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    Decided to take a couple pics of the 1257 on my lunch break of the horse. Idled it for 15 min.
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    We've all been concerned with JimD's disappearance from the forum, and not because he's a great Moderator. Today on FaceBook, Jim posted a new status: So our thoughts and prayers are with him on a speedy recovery. Hope to see you back soon @JimD
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    A Tecumseh with no electric start is a whole new kind of workout!! But it was very much worth the pain after I got everything dialed in. Today, I took a trip to check out a tractor I've been eyeing for a bit. I had some interest, mostly because of the front weights on the tractor, but was more put off by my experience with an HH60 on a 656 in the past (Which still doesn't run right ) and thought to myself, "There's no possible way I'd buy an HH60 with NO ELECTRIC START." But after continually looking at it from time to time, and the price being just right, I figured why not, I'll give it a shot. So I sent the guy a message, and he said he had it running in the summer, but not since then. So I brought a spark tester with me, and made sure that the tractor had spark before I bought it, which it did, thank god, and I brought it home! Once I got it home, I took it off the truck, and tried to start it by putting another tractor in front of it and connecting them with a belt with a flip in it to turn the motor in the right direction, but for the first time ever, that had failed me! Just wasn't working for me, So I had to do it, To the dreaded pull start. 3rd pull I got a putt, and a few putts in the next couple pulls. Then she started, but seemed to rev really high, So I kept playing with the throttle until it seemed okay. Tractor idled okay, but didn't want to run at higher speed well, I stalled it a bunch of times attempting to drive it around, so I pulled apart the carb, cleaned it, put some new parts in that I had laying around, and made some adjustments, and she purrs wonderfully. She uses some oil, but for a 51 year old tractor, I'm not complaining. The tractor is all original except for the seat and I think the carb, muffler and gas tank may be changed, but tough to tell, and the rims may have been painted due to some super light white over spray on the whole tractor, but the red is all original, that's for sure. I'm assuming it has been garaged its entire life because she really is a nice one. Really surprised me, a good running techy!! Who'd a thought of that! If any of you could possibly give me some pointers on how to get one of these old recoil starters to recoil better, I would really appreciate it! This one was starting to get sticky near the end of its tests, haha. and Without further adeiu, I present to you, Pictures. And a video!
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    I just uploaded a Brochure in the document section but thought I would share one of the best parts of that brochure. This is a really nice fold out Centerfold IMO.
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    Just got this 701 home. Nice addition to my collection. Always wanted one.
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    I found a few more old photos
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    I have a 20 x 25 foot garage that I have been storing my various Wheel Horses and John Deeres in. It's also home to my son-in-law's Harley. Right now it's over full and it's a pain to walk around everything and a real pain to get a tractor out that's buried in a corner. So, I bought a new lofted barn from one of those rent to own shed places. It's a 10 x 16 with a loft, verical z-metal siding over osb inner walls. It's supposed to be delivered sometime this week, probably tomorrow. Paid more than I was going to pay, but decided the loft would be a good to keep things off the floor. It will be home to about 4 tractors, most of them will be Wheel Horses, so it will be my horse barn. It will probably get Wheel Horse signage while the other garage will remain my main work shop and home to most of my John Deeres and probably the 520-H, plus of course, my son-in-law's Harley. I always wanted a red barn, so I guess this is close enough.
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    Youtube video of my 1979 Wheel Horse C-161 throwing some snow!
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    Gave bendy a workout today, got bogged to the axles a few times and if it wasn't for lots of lock to lock on the steering it wouldn't have made the slope. Gave me a good excuse to hose her down
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    So I posted in "what's in your mirror" this nice original 1989 520 HC. It came with a really clean 60" deck. I broke the nipple off the fuel pump when as I was changing the fuel line so $14 bucks later the new one arrived in the mail today. Put it on and fired it up. It was too cold today to degrease and pressure wash it but I was able to start buffing the hood with a high cutting compound and it is going to clean up real nice. Good news is the tranny is strong but bad news is the engine runs real strong but puffs a bit. Good news is I have another low hour Onan on the shelf that I can swap out. Hopefully tomorrow it warms up enough that I can pressure wash it. We shall see.
