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    The battery on my C-81 was past its sell by date. Wouldn't hold its charge for long. So today I went and bought a new one. Back home and fitted it on. Now the C-81, if left idle for a while, takes a bit of winding up before it will fire up. 15 - 20 seconds or there abouts. New battery spun the engine over like a good 'un. Wouldn't fire though. I have a little gadget you fit to the plug and the lead to it and you can see the spark through it's plastic body. Turn the key and a good spark showed. OK! I'll take the air filter off and squirt petrol in the carb. The engine fired and then stopped. Try again and the same. Decided to take the float bowl off and see if any dirt in there. Nope! Clean as a whistle. Put the bowl back on only it didn't want too. The seal kept dropping out. Off with the carb and bowl back on it. Then carb back on the engine. The short fuel line from pump to carb looked a bit iffy, so I fitted a new one. Before I fitted it to the carb, I spun the engine to see if fuel was getting through the pump. Nothing! Not a drop. Then the penny dropped. Try TURNING THE FUEL ON you Wazack.
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    We set up 12 of our horses at our local show today. Our show runs through Saturday in Abingdon,VA. Come on out if you get a chance. The more the merrier! A nice little CubCadet showed up for sale, but the price Is a little too high for me. Maybe I'm just stuck on our little horses!
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    WELLLLLLL I can tell what ya' don't wanna use ....... and I don't like giving this kind of information out BUT. Years ago I picked up a tractor with a 7 hp Tecumseh and had a hard time getting it to run, I also found out there's was no either or carb cleaner in my garage top use as a "mother's little helper". I saw my neighbor outside and asked him if he had any starting fluid. In a bit he come back with a can of ..... Cox Model Airplane fuel. I thought what the heck. Hitting the starter button and throwing a cap full this fuel right into the carburetor ...... then engine fired up so hard the front end of the tractor jumped off the ground !!! With my hair still standing straight up I then read the ingredients on the back of the can METHAL ALCOHOL AND NITROMETHEANE .... I then put the can way high up on the shelf all the way in the back. Wild Bill In Richmond, VA
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    Happy Birthday @JERSEYHAWG / Glenn, we are all glad you were born!
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    There’s a pic of the 700 and a Sears that I literally pulled from a scrap pile. I hate seeing solid, serviceable American Steel go to scrap! I consider these equipment, not appliances to be tossed out in 5 years like modern mowers
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    Bit of a misleading title for this modification, but it’s a continuation of the ‘Beefing up’ series. The standard hitch although low is pretty much good enough for most towing jobs that a garden tractor is expected to carry out. I have also seen on RS heavy duty 2” receiver hitches that are ‘bolt up’ and raise the towing height allowing car/ boat trailers to be moved. If you have the need, this type of hitch is probably be best solution. The intention of this little build is to use the standard hitch with heavier tongue weights whilst not having to worry about possible damage to the transaxle (where the hitch could crack or break up through from the bottom). The chosen tractor would also need to be fitted with the tiller/ blade rear bracket. Materials 310mm length of solid bar 19mm diameter (washers welded at the ends) 100 x 50 x 5mm flat bar. When mounted the extention on the hitch comes up against the bar and this takes all the pressure off the transaxle, there is approximately 5mm clearance between bar and axle case. Pictures express better than words. Painted off white because I seem to have quite a bit of that left over !!
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    Nice job! And here I thought it was painted white so us older members wouldn't have difficulty seeing it!
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    I knew a fella back in 1995 or 96? He had a mid 80s S10 2wd with a 2.8 and slushbox automatic. In his previous employment he was in some kind of tech sector with GM for many years. Him and his buddies modified the valve body and changed to a slightly higher stall converter? And some other mods to that transmission.... The 2.8 got the external bolt on performance treatments and some other hidden secrets that weren't exactly out on the open market that were related to ignition and Fuel Curve tuning by the GM techs. It wasn't like it was a monster machine or anything but he added 30 or 40 horsepower and also severely quickened the time that the engine took to go from idle to 5000 RPM. It was a neat little sleeper.
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    One thing most people don't realize is that unlike pure gasoline ethanol can't be shipped in the existing pipe lines due to their porosity.It has to be shipped by rail or truck.When you add the fuel costs for this mode of transport it makes no sense to use ethanol for fuel.It may help grain farmers but its plain stupid to use more fuel to produce less.
