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    It has been 36 hours since it last rained. One the longest stretches recently. The off season stable got a new roof this week and I had to move horses all over including the ones sleeping. Missing from the picture 418A (on loan to my new neighbor) Commando 8 in pieces being rebuilt. and 416 rolling frame waiting on a motor. I do not change implements anymore. No trailer queens here each one has a job, gets dirty and works.
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    The 2017 Big Show Parade was a big hit and "Wild Bill" Pearson did an outstanding job narrating the event.
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    I wanted to be the first to tell you that I have launched a new website that is appealing to the eye, easy to navigate, has an easy checkout process, and is user friendly to everyone. My new online store is Wheel Horse Parts and More. This is a new adventure for me and my web designers are asking for individual feedback as we continue to tweak the new site. In case you did not notice, I have made a slight change to my username, which is now "wheelhorseman." I invite each one of you to visit my new website. Here is a http://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com
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    @stevasaurus WHERE IN THE WORLD IS STEVASAUROUS ???? WELL LETS LOOk @857 horse @953 nut @squonk
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    We just attended our first of four Grandsons High School Graduation. Reed concentrated on math and science and finished 3rd in his class. He will continue his studies next fall at Penn State majoring in astro physics.
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    As many of you know @stevasaurus is not able to make it to the "Big Show" this year, but his stunt double "Steve On A Stick" is filling in for him and had a nice chat with Mike @squonk and Aldon @Aldon at the bus stop bench this afternoon! Steve on a stick will be making the rounds of the show this weekend, no telling what kind of trouble he will get into!
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    You know those special firsts in a dad's life? When your daughter is born, her first steps, first day of school, first boyfriend? Then there is the first run on the horse. Brings a tear to my eye.
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    Dear Lord, Jay Paxton has an exploratory procedure scheduled tomorrow that needs your divine intercession. Please guide the surgeon's hands to be steady and effective to do the task at hand, and not create any further damage We pray against any infection or complications. Calm the heart of his family. Give Jay your peace so his body can heal under the best conditions. In the name of Jesus, bless him to be healthier after this procedure than before. Lord allow this temporary trial to bring this family closer to you and each other. When Jay is coming out of surgery, let the side effects be minimal. Work a miracle in this whole situation and bless it from beginning to end. Thank you Lord for your blessing on this family. We praise you as we know we are in good hands- the very hands of God. In Jesus name, we thank you for each day. Amen.
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    ...seen this one before, just noticed, it's for sale again. Search Boston's C/L, "Wheelhorse" one word.
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    Don't want to be "stoned" off this site but wanted to show you the last restoration (working tractor) I finished with a Sears Suburban SS15 which was covered but in the "woods" for 20+ years. Was totally worth the effort and the thump of the OLD B&S 15 is a Joy...... Here's some Before and Afters Everything from the carb to the transmission need work but it was and is a solid as a rock......!
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    Being that there isn't any type of seller shoutout or seller recognition board, I wanted to mention it still. Thanks to: (In no particular order) - Lincoln at A-Ztractors (odds and ends parts and all around nice guy!) - Kelly Holister (WH enthusiast and used parts seller here in Michigan) - Lowell the Wheelhorseman1000 (great hitch and WH info) - Carl in Swonton, OH. (not on the internet as he is one of those elderly types that does just fine without it. Super nice guy and used parts seller) And Last but not least - Paul (aka: oldredrider) for sending me a very nice Rock Shaft and installation parts for a great price! You all have helped me get my tractors running and refurbished to use and soon restore. Without people like you all this great hobby would vanish along with these tractors that we all like and use.
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    Finally mounted my ag's this weekend in between rain storms. Carlisle tru power 23-10.50-12 on what I believe to be 8" wide rim. I never measured the width but assume they're 8" for that's what came on the tractor when I purchased it. Had wheels blasted and powder coated for $50. i really like the way they look and I'm sure will function just as well
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    I keep a sleeve hitch on my C-161 all the time for my larger implements but frequently need to move trailers and carts with it. I've always wanted an easy way to do that and thought Lowell's (Wheelhorseman1000) adapter would work well. Then I thought two of them welded back to back would be slick, very strong, and flexible. I ordered two of them and he welded them before he shipped the order. When I received it I drilled out one of the center holes to 3/4" to receive a trailer ball, did a little prep work, and then painted it. To pull a cart I just turn it over. It could have been done less expensively but I thought this was clean and strong. I think Lowell and my wife think I'm crazy but I took care of my own Father's Day present so my wife was ok with it.
