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    I saw something today that few of us have ever seen although I will bet that all of us have a desire to find some day! While the original RJ belt guard was almost new condition the cardboard box marked Wheel Horse 80-312 contained a set of four New Old Stock Wheel Horse hubcaps front and back still in paper covers in the box!
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    I live in what could be refereed to as a desert! You just don't generally see any listed for sale within a hundred miles. Low and behold I picked up a 418 C on that was listed as having a bad transmission only four miles from my house. Always wanted a Kohler twin and here I was picking one up in my own back yard. When I picked it up Tuesday I asked about the symptoms and as he described it I told him it was probably just a bad idler that had eaten the belt. I offered to let him back out of the deal but he didn't want to. This morning I had a chance to check it out and sure enough that is what had happened. Last spring I bought a parts tractor from Kyle @fast88pu and as luck would have it the belt and idler from it were in great shape so I didn't even have to leave the shop to pick up parts. The 418 has a great running twin, wheel weights, rear axle bracket for a snow plow, a good 48" SD deck and now I know it also has a good strong Eaton 1100, not too bad for $ 225. The paint and wiring are atrocious, but that will get taken care of in due time.
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    After I bought my new Dodge Ram 2500 diesel I thought I would go check out some truck forums to try and learn a thing or three about them. Every site I checked out had some knowledgeable folks & good contributors but man do the other forums suck out there compared to here! Ads, ads and more ads not to mention looooonnnnng running scripts & lousy topic layouts. Most very slow and complicated to navigate and figure out. Terrible to register and login, Not at all like the ease & ad free we have here or our sister site MOM. Maybe I am just used to being here. Keep up the good work Karl!
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    I started the restoration in 2009. Had to stop (work and life) finally got it back together last week. It still needs some stuff here and there but the hardest stuff is done
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    For the third year now, I am ready and looking forwards to Fall. Thanks to Oldredrider for the idea and inspiration. What was a nightmare job turned into something I actually look forwards to and enjoy. The ease and efficiency of this idea cuts job in a fraction of the time it used to take and makes for great seat time. Not only another example of what is possible with these old machines but also of the talent , vision, and willingness of forum members to share their knowledge and experience.
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    10-11-1960 Construction began on the 515 West Ireland Road Wheel Horse Factory The rapid growth of demand for Wheel Horse Garden Tractors was too much for the building that Pond had occupied for twelve years. On October 11, 1960, construction began on a new 46,500 square foot steel frame and masonry exterior factory building situated on 36 acres of land on Ireland Road, South Bend, IN. The new factory was ready for occupancy in August of 1961, the move from the old Pond factory on South Dixie Way (near Pond Street, wonder if this was one of the subdivisions built by Elmer Pond) took place in time for the next year’s production. The 1962 models were the first built in the new plant on Ireland Road. They included the 502, 552 and 702. All three models featured the new front mounted engine and cast iron cased transaxles. The business was acquired by American Motors (AMC) on May 24, 1974. The company paid $30 million as it expanded into non-automotive markets. In 1982, Wheel Horse was spun off from AMC to Munn Investment Group. During this time some cosmetic changes were made, but frame and attachment design remained the same. In mid-August 1986, Wheel Horse was sold off from Munn and purchased for $8 million by Toro. Tractors were built under the Toro banner for the next two decades. The Wheel Horse name was eliminated from production after 2007. Today the building is occupied by Lock Joint Tube, a specialty fabricator of metal tubing products used by diverse industries such as office furniture, automotive, health care, display fixtures and exercise equipment. Chandler Sales and Service located next to the old South Dixie Way factory is thought to be the first Wheel Horse dealership.
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    Hello, As many of you know, Terry has been doing this craft part time for quite awhile. I just feel compelled to post something on his behalf. I have purchased many sets of decals from Terry at Redo Your Horse and let me tell you he is the absolute best at what he does! I can be a very annoying individual and when I have had to call him with an issue, he greets me with nothing but professionalism. I have many horses that look absolutely great thanks to him and his knowledge of Wheel Horse/Toro Tractors. So I give praises to Terry at Redo Your Horse!
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    You are talking to the wrong crowd; we only have experience buying and coming up with reasons (excuses) for never parting with them.
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    Few years back I was driving down my road, a nice red CJ with a bikini top is coming the other way. Kid driving throws a big fast food bag in the ditch, I turn around and follow him, he pulls in the drive way of a very nice home at the golf course down the road. I go back and pick up the mess and put it back in the bag and drive back to his place and dump it in his front seat. It"s good to be an old fart some times .
