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    @ACmanThose custom decals are super cool!!! Caleb saw those and wanted some like them for JackRabbit. I’ll have to speak with @Vinylguy about this. I know one of you on here must be a cartoon artist. I’d like to have a drawing made that looks like a 418 with a Jack rabbit driving that looks kinda like a Rat Fink drawing from back in the day. If I could get the right look, I’d have it put on to vinyl and place it on the back of the seat. Then with custom tractor decals that say 418 Commercial would be awesome! I’m open to other graphic ideas though. It will be summer before we would repaint him and re letter...
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    I went today to look at a plow, disc, midmount grader blade and sickle bar. Only problem the guy would only sell it all or nothing. And i really wanted everything except sickle bar. So I ended up getting it all. Probably end up selling the sickle bar.
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    In Nov. of 2016 I spied this Raider 12 on CL. One thing that really caught my eye on this machine was the edition of a hydraulic lift. The hydro set up is a Century Fox, made by Hein Werner. So for about the price of the wheel weights, I drove it on the trailer and hauled it home. After I got it home, I drove it into the garage & that was where it sat until Oct. 2017. A local show was featuring and I wanted to bring all of mine that were in running condition. I threw a few band aids on the Raider and was able to take it to the show. Later that month @WHX14 was having a plow day so I thought it would be a good time to put this old girl threw some paces. After a few more band aids, a set of ag tires, & extra weights borrowed from @PeacemakerJack and a final inspection from my dog Sophi, she was ready to plow....? Before I was able to put the plow in the ground, the lift cable broke. Jim brazed a nut on the end of the cable & it was ready to go. Then the belt started slipping , a run to town for a new belt & away we go again.Then it was smooth sailing for quite a while until the charging system failed. At this point I gave up for the day. I also noticed that the right rear tire was covered in tranny lube. On a good note though the engine ran smooth and strong. After the holidays were over I decide to fix this thing the best way I know. Tear it down to nothing and start over. It took about 4hrs to get it to the point where Jim says it looks like a bomb went off in it. Then there was the steering wheel. After many hours, some colorful language, and some broken tools the wheel and shaft were finally separated. I have most of the small pieces ready for paint. The holes in the frame for the hood hinges were too far gone to even try to put a bushing in them. After welding them shut, I did some careful measuring and drilled them back to the correct size. Most of the sheet metal had some type of flaws that needed to be addressed. There were so many different seats on this thing during its life that the fender pan looked like swiss cheese. One of my favorite things to do is to make my own parts. After some fun time on the lathe I have a new front axle pin, pivot pin for the slot hitch, a rod for the hood latch, and bolts for the fender pan. Plenty of work left to get this tractor furrow ready.
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    IMO if the bushings worked for 30+ years then replacing them should be good for another 30, plus they can easily be replaced. Take this opinion with a grain of salt since those measurements posted can't be seen on the tape measure I use. Another thing to consider may be the use of thrust bearings between the spindle arm and cast axle instead of using the thrust washer. The axle may need to be shaved for them to fit but it will eliminate another wear point and help with ease of steering. Thanks for sharing the story of your horse!
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    I believe it is a 0 but not betting my life on it
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    You said you have 25 volts on each lead. Are checking with one probe on one lead and the other to ground? You should be checking the voltage across both leads. Red probe on one lead, black on the other. Make sure the meter is in the AC mode.
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    25VAC is on the low side, but it should keep the battery charged if you haven't added aux. lights. I have used the $20 JUNGLE regs and never had a problem.
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    Blue lights against the law in Michigan also. I picked blue color because of that. We only have 10 houses on our street so if the cops want to pull in my drive and give me a ticket that's OK. We have Oakland County as our police and they are all pretty good guys. K-Mart used to be my favorite store. Now it's Harbor Freight.
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    Ed can you mail it to me ??
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    Here's a few pics of the new addition. Several small things need attention. I'll be working on them as I get time to try to get it as close to 100% Mechanically usable for now... Maybe a repaint next winter but who knows. Runs great. Starts with a screwdriver across the solenoid. There's a dipstick in the toolbox below the seat that spins but won't pull up/out. Am I missing something? Do I need to turn it or is it just stuck? Whatever grabs your attention in the pics that needs work, please feel free to tell me. Seems like a bit of an odd location for a solenoid... Yes Josh, these are the wheel weights you thought they were. The hitch cross pin is free and rotates !!!! What kind of hitch is this ??? I'll put new wheel seals in. This front tire might be a bit low on air judging by the hole in it. Think maybe I need a head gasket.
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    That was silly! I tested each lead to ground! Will check both but I assume the stator’s fine. I know I have a bad ac leg in the voltage regulator.
