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    Well, I haven't posted a lot lately since life seems to have taken over. As many of you know, my son suffered a stroke before birth and technically has cerebral palsy. You would never know to meet him. We were lucky enough to get him enrolled in a medical study to help him gain use of his right hand through Virginia Tech and Carrillion Research center. He is one of about 140 kids from around the world to be chosen. He has a cast on his arm and hand he favors to force him to use his affected hand. We have had to move 2 hours from home 3 days a week. I thought it would be something fun for him to go get a cultivator from Limited12. Tommy has been a good friend for the last couple of years. When we got there, Emory wanted to look at Tommy's tractors. He really liked a couple of Lawn Rangers Tommy had. Before I knew it, Tommy and Emory were off talking about the tractors. They ended up flipping a penny for the tractors. Long story short, Tommy told Emory he would "sell" him both tractors for a penny! I couldn't believe how generous he was being. Needless to say, Emory was thrilled and can't stop talking about his tractors! I told a couple of girls I teach with about Emory's gift. One said, "That's proof that there really are truly nice people left in the world!" I know where a bunch of them are - right here on Red Square! I can't seem to get the site to let me upload any pics. I'll try again Sun. or Mon. when I'm back in cell range. Thanks Tommy for bringing a big smile to his face!
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    How many lawn tractors made today will be able or around to accomplish this 56 years from now?
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    I knocked down some weeds this past weekend and Pop had to have some seat time, he had a great time and I got a break to stretch
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    Dicks Wheel horse in Towanda ,Pa had a closing auction today I managed to get some nos parts and two lighted signs Brian
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    Rod Stewart is your son? I'm just kidding. My dad still has the dump cart. I think it's the same era, early sixties. Here is the 552. I think this was the first my dad bought. He discovered WH tractors when his boss, the Chevy dealer owner bought one. From his description I think it was an RJ from late 50s. It had a pull start. Dad went to the local dealer and bought one with a starter. The boss man was jealous so he went and traded tractors! Oh, that kid is me again. I was born in July of '63. So these pics would be probably within a year of that.
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    About 20 years ago, a friend I grew up with & I stopped by my Uncle's house & this tractor ended up going home with him. He used it for his garden a couple of times but mainly his kids grew up enjoying riding it around the yard. By chance, my wife spotted him at a gas station about a month ago & he asked her what I had been up to, she mentioned the Wheel Horses & of my Uncle's passing shortly after Memorial Day last year. She said his stunned response was, "I have something that needs to go home to him". He called me the next day & we set a date for my Uncle's tractor to come home. I haven't looked her numbers up yet, but I'm pretty sure she is mid - to early sixties S14 Speedex, made by Elmer Pond's brother Harold. I'm happy to report that she has now joined her half sisters in the stable & they seem to be getting along nicely. The first pic is how she looked just after we pulled her out of the weeds.
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    I have only been on here a few weeks, but I can't begin to say thanks to all who have already helped me get aquainted with these tractors. So why are these tractors my therapy? Back in 2001, I was officially diagnosed with MS. It actually started long before that, but really started getting worse in 2000 when I had a rather vicious attack that did the majority of the damage that I deal with today. Lost about 20% of strength on the right side, and about 60% on the left side. Fortunately due to the meds I have been on, been pretty stable since then, and I still walk, go to work everyday, and get around pretty good all things considered. But, a lot of things I can't do, such as walk long distances, ride a bike, strenuous labor, and heat kills me. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, many have far worse issues to deal with than me. I accept it as part of life, and thank God I am the way that I am. I have always been a motorhead, bikes, classics and customs, restoration of antique Chris~Craft boats, 4x4's, you name it. Even ran a company for awhile designing and building turbo systems for modern Hemi's. But, that is all in the past. One of the things that I can still do, and refuse to let anyone else do, is mow the yard! (on a rider) Both here at home, and at our Church, nobody touches the mower without checking with me first. I had been looking for a 60's Sears Suburban tractor half heartedly for a while. This spring I got serious about finding one, until I ran across a Wheel Horse and was bitten by the red bug. In a month, I went from none to four! Here was something that I could work on, are classics in their own right, fills the motor head craving, and they are readily affordable. Plus, I can mow with them! So, my tractors are not only cool and collectable, but they help fill that void that my disease left me with. So not only are they my lawn tractors, but they are an awesome therapy to boot! I just finished a 2 year undergraduate course in Theology (4.2 grpt av⛪thank the Lord), so Church, building and painting guns, reloading, and my WH's keep me pretty well occupied! I am pretty anal about what I do, so I am looking forward to turning out some nice looking tractors in the future. Attached are some pics of stuff I have done in the past, and what I have to work with now. Working on a refresh of my 1276 (incorrectly marked as a C120) for the Big Show, but my basket case 854 is the one that will really get attention this fall. (Yes, I used to race offshore powerboats). Now you know a little bit about me and why I love my WH's!