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    Sorry that my pics aren't so great, but it was getting late. Emory had been asking Dad to ride a horse with him for a long time. Dad finally decided he would take out my worker GT14. He's had both knees replaced, so getting on and off was a little tough for him. They had a ball! Emory was on his Lawn Ranger from @limited12, Dad on the GT14, and I decided to follow on the 701 I bought at the Big Show. All 3 of us enjoyed the night!
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    Can hardly describe how proud I am of him. First kid to play college sports on either side of my fam forever. Started on the O line and won a 6A championship at Carmel last year. Zero thug and zero tats although thats where he was headed with the non-parent mother of his before I won sole custody of both kids.....and she paid me for the privilege. If you are a Dad please fight your ass off. It cost me 30K but I won big league. He just changed the oil in his car and didnt push back too much when I told him to vacuum out his car cause it was a mess. I dadded out and detailed the rims on his car.....I hate brake dust. He had a 3.7 GPA at graduation. Well see when I get mid term grades from college but I'm not worried. He is fascinated by my 50 YO Wheel Horse tractors. Gawd he is awesome.
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    You guys no how this goes. Well I recently let go of a few only to have a few more take there place. Well I tried guess there's no hope. My grandson even approves one of them.
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    It was a great morning to spend in a tree watching the sunrise. I even had a visitor.
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    First off thank you all for the kind Birthday greetings. Got myself a B-Day present. Bring on the leaves. I am impressed by the design and quality of the build. The horse is my recent CL find has a Series 2 KT 17 that is gray (service engine) but built to a Wheel horse Spec... She has made a couple of trips with the rake picking up heavy damp grass. Worked well. The screen on top of the rake has to be cleaned rather often with the damp grass. also gets very heavy when full. Mowing uphill in heavy grass with the rake almost full made her hit the governor . Full up the rake will push the C-175 around on turns. may have to look at front weights. Have to do some cosmetic work on the horse. I wanted to make sure she was mechanically reliable first. (Then again none of my horses are show queens)
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    Number one grandson gave me this prezzie for my birthday.
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    My son,grandson and I had a great day Saturday. This it is a large show and we spent a long day there and I wish I had time to go back and talk to many people I met there. I took my 1985-312-8 pictured below, but was so busy I forgot to take a picture of it there. There were about 20 garden Tractors at this show which is the largest showing I've seen in Texas so far. The Club owns 48 acres with lots of permanent displays, and is working or a complete Cotton Gin display.. They also have an area where they hold a plow day, antique planting corn day, antique cork harvesting day, etc.Someday I want to be the first Gt to show up at there plow day! I know it's green, but my18 mth old grandson Jeremy had a good time on this old JD, With it's loose steering he could really work that big wheel back and forth.. This was his first of many shows to attend. This owner from Johnson city, Tx had 4 WH but I never got to meet him Jeremy checked out member Motor12's beautiful RJ there . This meticious C145 was from Houston area, and had several enhancements. The Kohler engine screen was stainless expanded metal. The inset taillights looked cool This poor 312-8 was for sale by a vendor for a crazy price, needless to say it didn't sell. This was the only Case GT there It's green, but I like the loader! A nicely restored Panzer, but I like them in turquiose This was a great condition original Gibson Super with hood This giant 4 cylinder Hit & Miss was run several times during the day. it originally powered a geenerator that was mounted with it, but not operational. Being a power plant guy I would love to see one of these old generators restored and operational. This 14" dia. piston is bigger than a 5 gallon bucket . Lots of engine in a large shed, some working, many awaiting restoration This large horizontal Hit & Miss also originally powered a generator I was intriqued by the mechanism inside the flywheel which I suspect was some sort of speed governing mechanism. Here's the great looking olf GE generator it drove This large engine was hooked up to an air supply and slowly rotated all day long. There was also a large number of small hit or Miss engines. This restored Titan drove a flat belt powered air compressor, This is the first Cockshunt I've seen it Texas. It did very well in the Antique Tractor Pull Oliver was the featured tractor of the show and there were many! The Cat club was new at the show this year & there were a few track machines. This old Cletrac was an interesting display. it reportedly didn't run when brought to the show. Several guys tinkered with it and it was running by early afternoon. After lots of hand cranking, they hooked it up to another tractor and pull started it. The owner then drove it around for quite a while. This was a unique display an antique Car Club was also at the show. Does anyone know what model this old Case is? Thanks for joining me! IMG_4464.MOV oil pull.html
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    hello men, i needed a new brake band for my son-in-laws C-160. toro wants almost $80. these days. i contacted bob maynard via this site and ordered a half dozen from him. his price for just the lining is $20. each plus a small amount to cover shipping. the old brake band looked like a petrified alligator. i cleaned the band with my wire wheel. i applied bobs recommended adhesive.(permatex silicone) the new lining fits perfectly. i used some zip ties to hold it together while the adhesive sets up. great product and quick shipping. kudos to bob. mike in mass.
