in half so I could deal with removing the pulley & wheel on the bench. The steering wheel I did not remove because it is wrong anyway, but I needed the pulley. A little wax and some heat helped start to get things moving and then "Sha doobie Shattered Shattered". Well I have no way of casting aluminum but I did find a nice chunk of aluminum stock laying in my garage. It was 3 1/4" dia, I needed 2 1/8" dia. Time to make some shavings. Finished product next to original. A PO also cut part of the steering arms off that will be required for the differential to work. I made new pieces and reinforced the axle where it was worn. Then carefully measured and lined things up so I could weld every thing back together. Removing the old steering arm was great fun! Front end mocked up and looks ready for paint. Next it is on to the transmission. What to do with this mess?!
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    So the other day I built a kohler for a customer and had no way to test run it. So I put this together. This is first version as I will be making improvements to this in the future.
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    The weather is going to be great this week so i figured I'd get a jump on spring cleaning and organizing. Now I can get back to my rj 35 resto and finish my daughters engine on her suburban. (Yes there are 2 off brands in the back) 7 are wheel horses.
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    Nah, It was 72 degrees here today and I cut two dead blue spruce and needed a horse to drag em to the burn pile. The 520 blower happens to be at the front of the line, so he got the call.
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    Left side on the one right on the other and always show them nose to nose. Then you only need one set.
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    Finally made it upstate for some good snow. We had 12" Saturday and 5-6" Wednesday. Cold temps till Friday. That being said it was almost perfect.... it was 45-50 degeees when I started blowing. It was getting heavy. Anyway here's old faithful doing her thing. By the time it was over I had about 6 hours blowing. When my plow guy told me he made need a backhoe for the next storm. I said NO... I've got a horse!
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    Many of us have kids and grandkids involved in wholesome activities such as sports and others. I love seeing our young ones involved in these activities so I thought I'd start a thread so us old folks could brag them up. Our granddaughter, Madison, is a freshman in high school this year. Deltona High School is one of the stronger girls softball teams in the state. Madison has been playing softball for several years now and has become very good. I figured she'd make the team but I never figured she would be the varsity starting shortstop especially as a freshman. I was at one of her games and she was outstanding at her position. She fielded the ball very well playing part in many outs and twice caught a low line drive and and got it to first before the runner could get back for a double play. I called her my little Ozzie Smith. As you can see, she's a little drink of water. When she goes to bat if the outfielders haven't seen her play they would come in closer thinking she couldn't hit it past them. Once they got to know her they learned to step back closer to the fence. The team is currently 4-0 and has outscored their opponents 29-3. Let's see more stories and pictures of the young ones you're proud of.
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    Added another Horse to the stable today. . 312-Hydro, just fresh off the truck, no cleaning or bath yet. The Kohler 12 HP Magnum starts right up.
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    Hi gang I'd like to introduce myself as the proud owner of a '74 C100 and a Wheel Horse enthusiast overall. I think Wheel Horse machines are some of the most handsome and classic little tractors ever made. I'm new to this game and have a thousand things to ask and learn. My C100 is in great mechanical shape but there are a few cosmetic items I'd like to find. To tell you a little about myself I have spent a lot of time messing around with old Fords of the Flathead V8 era. I have a pretty nice '41 Coupe and lots of Ford parts squirreled around my shop and sheds. I have always loved tractors and especially the little ones and now I have one! In fact as much as I tried to resist I think I have been bitten by the bug I guess. Tomorrow I'm going to look at a 1967 857 that needs help. I'll try to post a pick of the C100. Fingers crossed......
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    So I received my pristine NOS hub caps from a friend (non-forum) in Indiana. I am going to put them on either: 1972 Raider 12 or my 1966 1276 So if this were your choice, WHICH tractor would you put them on? Let me know what you think.
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    I got my front and rear wheel weights on today and also my front weight mount. Then I decided to put the new stack on.
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    I don't think you should use them on either one; they would look great on my Suburban!
