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    Made up this shop sign, gonna find a place to hang it up tommorrow.
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    ...when you've stumbled upon another keeper. Earlier this week, I noticed a newly listed C/L ad for this "barn find" 1056... price was right, so I picked up the phone, contacted the seller who was still at work. Made arrangements to meet up with him around 5pm later that afternoon, a take a peek at what he dragged home. Story goes, he's a John Deere guy...who picked this up in a recent package deal, & just wanted to pass it on to the "right guy". Original owners son, run on some hard times...(aka, going to jail ) & was selling off some of his deceased fathers collection to pay off some bills. Seller was told, his Dad was meticulous with his maintenance, which seemed plausible, considering it was covered in grease, & inside of the fuel tank looked brand new. Said he always fogged the engine before being put up for storage, so...other than a front tire off the rim, and the JD seat...seemed like a pretty good deal for $100. That said, I took the chance, shook the man's hand...and loaded the ol' girl up. After getting it home & unloading...I was hoping the story wasn't BS. Had to admit here, the old girl was looking pretty rough. The following day, I did my usual routine though...took it to work and it an hours bath with our heated pressure washer...followed by a good dose of compressed air. Then left it sit for a couple days to dry out, while I tackled the usual fuel system refresh, new plug, new oil & air filter...then tubed the flat front tire. Today was the day to try putting some fire in the hole, though it did initially try to pop off...I discovered it had a really weak spark. Once I cleaned to points, she fired right off...smoked like a chimney at first. Then, cleared up, and is running like a champ now...no runs, drips, or errors. Was so stoked, that I took the rest of the afternoon, to do a little aesthetic detailing, changed the gawd awful seat for another I had here "in stock". Took a couple picts here to show the progress so far, plan to to the rims, and probably add new rubber in the future. I think it turned out pretty good so far...let me know what you think.
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    I got my new sign hung up today. Came from a local dealership with some close ties, my dad @Shynon used to turn wrenches there part time, pretty much what got us into the hobby. Here she is in all her glory 4ft x 6ft the sign that used to hang out front on HWY 60 in Fairibault MN
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    A friend of mine built this little beauty...
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    I've wanted one of these A-111 for awhile. Just thought they were some thing different and kinda unique. But never could find one that was descent. But I came across this one a week ago and the guy finally called me yesterday. So I went and got it. Picked her up for $60. It is pretty solid and was sold cause they couldn't figure out how the deck went on. I just got to figure out which belt goes on it. I believe this is a 1980 and they say a 70 or 72 inch belt.
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    So I talked to this gentlemen back in fall of 2016 and he wanted $800+ for this tractor. I talked him down to $450 as the 16 horse engine needed a new spark module. Then found my 520h and 312-8 and forgot about this one. So I was browsing CL yesterday and saw this 1993 416-8 for sale again... $250 with a nice 48" deck! Boom! Took it home at noon today! It has 662hrs in it. Has matching deck both with numbers. The engine sound tight and powerful. No smoking and only noise sounds like lifters and thats barely noticeable. Clean cylinder heat sinks from what I can see. The deck is a SD 48" and super quiet and still has some red on the bottom in spots. Photos.
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    I thought you guys may want to see this. Now excuse the sears has it was dads second favorite.
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    I've been watching these 2 horses on our local CL for a couple weeks.Fella had them listed in separate ads.I made a package deal price and got them last night.One is a C-195 that will run only on ether.Has a 48 in SD mower deck and a single stage snowblower with correct lift tube.Not sure if a C-195 ever had a single stage blower,but it was included.Other tractor is a C-105 8 speed that supposedly has a broken connecting rod.Has a poorly patched mower deck.I didn't need these tractors.......I wanted them.I'll check out the fuel delivery problem on the C-195 and probably consider some kind of interesting re-power on the C-105.Enjoy the pics.