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    Cleaned up another old Simpsom loader laying around and mounted it on a 520H . I think it came out looking good. I have had at least 6 of these Simpson loader and I think they are great. all new fittings and hoses and stripped to bare metal, and painted, 125 lbs. of rear wts on each wheel, need to clean up bucket yet. It lift at least 7 ft. Love the 520's for loader tractors, easy steering and plenty of power.
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    Thursday, Sept 28,2017 Pretty much a set up day. Locally made tractors were featured. Quite a collection of Sheppard Diesels .... Made in Hanover, Pa. The Druck Family sets up their new TOY. Chain saw collection. This is what happens when you have a tractor that needs an engine and hit n miss that needs wheels.....Built by this 83 year old youngster. A couple wicked fords. First youngster to ride the Crazy Horse. I had a few red ones there and saved plenty of room for Erics herd of 30 coming tonight. Oops, gotta go, Mrs K just pulled in with her "stretch" to take me out for for dinner.
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    Some stuff came in the mail today ! added it to the wheel horse cabinet IMG_5118.MOV IMG_5118.MOV
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    Got my new front tires on today and my suitcase weights!
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    My buddy and fellow RS member, Ed Kennell, just left with my last two Classic-style Wheel Horses. So long to my 1986 312A and matching 1986 417A. Ed and I used the hand winch installed on his trailer plus the HF crane on my 518xi to easily load the tractors. Both are must-have accessories in my book! In preparation for our move next year, I am continuing to downsize the herd to a workable number.. So in the Wheel Horse column I now have left three Black Hoods and three 5xi tractors. That still leaves seven Bee Hinds as well. Next weekend we begin the search for a new property further South in the State for Lovers.
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    Worcester sand and gravel has a truck show every year. I go there quite a bit to get materials for work and my house. It's cool in general because they never really retire any of their equipment so you never know what you'll see. You will always see Macks though. Good assortment this year mostly older stuff which is what you want to see anyway. The little man loved it and what else can you do for $2?
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    I had a thread going in the tractors section called 701 black horse. Well I got it in early september. All was original except the fenders and the stop bracket for the lift arm. Well thanks to a fellow member I got the fenders and had the rest of the parts needed. I still have to install the fender brace and the dash plate. But after going through the engine and replacing what was needed. That followed with a days worth of straighten sheet metal and several days of paint stripping. The look it obtained grew on me. So everything got wet sanded and clear coated. It got all new fluids and everything that was needed mechanicaly. So overall this tractor had been previously painted 6 times and 7 time in some spots. This tractor has become one of my favorites and i will be snowblowing with it this winter. But most importantly here's the pics! There's some before and after. I'll post some more when the snowblower is put on.
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    Super easy to load pictures ,if you are a supporter No one is mean to you if you do not have the knowledge that they do I could go on, but that covers the important stuff. And also, we have Big Red Fred [I told you we already covered the important stuff ]
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    Yes we do have it made here at RedSquare. I belong to several online forums, and this is by far the easiest to navigate and has the best membership of all of them. This feels like one big family that I feel deeply honored to be a part of. Huge shout out to Karl and the entire team of moderators for making RedSquare the wonderful place it is. Keep up the good work guys
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    I want to thank everyone with all the information for my C160 restoration. Thanks also to Jim Kemp for the exhaust stack. I think it looks great!
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    Dear Lord, Jim DeLong has a medical condition that needs your divine intercession. Please guide the surgeon's hands to be steady and effective to do the task at hand, and not create any further damage We pray against any infection or complications. Calm the heart of his family. Give Jim your peace so his body can heal under the best conditions. In the name of Jesus, bless Jim to be healthier after this procedure than before. Lord allow this temporary trial to bring this family closer to you and each other. When he is coming out of surgery, let the side effects be minimal. Work a miracle in this whole situation and bless it from beginning to end. Thank you Lord for your blessing on this family. We praise you as we know we are in good hands- the very hands of God. In Jesus name, we thank you for each day. Amen.
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    Had all three out today, hopefully the c160 is going to a new home tomorrow.
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    Stevebo's manual, and electric start '56 Ride-Away Seniors.
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    Finnaly found a complete wheel horse snow cab, not quite ready for the snow but when it comes this will make it a little more enjoyable.