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    When you live in the country it is best to have hardware on hand. Having other hobbies only makes it more necessary. Mil Veh like Gr8 NF, Farm Tractors like bigger stuff Lower Left is Gr8 NF Stainless and Galvanized, Upper left 1/4 to 3/8 various styles also nuts washers etc...yellow bins longer bolts 1/4 to 1/2" Lowery right 9/16 to 1-1/8" bolts nuts...There is a separate section not in photo for 5/8" nuts bolts. Some of us have horse addictions some other addictions
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    My raider 8 breaking ground tonight. It's a little different plowing with a cab. Gets a little tippy.
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    Wife and I made a little metal art today. Was cleaning at the farm yesterday and found a bucket of horseshoes, as well as the old flexplate out of the 79 Chevy I had in high school. So we turned them into this...Katy welded most of the shoes together around the center, and I built the stand for it. Still have to get it painted but I thought it turned out really well
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    While kursing CL I spotted this; thought I would share it.
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    There is nothing wrong with the transmission. If the trans is in neutral, the tractor is not moving because of the trans...whether it is in either hi or low...and it is either in hi or low. (you are always in one or the other). There is no between hi and low, if you put the lever so that you are not engaged in either hi or low, you are close to damaging that part of the trans...it is not made for that. With that said, if the rest of your transmission is in neutral, neither of the 2 fork gears are engaged with either the reverse idler or the cluster gear. Want to test what I say...you should be able to push your tractor either forward or backward with it in neutral and either in hi or low range. If you can move your tractor back and forth while it is running in neutral...it is not the transmission. It is probably just the engine running and it's "good vibrations".
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    Found a pair of early narrow rims and tyres in my store and decided to clean them up for my C120 tractor for ploughing hoping they will give me more traction. ive cleaned them with a wire brush on a electric drill, i let the air out and put an old drive belt in the bead to stop getting paint on the tyre and a piece of hose in the other. theyve both had a heavy coat of red oxcide and will be left for a few days before primer and top colour.
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    Looks like it make a great hair dryer
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    Yep Jim, we have already been making the phone calls to find out how you are. You can run, but you can't hide. Thanks Karl for posting this.
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    I'll be done with my 57 rj 35 this spring and can't decide if I should restore my 56 or keep it original. It's not that bad, but the recoil is a different color and the belt cover is in primer.
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    Hi , I'm new here just signed up a minute ago. I just got my first Workhorse Gt 1800. I've been waiting for that phone call since 1984 (I was born in 1983) and it finally came. My uncle said it was all mine if I wanted to make the 700 mile trip. An hour after that I was hooked up to my trailer and heading north. He hardly ever used it and it never spent a night outside. He gave me a mower deck , rototiller and a snow plow with it. It had sat in his garage untouched for 22 years. When I got to his house he said "I'm giving this to you under one condition, send me a video of you driving it someday when you get it running. The tractor meant a lot to him and to me. So I drove straight home and the next day I had it running like new. Sent him the video and he was as excited as an 80 year old can get. He has every piece of paper and manual that came with it since new in a binder. What I'm wondering is what other attachments are there for it and what model tractor would use the same attachments. Any information is greatly appreciated. Since I got this one I've been looking for more. I've always been in to tractors and the like but never could afford much more than old craftsmans. But now I got the bug for these. Thanks.
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    Here's one I did so if I did restore it it would look like this.
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    Well that didn't take long. Going to pick up a 310-8 with 2 attatchments tomorrow. And it begins.