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    A short story : Last week I got home from work and while cutting the front grass , something caught my eye . Something that i was sure wasn't there when I left for work . A second glance at my porch and sure enough there was something there . It was a little wind-whipped plant with Quarter sized yellow flowers wilted and almost dead . It was in a little clay pot that had a hand painted American Flag on it . ( Other side of the planter ) There was a Popsicle stick stuck in the dirt with a little paper Sunflower with the words " From the students of Martin Rd. Elementary " With a little water and some care , my gift is looking much better today . A ride down the street showed every home in the neighborhood got one ! I sat down and wrote a letter to whomever at the school was responsible for carrying out this act and thanked them . I'm hoping that letter makes it back to the students so they can see that such a seemingly small act is really much bigger !
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    Dear Lord, Craftsmanmowerfreak’s Father has a medical condition that needs your divine intercession. Please guide the surgeon's hands to be steady and effective to do the task at hand, and not create any further damage We pray against any infection or complications. Calm the heart of his family. Give him your peace so his body can heal under the best conditions. In the name of Jesus, bless him to be healthier after this procedure than before. Lord allow this temporary trial to bring this family closer to you and each other. When he is coming out of surgery, let the side effects be minimal. Work a miracle in this whole situation and bless it from beginning to end. Thank you Lord for your blessing on this family. We praise you as we know we are in good hands- the very hands of God. In Jesus name, we thank you for each day. Amen.
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    As you can see, I don't need much of a reason to take the RJ for a spin!
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    Nice day in Terryville Ct. To work the horses
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    Designed this to clean out a clear cut lot at a friend's garage. Should work well. Mostly brush and small trees. I tested it out across the road in some pesky knotweed after the township cut it back. I'm going to make some gussets at the hitch point. This was just an eager test run 😀
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    Well got them both up and going. Just a few minor touch ups. I didn't put the weights on either yet, or the plows but there done to. I also got new ag's for the front and back of the 702.
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    My sister has made a couple backrests (plywood board and upholstery also) for my old Wheel Horses. She has used 3/8 plywood but I have seen other folks use different types of materials. Glued chipboard is not a good materials to use as the embedded three prong threaded 1/4 x 20 clips ( I guess they call these T nuts) that go into the seat back to secure the two screws will often come loose or work out. I am posting pictures of two of the backrests my sister made for me . The measurements on these drawings is what she used to sew up the materials for the seatback. I will note that I took a picture (last picture in this set) of one of the early seatbacks and found it to be one inch wider -so you can take that in consideration if you want to when making. This posting may help some of you wanting to have a seat back made or reupholstered.
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    I responded to a CL ad for WH parts over near Pittsburgh PA. This is what he had - "Wheel Horse Raider10 10 hp Tecumseh engine torn down cleaned and ready to rebuild. Also another 10hp Techumseh torn down for parts, and an 8 hp Tecumseh that runs. Also a whole other tractor I believe to be a Commander 8. The only thing missing is the rear end". Besides the two tractors and engines, he is including everything in the pictures. Besides the Raider 10 with the high/low tranny, the number of tires and rims included caught my eye. Plus, the Raider 10 is sitting on a nice looking set of AG tires and rims. Got the whole lot for $150, supposed to drive over and pick everything up this Saturday. The Commando 8 does have the rear end, he said someone tried to open up the case, but I am going to pick it up as well just to see if any usable parts left in it. It also looks like someone cut slots in the Commando 8 frame for some reason. If I decide to salvage the frame, I will weld in a backer piece and fill the slots and redrill the mounting holes. Thought it was a pretty good deal for the money.