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    I wanted to get the stickers from @Vinylguy and the horse-hood ornament from @GlenPettit posted before all you guys go to the Big Show. Here are the stickers from Terry for my 876. Beautiful!! Thank You Terry. I managed to hook up with Glen at Mentone. I asked him about his horse-head ornaments. He has been having trouble getting them chromed. I told him I was thinking about gold paint...so he gave me one to see how it looks. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I sanded it very lightly with 600 grit and used mineral spirits to clean it. 2 coats of etching primer (grey)...the 1st coat had a few issues hanging on to the epoxy, but the 2nd coat looked great. I the used 2 coats of Rust-Oleum gold. I have not decided if I want to clear coat it yet. I kind of like it like it is. I added a couple of shots with the original type chrome ornament which I got from @Shynon at AJ's Jamboree. Thank You Glen and Tom.
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    I just received my tie-rods from @wheelhorseman and couldn't wait to put them on. First I took the broken one and removed the old non-adjustable tie rod. Using it as a template, I adjusted the new adjustable tie rod and installed, then did the same for the other side. My steering wheel seemed to have been a tooth out, so while I was doing this I moved the steering wheel one tooth which corrected that. Then I did my measuring tape alignment, and gave it a very slight tow in for easier steering. Hopefully it doesn't wander, but if it does, the tie-rods are adjustable I can fix it. These tie-rods are very good quality and really tightened up the steering. I haven't painted them yet, but I suspect that the rod itself should be painted to prevent rust. Thank you to Lowell for making such a good product, and for the added bonus in the box. I gave it a good test fit and it's perfect, thank you so much that's the last missing part and I had a snowball's chance of finding it! If anyone is interested you can visit his new store at https://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com and pick up a set of tie rods or other very heavy duty reproduction parts!
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    I thought I would post some pics of a welding table I fabricated a couple years ago. I built it with 4, locking casters, so I could roll it around (outside) if I wanted to and still have air and electrical outlets to run my grinders and die grinders anywhere in the shop or outside if I want. I mounted me chop saw so that it sits flush with the table so I can feed stock into it. I also mounted a vise to it that's pinched on the table and it can be moved around the table. I mounted a pipe vise at one end also that can be moved if desired. The top is 1/2" thick and I left gaps to accommodate moving things around and clamping material down during set up. I have all my clamps and grinders hung on a rail on one end and I have my plasma cutter sitting in the center with a catch pan above that slides out for cleaning off slag, but also serves as a protector above my plasma cutter. I plan on building in a drawer only tool box on the other end to store my die grinders and accessories, along with some common tooling needed when welding and fabricating. Below you can see my pvc 36" tig rod storage containers that fit nicely on the bottom rack. They are all marked for size and filler rod type. Note. I have my HF Minnie tire changer temporarily mounted to the top because I have been mounting and un mounting tires during the RJ restoration project I have been working on. It is mounted using pinch type hold downs between the table top slots.
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    As much as I like the garden tractors, I have a few and have own probably literally 100s over the years, I always wanted a bigger tractor. My first choice would be a John Deere two cylinder one, like a H, M, 40, or maybe a L or LA, but most I've seen are above my budget, and most of the ones that I've seen for sale, except the L and LA which hardly ever come up for sale, are tri-fronts, which I hate. My second choice has always been a Farmall Cub, preferably the earlier red standard ones. So, I have been on the hunt for one. I've seen and drove several over the past several weeks. I narrow it down to a '52 and a '47. I ended up choosing the '47 mainly because of the owners. They are an elderly couple who are now developing health related issues. They have the Cub and a Farmall M that they take to shows and parades, but now have to quit and sell off their tractors. He is a retired mechanic, so the tractors are in great shape, cosmetically and mechanically. He is going deaf and she is now in the early stages of Alzheimer's. She fell and hit her head on the M at their last show, so they knew it was time to stop. They are a great couple, honest, and really nice people. I felt like I would be honored to own their little Cub and so the choice on which one I would buy was really influenced by them. I know you shouldn't be influenced by emotion when purchasing things, but it just felt right. I found a couple of tractors that had wheel weights, implements, and attachments, but the tractor had to be right. I can always buy implements over time when they become available, plus I'm just north of JP Tractor Salvage in Fredricktown, Missouri which has the rear wheel weights for $65 a set, and I have a set of the front wheel weights that I have been using on the rear wheels of my garden tractors. JP has plenty of implements and/or can get them in as they get new inventory all the time. 1947 was the first year of the Cub.