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    Hi , I'm new here just signed up a minute ago. I just got my first Workhorse Gt 1800. I've been waiting for that phone call since 1984 (I was born in 1983) and it finally came. My uncle said it was all mine if I wanted to make the 700 mile trip. An hour after that I was hooked up to my trailer and heading north. He hardly ever used it and it never spent a night outside. He gave me a mower deck , rototiller and a snow plow with it. It had sat in his garage untouched for 22 years. When I got to his house he said "I'm giving this to you under one condition, send me a video of you driving it someday when you get it running. The tractor meant a lot to him and to me. So I drove straight home and the next day I had it running like new. Sent him the video and he was as excited as an 80 year old can get. He has every piece of paper and manual that came with it since new in a binder. What I'm wondering is what other attachments are there for it and what model tractor would use the same attachments. Any information is greatly appreciated. Since I got this one I've been looking for more. I've always been in to tractors and the like but never could afford much more than old craftsmans. But now I got the bug for these. Thanks.
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    Well here is my much anticipated bucket list tractor. Thanks to @whtractors24 for finding and giving me 1st opportunity to purchase this one, and to @CasualObserver and @smokin joe for the insight on this true original 754. Tractor is all original as far as I can tell. It has what I have never seen before, but Wheel Horse branded 6-12 ags on the back which are in rough shape, I'm hoping I can somehow save these, seat pan is completely rusted through also has hole in the tool box. This tractor sat in PO collection for about 10 years untouched, my plan is to get it running and driving and that is probably all. Enjoy as I am still trying to settle my excitement on this rare find that I though would never happen. Serial #48337 Kohler engine K161s spec#28626E
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    This video was taken back in oct 2015 . I was amazed what that little 4hp kohler could do ! Think spring... https://youtu.be/pSnWliSydIU
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    I have to say I never hoped to find a 520h and now another followed me home. 550 hours on the clock.Owner was asking $350.
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    Okay, after deciding to get a swept front axle for my 95' 312-8 that use a plow on, I figured that I'd jump, get a welder (Lincoln Dual MIG 180ampDC 240v) and see what kind of fabrication I could mock and put together for the Plow/ Dozer extension kit... TOOLS LIST: 1. Ch. Elect. Chop saw and metal cutting disc 2. Ch. Elect. 4-1/2" Angle Grinder 3. Flat File 4. Ryobi dual drill/ hammer drill (not on hammer ha ha) 5. 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" drill bits (I really need to a get a drill press. Almost got one to face twice) 7. Vice 8. Tape Measure and scratch all (nail ha ha-don't worry I have a soap pen now) 9. Lincoln 240v Dual MIG 180amp DC welder with .035 FC wire 10. Can of Pam cooking spray to help limit spatter. I used the measurements on the site, got some 2.5" x 3/8" Flat stock and 3/4" round stock. I don't have a torch so I couldn't get the bend to work but I decided to try and weld the shift in the sidebars together. Unfortunately my stock was limited and I had t patch a 1/2" piece at the end of one of the side bars. It's not on high pressure point though. I did end up getting a little to high current on a couple welds but was able to get the welder more dialed in today and finish up the unit with better beads. I know they are not perfect but will get the job done. This is my first go round in welding so be gentle on the criticism (which is welcome). It's only been 2-3 days. Have a look. Piece that was but welded and then ground down to match and cut at the proper length. A little to much amperage. Thought about running two more beads on top of these after getting the welder dialed in for 3/8" which was WFS-3 and Volts-C with .035 FC wire. Lock slots... 11-7/16" at the bottom outside measurement (at the removable 3/4" lock bar). 11-1/2" at the top inside measurement. I simply placed it all on the plow and clamped the side bars to the plow rails and then set the top (rear) 3/4" bar and tacked it. Post welding fit... It's nice a snug on the plow frame and fits perfect on the plow bracket on the axle. Last this to do is drill the cotter pin holds. Next will be the lift bracket. Will use a sanding disc on the rest, prime and paint after that. More pics to come...
