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    I'm not really sure why I feel compelled to post this, and my daughter might kill me, but she finally got on the horse. It is a rule in the family that you cannot get your learner's permit for driving until you get significant seat time mowing. My 3 older boys had no hesitation, my younger 14 year old twin daughters have been getting some time, but 16 year old daughter has been reluctant to say the least. This has not been one of the forced chores, but a lesson in "If I want to do X, I'll need to suffer with Y". Well, the other day I asked if she wanted to mow, same question as all summer, and I expected the same answer, "No thanks, dad, I'm good." But, finally, she agreed. Took instruction with great care, listened intently, and did a great job. The 416-8 is not the easiest thing to master, but she had no problems with the clutch, or keeping the tractor on a good mowing path. Got confident going around trees. It was awesome.
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    So last week we had nothing short of a disaster here with water and a mudslide from the stream coming down the mountain.The hero of the week was the Electro that worked tirelessly pushing mud and boulders around and clearing mud from the storm drains up to two feet thick. Even when the township machinery arrived it worked along their side pushing everything into piles that they could pick up. I was going to say that I want it to be buried with me when I pass but that would be selfish by denying someone else the privilege of owning this fine work horse. More details of the disaster to follow in non tractor forum later.
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    Got the call to see if I was interested in a few signs. Couldn't get there quick enough. Plus some other parts.
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    This forum has been the best social media site I’ve ever been a part of. I gave up Facebook years ago and I had no expectations for RS other than parts and some advice. However, I’ve found a fun active crowd of enthusiasts that I can relate with! I plan on being at the “Big Show” next year! I hope to meet all of you. I’d also like to thank @WVHillbilly520H @ebinmaine And @dells68 especially for helping make me feel part of the community! @stevasaurus I’m in your fan club!! Lol
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    My kids ages 2 and 4 obviously have a love for these tractors like we all do. So I started drivers training with them a couple weeks ago started out in 1st and low gear low idle. They did pretty good so today we moved up to 1st and high gear low idle and i think this is a good pace for them to learn at i can comfortably walk beside them and help steer if needed, but they are getting good. It teaches them to focus, pay attention and beacuse we only use the loader tractor to take turns.
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    The past week and a half we have been on the road visiting family and taking my wife on her bucket list trip to Niagara Falls. She was looking forward to this trip for years and we finally made it. The Canadian side is spectacular and there is so much to do we should have allowed more than three days there. The Butterfly Conservatory was a last minute addition to the itinerary and a reap pleasure. The wife cut my head off, but got the butterfly! We made it back home before the remnants of Hurricane Florence came our way. My prayers are with everyone in the path.
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    There was a little rain as Chris and I arrived Thursday afternoon. Cleared up and the rest of the weekend was fine. These photo's of our pitch. Chris in Charge. The ground where we usually have a working area, was like concrete. So we went to play in the potato patch. Not get many chips out of this lot, Chris thinks. Bottoms up. If you'd taken those silly shades off like I told you, this wouldn't have happened. How about some organ music. I wonder who these two tractors belong too?
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    So I picked this up a few weeks ago and thought I would share it on here. Made by Farmhand in 1966 or 67 the model is a farm handy there’s not much information on them and very few around, supposedly they were made for harvesting sugar beets back in the day. It has a 8hp Kohler motor with a 4 speed transmission/rear end. The clutch petal works like a wheel horse (clutch/brake) and there is a petal on each side so you don’t need to sit in the middle to drive it and top speed is around 11 mph.
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    So I have been looking for a few months to purchae a clean Kubota B series. Timing was not right one or two others. I found this one about 3.5 hours from me in cl for VT. 1995 Kubota B20 worh loader and backhoe. I also purchased a 2011 PJ trailer 8’x18’ dual axle with very little use. This was previously owned by an 86 year old man who purchased it only a few years old. He passed and the family out it up for sale. my boy Brennan and I drove up to VT last night and found a motel room. Woke up and met seller, loaded it up and got home mid afternoon. Spent a bunch of time cleaning both.
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    The sky was a pretty decent contrast to the tractors last night...