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    A few of mine.... The plow frame mounted tiller and ball hitch. The plow frame stabilizer. The sun top. The mole killer. Deck roller springs. Forward/reverse hydro foot control. Anti scalping rollers on 42" decks. Heat collector for snow blower cab. Snow blower auger rubber paddles. Snow blower chute controls.
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    Great idea for the plow/blower light, but I think some of the models in the 1960's came equipped with a 12V plug adaptor, or as it was known then - cigarette lighter. For me the best Mod has been buying a front hitch that just drops into the tach-o-matic. Way easier to move a trailer around while facing it and with the pivot point right by the steering wheels. It's just like picking it up by the tongue and walking with it, except way easier on the back!
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    How many lawn tractors made today will be able or around to accomplish this 56 years from now?
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    I have been slowly trying to clean up the yard in the back. There is an area in which I cannot get grass to grow no matter what so I ended up putting in landscape ties and close to 50 ton of gravel to create a road down to the barn. I also brought in topsoil and some sod (only thing to get grass to take on hill). Lots to go but looking much better. The loader got a workout and the Polaris EV handled without an issue.
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    @953 nut here's the pictures of Ed that you didn't get because you filled your card in the camera.
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    Thanks Richard, here are a few more. Thanks for the clock Terry. See Y'all tomorrow.
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    since I could not show the video of the log I was dragging, here is a pic of the smaller ones I was hauling around.
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    I have rear fenders that are modifed {widened} and able to accommodate 6 tail lights, with reverse lights in the middle two. The chrome exhaust tips are only for looks.
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    What a wonderful day for a tractor show, sunny skies, temperatures in the low 80s and lots of great tractors. The featured tractor was RED! OK, it wasn't , but it was RED. I took my Hot Rod 953 and here are a few of the more interesting tractors, trucks and other vehicles I saw. Fair warning; this last photo is rather hard to look at, but here goes!
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    Yea...yea...yea Dad...Clutch, brake, choke, blah, blah, blah...Got it...Now for the important stuff - Where's the bluetooth connection for my wireless headphones? And, does this thing have a wireless hotspot? Lucky Dad - Lucky girl!!!
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    I finally got one. 😀It looks to be a 1997 520H with 630 hrs on it. Back fins were clean and free of any gunk no leaking from underneath, haydro oil was full and clean. Also came with a 44 in two stage blower. just two spots with surface rust on the tractor. Pictures below I am excited to get my kwik way on it but first I want to do a full comprehensive maintenance on it and mow a few times just to make sure all is well. I am excited to join the group now what to get next 🤔 It also came with most of the manuals, front plastics not chrome hub caps as well below are a few more pictures
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    So before parking the ol horse I took a couple pics of its glory. I haven't rode it since before I put the massey weights on. I took it around the yard, then on the road down and back a few times for exercise, then put it back in the shed and wiped her down.
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    I have always wanted a sickle mower to cut ditches and banks but only have attachomatic based machines so after a little modification I put an old 50" sickle bar on my low hour 417A . I'm impressed with how well it works.
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    Found this jewel the other day, looks rough, but runs and cut great, a no brainer at 100.00.The 16hp onan runs great. Changed the oil & filter and mowed 1 acre. It did good.
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    I was starting to load the trailer this morning and I thought, why push the 401 up the ramp if I can get it running. The PO said it hadn't run for about three years, so I spent an hour or so cleaning the points and carburetor, draining the stale gas, and putting in a new plug, The 4 grandson come over on Wednesdays, and the 3 youngest took time from basketball to watch old grandpa work on the K91. Little did I know that my wife was also in the audience with my phone taking pictures. And with that, success! Runs great, purrs like a kitten. She's also pretty handy with the video as well. Looks like I'm going to be asking a little more for this one at the show.