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    Just a quick update. This motor runs good but smoked more than I liked so I found a nice rebuilt 8 from an 854 from a member here. I tried to surprise my boy on his 10th birthday by doing the engine swap. I got er done. Video link below https://youtu.be/xWcFKjqB1b8
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    Before I began my horse hobby I rebuilt chainsaws. Poulans, homelites, mccolluch, Dolmar, jonsereds, pioneer, husqvarna and Stihl. I started with the older USA saws, cause they were cheap to buy and easy to work on. At my peak I had probably 50 saws, I'm at half that now. I've sold 300 or so over 10 years. I also burn wood. Luckily I work grounds at a private highschool on 150 acres of wooded area. So here's what I did today. First I dropped a leaning oak, 40' got hung up and pulled it with our bob cat tool cat. Next was an ash 30', easy drop nice wood ready to burn. Used my 3450 poulan (60cc 16"x3/8") and my super pro 380 same saw as above just yellow that saw has a 20" bar. These saws are pro saws and are a joy to run. Mill be posting more pics of tree work and saw projects
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    I bought a motor in Ohio this summer and it was a two hour trip from my home in Greencastle, Indiana. While picking up the motor and a few other items the seller said I had to take a Wheel Horse Snowplow he had on a trailer. I loaded in the truck with the other items and I started churning on an idea to make and RJ plow out of the Suburban 42 inch plow. I had another RJ frame I bought several years earlier in the basement storage. I really did not need it but when I saw the plow it looked like the early plow used on a Wheel Horse Suburban with two skids on it. It did not come with the frame and I do not own a Suburban. But I have three RJ's ( and my brother has one too without a plow). I have one original RJ plow that works great and has been used a few winters. Not much snow in this part of Indiana this year but when I bought this in the summer I thought I would make up another plow for an RJ. I had a plate made by a friend with one 1/2 hole in the front and three 1/2 inch holes in the back that would be welded on the Suburban plow frame to accommodate the RJ plow tube support that attaches with two side plates on the RJ frame. I remove the cutting edge and all five bolts on this 42 inch plow and began sanding and removing rust before priming and painting. The old RJ frame had been really used and the previous owner welded a support piece of steel on the side of the front of the tube to overlap the second hole where the pivot pin or bolt rides on the frame at the back of the plow. You have to get off the RJ tractor to move the pin or bolt when plowing if you want to change the direction of the plow. My welder reduced the 3/4 inch holes in the Suburban plow frame by adding spacers to reduce the sixe of the holes for a 1/2 inch pin or bolt. The photo above if for the two skids that attach to the rear of the plow with two 3/8 fine thread 3/4 inch bolts. The skids can be adjusted up and down. The photo above shows the plow with the newly welded plate on it . The tube frame support for the plow will ride in between the two triangular pieces and the pivot pin will go through the tube frame to the holes in the plate at the bottom of the tibe. Tube frame support that goes under the RJ. Two plates bolt to the RJ frame and the rear T on the back goes into the plates. The part hanging down on the side attaches to the RJ lift handle to raise and lower the RJ /Suburban Snowplow. I will post more pictures when I am fully completed but this nice 64 degree weather in Greencastle today got me in the painting mode on this project.
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    Sorry for the delay, had to catch up after being off work for four days Always good seeing those who were there. Side Note: Classic Tractor Fever was there and is going to have my Raider 12 on on their show and in their 2018 calendar Told my wife I'm moving to Hollywood. This was some of the filming Some show pictures. 1st was set up day . . . this was early on before many got there. This was ONE of four halls. Days before everything had to be "safe" The biggest freakin hit & miss I ever saw . . . makes your chest thump when it rotates. Watching it being started was interesting, because when it fires off you GET OUT OF THE WAY Here it is running 20170217_101835.mp4 My $60 room with Mrs. Zeek and dog . . . nothing fancy, but 5 minutes from show and a diner in the parking lot next door for breakfast. Fridge for beverages The best burger I ever had at the Quentin Inn that was 2 minutes from the show and hotel
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    Pinch the Nurses for me Jim! Good Luck!- Al
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    Run a belt to the wheels, ad a stand up sulky to the back and race it like Ben Hur!
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    Improvements ??? Are we talking a Cradle mounted dynamometer and magnetic pick up to measure torque and RPM.
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    It is a slow restoration since I do not have the tractor in my place of residence The petrol pump is broken, right? You must have a lever for your actuation, right?
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    The first is my favorite picture of the '41 Ford. The second picture is of a rolling chassis I'm restoring for a '39 Ford that belongs to a friend. I have to tell all you guys that the K serious Kohler in my tractor reminds me a lot of the Flathead Ford. It beats out such a rich deep baritone rythem with a smoothly balanced rotating mass. They don't make 'em like that anymore gang.
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    Had to spend half the productive daylight hours assembling chicken coop for the great chicken experiment my wife and I are planning for this spring. But I did get to some tractor stuff eventually. Started mocking it up. I can see already that the steering I plan to use is going to be very challenging and require major cosmetic surgery. Hope to try and fit engine to frame and see what ripple effects that is going to trigger on Monday.