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    Got a lead on a couple RJs from a friend of mine that lives a couple towns over. I contacted the owner and come to find out he had two RJs and a Raider 10. The raider 10 was purchased brand new by his brother with a plow and deck. And the RJs he’s owned for about 20 years. So after hearing some background on the machines I hooked up my trailer, grabbed a wad of cash and headed over there. For those that know me, I know I don’t need another machine or 3 like a hole in my head but who says no to a couple horses? Long story short, I purchased everything he had wheel horse! The RJs came with a snow plow, bottom plow and reel mower attachment
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    I’m sure there have been threads started specifically for this topic on here and if the moderators want to combine this with one of those, please do. Per @Daron1965‘s request, I’ll start a thread about my personal favorite attachment for a Garden Tractor—the furrow plow. I want to state clearly here that I don’t claim to be an authority on this subject. Maybe like doctors “practice medicine”, I find myself “practicing with a Brinly” every time that I head out into a field. I’m going to tag a few of my buddies like @Achto @WHX20 @Shynon @prondzy @Stormin @WVHillbilly520H (If i’ve Forgotten you, not my intention, please join the discussion) Who are all “plow dogs” in that they enjoy climbing into the furrows and turning earth for extended periods of time! I hope that they will weigh in here with their experiences and things that they have done with their rigs and plows. Pictures will definitely welcome and encouraged in this thread, both for instruction and coolness factor. It is funny how people look at someone on a garden tractor turning under a field! I wish I had a dollar for every time someone uninitiated said to me, “I didn’t think you could do that with a lawnmower!” Many folks today have seen people blading with a GT, mowing with a GT, blowing with a GT, but when they see someone plowing with one—they are often shocked. Our culture has moved so far from the agregarian society that people aren’t familiar with it. I bought a 10” Brinly two weeks ago from a buddy who brought it to my Uncle’s Farm day. It was a vey cost efficient price. Apparently, he found it at a garage sale. The person had painted it all black and was using it for a yard ornament because they had no idea what it was for. The first thing I want to make clear about plowing with a GT: GROUND CONDITIONS ARE OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE! If you are trying to plow red or blue clay that hasn’t seen a drop of rain in two months—Don’t Even waste your time. You won’t have fun, you won’t have very good success, and you’ll probably break your tractor in the process! Also, be aware that a garden will traditionally plow easier than a field because the field gets compacted throughout the year with large equipment that weigh anywhere from 5 ton to 20 and more. If the soil is too wet when you are trying to plow it will stick to everything unless it is a real sandy soil. This soil here was quite sandy but was still as hard as a rock. We had trouble getting the plows to suck in. When a plow is only cutting a 2” deep furrow, the geometry of the plow isn’t correct and the next pass or tractor in the furrow is acting more like a chisel plow than a moldboard plow. One of the awesome things about GT plow days, is the opportunity to share the experience with some buddies. Rarely do we get together to blow snow or cut lawn. I like GT shows but I like plow days better. Why? Because not only do we get to look at cool tractors or show off our own, we get to use them and see them in operation. Here my Uncle Roger is using his 314-8 to turn my garden. He was cutting a 6-7” deep furrow with his 10” Brinly and it was doing a beautiful job. This soil is a sandy loam and the moisture content was perfect. One problem with most WH’s as a plow tractor—they are way too light in the front. If you want to do any SERIOUS plowing with one, you need at least a good 60-70#’s or more of front end weight. I’m running 3- 22# weights on my front attach-a-matic and a pair of cast front wheel weights on GhostRider. When I first plowed with him, I couldn’t keep the front down! I was tempted to sit on the hood and look backwards over my shoulder . Power is important and it is good to have a strong running engine. However, there is no need for 25hp when a strong K301 will pull a 12” Brinly in moderate soil conditions with proper adjustments and weight all day. Size your plow to your tractor and it’s power. Comanche is an 8hp Tractor and an 8” Plow is suited well to it. I regularly run the Punisher(my 12” Brinly) behind GhostRider (my 314-8). Conditions were nearly perfect this particular day. I was cutting a 6-8” furrow (notice the lean angle on the tractor) and the soil had just the right amount of moisture to scour really well. Tires are important. I like the modern Carlisle TruPower on the left but I know that Tom and Mike swear by Firestone 23’s and I can’t wait for them to weigh in on their experiences. Dan and I have been discussing the pros and cons of tire width. Too wide and your tractor floats more and then it takes more weight to keep it from spinning. Too skinny and you don’t have enough bite in the ground. A clean moldboard is also very important especially if the soil is sticky at all. If you buy a used Brinly and the moldboard and plowshare are all rusty, I’d suggest cleaning them up some with a wire wheel on a grinder or a drill before using it. The dirt in the field will do the rest. I love the mirror shine that Dan has on his plow here! You know the plowing was good when you leave the field and your plow looks like this and your rear tire like that! I have a lot more to say but I have a few other things to take care of right now and so I’ll check back in later...