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    If you have followed the "875-Iron Horse" thread in the restorations section of the forum, you know that my dad's first garden tractor was a . We finished the rectification of that tractor and have decided that it has worked hard for a lot of years and has earned a much deserved rest. Dad will use it periodically for light duty but mainly for shows, parades, etc. For anyone who knows me, I love GT plowing. Dad periodically plows with us and although the 875 is up to the task, we just don't want to put the wear on a fine resto. So, I began to hunt for a tractor for him. In his mid sixties, I wanted to locate something with hydro lift. Dad likes plowing with a gear jammer and so that was another parameter I had to keep in mind for my hunt. Because of dad's longstanding use of his 875, it had to be a horse, of course. Enter Clyde!!! Back in the spring @Shynon posted this beast for sale. Tom, you can feel free to post here any background about the tractor. I know it has been repowered and everything on it is functional. It had dad's name written all over it. So, I decided to purchase it for his birthday! I had to wait till the Portage show to pick it up since that was when Tom's path would cross with mine. the cool thing is that my dad came down to that show unexpectedly. He walked around with me and saw "his" tractor there, before he knew it was his! It was in this spot when he spotted it and we talked about it for awhile. He had no clue that these were ever made. My buddies @WHX12 @Achto @stevasaurus and @Rp.wh were all aware of it and helped me keep it a secret(no small feat for me!). Thanks guys! Here Zach is enjoying a little seat time once we got it home. It has some scuffs and scratches from 50 plus years of life but it is in what I would call "perfect plow tractor shape". Looks nice but you aren't afraid to use it! Here it sits with some of the other members of my stable. Dad turns 65 tomorrow and so the long anticipated day is almost here. We are going out with him for dinner on Friday night. I'm gonna try to have mom get him out of the house mid afternoon. Then I can bring it over and put it in the garage with a ribbon on it! When we get back from supper--SURPRISE! I sure hope he likes it. I wanted to have a set of AG's installed on the back but my fridge broke down two weeks ago and there went my $250! Oh well, there is always Christmas. Stay tuned for the big reveal...
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    Thanks to Terry the 876 is looking sharp again i put my new decals on last night. This is the tractor i picked up last month at the portage show all polished up. And a couple others out getting some sun
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    Got it out of the truck and powerwashed it. It cleaned up better than I thought.
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    Yesterday I was overseeing a whole house generator installation for a friend. This lady, along with her late husband, made it possible for my ‘B’-160 that I bought new to come back to me. Most of you know the scoop on that. I was over there the better part of the day and swapped out a couple light fixtures as the generator installation progressed. Early in the afternoon she said “I’ve got something else you’re going to want”. We walked out to the garage and she moved a few things to uncover this: I’ve been looking for a trailer like this but really didn’t think I’d find one especially in this shape. Zero rust and pitting and just a little bit of a repair on the rear lip. I offered to pay for it but she just said I could have it. It’s not the original paint so I’ll give it a fresh coat and correct the wheel color. I’m also thinking truck bed coating would be nice in the bed. The grandkids will love riding around in this.
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    Spent some quality time with the kiddos. The 1045 got a chance to stretch her legs out. It was a good day today
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    I've had this 701 for about a year. It ran nice but didn't look the greatest. This summer I decided it was going to get a make-over before our local tractor show. The following pictures show it before and after.
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    A friend woke me this morning saying GO look at this. So I did. WOW! The story behind it is even more amazing, but for now Just WOW!
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    Went to an auction today. Scored this nice little tub cart. No other WH items at the auction though. Original paint, rims too even has the dust caps! This one will go to my collection going to have to get rid of my current one. I pulled the serial tag off it was barely hanging on have to glue it back.
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    Dear Lord, Duke has a medical condition that needs your divine intercession. Please guide the therapist’s hands to be steady and effective to do the task at hand, and not create any further damage We pray against any infection or complications. Calm the heart of his family. Give him your peace so his body can heal under the best conditions. In the name of Jesus, bless him to be healthier after this procedure than before. Lord allow this temporary trial to bring this family closer to you and each other. Thank you Lord for your blessing on this family. We praise you as we know we are in good hands- the very hands of God. In Jesus name, we thank you for each day. Amen.