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    Hello, I recently acquired a very nice early production 1963 Wheel Horse Model #953. Serial Number is 62- 379, which makes it the 379th one built. It has the rare early production steering wheel and the Ross Aluminum steering gear box. This was owned by an old timer for many years. Probably his pride and joy for many years. There is hardly any wear and tear on it. The black rubber footrests are in great condition still. If you can, post a pic of your 953, with Serial Number that would be great. I want to see the cut off point from old style steering wheel to the new style. Thank you...KJ
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    sooo... what... like ... 15 degrees Above zero? Shed/shop looks great sir!
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    I try to stay organized. I do. Really. And every once in a while I succeed.... for a few minutes.....
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    Hello folks, it’s been awhile sense I shared with the group so figured I’d throw this out there. I’ve been piecing together a mut Ranger. Used a 68 frame, 64 fender, deck and tool box, 633 dash stand and hood and a 701 gas tank. The engine is from an 856 and I used one of Glens 701 dash boards Most of the ranger specific parts came from my 64 that couldn’t fit the starter generater under the hood. So I came up with this. When I get some extra cash I want to change it over to the newer style wider rear wheels and load them so it’s not so tipsy.
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    Things to check after inquiring a used WH tractor. First is the tab holding the front axle pivot pin, it's usually broken. The next is the transmission mounting plate for cracks, they are a lot easier to fix if they haven't cracked all the way across. Next would be the steering fan gear they can be shimmed to fix loose movement in the steering. On all models with the gas tank under the seat check for cracks or broken tabs under the front of the fender where the fender mounts. These are a few things that show up in used WH tractors from use. The cracked transmission mounting plate comes for hard used with the snow plow.
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    Yes the shop will eventually be completely finished with drywall when it is all said and done. May try to insulate the ceiling in another week or so...have to see how much extra money I have left out of my next paycheck. Just doing what I have done so far has already seemed to make a difference. Haven't had any super cold days since I started (and I hope those are over with for a while) but the last couple nights it's been cool enough outside that a guy wants a light jacket, but been working in the shop with my little propane heater on low in a t-shirt. Pretty much got all the insulation in the walls, only thing left is all the little small pieces in the corners and around the doors and window...should finish that up tomorrow, had intentions of finishing it all this afternoon after work, but my company pickup had other ideas when it decided to lose the idler and shred the serpentine belt, leaving me on the side of the road for 2.5 hrs But plan on having that done tomorrow, and will have some more pictures for you guys, and maybe even another video tour
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    Well, went with Autolite for my local parts store didn’t stock ngk, and only other offering was champion. Thanks for all the input keep it coming!
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    There’s that line that we like to use Dan and applies more than I suppose we would like but...it’s an oxymoron that works for us!
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    Yep, my old truck was a 2nd generation '55, first gen '55 GM trucks looked like the '49 -'54 trucks. This body style was a big change for GM and it was not introduced until half way through 1955.
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    I got this 520H about a month ago to get the snow off the drive. I had a walk behind thrower before this and a C175 with thrower & cab before that. Temp got into the low 40s today so I wanted to get the lights mounted & working. I wired the switch directly to the battery with a 10A fuse in line. The bar is made from a piece of 3" wide by 3/4" thick nylon I got at work. I have 2 LED lights at each end and a blue flasher in the center. Alll from ebay. The switch bar inside is a piece of 1" x 2" aluminum angle. I have 3 switches mounted but am only using one for now. It turns on both the flasher & lights. In the spring I will have a separate switch for the flasher, 2 lights, and inside dome light. I wired the ground & 12 volts directly to the battery to save time today. The 12v wire has a 10A inline fuse connected. I will change the 12v supply to come from the key switch on position when I do the other changes. I also added the rear view mirror with home made mounting bar made from electrical conduit. I live on a dead end street with only 5 houses past me, but the young girls go driving past without slowing down. I dont always looking behind me when backing into the street so figures I needed a little warning light on the tractor.
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    thanks for sharing that super sweet ad. Looks just about like your truck on the first page of this thread...
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    Good to see you around. Glenn
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    This is a 7-1311 ( 50 in) side mount sickle mower. It's in great shape and is all in working order. I just don't have a tractor to put it on, or I would keep it. It came as part of a package deal, so I ended up with it. I'll take 500. Would even consider doing partial trades or full trade. Any questions let me know.
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    Looking good. I've grown partial to the little rangers lately. I prefer the earlier fenders, but I'm like you, I like the wider rear tires better. I'm digging the look of yours - not many folks would suspect it being anything different than an early ranger with the exception of the 701 dash - nice!