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    @Machineguy, you've found exactly what I did a few years ago-there's nothing like the folks you'll meet here. I used to go to lots of antique car shows, but the people there always seemed to compete with each other (with the exception of the VW community). I joined my local tractor club several years ago and found out there was no nicer, friendly, helpful group of folks anywhere. The same holds true for the wheel horse community - there's no competition, everyone is helpful, and there's a strong sense of family. Just ask my 10 year old son how many friends he's made through these little red machines! Once you go red, you'll never go back!
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    I have my reasons, cause I'm allowed to.. Will be 71 years "young" next month so.....I do whatever I like. This evening however I totally lost it. I think? Went into the corral with my doggie, and waxed (Turtle Wax) my '90 520-8 while the doggie sniffed around. This Stallion works hard! Deserves a rub down. Now I'm thinking, "Tire paint. Why not?" I have a gallon (haven't used any in a year or so ). Think I've gone too far, too far gone? Guess it's WHA (Wheel Horse Addiction). Could be worse. I guess? Goodnight Deere ().
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    Hello everyone this is Brennan Bo, Steve Bo's son since I am 11 years old I told my dad that I wanted my own account so here I am.
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    My wife doesn't always "get" me, but she surely cuts me a lot of slack. When I bought my first Wheel Horse, a 312-8, two months ago she just shrugged it off as a whim. When I located a nice C-160 Automatic four weeks later she started to question why I needed another. She even went with me to pick it up (secretly I think she wanted to make sure I brought home only one more WH). After talking to some friends and family I have come to find out that several of them admit to having Wheel Horses garden tractors over the years. They spoke very highly of them but, curiously, always out of earshot of their spouses. I even found out one uncle of mine had rebuilt two of his own Kohler engines and rebuilt several more Kohler engines for his neighbors over the years. I am pretty sure the work was always done late at night, in his shed, and I suspect it was done by the light of muted kerosene lanterns with cheap cigar smoke hanging in the air. A buddy of mine expressed to me that he has a bit of tractor envy after seeing me bring home a second Wheel Horse in 60 days. After he mentioned this to me I thought I had a problem but, bless his heart, he straightened me right out. According to him: Owning one Wheel Horse means you are just a recreational user. Owning two Wheel Horses means you have an appreciation for fine machinery. Owning three Wheel Horses means you have an attraction. Four, it's turned into an obsession. Five, it's pretty much a full blown addiction. and six, well you really need to join Red Square and begin your next post with: Hello, my name is ________________, and I have a Wheel Horse problem. He's also convinced that Rustolem Regal Red should be reclassified as a gateway drug. Have a great day and hope the weather holds out...!
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    Finally got to try out the farm PTO on the 1257!
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    Saw this listed the other day on Craigslist by a fellow member on here and knew I had to have it...He listed this one as well as another I picked up for a friend of mine. Hands down a good guy to do business with and a great stout machine, can’t wait to put it to work!!!!
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    So I went today to look at some wheel horse goodies. I ended up getting several manuals two totes full of lift arms, lift links, hydraulic lifts components, hydraulic pumps, plus way more. Also got a running B-80, Bronco 14 with snowplow and weights and a parts machine with no engine. Also got 2 brand new rims for some 8.50 - 12s. I'll post some pics as I bring it home and get it unloaded. But here's the manuals for now.