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    Last week my daughter said she wanted to do some mowing. I've had the generator on the 314-8 so I took that off and installed the deck. Today I came home from work late and "caught" her mowing the back yard. She was pretty proud of herself and was having a blast. I love when the kids run the Horses. Last night she took the 606 Rat for a ride around the neighborhood for about 20 minutes. She was gone so long I almost sent out a search party. The video is from today. Sorry if it's rotated...The pic is from last year in case the video doesn't open. IMG_4618.MOV
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    This August 24th I will be having an auction at my home in Garrettsville, Ohio at 5pm. I am selling a lot of my tools that I am no longer gong to be able to use. I'm also downsizing my collection of tractors from four to two I will be selling my C85 with the transplanted Oh140 Tecumseh and my 68 Commando 8. The Commando is torn down and has been power washed in preparation for a restoration that I am unable to complete. I have everything for this tractor The C85 has a snow plow on it and will be sold as a unit. I also have some decks for this and other models. Some are complete and some are shells that need finished. I know most of you can't possibly attend but I thought I would post this for those members in the area and anyone who would like to come. If you do come I would be most pleased to meet any or all of you. I will be easily identifiable as I will be the guy crying his eyes out on the sidelines. Ha ha, just kidding folks. I will admit that it's going to be a sad day for me but I recognize that it's time to let go. I hope some of you can attend. It would be nice to meet some more members. Thanks for your kind attention. ( Sorry for posting this in the wrong section. I forgot where I was when the light bulb came on to post this)
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    Enjoy the little things in life!
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    My wife thinks I'm working when I mow the lawn ...
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    Slot hitches are a bit hard to come by this side of the pond. I have one, but a couple of others would be handy. So Chris Sutton and I thought it would be a good idea to make two each, while I was staying with him on my annual trip down south. Last year we knocked up a couple of belly graders/ I decided to make a jig for when welding parts up. At the back of the bench, a piece of cast iron machined channel had been residing for years. Just the right size to fit inside the original slot hitch. A piece of plate and some bits of pipe and I had this. Apologies for the fuzzy photo. The crap welding is due to trying out a gasless mig welder for the first time. I told Chris I would get the steel and take it down with me. This was when I started to get carried away a bit. I decided to make a prototype. First I made some bosses for the hitch pin to fit through. Several pieces of cardboard cut outs were made to get the shape and angle of the sides, then I cut out some plate for the sides. Next thing was to get the bend on the side plates. I don't have a hydraulic press but I do have a pipe bender. With a 3/4" former mounted vertically instead of horizontal, with scribe lines on the centre and a line scribed on the plates where I wanted them bent, they turned out grand. I didn't take photo's of this, but I will while making the next ones. Plates cut for top and bottom of the slot, with a scrap slitting disc each side of the jig to give clearance inside the slot, things were tack welded. The assembly was removed from the jig, welded up and the result is below. I test fitted it to one of my horses and was pleased with the result. I then got carried away again and prime painted it. The eagle eyed of you will notice there is no lift arm. So flush with success I proceeded to set to on the other bits for the next three. Photo of two of side plates and two top and bottom of slot plates. Plates roughed out to fit bosses. 40mm black bar machined down and drilled out ready to make two bosses each. Plates finished off.
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    Had a couple of the various years carts out, catching some sun here today.
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    On vacation last week with the "Family". The crabs were cooperating. The kids got in a lot of paddle and pool time. Great Food.
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    My friend Ken just picked up an old 856 with a plow and a cart and mower deck from a guy up here in CT. Turns out, he had all the original paperwork from the day it was bought and all the service records up until today. Ken is now the second owner and had a 1/2" thick binder of records that are fascinating to see! Check these out: That's the plow sale price, on Aug 27,1966. Tractor was purchased the same day. Here's the folder he got. Here's a few more pics of a BEAUTIFUL catalog inside. It isn't faded in the slightest. What a thing! A whole year! Nice garden plowing outfit.. Mike
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    Eitch my eyes..... that better not be yours! Even the battery is green! What do you expect from a guy that puts his ags on bassacwards!
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    The cuz and I picked up a 1276 that belonged to a 98 year old man . He had a bunch of the original paperwork with the tractor that was in a old GM bus division folder . We believe he was a engineer at GM especially after looking at some of the little mods done to the tractor . Maybe some have seen this little trick but this is stupid easy . All it is apiece of bicycle chain used as detents for the lever and it works like a charm . Hope this helps some of you with that creeper problem... !
