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    Thanks for the warm welcome fellas, but take it easy because I blush rather easily. Here's some tractor porn for you.... Hey Jay Bee, I'm ex-Army 72'-74'
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    I've been collecting tractors for a few years now, but haven't gotten a Wheel Horse until today. I don't know why this is, because my fascination for tractors began when my Dad came home with one back around 1965. So far, I have 12 tractors including 6 Cub Cadets, a Farmall Cub, a Simplicity, a Case 155, a Scotts, a Craftsman, and as of today a Wheel Horse C-81. I'll talk more about the C-81 elsewhere, but suffice to know how excited I am because it's old and needs lots of work.
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    Hi everyone. I am in the middle of a complete overhaul of my 1988 308. Doing research on the web always brings me to topics on this site, so I figured I would share my project. I am starting with the most basic of the 300 series, but once it's done it will be a Cadillac. What's the best way to post pics and how do I become a supporter? Thanks.
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    Many of us have kids and grandkids involved in wholesome activities such as sports and others. I love seeing our young ones involved in these activities so I thought I'd start a thread so us old folks could brag them up. Our granddaughter, Madison, is a freshman in high school this year. Deltona High School is one of the stronger girls softball teams in the state. Madison has been playing softball for several years now and has become very good. I figured she'd make the team but I never figured she would be the varsity starting shortstop especially as a freshman. I was at one of her games and she was outstanding at her position. She fielded the ball very well playing part in many outs and twice caught a low line drive and and got it to first before the runner could get back for a double play. I called her my little Ozzie Smith. As you can see, she's a little drink of water. When she goes to bat if the outfielders haven't seen her play they would come in closer thinking she couldn't hit it past them. Once they got to know her they learned to step back closer to the fence. The team is currently 4-0 and has outscored their opponents 29-3. Let's see more stories and pictures of the young ones you're proud of.
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    To become a supporter, go to the top of the page and click on the "store" tab. To post photos click on the "click to choose files" hyperlink and upload them from there. Glad you are here!
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    Go look at it again , and take a very bright flashlight along . Inspect the exhaust side of the block and look to see if the fins are plugged up with debris or anything and look very closely at the top most fins on the block itself . With that crazy pipe they are pushing a lot of heat back into the exhaust valve and could have possibly cracked the block . That happened to my '74 and it renders the engine block junk in a hurry . There are very few people that ever take the time every few years to remove the tins and properly clean out the fins on those big block Kohlers to prevent them from plugging up and overheating that engine - which happens pretty often . I'm to your north and that price is pretty high - I've seen low hr examples of the same tractor go a lot cheaper and that aftermarket tiller in my opinion doesn't count , it's sort of a trading stock bonus if you will .. The point about the tins is detonation - it's what is the common cause of destroyed connecting rods in the big block 16's from excessive heat . I always look around the seller's property/land as well - if there are hills and signs of them mowing it on it's side greater than 25* there's a chance it already has a knocking rod which for many is not easy to hear over that thumping big bore single cylinder engine . I've turned wrenches for over 45yrs now so i can hear one a block away and it drives me nuts , sooner or later it lets go and most times takes the block with it . Rebuilds with genuine parts could cost the same as the asking price of the tractor and possibly even more , so always keep that stuff in mind . That series Sundstrand is the toughest one they made but a hot test is always a good idea with any hydro as well as inspecting the oil and making sure it has the proper oil filter . Find an aftermarket filter , or worse , a car type oil filter on that trans and that's a huge red flag - it will bypass a lot of dirt through that pump in a hurry.... Sarge
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