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    Set up at S.CR.A.P. Show in Gibsonburg, Oh. Large show but need to see more garden tractors here. If you’re close and can make it, bring a tractor or two or just stop by to say hi. Show runs Fri, Sat, Sun. And the big auction is a Monday. (Labor Day) All brands/makes welcome. I brought 3 Horses, a Ford, & a Sears. Hope to see you!! Here is pic or 2 of my set up of my ‘Home away from home for the next 3-4 days.
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    Got the herd out and washed them up. 1) 520HC Restored with 48" deck 2)520H straight axle restored 3) 520H swept axle restored 4) 520H swept axle almost restored just needs hood and fender painted. 5) 520H swept axle almost restored just needs hood and fender painted. 6) 312H cleaned up, all fixed up for sale (just working on the deck to be a package). 7) 17-44HXL all cleaned up, fixed up to work like new. Here is a quick video before they got washed. All 520's are idling. Other 2 are shut off. Cleat
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    Inherited a Gt-1800 that sat for 8 years. Replaced battery, cables and fuel filter and it started up on 8 year old fuel in the tank. I replaced the blades and it runs and mows like a champ. Im hooked now. I caught the wheelhorse bug. Just a few small patch jobs on the deck to finish up
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    I honestly believe that a lot of us don't fully appreciate the work that the moderators do to keep this site what it is.I have reassured a new member about the content being something that his daughter,wife,mother and grandmother could view.This is in part to the civility of the folks here but the moderators keep it clean and focused.Thanks to them!
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    Took the plastic dash plate off my D and thought I would give it a try on painting the letters and symbols on it. 1st time doing it but it turned out ok for a worker. Half a dozen flaws but whos counting. I didn't take a before pic but there was no white color on it. Some one painted it black, I tried to clean the black paint off but not successful. So I just re sprayed it black satin and began the lettering. I found Rustoleum chisel tip marker and a off brand point marker. I will take the lower plastic plate off and do it too soon.
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    Had another good year at Pioneer Power... we hit a max of 50 display tractors, not counting at least another half-dozen that were seen at various times driving around the show that weren't displayed. This year's feature was the Historical Construction Equipment Association, so there were some great examples of some of the old heavy equipment. Enjoy the pics... I am not posting everything I took, as others will have some to share too.
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    Took the time today to clean up the C-160. Just thought I would post a couple of photos.
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    Rather interesting reading that. Several differences to ploughing in and Not just the way we spell plow/plough either. Over here, if in competition, you'd only plough about 5 - 6 inch deep. For GT's, walk behinds. Also when you have turned the ground/sod, no grass or stubble should be showing. The Brinly ploughs seem to give a wider furrow as well. I use a plough off an Auto Culto walk behind. Ploughs a slightly narrower furrow. Unfortunately, courtesy of Photobucket, some of my photo's are unobtainable. This is my tractor I use for ploughing. The Black Horse. '78 C-121 12hp. The three striped poles, are sighting poles. First goes in front of the tractor. 2nd half way down the plot and the other at the far end. All in line. When you cut your first furrow you keep your eyes fixed on them. Looking neither left or right. Having someone remove them as you get up to them. Don't look behind on the move. You can pull the steering wheel and put you off course. Narrow front wheels. Modified scooter ones on trailer hubs on modified spindles. Rear wheels narrowed and fitted with 7.00 x 12 ags. Due to the 7.00's being two inch bigger in OD, the fender has been lifted an inch and the front spindles extended an inch where they fit into the axle. Home made wheel weights. Basically Land Rover Freelander brake drums filled with lead. About 53lb. It also has an electric lift for the hitch. A bit slow. May be modified at some future time. There are threads on myoldmachine on all these mods and more. Plus others of ploughing matches. If I knew how to put up links I would. Finally a photo of number three grandson. Ploughing with a friends tractor and Ransomes drag plough. That ground was very hard. My plough wouldn't touch it. The much heavier Ransomes cut in well.
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    Starting to think about winter. Elvis' bucket needs a little TLC. put on a couple coats of Extend before a paint.
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    Got the hood on and decided to put a longer nipple in the exhaust to move the stack a little farther away from the hood. I still need to paint the letters on the front of the hood and add the decals.