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    Long long ago back in the 60's I remembered selling a few sickle bars when we had a dealership. I can remember customers coming back in saying of all the attachments, excluding the mower decks, that the Sickle Bars really worked well. Now quite a few years ago I acquired some property that had a use for a small sickle bar. After trying to find one around here in Indiana, I finally located one in West Virginia. It appeared in decent shape and was attached to a Commando 8. Well after convincing the Mrs. I really was not nuts I set out on my road trip. That thing was up in hollars that the could have filmed the movie Deliverence in. Some of the most beautiful country is there. Anyway, I got the thing loaded and hauled back to the state of its birth. As you all know how the best of intentions to redo, fix projects have a way of getting pushed back until they are almost forgotten. This is what happened to this Sickle bar. I took it off the tractor and sold the tractor. Now that bar just lay there in wait. Finally I got tired of tripping over it and getting hurt (yes they can hurt you and not even be mounted) I decided to sell it. After the add was answered arrangements were made for one of are Red Square members to come pick it up. Well I had to call the buyer and tell him not to come because the Sicke Bar had been stolen along with other forms of steel and metal by scrapping thieves. Fortunately the Sickle Bar was recovered. Once again I made arrangements for the buyer to make his trip to pick it up. Now this member did a restore on this bar that can not be believed. He did not cut any corners and paid attention to ever detail no matter how big or small. We all know this member does not do anything half way. It's all or nothing with this guy. When I was messaging with this member about downsizing, he mention he was doing the same thing and offered the sickle bar back to me. After some thought and seeing these pictures he sent me I just could not resist. So off to the west this time to meet up dclark to pickup the same sickle bar. This has got to be the most traveled Sickle Bar in history. Here is some pics of it on Dennys 857 that I believe he had since sold.
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    Dear Lord, slim67 will be undergoing delicate spinal surgery tomorrow morning. Please guide the surgeon's hands to be steady and effective to do the task at hand, and not create any further damage We pray against any infection or complications. Calm the heart of his family. Give slim67 your peace so his body can heal under the best conditions. In the name of Jesus, bless slim67 to be healthier after this procedure than before. Lord allow this temporary trial to bring this family closer to you and each other. When he is coming out of surgery, let the side effects be minimal. Work a miracle in this whole situation and bless it from beginning to end. Thank you Lord for your blessing on this family. We praise you as we know we are in good hands- the very hands of God. In Jesus name, we thank you for each day. Amen.
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    Well I found a 312-8 locally yesterday in good shape so I went to look at it with the wife. Long story short she dropped me off and I drove it 4 miles back home. It is a strong runner and only took almost an hour to get home after a few short cuts through the town park. The picture of her at home under the deck till I can get her inside.
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    Or am I just being extra anal?!?!? I have one of these for all of my tractors and find it handy to keep install instructions, manuals, receipts for parts for the tractor, belt sizes, notes about work done on it ... you name it. Heaven forbid the tractor gets sold the book goes with it. Nice to have in the barn for quick reference.
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    Well when the job has to get done you fall back on your old reliable horse to accomplish it. I know you guys were expecting something else lol. I don't think this tractor has ever spent a day inside in all of its life and runs excellent every time. Has 2100 hrs on it and used no oil, doesn't smoke at all. It starts every time no mater what the weather.
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    Seems like the warm weather (70 degrees here in PA) has brought out some WH from the sheds. I've been watching a 418-A on CL for about a month now, but the seller was asking way too much. This weekend, I went to see it because the weather was good. I made him a reasonable offer on, much lower than he was asking. He said he'd consider it, then phoned me a few hours after I got home, and accepted my offer. Includes a nice 418-A with 680 hours, a 48" plow, weights & chains, 4 hub caps, a 48" rear-discharge deck, and a Craftsman garden cart for $800. The 418A came with owner's manual, sales brochure, and service records. It only needs some adjustments, no repairs. PO was an elderly gentleman who has his grandson cut his grass for him now (with a newer, yellow mower). I also noticed a rusty old B-100 with four flat tires sitting nearby, and they said I could have it for another $50. It will probably be just a 'parts tractor', but has some parts I need. Seems like people are taking advantage of the good weather to clean out their garages and barns, so there are deals to be found. A friend gave me a 1968 WH snow thrower just to get it out of his shed.
