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    Started another loader the other day. going to put it on a C160. Will keep everyone up on pics.
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    Hey guys, I just picked up this C-161 Twin 8 speed this morning! My C-175 recently popped the engine (series I) and I wanted another horse to leave the mower deck on so I don't have to keep switching from the blade back to the deck on my 310-8. Plus I've really started to like the look of the black hoods and this one was in pretty decent shape compared to other horses I've seen for sale recently. I'm not a huge fan of the big light on the hood so I may remove it and have the hole patched. I already swapped the seat pan for the metal one that was on my C-175 because the plastic pan had a few cracks in it. This is my first Briggs powered wheel horse, and honestly I wasn't super excited about it because when I think wheel horse I think kohler engines and I really like the cast iron kohlers, but from the little that I've read about it it seems like a pretty solid engine. Hopefully better than the series I kt17. Anyway, the first pic is how I picked it up with the plastic pan and the next two are after I swapped the metal pan and seat from the C-175. What do you guys think?
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    Well, shes 99%. Just needs a few odds and ends. Shes most likely going to the show like this.
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    Building inspector showed up passed all good, been working on my other toy the Malibu but here's a pic with a couple red tractors in it, Jeff.
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    I can honestly say that spending time out in the shop has really not happened in the past 9 months. Now that I have some time off I have had a chance to pull some maintenance and go through some of the machines. First up is a 312-H that will no longer be on snow duty. This is a new full time mowing machine for my son. His first time was a huge success. He is going to finish with a nice cut after some more practice. Next up is a 518XI that has just over 500 hours that came back home to be a mowing machine for my wife. She loves having the opportunity to turn on the IPod and have some time to relax. During this time dad did a quick clean up with powder coating of the tins and a fancy new set of decals from our very own Terry Dennis aka @Vinylguy. Also had to make some tough choices to let go of some stuff. One of my first GT's is about to leave. Have spent a lot of time on this 312-8 but no on gear have a need for it. Hopefully it will find a new home where it will be enjoyed again. Finally had a chance to grab one of my favorite machines. Here is one of my 701's that I took for a cruise and snapped some photos of. This one is such an enjoyable machine to play with. Hopefully I will be able to find some more time to dabble out in the barn. Hopefully these photos will tide you over!
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    I have a Wheelhorse D250...been sitting for five years inside...has a huge snow blade and a sixty inch deck. It might run with some effort. Never seen one like it....a four cylinder car engine i think. It would be a project for someone. Asking 500.00 for all of it. Give me a call with any questions. Jim @ 513-393-4385
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    You're welcome, Jay! Was sorry to hear after the fun days at the Big Show you had that terrible accident-and fortunately everyone is OK! Good luck with the estimates and the insurance company (just read your updates!) and hope you find a nice hood! Even my niece in Washington State loved the picture of you and your grand daughter! Thank you! Who doesn't love to see everyone having fun with their friends and families and tractors? Thank you, Linda
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    Thank you Mrs. Rules for sharing the great pictures.
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    All, Thanks Thank you all for your suggestions. I dug into the deck this weekend and found what I think is the problem. The pulley that goes to the mower is slanted toward the front of the mower (I assume this is self inflicted by either a) over tightening the belt or bb) cutting deep grass that slows the blades down in turn making the belt slip and putting upward pressure on middle pulley (one connected to the mower). Years ago i put a support plate on the middle pulley because the deck was weak in that area (see pic). also the middle pulley is well worn (see pic). now the question is what to do. a) hammer deck down a bit on the back of the pulley near the pressure spring bb) use washers under the deck to level the blade c) purchase a used deck d) hire a lawn service company All suggestions are appreciated.
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    Good set of hubcaps for sale, 2 are for 12 inch wheels, two are for 6 inch wheels. These came off my 312 but will fit other tractors with 6 & 12 inch wheels.
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    Wheel Horse 312-8 needs battery and valve spring. 8 speed manual transmission. Wheel Horse tiller attachment (for above). Very good condition Both for $750.00 Cash only. See Raleigh, NC Craigslist for ad with pictures.
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    1981 WH GT2500 Anniversary Special with 42" Rear Discharge Deck. Original 11 hp B & S engine (no hour meter) 1990 Toro / WH 312-8 Classic with 42' side discharge deck (910 hrs.) WH 42" dozer / snow plow blade (ID # 06=42B001-12110) 1962- 1967 WH 36" Spike aerator (SC-152) 1963 WH LTD-243 5.5 Cubic Foot Dump Cart1 set WH wheel weights 1 set 4 link tire chains 1 set 2 link tire chains All in very good condition.
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