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    Had to go to eldest's grandsons wedding this weekend. Venue and where we stayed. Ellingham Hall. Northumberland. Feeling well out of my comfort zone.
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    After the investment if time, money and parts, I've found the only way to recoup your investment is to work that tractor. After all, that's what it was made to do.
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    That’s awesome! I’m not in a bragging contest nor do I care to compete over money spent either. (Money spent is a big and disgusting talking point in car shows) This is low dollar simple fun thing for me. I can buy new like many on here but I’d rather have something timeless that’s not just an appliance. Our red machines are simple, durable and timeless pieces of power equipment .
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    Been wanting to figure out a better way to move dead tractors around - some, just isn't cooperative at being towed - the AC 916H is a great example around here. Since the rear axle is a hydro, it does not disengage fully for some reason and the tires are really shot badly. The 16Auto dug some big holes the last time I tried to move it around, so the idea here is to use the D's 3pt lift and it's size/weight advantage to move other dead tractors. I also wanted a toolbar that could have adapters added for various tasks - such as cultivators, tines, rear blade, ect. I've wanted to build a wrecker for years, just never had the time to do it - this year, I decided I've had enough of my aching back and legs - this needs to get done before I end up in the hospital. Always seems there is no help available when I need it, so now is the time - here is where I'm at as of now... All built from 1/4" thick iron, except the hub mounting plate which 1/2" thick A50 steel. Trailer hub/stub shaft is a 1750lb rated unit. In hindsight, if I ever did it again I'd use a heavier DOM tubing and just turn it to accept bearing races, make the shaft on the lathe and be done with it. Not to mention, I could control the thickness of the assembly a lot better. There are "rear tire carrier builder" parts available out there to do just that with pre-built tubing, the correct bearings and shaft - you just weld it into the square tubing of choice. Still a lot to do - need to make a set of centering springs, locking pins (for toolbar use), tire carrier arms w/tie-down rings, rear blade adapters, ect.... Just thought I'd share a bit - need to some lift testing today, hopefully. Sarge
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    I did not need this at all but it was just up the road and cheap. Runs really well and deck is in excellent condition rust wise. Bearings are a little loud but I have already pulled the spindles for rebuild. I will take them into work tomorrow and disassemble and bead blast them. Blower was hard to turn but I lubed the chain and it now turns easy. I will install a new chain. Sprockets all look good. Tractor runs good, all indicator lights work, hydro works good. Steering is loose but I will fix that up. Tires seem to hold air but time will tell. This is an ugly duckling but should clean up nice. Cleat
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    I've been talking to the owner of this wheelhorse for about 3 weeks in an attempt to reach a good agreement for both of us. Well, this morning, he called and said, Come and get it. So, I did. The wife and I went for a 3 hour ride, to and from. The new to me C120 horse is home.
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    There are times when I need to lift or move something I can't manhandle alone.So with a little scrap iron and a cheap HF winch this is my solution.
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    I found this 1997 520H for sale. Seller says all original. Only has 277 hrs on it. Am picking it up tomorrow. Wow what a nice tractor. Been looking for a while. Finally found one. Don’t care much for rear tires though. Will be putting tractor lugs on it. Seller says this tractor never mowed grass. Was basically a show toy. Can’t wait to get it home. Will probably change all fluids. Not knowing how long it’s been setting
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    While on Facebook yesterday a fellow redsquare member put out a wheelhorse that was on the market place. I pretty much ignored it because Jim was not home and I didnt know what time he was getting home and he has the truck. When he got home, I mentioned it but he did not seem to be interested so I left it there. Sooo...yesterday after driving 600 miles home from a car show in MI, Jim sees the same post on Facebook and was like "why didn't you tell me about this?" I was like "I did and you didn't seem interested" long story short he thought I said 1054, not 1045 and so he messaged the guy and the guy said if you have cash and can get here tonight, it is yours...bring help because it is heavy. So we put our little trailer on the truck and headed out. The trans is not locked up and the engine turns over, Jim believes that it would have started if the points are cleaned...not bad for a piece of "lawn art" that hasn't been run in 10+ years. It sat on a raised concrete slab, and it was rougher than the pictures showed. The guy said he originally picked it up in his minivan...that takes balls!!. The front and rear tires are SHOT and are not salvageable there are rust holes in the deck and the lights thatvare on the front are mismatched but it is all there and that is all that really matters...this one is getting restored!!