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    For those of you that opened this wondering what is a McLean, here is a link to some history on the tractor. It is also the most information that I have found on the McLean.http://www.tractorfriends.org/lawngardentractors/mccleangardentractors/mccleangardentractors.html Last year when I bought my Suburban 400 I also saw this strange little tractor sitting off to the side. I had no idea what it was but my interest was peaked. I took a couple pic's then kinda forgot about it for a while. Eventually it came back into my thoughts and I decided to do some research to find out what it was. I posted my pic's on here hoping some one would recognize it but I seemed to have every one stumped. After a few days of searching I finally found a picture of one on the net. Great! I thought, now I can find some info. Well there just isn't a lot of info out there on these thing, unfortunately. I did manage to find the owner of the one in the link that I posted above. He's a great guy, I spent some time on the phone with him and he was willing to send me some pic's to help me out with my project. Below are pics of when I brought my McLean home. Really rough shape, probably not worth fixing but it's a rare tractor so I was willing to give it a shot. A tractor needs an engine so I started there first. The K90 that was in the tractor was locked up of course, but after a month of dumping ATF down the plug hole two times a week it broke free. All of the tins and the bearing plate were junk so I started to look for parts. Then I found a K91 close buy and decided to go with that engine instead. I will tackle the K90 another time. There are many great engine rebuild posts on here so I'm going to keep mine real simple. 1 2 3 Next was the tear down on the rest of the tractor. Most of this went well, a PO had made a lot of changes that I had to cut out. I will share those as I go along on this resto. First thing that I tackled was the front end. The steering shaft had an aluminum pulley on one end and an aluminum steering wheel on the other, both of which were locked on to the shaft. i decided to cut the shaft in half so I could deal with removing the pulley & wheel on the bench. The steering wheel I did not remove because it is wrong anyway, but I needed the pulley. A little wax and some heat helped start to get things moving and then "Sha doobie Shattered Shattered". Well I have no way of casting aluminum but I did find a nice chunk of aluminum stock laying in my garage. It was 3 1/4" dia, I needed 2 1/8" dia. Time to make some shavings. Finished product next to original. A PO also cut part of the steering arms off that will be required for the differential to work. I made new pieces and reinforced the axle where it was worn. Then carefully measured and lined things up so I could weld every thing back together. Removing the old steering arm was great fun! Front end mocked up and looks ready for paint. Next it is on to the transmission. What to do with this mess?!
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    Anybody else see the Wheel Horse Fire Engine for sale on ? Don't want to repost somebody else's pics here. It's near Pittsburgh PA
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    Many likely recall the Hunt Brothers tried to corner the silver market to drive up the price. i assure everyone I'm not following this principle in regards to GT14's. LOL Although even I am beginning to think I may have a problem:-) I guess that's the first step to recovery. Hahahhaha i was was busy planning my next project several weeks ago when I habitually jumped on the Forum. And read through the classifieds. Gotta be quick with this group of fans. Lo and behold @SALTYWRIGHT, Russ, had posted his GT14. Having seen his deisel Horse, I took the immediate plunge trusting that even without photos it would be a nice horse. I'm glad I did. I drove up to his house yesterday after dropping off a truly magnificent beast at @fast88pu, Kyle. I managed to gain the good graces of Kyle's wife and she acquiesced to Kyle tagging along with me to help me out at Russ'. This was a boon more than she knew. His help was appreciated. I will note that Russ has a fine collection. And he and his wife are excellent people. A joy meeting them. Her for first time him for the second. I had previously met him at @stevebo, last large meet and greet. It was a lot of driving and did not get to photos as it got dark so here are a few this morning. this makes 4 whole GT14's and I continue to build my 22hp 8 speed GT14 mod. Not to mention I think I may have enough parts to build yet another. so as mentioned, I really am not trying to corner the GT14 market. It is just seems that way. I will very likely need to trim down collection soon. Hahahhaha
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    So the other day I built a kohler for a customer and had no way to test run it. So I put this together. This is first version as I will be making improvements to this in the future.
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    This is Russ' daughter - dad is back home from a stay at Norwalk Hospital following a fall last Thursday. He broke his T8 vertebrae (in his back) and is glad to be back home. He is walking slowly, but surely. I will try to keep you posted on his condition until he can get on the computer and do it himself.
