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    Yeah, that was the last pic that camera took.
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    I just won this wagon on a online auction for $25.00. I have not seen it in person yet but it looks like a wheel horse wagon. Where would I look for an I.d. tag or serial number?
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    That's completely rads Achto!
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    Likely even earlier. Many of the stone walls in New England were built between 1750 and 1850 - Many many Farmers started moving West where there are few to no stones, hills.. and better soil in the late 1800's. That was the driving force of guys like Deere and McCormick. Lots of very interesting info on the logic used when building stone walls online. Here in Maine many were Not borders. Just so many rocks they had to make extra rows of them so they built them every 200 to 400 feet and left spaces for livestock to walk/pull through. Love the pics!! Thanks for sharing!
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    Target practice... what else?
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    PM'ed you with the contact info of a guy who makes them.
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    Not only that what little time it took him to build! Tractor is really off the hook! Supposed to be gorgeous out this weekend Dan so maybe outside for some glamour shots!?!?
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    Pay them no mind Jay. Iv'e got your card #31 reserved once you get a new Camera.
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    I have 30 signed up. So that everyone has enough cards to trade with each other I now have 50 cards each. If you are planning to go and have not signed up you may want to reserve one of the last 20 spots as I will be stopping at 50. If you were waiting to get a good picture let me know. You can send a picture later but will need all images by May 15. I had 57 members sign up for a banner last year but things happen in life and only 45 were able to make it to the show. I have first 29 members approved cards done and ready to package for the trip. That is a lot of cards. 1450 to be exact. Just sorting them was like a huge game of solitaire.
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    put the rears on today, great transformation. Also a set of foot rests sent to me by Joe. Hopefully the engine runs tomorrow (got a new carb, cleaned tank, new filters and glass fuel bowl separator). lol Lambeater
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    I'm trying to restore a 1960 Suburban for my son. I am missing the belt cover and am having trouble finding one. I am new to this forum and to the Wheel Horse world. Any help would be much appreciated. I am not concerned about it being original. A reproduction is fine. Just want my son to be safe when riding it. Thank you
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    It's an UTV (utility vehicle). Here is one on machinefinder. http://www.machinefinder.com/ww/en-US/categories/used-atv-and-gators/makes/john-deere/models/1800 utv Here is the parts catalog in JD Parts: https://partsadvisormobile.deere.com/app/catalogs/2353/EN/all/sections
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    Looks like a Gator kind of Check this out: https://www.google.com/search?q=john+deere+1800+utility+vehicle&sa=X&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&ved=0ahUKEwj0gpqP_cjaAhVDheAKHaVOA-YQsAQIPA&biw=1920&bih=938
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    I went through this about a year ago also, trying to track down a seat for my Dad's 314-8. I could not find a seat with the bolt pattern. We lucked out when a used one popped up on ebay so I grabbed it.
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    Hello y'all I just purchased my last mower! Found this 414-8 on craigslist and she is a beaut! All I had to do was free up the choke cable and clean the carb and ready mow! This machine has been taken very good care of . I am looking for other attachments for my tractor specifically a snow blade .
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    Like that one of yours @Coulter Caleb and the way you snuck Grand dad in ther!
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    Hi, I already put a new transmission belt on over the winter. The degree of the problem has not changed as a result of that. I tried it again today and from cold its not too bad. So thinking about sucking the oil out and filling with 5/50 fully synthetic which I have so just a bit of time. I use the Westwood for mowing my lawns (about 2 acres), because it is unique in that it has a PTO driven sweeper and a roller it leaves a nice striped effect on the lawn which we like. It collects the leaves in the fall very effectively. I also have a Westwood scarifier which is PTO driven. Its got a Kawasaki FS481V 16hp twin (built in the USA !) One I'd replaced the ridiculous Chinese bearings which disintegrated in the first two years it has been fine until this. The Raider 12 is used for mowing 2 acres of field that's a bit bumpy and would destroy the Westwood. Its a worker and also tows a large heavy roller, a large trailer full of logs or ton bags of sand etc etc etc. I even towed the root stump of a 60' Eucalyptus about 100 yards with it. This machine is so fantastic, but; it doesn't collect grass and stripe the lawn Occasionally they both are used to entertain the grandchildren!
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    regal red/ canvas white rustoleum is what i use
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    If you are serious about running this lathe then I hope you have access to a good bench grinder.Huh?If you are going to use the rocker style tool post you have and HS steel tooling( cutting bit,I hate that term) then count on wiping out the cutting edge until you get the hang of it.You can buy preground tooling but you will still have casualties.With a bed that length you should have no twisting issues with it.If it got bent then it would have broken.That is a concern with larger lathes with much longer beds.The stack of gears will allow you to get the right feed rates or threads per inch if you are chasing a thread.I understand the jovial nature of members answers here but what you have is not a toy.You can make an endless amount things that will enhance the WH experience for sure.I have spent many years in the machining trade and have taught many apprentices.It takes many hours to master the lathe with good instruction.I still believe that You Tube is helpful but a poor substitute for hands on instruction.Luck,JAinVA
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    Any links to share here Eric... to the stone wall history you've found online?
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    Use 'em both, front & back.
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    May be you need to take off the horse head Jay.
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    Auto correct only works if you misspell the word. I keep blaming the keyboard but "she who must be obeyed" states that keyboard works correctly so it must be me.