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    You are NOT the 1st to lay claim to this discovery. Trust me...you're not. It is great though to be able to laugh at oneself.
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    Out in the yard or garden this sun umbrella keeps you about five to ten degrees cooler!
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    @Lane Ranger has one also.
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    Found an old one with my son. Looks like there may be some issues with a bagger.
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    Corn, good on the grill, for making grits, cornbread, and cornmeal for your fried cat fish, even better in a mason jar, for older carbureted engines, not so much .
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    @953 nut Is that would or wouldn’t, sorry but I couldn’t resist.
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    I know it’s not a WH but after a couple weeks of wrenching and rewiring for a modern ignition switch and solenoid. You’ll be happy to know I got the sickle bar freed up and the HH120 running again. That’s the short story skipping all the headaches! Lol
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    We brought the D along with 11 other horses to our local show for this weekend. The D started running way too rich when I loaded it. Tweaked the float and she then got starved for fuel. Tweaked her again and finally hit a happy medium. Ran great and started right up and purrs like a kitten. Great sound and tons of power!
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    I got a few minutes last night due to some early rain to mess with my newly acquired D160. I changed the spark plugs, put on the cooling tins, fueled her up and gave it a go. Much to my surprise the ole Onan fired up and ran pretty good with a little tweaking. The trans is strong and all of the hydraulics work good. The float did hang on my maiden run, but I pulled the top off and freed it up and all was well again. I've heard lots of bad things about Onans, but this one starts pretty easily and seems to run pretty good. I'm very pleased with it. Thanks @stratostar250!
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    I've glued pieces of 1/4" rubber to the ends of those hitches on mine to give it a cushion to prevent possibly cracking the trans case - seems to work well but I do like your idea with steel braced to another object better. If one were to use a front blade - that modification should still work fine using the cross rod on the rear of the blade frame instead. Good job ! Sarge
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    If you put on a K321, I'm not sure the hood will fit back on. You might want to check that out. A k321 on a short frame should look pretty awesome though! Mike
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    You can imagine what a quart of that stuff would do to a 3.5hp Briggs push mower engine - wish I had the pics. It ran for about 2 minutes before it ate the oil out of the bottom, then hit such a high rpm it buried the blade in the ground 3". I had modified that old engine just for fun with a much larger carb/intake tube and some valve work, plus ground the head as far as I could get away with - there may still be some parts that haven't returned to Earth yet...no governor spreads parts over a wide area. I've had two engines to date get their carburetors eaten by ethanol so badly that the fuel tank emptied itself from leakage at the carb in the garage or shed where they were stored over the winter. It also left a nasty stain on a homeowner's garage floor that will not come out. I hate to be a negative advocate against anything farm related living in the middle of the richest crop-producing area on the planet - but this stuff needs to go. Sarge
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    Here is a few that I had over the years. Two different 1257`s same cart with different moons. 3rd is my currant trailer with a 73 no Name I had.. Last is the best running W/Horse I ever had towing the boat.
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    My dad owned a black 1983 S10 when I was in high school and for several years thereafter. I drove that thing as much as he would let me. It was a 4x4 with 5spd. It only had the stock 2.8L but was still fun. I had several buddies that had 350 powered S10’s though-awesome power to weight ratio and really nice burnouts
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    I don't know the exact specs off the top of my head but I think it has a 68 foot pin with a Max lift capacity at full horizontal level ground reach of a little over 1,700 pounds. So after you subtract the weight of the forks, hook, pallet... I could put about 15 bundles of shingles something like 62 feet away from the side or front of the truck. Like most cranes, it's made for going up, not out. I could put well over half a pallet of shingles right to the peak on a 4 story building.
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    I’m so thankful for boom trucks when it comes to material placement on my sites. The time and effort it saves me is really hard to quantify. That one looks like it has a great reach—cool!
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    The crane truck or an elevator truck sure beat packing them up a ladder!
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    With most all of the weight on the rear, or the now front, or the 12" rims, or under the bucket or whatever I should refer to now, I don't think it needs power steering.
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    Agree the problem is trash in the carb. Be sure to re-torque the head after it has come to normal operating temperature.
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    In addition to fuel starvation, make sure that the Hydro is disengaged when you attempt to start it. Otherwise your starter and engine are fighting uphill so to speak.