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    Specialwheelhorse Jimmy Rodgers has gone to a new stable in heaven 07/25/17. One of the TRULY nicest humans on earth. Such a sad happening, but he suffers no longer. Keep his memory alive in your heart and a prayer for his wife and daughters.
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    Just completed a lean to off my shop, 30' x 9'. Seems a 30' x 30' shop with 6 WH's, 2 project WH's, 1 Zero Turn and 1 ATV does not leave much room to work.. Will be adding some crushed limestone Friday, complete the side panels and calling it done. Material was extremely affordable, one of my boys is the Sales Manager at a steel building manufacture here in town, d and the labor was very reasonable. Win, Win. Is nice to be able to walk around without having to step over red stuff! Dennis
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    Best I have ever done was free, but I did have to remove the debris and remains of the shed that had collapsed on top of it. '57 RJ-35, I haven't done anything with it yet but here it is.
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    The easiest and quickest way to bolt up a four bolt Wheel Horse transmission to the frame of your tractor is to make yourself two 3/8 studs to set in the top two holes of the transmission (side that bolts into frame) . The studs protrude enough to align the frame on the transmission. Bolt up your bottom bolts then remove the studs one at a time , replacing with the other two 3/8 transmission bolts and lock washers.
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    I got a little lucky today and bought five K-90 motors plus a bunch of parts. one even runs two are complete and three are missing little stuff. All for every day low low price of 75.00 Happy Hunting everybody. Tim
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    Took the C-81 and finger bar, (that's what we call a sickle bar over here) to a local garden centre. Place has been near derelict for some time and has now got new owners. I did a deal with the new owner. I'd clear an overgrown area in return for firewood. The uncut patches have sleepers and other heavy things in and I was told to no bother about them.
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    Hi everyone. I've been a little delayed getting my updated pics to you. Took these pics about a week ago. I will include pics of how the tractor was when I retrieved it, as well. I read a post from someone who named their tractors after the original owners, or the previous if the original was unknown. I would like to introduce everyone to Edward (original owner) . Funny what a good power wash and replacing tires can do. Picked up a blade a week ago, so have to get the bracket painted and mounted.
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    I have been very busy lately and have let a few issues that I have needed to address go by the wayside. Sorry for that. First, I want to thank @ACman (Jeff) for buying and sending me an official T-shirt from the Big Show. I owe you Mate and Thank You Very Much. I have one from all the years I have been there, and I did not really want to miss this year's. Jeff, I apologize that it took me this long to acknowledge your gracious gift. Second, I got a PM from Squonk a few days ago telling me to look for a package on Saturday. I did get a package from Mike on Saturday. My wife brought it down to the "Man Cave" and asked if I was expecting a package...I said "yes" and she produced it and said "here ya go". I told her it was from Squonk...she rolled her eyes and said..."not more dinosaurs?". I was in the dark...had no idea what was in the package. Opened it up...3 more dinosaurs...one of them lights up, and a plaque (which I collect) from the 57th Pagent of Steam show in New York. Thanks Mike I have quite the collection of dinosaurs now...I think I should take a picture of the entire collection at this point.
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    Seen on a wall in a rec room of a cedar chalet rental home in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland...
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    Who needs a FEL when you have talent like this?
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    I have just recently finished a 48" deck complete restoration and a 60" deck restoration. Every bushing, bearing and wear spot has been repaired on both. Neither deck required any welding, just cleanup and repaint. Now I don't want to use them and get them dirty. Thanks to Terry for the excellent decals. That 60" deck is a beast. You can easily see the size difference in the pic. What you can't see is the weight difference. I can lift the 48" around by myself where the 60" is difficult with 2 people. Cleat
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    What caliber pistol were you using to get it for $250.00 ?
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    I pick this up two days ago in New Milford Ct. Because it was cheap from a nice older Wheel Horse enthusiast. He is 75 and still going strong. He has a bunch that he is try to thin out. It was a long ride for me but The Dog and I had fun going after the B-80. The engine is a trans plant but very little score marks hardly any smoke. Should be a good plow tractor because of the HI Lo tranny. It is like Craig says You can not just have one tractor It is not allowed. I hope you enjoy the video.