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    First off, Mods I'm not sure if this belongs here or in restorations or where. Please move to the correct spot if necessary. Emory wanted a deck for his latest lawn ranger and I had an old one laying around. Greased her up and put it on and the shaft bearings are so warm that it deafens you to ride it! Mows great, but loud! Saw this short frame deck on Craigslist. Went to look at it and figured I can switch the carrier and main drive over from the lawn ranger deck. It's in great condition, with a later repaint. Same guy also had a set of used 42" blades in an original wheel horse box with it. $125 for the deck and blades (a little high, but wait there's more!). He had one 23x8.5-12 Carlisle tru power tire $40 and a 16hp Briggs twin van guard engine. Wasn't looking for an engine, but it's now going to be part of Emory's Christmas. He started it and it ran great - love the sound of these engines! Made me an offer I couldn't turn down - $175! Well let's say I couldn't load it up fast enough. I may be wrong, but I think I did pretty good! Below is a pic of the haul. Proof there are still great guys out there on Craigslist and only about an hour from home - where horses are scarce as hens teeth!
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    I’m in the midst of restoring a GT14 to her formal glory. And I keep reading that the 14 had her own set of attachments. So far the only attachment I have seen so far is the tiller. Can someone post some pictures of the other attachments such as a snow blower. Here are a few pictures of my restoration:
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    This RJ-35 belongs to a friend from work. He traded a vertical shaft engine for it twenty years ago. He and I were talking about garden tractors a year ago when the topic of Wheel Horse and Pond came up. He said he had one but wasnt sure what year it was exactly. Is there a tag on these somewhere like the later RJs? It is definitely a survivor minus the engine.
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    Also, Terry has been a strong supporter of RedSquare. Over the years he has come up with coll banners, refrigerator/tool box magnets and other goodies for supporters of the site. Great guy too.
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    I used the newly acquired 417 Auto with the 48" deck for mowing duty yesterday. I like the big tractor feel and sound of the twin Kohler. And that 48" deck makes a nice cut. But, now I remember why I converted the 520 to a dedicated snow chucker. Those twins throw too much heat to use as a mower in this 85 degree heat. May be a dedicated plow tractor is coming.
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    I didn't get real good shots of our lineups maybe Dan got better ones. I think this is a corn sheller?? Help me out guys. cool working spark plug display below this was on the steam engine Josh showed above...pretty cool for the day Putting an edge on the shingle mill blade. Peacemaker Jack & kids having a good time... did I mention the weather was really nice?!?!? This is what that Case mentioned above did all weekend. Idle hands are the devil's workshop as they say so I put'em to work! I gotta have one these someday being a Lennox dealer & all Lennox Kitty track 600, Only made in '62 & '63 ...or is it 63 & 64?!?!? Regardless very cool! This one looked to be in good shape The owner wasn't around all weekend but I left a card on it if he was willing to sell! There was a D-200 for sale there that was in very nice shape. Nice FEL, 3 pt, turning brakes... We drooled over it all weekend but we couldn't come up with enough money between all of us to buy penny candy! This was the only pic I got stupid me. May be @Achto got one. I did determine from the motor SN that it was a '74. in no way am I trying to sell this for the guy.
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    There was a recent car auction here in U.K. Which saw a very nice 604 in the catalogue the tractor along with reel mower, cutting deck & 1 furrow plough , fetched a price of £1700 ,,,$2770 .50 The 604 is very rare here in U.K. & are highly desirable , as is any round hood wheel horse
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    Get a few up then when I get some time then. A week off of work for bear hunting followed by a tractor show has go me behind the 8 ball at work! I have got to tell the story about Dan's phone...... I really snickered when his brother made the comment about putting it in front of the truck tire! Nice little load of round hoods ready to go with four more in the big box. Nice thing about a show this close (and two trucks/trailers) is making a double trip. Cindy actually handled the Dodge pretty good!
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    Now have two of this model. It'll be the next Restore. Couldn't turn down a free one. Only thing missing is the carb (only have half a dozen carbs laying around), but the deck is trashed. Luckily I have two or three replacement decks here as well. I'll have to make it look like this one.
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    May as well .... go BIG.
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    Cut me some new 1/2" exhaust port threads today... & got another oil bath converted to updraft.
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    Hi everyone,I made a pair of skid shoes or feet or what ever they are called out of a piece of pipe and other metal. Here is the result.
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    Dad sent me a few pics he took of the line up on Saturday morning. The shade was nice but not good for clean, sharp pictures... Lots of cool stuff!
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    I picked these up yesterday. They were all scrap yard bound. Ended up with a good snow blower, 3 good rear ends and some other parts. So it was worth it for me. The guy pulled the motors off all 3 and was gonna junk the rest. I left the decks cause they were beyond repair or anything salvageable. All 3 tractors were used until they had motors ripped off. They look kinda rough. But that's cause they never been stored inside. Atleast not for the last several years. I also got the gas tank and steering wheel and steering shaft for the 552. The C-120 is a 1976. I'm unsure of what exactly the black hood was. The serial number is wore right off.
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    This is their Wheel Horse hitch plate. Seems to be strong enough for my use. Braced down to the draw bar pin.
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