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    so this weekend a good friend and my next door neighbor of 30 years crashed his truck into a bridge and died instantly.as some may have read earlier we got hit hard by the ice storm last week,well then it warmed up and rained,making the roads and driveways a nightmare,probally the worst ive ever seen,my friend was coming home from work at 5 pm,turned onto a gravel road near us,sped up,hit someice on the road and swerved out of control and died hitting a concrete bridge.still in shock,he was a mechanic for large equipment and had a liking for the horses,he couldn't believe how many I have,and was allways amazed at what they could do,we deweeded his pond years ago with one and a drag harrow,and when id plow his drive he just shake his head and say I cant believe what those little tractors could do,he will be missed greatly.his wife will have to move,ill never get neighbors like them again,my wife and his wife are close so its real tough on my wife,you never know when its our time,so enjoy every day
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    The weather is going to be great this week so i figured I'd get a jump on spring cleaning and organizing. Now I can get back to my rj 35 resto and finish my daughters engine on her suburban. (Yes there are 2 off brands in the back) 7 are wheel horses.
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    I thought i'd post the restoration of my Cub Cadet 70 which is very rare in the UK, I finished her last year. I was very happy when I won the auction but a massive task was ahead of me, it was nice to get a tractor that came with all of the original manuals and although someone had badly painted her at some point it was in an original condition, complete condition. Here is how I got her One of the first jobs was fixing the steering box which didn't work very well. We could see straight away why, as parts are expensive to import to the UK we tried to fix everything we could. My dad (meadowfield) fixed the steering box using bicycle headset parts and the steering box works exceptionally now. Since the steering box had been fixed I went on to refurbishing the steering wheel. First I used a dremel to remove all the rust and also drilled small holes into the plastic so that the epoxy putty i used would hold. I was very happy and its not noticeable now. Below is how she was before i stripped her down. Rust was very bad as you can see. After years of use and no way of greasing the axle the pin had seized solid, we tried many methods to remove it but had to resort to drilling out the pin, when reassembling the axle i added a grease nipple and we turned a groove in the pin. We then worked on removing all the bad metal and fabricating new pieces. \ I like to do restorations properly and so I sandblasted 99% of the parts to remove all the rust. Some one had smashed the hood stand to but a larger battery in so we had to fix that as well. That was then sandblasted. After many hours of repair and sandblasting it was time to etch prime the parts and paint the parts. I managed to save the original rear tyres which was good. Every part was painted separately and then i assembled for the last coats. The hood was littered with rust holes and pitts but in an effort to keep the originality the holes were welded up and lots of filler was required. Back on all 4 wheels The light knob was missing so from a picture I turned one on the lathe. After a few more bits and pieces and decals from my dad she was finished. Here I am on the first test drive! I managed to save the original number plates which i was very happy with. This has been my most favourite restoration i have done so far and i have learnt many skills including painting with a spray gun, (i did all the painting myself) all these skills will be helpful with my up and coming RJ 58 restoration
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    Couldn't find replacement muffler at decent price for my C-145 & C-161. Got with local Custom Exhaust Mfr and modeled one after my "bought new" '76 B-100 system. Muffler is made of aluminized steel and has internal baffles. Exhaust pipe is 16 gauge aluminized steel. Muffler measures 8" rim to rim with 1 1/2" tall inlet, has 3 1/2" body diameter and 4" rim diameter. Inlet accepts 1 1/2" exhaust pipe. Possible replacement for #102258, 105915, 106429 & 106918. You Provide 1" i.d. close nipple, 1" i.d. 45 coupler, 1" i.d. x 2 1/2" nipple, 1 3/8" clamp and 1 1/2" clamp. I use black pipe fittings. Can use galvanized. Muffler has tab for use on engines with cradle mount. You drill hole in tab if needed. Use of separate exhaust pipe along with 45 coupler allows for maximum adjustment in all directions during installation. I'm located in S.W. lower Michigan--can ship to lower 48 for $15.00 Only have 8 units now--hope to have 10 more in 8-10 weeks.
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    I have been finding lots of great people and info since being here and have decided to take the plunge and become a supporter. I dont think for the price you could be a part of such a great forum anywhere else. Its certainly worth it to me. Now is someone going to administer on oath or buy me a coffee or something? Thanks for having me.