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    btw,,, We have 4 grandsons total. Three of them are tractor nuts (pretty sure the 4 month old is going to be as well... he's just not talkin about it yet...lol) The 10 year old grandson was busy riding the Speedex S24 while the 6 year old and I dug the Wheel Horse out. Hope you dont mind a pic of it ... the Suburban is in background... first time it has seen daylight in the 25 years.
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    Yup. you've got a 1960 Suburban 400 there. I must say a very nice example too. The first thing to do, as Major mentioned, is to pull the shifter and check the shift forks. In neutral they should look like this: Simply use a screwdriver to reposition them if they don't. Put the shifter back on making sure the dog point setscrew hits the hole on the 'donut'. Tighten it just until you feel resistance as you shift it through the gears then back off just a fuzz and, while holding the set screw (1/8* allen wrench) in place tighten the lock nut. The 1/4-20 lock nut isn't shown in the picture. That should free up the transmission. If it doesn't or the forks are already in that position don't force things. Let us know what you find. These transmissions are really quite simple and you'll find all the help you need right here. The 400's originally had a Kohler K-91 on them but some had Clintons that could have been leftovers from the earlier RJ's. The Suburban 550's had Tecumseh's with electric start. Other than that they were identical. I'm not seeing any signs of ever having a battery mounted under the seat so I'd have to stick with saying a 400. OK, let's just leave it at that for now. There's much more but one step at a time. Keep us posted and most of all have fun with your grandpa/grandson project.
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    Our grand daughter Mackenzie is a real book worm and a Disneyholic. She is 12 and is a seventh grader enrolled in a Magnet School with a concentration in Medical and Computer Sciences. She has already gone far beyond my limited ability to help with her homework. I may need to sell some of my herd in a few years to help with collage tuition.
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    Well, I'm thinking if you sell me your 1276, then I can put my NOS hub caps on it, and you can put yours on the raider. Then both WHs will have NOS caps! Boom, problem solved.
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    Karl, thanks for passing this along, glad to hear Jim is improving.
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    Good afternoon my name is Carlos and I write from Spain, I have been asking some doubts and it is time to go putting the restoration.
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    The white overspray on the rear rim tells me it's probably not a quality paint job, just a quick rattle can spray bomb job done without much prep. I would be way less than $400. Maybe cut that in half even. Is one of the front tires off the rim/bead? Mike......
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    It should easily move back and forth. Since a bit of oil helped, I'm guessing it has some crud or dirt stuck in there. No need to remove the engine yet, just remove the arm and loosen the 3/4 bushing nut. Everything will come apart except the the shaft should remain in the engine. Clean everything and re-assemble. With the disc, spring and arm off, you can feel if the shaft is binding in the bushing nut.
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    For the longest time I worried about getting a decent tractor with readily available parts and all its attachments. Now I focus on buying functional attachments, in other words a working tractor with some attachment, rather than A tractor and EVERY attachment EVER made for it. Oh I'd like to have several "xi"s each with its own attachment but I'm happy to fill in with other fine WHs with other attachments until I do. Point is an "xi" with just one attachment is one fine tool whether you find another attachment for it or not! Use it as is, enjoy it and keep an eye out while you're smiling! One tractor with many attachments just doesn't work for me. I need both blade & blower in the winter & I can't be changing them every snow storm. I need a blade for more than snow so I can't be changing deck and blade all the rest of the year. Or tiller & deck, or this and that. Sturdy 50 year old Wheel Horses at bargain prices has made it possible to afford more than one tractor as well as more than one attachment. Good lord back in the 1970s & 80s I never thought I would have even 1 Wheel Horse much less a dozen with attachments. Ain't America great! Bless the "Ponds"!
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    See what you guys started,!!!!?????!!!!!!????!!!!!!! Don't tell him about the effect on family life..empty corners in the garage,,,,,THE BIG SHOW !!???!!! Then there is stocking up on 90wt,,,,,fuel filters on sale......spare tires and wheels..... Now,,,,will he need a TOMB STONE.??? and does she know about that ??? $$$$ weekend road trips ololololololol,,,,,,,,,and what color RED works best...... I'm not sayin nothing !!!!! HOWARD 857 Horse in VA
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    they come lookin bad but leave looin great. mine looked rought but witha good summer oif fun it was restored to looking amazing
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