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    I picked up this 1974 C-160 awhile back, I got it to pull the 16hp Kohler for a different mower project, but as time passed I had to bring this baby back to life! Add Ons 16HP Briggs Vanguard V-twin Wheel Horse Plow 5.25" Pulley Off a Hydro Plow/Hitch bracket from Ebay user randy3501972 (thanks if you're on here!) Homemade trailer, can be pulled by tractor, or can load tractor in trailer and pull with truck. Bench seats double as loading ramps. Cheers, Who else has a winter project going?
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    The RJ fuel tank isnot an easy item to come by. I have however found a few usable ones by looking for vintage go kart fuel tanks. Some are identical to the RJ tank and they do show up once in a while.In the two in the photo , the tanks is exactly the same size and bung location are within 1/2" of RJ tank. Drain holes are also close but those are not as critical.Filler neck is identical in one and slightly higher in the other( its actually a better one to use). I tried them and they work great. These particular two are flawless inside and out .
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    A few years back i bought an used one that pump was shot.Upon doing research on pumps and how to improve it, here is what I came up with, and it has worked flawlessly for years. I use Kerosene with a bit of water mixed in. I use a drum underneath it as the reservoir .Fluid drains to drum and its pumped back into it with a fuel submersible Little Giant pump. It is filtered on its way up to tank using an auto filter. When not in use after a while the heavier water helps push dirt and sediment to bottom where it stays. Pump is set above the water level in the kerosene. I can after a few days as needed shut the drain valve from the top tank and pump the clean kerosene into it. I then clean the bottom drum of the dirty water with all of the sludge, add another gallon of water and let the kerosene back down to normal re circulation. Drum has roughly 9 gallons of kerosene and one gallon of water. The fact that top container is continuously draining allows me to use entire tank for cleaning without item being submerged in fluid.Not having the pump in there also increases work space. I have now used the same kerosene for about 4 years with just a little replenishment once in a while. Pump was a bit expensive but it is nearly indestructible with plenty of pressure. I can also adjust pressure by partially closing valve into the tank.
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    Today I made a few changes to the 1257. Gt14 intake, had to lower the lights for it which look better to me. I know it's early and February but I took the plow off and put on the sickle bar. Trying to rush winter to be over. Plus I miss the look of it, but definitely didn't miss putting it on... awkward lol.
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    chrisg i used chrome drain tail pieces, cutoff the ends, perfect size to slide over muffler! http://www.truevalue.com/product/Plumbing/Drain-Parts-Repair/Drain-Tubes-Fittings-Metal/Sink-Drain-Direct-Connect-Waste-Arm-Chrome-Plated-1-5-x-15-In-/pc/15/c/219/sc/1822/92697.uts
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    Your hose end swivels that are leaking are crimped on and you would have to cut them off. After that the hose would be too short. Also they are probably SAE #5 O ring Boss (ORB) fittings. Finding hose end 90 degree swivels is near impossible ( I have been looking for 3-4 years now) SAE#5 fell out of favor many years ago.. You have to use adapters like SAE #5 ORB to JIC 37 Flare male. Then a JIC 37 female hose end. As pointed out by Richard above, Lowell has figured that out and would be the best way to continue.
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    In both cases I thing Lowell @wheelhorseman will be your best bet for repair parts.
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    I have done 3 of them. They were soldered and that is how I did the replacements.It was relatively simple and all three wee successful on the first try with no leaks. The fact that the replacements I found were the exact size made it also easy.
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    Given the fact that you already retapped the hole to 9/16 - 18 I would install a 9/16 bolt with a crush washer (copper or brass). This will seal it up for you.
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    Might not get that one back. Very nice meeting your son and making it happen. Will be watching to see what happens with it.
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    My Son and @19richie66 Richie made this deal happen for me. Richie asked if I was interested in this Ranger and some other parts and a K301. Richie went above and beyond to work out the logistics to get this to me. I could not meet him but my Son didn't mind making the 2.5 hour one way trip to meet Richie. Now I just have to convince my Grandson it needs Grandpa's tlc.
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    Fine looking young man on the seat...
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    You might be right on that call. Glenn
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    He's just a newbie? Could be that as well. You really want another ? I really do have a Raider in need of an engine and TLC. Oldman
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    Stepping back, I think it's just likely that he's new. Even so, where did that $.93 come from? Glad I let this one slide by!
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    Looks like someone's already called "dibs".
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    If you plan to mount a tiller or blade (front or mid mount) that requires an axle bracket you will need a plug that ends up flush with the bottom of the transaxle.
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    Every two piece transmission I open gets a front drain hole & magnetic plug. 3/8ths NPT. I use the square head plug and drill a 1/8" hole in it and JB well a cheapy ebay magnet in it.
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    There you go. Very clever. Like they say necessity is the mother of invention.
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    Yeah real good info there fellas. I go through a alot of these cans. They are a tad short tho. Let me know if there's a need for them I will start hoarding empties!