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    Here's some pics of the dozer blade I redid last year.
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    Extra Teccy motors are a plus. I use them for door stops in my garage!
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    CT200 minibike I picked up at TSC for $423 including tax. 6HP and about 25 MPH.........however of course...... that would never do. Mods.....Tav 2 Torque-a-verter clutch $220 including tax. Comet cart racing exhaust. $20 Secure, removable, and rain proof storage trunk for haulin my gear. $10 Added mud protection guard behind front tire. $0 Custom built removable stand for my hitch cargo carrier.......extra wood, glue, screws, and a can of paint. My GPS speedo read 51 MPH when I let up......and the torque that clutch gives is amazing. Had it loaded down and powered up steep hills with power to spare. About $700 for a brand new utility minibike that I'll have for years seems like a pretty good deal to me.....and its a blast to ride! Pics are after a recent expedition and then after I cleaned it back up.
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    Please do NOT restore that one. That is way too nice to restore. Great find!
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    It's a Mercedes Benz Unimog sold by Case. One of the best 4 wheel drives on the planet.Paint it red and put Wheelhorse stickers on it!
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    Hate to disagree with the thought that silica sand doesn't hurt anything.If you use enough without the right precautions it will seriously mess with your lungs.Sand blasting with silica can be very dangerous.Ever heard of silicosis?I agree that play sand works good for it's price but a standard respirator is not adequate protection.Coal slag or any non silica based product is safer but maybe not as effective.I only use non silica media in my blast cabinet and am looking at an air supplied system for true sand blasting.
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    Well, she's on all fours, and she runs!! Just gotta fix a problem of gas not getting to the carb. The rims and tires are temporary till I find a correct set, I also noticed that the steering wheel has never been cracked before which is a plus!!
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    Help me to understand this. From time to time, there are comments by RS members about which is better, cast iron wheel weights, loaded tires, suitcase weights, weight boxes etc. Positions for against are sometimes supported by the comment to "not add any weight to the axle bearings" Are these comments fact based or an urban legend?. The reason for bringing this up is that I recently read a post that advocated one position. So I decided to check out the allowable loads for the typical Torrington needle bearings used on 1 1/8 inch transaxles. (I made the assumption that this is the weakest bearing-could be a bad assumption). The maximum allowable dynamic load for this bearing is 8130 pounds and the maximum allowable static load is 18,800 pounds. Even a modest safety factor of 3 (recommended by Torrington) reduces these to 2710 and 6267 pounds respectively (per bearing). Two bearings per tractor means that the load can be double. So then I checked the tensile strength of cast iron, assuming that the transaxle housing may be the weakest link. The minimum tensile strength of cast iron is 20,000 pounds per square inch. Now I did not go about calculating the allowable load on the transaxle, but the greatest load is a bending stress where the axle housings meet the transaxle body. However, the design is such that the allowable stress is way below the minimum tensile stress. I have yet to see a WH that weighs anywhere close to the allowable loads that the needle bearings will support. Perhaps if you cantilever a 300 pound weight box 2 feet from the axle, which results in 7200 inch pounds of bending moment that has to be counteracted by something (housing and bearings?). Maybe that is enough to damage the bearings. As a side note, the idea is adding fluid to the tires is probably OK even though rotational inertia is generally a bad thing the farther you are from the axle (results in sheared gear teeth). Since the fluid is not solid (frozen), and the tractor speeds should be pretty slow, the liquid will slide along the tire/rim interface and have a minimal contribution to rotational inertia. So I guess I would like to hear from RS members regarding their actual experience with respect to bearings or transaxles being damaged by cast iron wheel weights, loaded tires, suitcase weights, weight boxes.
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    Thank you for the birthday wishes! I thought I would share a photo from 64 years ago - my second birthday.
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    My son and me mowing a couple weeks ago . Now I have to rely on the 653 because the Ford is broke down!
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    For $150, I'd say you got a good deal. That pile of tires alone is worth more than that.