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    Steve, I don't think Terry messed with it. I am going to play with the motor first, and then start on the rest. I think I will hang a new tank I have, above the carb and start there. This is a bigger tractor than my others so it makes me look a little slimmer! I am really wound up to work on it. Randy
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    Been a bit slow with some of my projects as of late, we have a lot of general maintenance to do around our property. Also the garden needs some tlc too after the previous owner in her 90's gave up. Here's some good old fashioned 'yorkshire' dry stone walling, done as part of the work to hold up the lane where the water is starting to wash it away. When it rains in the North of England it rains! Hopefully back onto wheel horse projects for the rest of summer what it looked like as we started to shore it up another dry day and the arch going in another reminder of why it gets washed away (this is the entrance) making top stones from other corner stones - wonder how long the new stone will take to get that 200 year old patina finished!
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    Yep there ya go! Shows you how well built things were back then!
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    That was interesting Dennis, with electric winches that Simplicity/Allis unit looks achievable. (thank goodness I don’t need a forklift)
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    And to think someone was just willing to melt it down. Great work!!
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    Since I don’t have enough to do, the buggy is in the shop for night shift work... when I’m done working on the bathroom and kids are sleeping. I have some cracked tubing/welds to fix, gussets to brace those areas and new seats to weld mounts for. Should be short work, if I don’t screw something up!
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    Lawn Rangers make great chore tractors...Much easier to get on and off than their bigger brothers
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    I find the more I look at it the more I like it! Could we get some photos of the owner/builder and it in use?
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    That would make me feel better!
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    Dirty screen on the shut-off valve inside the gas tank? Worth a look and clean out of the tank. I've had to replace shutoff valves a few times. Good luck, Jim
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    Hi guys so I’m currently working on a project in restoring my 855. My deck and steering wheel came out so well I needed something to go with them. I’ll post a thread on that as well. I came across some lights which are 4 in not 3 alittle bigger than I wanted but they were nos and the right price. Griffin 500’s. I found a bunch of old post on the HL-5’s and I made a template with the dimensions. But what type of stock do I need and how do I go about bending it? I know the originals were solid but what do you guys do? I like how the short frame 855 has the straight holes where the pto assembly goes on the frame under the dash. I think I’m going just mount the switch with those plus no drilling !!
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    There should be no problem as far as the transmission goes, they were the same regardless of Horsepower. As you will probably be going from a magneto ignition to the battery powered the wiring will need to be changed. This thread will show you what is the same and what needs to be changed.
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    Got the C-125 out today to do a little mowing. Also used my Lawn Ranger and the cart to move some old cabinets from the barn to the house!
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    Finally my other brand yard trailers...these see all the abuse!
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    Weather was great and there was a good mix of tractors and engines including a few . This little Lawn Ranger was sold before they got it off the trailer. This C-81 had the hard to find Pizza warmer option! Love these barbed wire spark plug wires.
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    This is for you Richie 1965 Mark IV
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    My favorite car was my second and the one I regret the most getting rid of. 1967 Buick GS400. first car I had was a 1967 Buick Special. and of course my 1966 Subeam tiger I had. You guys have a great day at the show and enjoy spending the time with your dad and grandparents!
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    Superb job Mark. Loved doing Walling and Bricklaying, but I'm slow. That Coping will age pronto in that environment there., If you want to accelerate it, slap an out of date Yoghurt over it.
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    This is probably silly but I was made very happy today. The new shed that I had planned on getting since January was finally installed, six weeks after ordering it. It almost didn't happen though due to the HOA that I now have to live under! They were upset with my submittal to them as it didn't have enough information. Also, even though the city was fine with partially encroaching on an underground drainage easement, the HOA wanted it out of the easement completely. The pad was done the other day before approval which also irritated them. Luckily common sense prevailed. Th trailer by Pine Hill is really neat as it can move sideways with the lateral set of tires underneath. It is a 10' x 16' shed with an 8' workbench and 4' loft at one end. I had to match the house color and, of course, architectural shingles. Now to landscape around it and load everything in to it! Especially the new-to-me 314-8. About two hours later the sky opened up with a quick thunderstorm to baptize it. There is an 18" culvert that dumps right there.Even though it looks close, the bottom is about a foot higher and six feet away from the water.
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    Sorry, I don't have any digital pics of the day we brought it home, but after two years of locating and acquiring parts. Then every weekend for six months on the restore. Here is a pic of the finished tractor.
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