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    Just for the record Randy. I'm a pretty good-sized guy at 6 foot 2 and over 250 lb. I look like an adult. But really, I'm only about 5 years old.
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    I was just looking around Facebook Marketplace tonight in my local region and stumbled upon something pretty cute, IMO. Not sure how really practical it is, but it sure is innovative and looks on the surface from afar to be well built. The listing places it in good old Mentone, IN, home of a well-known spring and a fall tractor show in the past that has now become an early summer show. I suspect I know who may have fabricated this......part of the reason being he is from the Mentone area A forum member here who is a metal fabricator, has built other WH reproduction wagons, and that is why I suspect he had a hand in this. If he didn't, he likely knows who did build it. Anyone here have any guesses??? Comments on the below pictured gravity wagon??? If you want to know more and live out of the area, but are a Facebook user and want to see the listing, just PM me for the link.
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    Did this in 2009. Time flies. not a lot of pics but guys ask generic questions when building these. Used PK drawings but 3/16" steel instead of 1/4". Bucket is a scoop hybrid that the guy who welded everything recommended. Frame is a PK copy and clamps onto the tractor frame. Towers are the hydraulic tank. Arms are very heavy! Grease fittings in the pivot points. bucket: finished product First show Memorial Day 2009 Delivered a WH mower deck at the Steam Pageant.
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    My honey and I took the dog for a walk... Over three mountain peaks. We climbed Mt Osceola and it's east peak. Around 8 miles. Awesome trail. One of the best I've been on. Great mix of very steep climbing and flat spots to let you rest a bit. Some bouldering/ scrambling which we both love... And so does the dog. Here's a few views. Sorry they're sideways. My incredibly intelligent phone won't rotate them.
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    That was talked about in the Adios thread. This is a one family tractor. It was bought new in April 1967. It was bought with the mower deck and the front dozer blade. The owner then added a dump cart . . all Wheel Horse accessories. It has not been restored, just kept fairly well ,condition wise. It's missing a few little things and certainly there are lots of scratches, but to find an original paint tractor 51 years later, is pretty cool I think.
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    I installed my 42 inch sickle bar mower I rebuilt today. I still need to get the idler pulley setup on the footrest rod and sickle frame plate but so far so good. It took about three hours to set this up. Still need to install the sickle frame plate that goes on the bottom that I had fabricated from and original.
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    I mentioned friends a few posts ago. Let me give you an example. Emory bought a 603 at the show this year. It needed mechanical help. @oldredrider spent a good portion of the show helping us get it going giving up a lot of his show time just out of kindness. Three young men in their teens came by to help and gave Emory a spark plug and wouldn't take anything for it. We've been to @oldredrider's house to visit, pick up parts, look at tractors, and even bring a few home. We went out to eat after the show with @pullstart, @19richie66, and Karen and had a blast. Emory still talks about catching fireflies with Kevin afterwards. I don't know when I've heard so much laughing out of Emory - think Kev might have enjoyed it too! On another note, I have not met @Machineguy in person yet, but I can already tell you I consider him a great friend. We keep in touch by pm and texts. I keep tempting him to come down for some delicious southern barbecue. I'll include a pic just to make everybody else drool😂! Friends we have made are friends for life!
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    I picked this little gem up from @Terry M a little over 3 years ago knowing it would be for my kids when they were ready. After reading @dclarke's post about his grandkids ranger i thought this project needed to hit the table again and finish it up. I used full floorboards from an Electro 12 and to make it fit i used a fender pan from an 856 donor to cover the wheels so no little limbs could be run over or caught. I also raised the fender pan 1 inch to make it all fit and cut out the pan a little for shifter clearance When i got this tractor it didnt have an engine, so i put in a kohler k141 industrial motor, i didnt want a blue engine so i wire wheeled all the paint off and cleared the tins, fabricated a new gas tank support. Im pretty happy how it turned out and it drives great. Here is my son age 3 pulling me in my double tub wagon, it was a fun afternoon.
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    This could be one reason.
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