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    Yes you really did read the title right, I am selling Project Why Not.. Why am I selling? Two reasons.. One being to fund my next WH project, the other reason is being riddled in arthritis driving her on anything other than somewhere nice flat and smooth just gives me too much pain.. And there's only so many times I can drive her around the carpark For those who havn't seen this machine yet the full build can be found here.. Project Why Not build thread A few spec's for you.. Custom build chassis/frame. Honda GL500 water cooled V twin engine with 5 speed trans. A very narrow Reliant Rialto rear axle with drum brake. Austin A35 steering box. Custom build adjustable front end with hand made brake discs Ford Cardinal red paint, International Harvester white wheels. Top speed about 85mph with the current rear tires.. (fit 24inch tal tires and it should top 100mph!) She could do with a new seat, the engine has a slight oil leak around the clutch cover, and the paint isn't quite as nice as it once was. £3000 or sensible offers. Here's a few photo's taken Friday, I will get some better ones in the sun tomorrow.
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    Local paving contractor has one with a dump body and snowplow! I also have the Matchbox model I had growing up!
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    Thank you Lane for the info on making seats for these tractors. You were the inspiration for me to make the seat for my 1054 that I haven't gotten around to assemble yet. I got a lot of good information and decided to get a heavy duty sewing machine to sew my seat and back. With everything we do to these great old tractors we need someone to show us we can do it if inspired by someone that's done it before. It's always the little things that discourages people not to try. I think mine came out really good after you posted your seat. I plan on making a new seat for my lawn ranger and these plans will come in handy I love the back rest.
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    Morning all, if you have been following my Project Zero-ish turn build then you will of read there has been a big change of plan for it... Well, here's the big change of plan Here's a clue.. Here's a bigger clue.. This should be a big enough clue for you Yep that's right this Raider 10 is being reborn as a fun machine. Powered by this water cooled, 48hp V twin and 5 speed box Yesterday was a long but good day as the Honda was slowly taken apart. Until the engine came out.. "Walking" it up this plank to get it onto the bench was fun! A good looking engine.. But... Will it fit in the Raider without having to chop bits of the hood out or stretch the chassis???
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    Any fellas with comments on this model ? Might offer him $ 750.00 and see what the reaction is .....
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    Someday soon I hope doctors know as much about fixing cancer as this forum knows about fixing Wheel Horses!
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    Bring the whole load to the Big Show next month and you can pay for the trip with the profits and have a good time too.
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    Thank You. As a reminder, you can change the theme by clicking the Theme link at the bottom center of the page.
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    Hello, all. Well, I've been on and off here for the last few years. I'd sold off most of my tractors, yes, all 23 of them. Well, for various reasons I replaced most of my tractor fleet with antique snowmobiles, and now most of those except for a few are gone. Well, the only true antique tractor I still had was a very abused Sears Custom XL-10, and my '68 Electro that will never leave my house. Well, neither of those do much work anymore as the Sears needs a ton of work, and the Electro has no hitch, deck, or basically an engine as it's so clapped out. (1qt oil per 30 minutes, I haven't put gas in it for 3 years because all it does is idle around the yard for pictures.) So, after a neighbors 80's TroyBilt finally quit, I decided perhaps it would be fun to have another old tractor working. (All my work is now done on a 1984 JD-116 with a boxer twin) So I set out looking for some parts for the Electro on CL. I stumbled upon a '67 1077, listed as a 1953 model, with the ad reading "Make an offer, doesn't run, no compression, parts only." I just wrote a reply saying, not to put word in his mouth, but it was a '67, and I asked what was wrong. Guy came back thanking me, and said he had someone coming last friday for it for 'way less then he thought it was worth'. I replied saying the body and deck looked decent, I'd say 2-300 all day with todays pricing around here. He told me it was mine for 100. So, I went down on Friday and got her. He was the second owner, he had all the paperwork for it, and it's in surprisingly good shape. He again said it was blown up and no good. Got it home and couldn't remember where the release for the hydro was. I figured I'd just throw a battery in it, and toll it on the starter backwards. Iw as just parts, after all? Well while I was there for laughs, I'd put some gas in it.. who would have thought it would fire right up and run perfectly? So, well, here she is! The tranny is having some issues I'll digress into later, but the deck is perfect, just faded. Everything, even the generator and lighter work! Tires are original and hold air. I can't believe it! So, I guess I'm back into the hobby!