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    Last year I never setup my 523Dxi with it's snowthrower and cab because of the lack of snow - and then on January 23, 2016 we were socked in for five days with close to 40" of snow from a blizzard. I never used that tractor! With this turning into another "Winter That Wasn't," I have been refining the installation of my "new/used" cab for the 518xi and the lighting controls compared to the cab on the 523Dxi. Two years ago on my 523Dxi, I had put 27W LED floods on the front and an 18W LED flood on the rear. I had also motorized the chute deflector on the single stage snowthrower. The wiper was manual. This year I have used the cab roof from the 523Dxi's cab for the 518xi. The reason is I have a motorized wiper and it is just easier to start fresh with the other roof. It will again get 27W floods on the front and an 18W flood on the rear. It will also receive copies of the new items I have mounted on the 518xi. The 518xi has received roof mounted taillights, and an amber LED lightbar. The tailights give me piece of mind due to the 518xi not having tailights like the other four 5xi models. Maybe this summer I will pull the seat pan off and finally add them! There is a master fuse at the battery and individual fuses inside the control box. All wire to wire connections were soldered and heat shrunk. I also used a trailer junction box, mounted at the roof, to make removal at the end of the season easier. For the wiring I used 12 gauge stranded to the control box. There is a Weatherpack connector at the firewall. I used 14 gauge stranded to the lights with one 12 gauge ground to the junction box to lessen the number of wires in the loom to the roof. This way all the wiring and boxes can be stored with the roof piece of the cab. Space was left on the face of the box for motion controls of the snowthrower and snow blade. My plan is to have common controls and connections for the attachments to each tractor. That way I can swap duties between tractors. Latest weather says snow next Sunday/Monday!!! Notice the fuse block cover from Glen Pettit. The red switch is a momentary switch for changing the amber lightbar pattern.
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    Well my friends, this will probably be the last update and the last of the work on the 500 Special until we are officially Hoosiers again. We are scheduled to close on our new place up there March 10. We will then close on this place a week or two later. But......you all know the potential pitfalls in real estate. But so far everything is moving along quite nicely. I was already working on the hood so I decided to finish and install it before the move. I think it will travel better. I made a modification at the hood hinge so it doesn't tip too far when open. I installed Terry's beautiful decals this morning and noticed something when I put the hood ornament on. The back hole was about 1/4" off center. This hood was originally on a 657 and of course it didn't have a hood stripe and it wasn't noticeable.. With the 500 Special stripe you've got a perfect reference to see it. I would have been compelled to fix it had I noticed it before painting the hood. Now it stays as is. This one is going to be a worker. You can see the axle bracket on it. Yup, this will be my snow pusher. I'll be looking for a blower for my 2005.
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    Here @AMC RULES ! Well here's a short video of my son on the RJ in a hay field that hasn't been tilled in forever . Still can't believe how much torque these little guys have . I hope some of you guys can get a laugh at one my sons " daa" monuments . https://youtu.be/CTZlgzr89vg
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    Well, it's little, but for some reason, I just felt that it absolutley had to happen. So 40 bucks later after visiting a tractor supply and a home depot, I came up with this! JUST KIDDING and if you have a keen eye, you'll notice the zip tie holding the flapper on(Only did that for the picture). I mounted it and it only lasted 5 minutes. Cheap chinese junk....just gotta find someone with a welder, and it will be as good as new. I like the stack. Sounds cool, and about the same volume as the old muffler that was on it. Now I just gotta get both headlights working and mounted again, and then I need the dash tower welded because it's been broken from years and years of only plowing. It was ordered with no mower deck, and has been that way since new. Just got a new float for the carb the other day, because the 50 year old one finally failed, but probably my most reliable tractor. Starts every time (except for when the float went bad)
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    My wife came home to this I'll just leave it there in the living room
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    I built this paint booth for about $100.00 Used material I had laying around. Lumber, bed frame, paint screen,shower curtain, velcro, casters, foam insulation, etc. All I bought was the range hood, venting, and lights. It's 3' by 3' close to 6' total height. Uses a furnace filter to filter incoming air when closed up with fan running. I made a insulated panel that fits into the sliding door and has vent door installed. With this setup I can paint any time of year. Very little fumage too. The clear shower curtain seals shut with velcro. I use various methods to hang the parts to be painted. I used it to paint the wheels on the 68 Charger. Worked great!