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    953nut I had that same thing on my mind and after looking for the manual I for got to mention that. On my c160 I had a bad amp gage and it would not start until I bypassed it. @tristan watson We will keep trying with you until it's fixed.
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    You're going to need a bigger trailer (and possibly a larger storage area) if you keep up this pace.
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    I already got the pricey one but will keep the info . Thanks again . ED
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    I work best in what I like to call "Organized Chaos".
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    While visiting with a friend of mine today he showed me a magazine that had belonged to his grandfather. The date on the mag was May of 1955. While paging through I found this advertisement for the all new Chevy trucks. There are some other interesting adds that I will share with you all later.
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    What are you saying Dick.... .. I need to build a powered sawmill so I can make a dozen 2X4s? You can pick it up at the Show Bob. After Howard removes his little signs of course. Can do Jim. May have to get John @wallfish to build an A frame from a dozen tractor frames so we can stand it up
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    Nice job on the lights...Look great! Here in Michigan they used to mean a special in aisle 8 at K-mart...
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    @ebinmaine You say the "dip-stick" under the seats just spins...I would imagine since it is an 8 speed it would have a 1/2" pipe thread with a nipple threaded into the top of the transmission and a plug with a dip-stick welded to it to check the rear-end lube. Will it spin completely out of the housing?
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    Didn't do much with them today but had them out to warm up and charge the batteries up!
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    Not sure where that came from, here is information from Maine DEP: http://www.maine.gov/dep/air/mobile/ethanol.html Maine Legislative Changes MtBE Ban. Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MtBE) was added to conventional gasoline to enhance combustion and octane levels and to meet the federal Clean Air Act mandate requiring 2% oxygen in Reformulated Gasoline (RFG). The Maine Legislature banned MtBE as a gasoline additive in the state after January 1, 2007. With the MtBE ban in Maine and other states ethanol has been blended with gasoline in place of MtBE. However, Maine has no requirement to blend gasoline with any oxygenate such as ethanol. I snowmobile in Maine nearly every year. Northern Maine was supplied with gasoline from Canada and had no ethanol for some years after it was added to gas in lower Maine. The first winter that it was used created numerous problems with snowmobile engines. As you know, ethanol absorbs water from storage tank bottoms and helps bring other contaminates with it. Since snowmobilers purchase fuel from back country lodges, marinas or whatever we got a lot of terrible fuel from those small above ground tanks. The politicians don't care if you freeze way out in the woods with a disabled sled.
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    Whoa them are some cool decals! Nice looking rigs everyone!
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    One of those rare hitches. Called a BENTONE
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    The metal looks pretty straight for a machine of that age. Maybe a good bath and a rub down would work wonders.
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    Have it cut into 2 X 4s and build another shed!
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    Yesterday I paid a visit to @richmondred01and purchased a 37 in SD deck and picked thru his scrap pile . Plan on using the deck on 1 of the to clean up the leaves with the help of a vacuum wagon.
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    Rebuilt the carb (again) on the C-160. Got the Carbunkles out from sitting. Now it runs without the choke again!
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    OK guys, you convinced me. Notice that a "Supporter" logo just appeared by my member ID!
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    I'll be attending restoration class with everybody else as you build this. IF Josh says you're good, you must be good. Judging by how awful () the Cockshutt looks. I can tell this is going to be something to watch. I was looking forward to doing a restoration this spring on one of my Wh's , now I'm not so sure. You guys set a high bar here. Thanks for letting us look over your shoulder while you do your work. Am looking forward to watching the progress. I amazed already at how you don't get your parts inventory mixed up, looks like you got an awful lot of red stuff laying on the floor on the "dismantle" picture. If that were me, I'd end up with a bigger tractor than I started with cause I'd have extra parts in it..
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    Caught mine waiting for next snowstorm . Rear tires are loaded and ready !
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    Too bad three of your pictures were dumped by Photobucket. As far as I can determine there were three generations of 953, the first 1000 +/- had the recessed head lights which were actually left over HL-22 kits (serial numbers 62- XXX), Ross steering and the steering wheel shown below. Also the hydraulic pump had a different type spring which I understand is only found in the 953 and the HY-2 pumps. The second 1000 +/- had the the Ross steering but the later steering wheel and head lights like the 1054 (serial numbers 3XXXX). The third generation had the fan gear steering and continued the 1054 steering wheel and head lights (serial number 4XXXX). The 1054 is basically a third generation 953 with a slightly different seat frame. The bends on the seat frame of the 953 (all three generations) are smooth and the bends on the 1054 seat frame is dimpled at the bends. Actual production numbers don't exist, but @gwest_ca has compiled a list of serial numbers known to exist which you should find meets your needs.
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