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    Selling my RS-83. PO told me that the engine has been rebuilt, it does have NEW wheels and tires on both ends. The rears are 1/2" wider than the originals, the fronts are the correct 3X12' welded to the original centers and spokes. It does not have a steering wheel that fits and I am sure there are miscellaneous parts missing (this was a frame and boxes of parts when I bought it). You should assume that it needs everything except wheels and tires. I do. Delivery to the Lawn & Garden Tractor Extravaganza at no charge. We will also be attending a few other shows, PM or call for details.
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    Yes original engine. All original parts on it except for horn of course. Also today it has the RJ's front wheels on since I got a flat earlier today. Wouldn't it be cool that one of my grandchildren would post here about it 56 years from now? I am willing to bet on it. Too bad I wont be around to read it.
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    Let me think about this; NONE!
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    Great Stallion! Those decks were great too! Is the horn stock?
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    Well,I got a break in the rain today and worked on my C160 today. I fixed a few things and replaced the original crappy seat, got all three of the lights working, and replaced the battery cables. I finally got the push valve loosened up and removed it cleaned it and reinstalled it and to my surprise the transmission works great now! I replaced the trans fluid again and replaced the filter with a Wheel Horse/Toro filter. I took it for a ride and I'm happy to say it seems 100% better. Its a lot faster in forward and reverse, in fact it can pull the front wheels with a bit of heavy application of the direction lever. Before it couldn't even back up any kind of incline. A big thanks to everyone here for the advise,knowledge and support.
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    So I've expanded my repertoire lately and have some personal stuff going on that may eat up a lot more of my project/play time than I'd like. But I'm making some progress and figured I would throw up an update. i got the Backspace figured out for the custom rims and I've shown the pics in another thread but they really belong here. @fast88pu did me a favor and welded the centers into the blanks for me. He has access to a bigger welder. In another thread I was asking for ideas on the axle pin. As I got into it more, the swept axle is straighter than the GT14 so the bracing had to get cut out and new axle pivot pin braces or brackets or whatever you call them will need fabbed up. I have spare frames so I cut the transmission plate from two of them and will flip them over to extend the axle pin lower towards the ground which will allow the straighter 520 axle to clear the Fran and have some swing movement. I can also drill the axle pin holes to 3/4". I don't have a plasma cutter or a cutting torch so these plates were removed with cutoff wheel. Lengthy and tedious. Still need to make some mods to the plates. For instance, I need to notch the plates so the axle is not all the way to the front. No no way this or my other RJ35 resto will make it to show. Bummer. But at least I am picking up a couple tractors while I'm there.
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    What a great and nice thing to share with all of us. Thank you and God Bless. I think I see a calendar shot here.
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    Well prayed 953, I'll add my amen to that!
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    I would probably use 3/4 X 1" flanged bronze bushings. You may be able to buy the correct flange thickness so you wouldn't need to move the rear support. Or you could add a spacer washer. https://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-sleeve-bearings/=179okvr
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    Snagged this tired ole C-195 today. She is pretty beat up but definitely worth fixing. Someone has hacked up the wiring. Wrong seat obviously. Voltage regulator is missing. Pretty sure the condensor is on wrong post. Can't find where it says the right diagram for the condensor. Not sure how, but the hydro fan blades are all busted off. Paint is not so great. Front right tire won't hold air. Guy said it ran a year ago..... This is the biggest Wheel Horse I've owned. Came with the Flexible Flyer 60" deck. Even with all the flaws, I hope it will run again. Will get more pics hopefully tomorrow
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    I'll bet though that in the last Ten years, Red Square has had a Big part in keeping these tractors going..
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    picked up a montegomery wards tractor by gilson a week or so ago. put a different pan on it and put it on my sears. ran into some issues like it needed a valve job. but sounds good now.
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    Well, I still have to adjust it, but here it is: I'm not so sure that this will see active duty just yet, it's just way too clean, would hate to get it dirty!
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    As we say here in Georgia, "somedody's fixin' to get hurt"
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