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    Nah, It was 72 degrees here today and I cut two dead blue spruce and needed a horse to drag em to the burn pile. The 520 blower happens to be at the front of the line, so he got the call.
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    Left side on the one right on the other and always show them nose to nose. Then you only need one set.
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    Finally made it upstate for some good snow. We had 12" Saturday and 5-6" Wednesday. Cold temps till Friday. That being said it was almost perfect.... it was 45-50 degeees when I started blowing. It was getting heavy. Anyway here's old faithful doing her thing. By the time it was over I had about 6 hours blowing. When my plow guy told me he made need a backhoe for the next storm. I said NO... I've got a horse!
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    Besides Wheel Horses or garden tractors in general, what other hobbies to you all enjoy? Mine is model trains, and it is my primary hobby/obsession. The trains and tractors are my two primary autistic obsessions and being able to enjoy each is critical to my mental stablity, or so says my therapist. I started with Lionel as a young lad, eventualy ending up with my father's set from teh late 1940's(still have it and it comes out of the cupboard at Christmas time). I moved into HO scale in my teens and joined the local club, then in my mid teens my aunt and late uncle got me an LGB starter set while on a trip to see his family in Germany. This started my years in G scale, in my early 20's I got my first live steam locomotive in G scale. As my eyes got worse in my late 30's making bi focals needed to see ho scale on a layout, I gave up the smaller scale and concentrating on G scale and live steam. I have both a railway in my garden, and one overhead in our living room for winter time use. The live steam runs primarly outside, but I have run it once or twice on the overhead loop. Here is a pic of my railways pride and joy, made by Merlin Locomotive Works in Welshpool, Wales UK in the in the mid 1980's. Butane gas fired, made of brass with a copper boiler. The engine house is one of my newest finds and will go on the garden railway when spring warmth returns. Cheers Mike the Aspie.
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    I pulled this from the 1980 fold out brochure. Just a brief synopsis of certain models/years.
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    I have had roller chain on my primary plow horse for some time. Been pleased but never had the opportunity for an almost direct comparison. Used the primary, Charger 12 yesterday. Took out the backup plow tractor Electro 12 today...what a difference!!!. I knew the back up wouldn't push quite as well as she has regular garden tractor chains on fat turf tires and not as much weight. She did OK pushing but the front end slid sideways way too much as she doesn't have roller chains on the front. I have to see if i have enough in stock and as soon as the snow melts off her she is getting #40 chain. First pic is primary girl...last 3 backup.
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    1979 Harley Shovelhead FLH 80 "King of the Highway" Mommas Ride Indian Chief Vintage Ural Patrol 2WD with my Girls and Best Man KenB
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    A-Z Tractor is offering a tiller tine kit upgrade for the Wheel Horse and Toro tractor mounted tillers. This kit includes a center pipe that the tines bolt to, the tines, and grade 8 bolts to mount them. The original tines were welded on the pipe and the replacement from Toro is very expensive. This kit is selling for $540.00 compared to $900.00 from Toro. When the tines wear out or get damaged all you have to do is unbolt it and install a new one. The replacement tines for this kit are selling at $8.45 each or the set of 24 for $195.00. This tine set replaces Toro number 93-1602-03 and 93-1603-03. If you have a tiller that this tine set doesn't fit contact me and I will make the set that works on your tiller. My goal is to provide tines at a reasonable price for the Wheel Horse tillers. I plan to have these at the big show this year but I can also ship them. The tines that I am using also will fit the bigger tillers that had the bolt on tine Toro number 102803 and 102802. If you want to order a kit you can email me at aztractor255@gmail.com or call me at 1-717-821-2542.
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    As you can see, I don't need much of a reason to take the RJ for a spin!
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    I wish I could, those live steam engines are expenisve! Here is a couple shots of the garden railway from last summer. Mike
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    While watching the National News this evening, they were showing all the snow in the North-East. It was a quick shot, but I saw a Wheel Horse with a snow plow pushing snow! Maybe someone on Red Square just had their 15 (seconds) of fame!
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    Scored a C-141 with 2 mower decks, a tiller and a lawn vac. Tractor runs but smokes so it is in for a rebuild.
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