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    Finally managed to fire up my partly restored C160 today! Ordered a new carb from China, a whole lot of paint and a new seat! Next step will be to see if I can save the old mower deck...
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    Snagged this tired ole C-195 today. She is pretty beat up but definitely worth fixing. Someone has hacked up the wiring. Wrong seat obviously. Voltage regulator is missing. Pretty sure the condensor is on wrong post. Can't find where it says the right diagram for the condensor. Not sure how, but the hydro fan blades are all busted off. Paint is not so great. Front right tire won't hold air. Guy said it ran a year ago..... This is the biggest Wheel Horse I've owned. Came with the Flexible Flyer 60" deck. Even with all the flaws, I hope it will run again. Will get more pics hopefully tomorrow
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    You may want to consider a hand clutch.
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    Hurrying home from a long hot day at a baseball tournament to have a cold drink and I encounter a major traffic jam on the mile long bridge crossing the Susquehanna River. I was sure t was a major accident, but after a 15 minute wait, this saved the day.
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    2 more days then we will all be big kids in the candy store lol. Wish safe travels to everyone going
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    Got to thinking - What are your favorite modifications that you have made to your WH tractor(s) that made them more usable, practical or just plain better? My goal with this thread is simple - Perhaps a bit of bragging by you all will help others who are seeking similar solutions and just haven't figured it out or thought of it yet... Of course - include pictures please... Two of my simple but favorites: A power plug for easy plug in power and a rear spot light for night time snow plowing...
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    Notice...Steve's not smiling.
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    My daughter Toni bought this for me last week at Wilhelm Tractor Show.
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    One in every crowd
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    From another site, CCI -- this video and several following are small RC tractors doing work:
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    As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I got a couple of roughed up K91T's along with my barn find of the 401 and 551. So I decided to take them apart and see if I could get them running. The first one is a spec number 31107A. This engine, according to the seller, was the original engine on the 401. He threw a rod, and busted a hole in the block. So he had the block welded, got and .010 under rod, and had the crank turned. Soon after doing all that, the engine started making a clanging noise and stopped running. He replaced it with a newer K91T and never touched the first K91 again. So that is where my adventure began. I took it all apart, and found that the noise was coming from a broken camshaft. I replaced it, check the crank and rod to find virtually no wear, mic'd the cylinder (okay), and resurfaced the valves. I ball-honed the cylinder, and installed a new set of rings. Put it all back to together did a little painting, and started it today for the first time in approximately 40 years. Here is the results: Now its on to the next K91T k91t_run_video.mp4
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    The guy was listing this 115 with a cart in craigslist for $50. I went down to take a look and once I saw the cart i knew it had to be mine… the tractor is for sale.
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    Well on my way to the VA this morning I see a place was doing a scrap metal drive to raise money. I happen to notice this little gem at 55mph. So j stopped and no one would be in until 1. So I went back and offered to donate some cash and they said nope, just take it since you were honest and waited and honest about the value. So there's a story of how being honest and doing right pays off especially for a guy like me who's always searching for these little gems.
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    I picked this up a few weeks ago. I got the owners manuals and a copy of the sales add from when the last PO bought it. $1000 and it had 923hrs on it when bought and has 925hrs on it when i bought it so not much use by the PO it had sum issues. The front anti scalp wheels were not right and the front of the deck was out of adjustment so it would just dig into the ground when turning or on unlevel ground. Its a 2000 model no power steering unlike the 522xi but i kinda like it better i feel what the front end is doing and still is easy to turn. I have a hard time keeping a straight line with 522xi its so easy to turn and not much feed back through the steering wheel. The 60'' deck takes sum getting use too. Missing the front grill and has a busted head light lens but i do like it.
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    Today as I swung myself into the seat getting ready to mow the lawn, I heard a crack. The kind that makes you sick to your stomach. Got off to see what happened and noticed the seat was loose. Well the pictures tell the rest of the story. Fortunately, three hours later, its as strong as ever and ready for another 35 years of seat banging.
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