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    If the engine RPM is not changing, and the tractor speed is decreasing, something in the drive train has to be slipping. Several possibilities are: 1. the tractor drive belt is slipping due to wear or a weak idler spring or bad idler pulley bearing 2. one of the axle keys is sheared allowing the hub to spin on the axle 3. the transmission input shaft key has sheared allowing the drive pulley to spin on the shaft
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    I would certainly change the points and the condenser. Decreasing performance with higher engine temperature could be a spark issue.
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    If the motor doesn’t skip a beat but the tractor seems to lose umph...I would check that the drive belt isn’t shot and that the clutch pedal return spring is in good working order.
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    Sparky, Ed & Garry, Thanks for the really fast replies and for the great files! Much appreciated! I had a 1971 horse years ago that was quite old but did a great job until it died on me. It was pretty old and not very well kept when I bought it from the son of an old man that recently died, and the deck was perforated all over beyond repair too but I loved the power and the way the 3 blade deck cut the grass. After that I had a new K-Grow which sucked, got rid of that the got a new Craftsman which sucked even worse, so dumped that in favor of this old horse. I want to redo the transmission case gaskets (I think it was put together metal on metal w/o a gasket) & seals, and hope to be able to find the sheet metal covers for the deck belts & spindles and possibly some wheel weights for it, since it seems to want to spin the tires too much. Hopefully the case overhaul and new heavy oil will eliminate my sluggish performance. I love the old horses!
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    So could the model number be 1-0390 ? If so...1974 C Series Garden Tractor Raider 10 8-Speed Kohler K241S-46636D. If it is in deed a manual trans machine then 80-90 weight gear oil is fine, 10w-30 is to thin.
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    Don't forget to factor in the SSA (storage space available). This can include barns, magic sheds, carports, tents, basements, rec rooms, living rooms and kitchen tables (work bench).
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    good recovery ! good job, its hard to think like someone that has no " operational experience " on even the most basic mechanical equipment. as a retired mechanical millwright, I have seen more " oil shearing " failures then I need , that probably makes me go after lubrication more than anything. its the old school inherent strength of this unit, that makes it a savable unit, its smart to take advantage of that. I would use a perforated metal on that air ducting if possible , that would let the " blown air " act as a cleaner as well as a cooler, reducing the grass build up. knowing that you probably touched every neglected part of this unit says a lot about your thought and concern to save this tractor. if you grew up with this type of tractor , you know it can live as long as you want it to. good work , pete
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    The land in the pics was an open cow field until 1965 from what I found / was told. There is a small pond out back with a small stream thst feeds it--stream dries up and the pond shrinks in summer. It never disapears so it must be spring fed too. It was the "watering hole" for the farm. I dont have / never looked for pics of the area back then. Tony
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    Steve Like Mike said they are all over. Probably turn of century time period.I Believe they used them as land markers like pegs today. Lots rocks Bad for plowing so put them to use.
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    So after work today I spent some time digging into the RJ. Got the front steering freed up and it moves nice now. Basically soaking everything with WD including the piston and valves. The frame looks like it may have been repainted long ago but not the hood. The hood is gonna need some straightening too. Those who know me know that I try to keep my machines patina. I am just not sure that I can bring this one back. PO told me the tranny was locked up. I think it was a victim of a "little" ice in the tranny... lol
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    Here's the replaced seat on mine. Pretty damned ugly.
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    Hi all, Picked up a wheelhorse mower. I need help with the model. Also I have got it running. Very rough but it cuts out after a couple of minutes of running. I have cleaned the carb and fitted new fuel filter. I think the choke cable and throttle is not set up right. Thanks.
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    This deacal was on my wh tub cart when I got it. Someone sprayed over the decal and most of the wagon in white and green paint. It’s cool that the wagon was sold in Connecticut and ended up here in pa. Not sure if this dealer is already on the list but I figured I would post theicture any way just in case. I had to take the decal of the wagon because I blasted it and am going to give it a fresh coat of paint. I looked up the dealer and surprisingly they are still in business but now they sell Honda John Deere and Stihl.
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    And, a few of the Boys rolled out to greet Her.
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    Brought home a 69 Raider 10/6 survivor. And a 61 round hood, pulled out from the weeds.
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    Met him last year at the Portage show 608...really took a fancy to our round hoods....heck of a nice guy and said he had some older parts but have yet to go see him. Don't know if I had posted this before but this showed up on more than a couple of new to me's now. I think he was an old school dealer in the day. Might have been bought out by a another (Toro) dealer?
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    Buy Stock in a battery company.
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    I use IH red from Tractor Supply in both the rattle cans and wet spray and they both look right. With the wet spray, I use hardener. I haven't tried clear coating these, but would probably get a better shine.
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    I just went through this. I probably spent 3 hrs searching every site and there is NO seat that has that odd ball bolt pattern. My final solution was to get a seat that had a seat switch in it and I made two adapters from 1/4 inch thick by 1.5 inch steel bar stock. Drill and tap the adapters to fit up with the hole patterns on the existing seat mount and drill clearance holes in the the adapters to fit the new seat bolt pattern. Use the little plastic washers from the old seat to allow the bolt heads on the adapters clear the seat mount. If this does not make sense, send me a PM and I will take a few pix for you tomorrow. The only other way is to get an older style seat mount and there are dozens of seats which fit that bolt pattern.
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