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    My best chance at a pretty original '66 156 LR......so bam !..... I took it. Other than the rear tires and a few decals....it seems pretty original to me. The little son-of-a-buck could not run any better. Bump the starter and it purrs from idle to full throttle. I have an original complete 156 deck so that sealed it for me. I dont plan on touching the paint except for a gentle washing. I heard linseed oil might work to kind of sharpen up the paint but who knows..... Feel free to let me know what you think.......$300
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    Picked these up today. A nice set of front weights! I was super excited, my wife thought I was crazy to be so excited over them.
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    @JA1980 had this listed in the for classifieds awhile back. I had my eye out for an HY for some time now to fit up on a dedicated plow tractor so I though what the heck go for it. @stevasaurus went and picked it up for me at the state line to make it an easy Saturday morning pick up and nice breakfast for me. Thanks Steve We were informed that this tractor might have went through the hands of Scott @whfan74 but when I asked him if he remembered it and could shed a little history on it he mumbled something about lost brain cells and too many horses going through his barn! I had originally planned on flipping the tractor figuring I might get a cheap HY out of the deal. & as I need another tractor like (another) hole in the head. Steve had warned me I was probably not gonna want to get rid of it. He was right. After a taking off the HY, a good bath, removing some PO inflicted wounds, and straightening up some wiring she fired up and ran like a champ. Puffs a little smoke but then I do too so that not's so serious. Bonus ...JA had graciously thrown in another frame an almost complete front end, a hood stand, some steering gear and a bunch of other parts! Darn near another whole tractor! I was happy. The bad news is the HY-2 is gonna take some work. The reservoir had water in it, the lift lever is froze up solid, the hoses are shot and the lift cylinder is seized and full of tar. All is not lost however as JA must have figured to go through it at one time and had Lowell's @wheelhorseman kit which he sent along! I do have it all apart now and it is savable but the judge sentenced me to hard time in front of the parts cleaner! These are quite simple little pumps and easy to work with. I will do a thread on it separate once I get going on it. As for the tractor since it has no lift lever, rock shaft or cable anymore it is going to share tub duties with the 702. As seen in the pics a PO put a strap on the slot hitch for a solid mount. I do have extra lift levers and parts so some day I might just get a hair up my and resto it. BTW did I mention the tires are like new and the FULL set of hubcaps....worth the price of admission right there!!! More pics once I get the hood back on.
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    Well, last Tuesday I got a call from my 81 year old uncle. He is still very active and even takes trustees out from the jail to do road cleanup a couple of times a week! He said he had a few projects that he just wasn't going to get around to and wanted to know if I wanted them. Being the horder that I am, I said YES! Got there Saturday and found a 1953ish REO reel mower, a 60's Jacobson reel mower for golf course greens, a Standard Oil Company oil pump, a kerosene pump, a store brand mower for Emory, and a Simplicity Wonderboy for me. I hope to work on the wonderboy later this winter - it looks rough, but is all there - even the cast aluminum deck! Just thought I'd share my finds.
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    Snagged this in a tool trade Saturday night. Got the tin off cleaning out the grass. Not anything there. Only showing 301 hours. Battery evidently leaked in the past, or froze up and cracked. Drain tube from battery is above deck. Acid apparently ran out on deck from the drain tube and ate up the deck. I am in the market for a very nice 48" deck and dozer blade. I think this really is a 300 hr. machine. I love the sound and feel of the Onan. This thing screams!
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    This C-101 was a freebie. Unfortunately, I don't have before pics, but here are some after investing a few hundred hours of labor and a few hundred bucks for paint, decals, and vinyl to make a seat.
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    It' not , but my next door neighbor invited me to the Grand Opening of his newly acquired garage. He is a collector of anything auto and old. The back half of his building is rented to a working repair/restoration shop....UK Motors. A couple visitors arrived in some cool rides. A Chevy with 28K miles and original paint.
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    Ran across this "used" fuel efficient car recently.
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    Wall Gym...that is a reall inderestin storie. for dose of us that cann't spel a Saw all is a grate tole. I loved myne!!
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