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    I ended up doing some investigation and found the lid of a PVC primer can is the identical opening that is on my RJ gas tank. I soldered it on and it works perfectly.
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    The drain plug hole was tapped for 1/4 NPT (National Pipe Thread) not 9/16 -18. NPT is tapered 9/16 -18 is straight thread To seal you will need tapered threads or some sort of gasket n a very short 9/16 -18 Bolt EDIT:: Drill the hole out to 9/16" then buy or borrow a 3/8NPT pipe tap (Cheapies are abut $10 good ones about $35) and thread it then get a 3/8" plug
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    It looks sad to be leaving home, see the tear stained window!
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    could be he's just a dummy....... Oldman
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    It's a lot about values - not that today's generations don't have them, but they don't take those values as seriously as the older generations that lived through those times. When I was young we were corrected away from disrespectful behavior quickly, not just by parents , but everyone and anyone. Parents did their job better - that's obvious. Now they let social media teach their kids, bad idea and lazy in a way on their part. I don't think he understood what he was doing - although anyone from the older generations never would have done such a thing - it was a value taught deeply to them when they were young and these days things are a lot less stern in how they are taught. I'm glad he won - he's done such an amazing job and has tried to represent his country in his way, the other stuff is noise until the courts decide - who knows. Personally - if those athletes want to display their flag at the end of a competition that's fine - but do it with a small one on a stick , don't wrap a 3x5 around yourself like some cape of a trophy - to me you didn't earn it . Sarge
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    i actually just finished this same process last month. I have a walker mower that popped the magnum 16. The magnums 16s are like a unicorn to find, so I got a K341, bored it from age, and swapped it all over. Using some advice via gardentractor pulling tips, i didnt use the balancer gears because like he said, they explode and this is what did my magnum 16 in. I also had to cut down the block where oil pan mounted to make it a narrow base. All in all, it worked out well.
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    Correct - Lowell does have the swivel #5 ORB ends, or did the last time we communicated via messenger. New hoses and a valve rebuild kit will stop those issues. I replaced the hoses on my 16 Auto years ago - now the valve itself is leaking pretty good and I have to get a kit to rebuild it from Lowell myself - keep forgetting to order one. When I did the hoses I used (4) #5 ORB to JIC straight adapters and ran straight end hoses off the valve side. The ones that supply the valve off the transmission can be tricky since they are the 90* swivel type and there isn't much room to the fender on the 16 Auto - they really need to be 90* directly off the hose with no adapter. Can't recall now what is on the cylinder lines at the cylinder end right , think one was straight and the other 45* or something...I can look later on today. Sarge
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    I have a GT1100 setting in my bone yard. It did run when parked but was weak. I can try to take a few pics today of the carburetor and linkage assy. I can sell your some of the parts if you need them. let me know I added these pictures, probably not much help. If you need me to I can take it apart.
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    First of all find a new mechanic. Governors are stupid easy to put back together, so why this guy couldn’t figure it out who knows. Look for an engine manual, you will prolly be able to put it together yourself...
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    We don't ever say Craig is right around here Don........ he has a tendency to get a big head !
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    Great find and idea for a not so easy to remedy common problem. If Moderators are watching this thread should be moved to Instructional threads and videos or pinned here so everyone can see it and benefit from it.
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    If you cant find them , its because there is already a big stash here.
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    Now that you have divulged your secret stash we will all be out there bidding against you.
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    Need to clear a couple things up. You say pump to the housing...did you mean hydro motor?? You have a separated system. The motor attaches to the transaxle. Which bearing is messed up in the picture here? (I hope it isn't 4-18) Is it on the hydro motor end of 4-32 the "gear Shaft" EDIT: The broken bearing was it open or closed on one end?????
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    The red washer will go on the nut that holds the float bowl on. Be sure to soak the carb. in some Barryman's Carb. Cleaner (get it at any auto parts store or even Wallyworld) and blow out all of the passages. There are some extremely small passages that will foul up a carb. if not cleaned.
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    Is this the place your thinking of? http://www.hitnmiss.com/31.html The filler necks are on the bottom of the page.
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    It may take me a while to find it. I kind of found it by accident a couple of years ago. It was basically a simple website with a PDF list on it. Seems run by a single guy. I called in the order and when received you send him the payment (Incredible now a days). With the order he sent me a small catalogue that I know it is here somewhere. Having said all of that, I bought 6 necks and caps. I used 3 necks and all of the caps. I have 3 necks left. Haven't had a need for them since . I like to have these things around that is why I never get one of anything, however if any one is desperate for them (I know that when you need this there is nothing else that will fix it) I am willing to part with them. There will be no charge, they were ridiculously inexpensive. First come first serve basis of course.One per call so others can save their tanks.
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    You will need to build or buy a sub frame that will attach the loader to the tractor.
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    First, NEVER go back to that shop! Withe these manuals for your tractor and engine you or friend should be able to get it back together.
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    Here is one place. http://classickitchensandmore.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&keyword=wheel horse&search_in_description=1&inc_subcat=0&sort=20a&page=1
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    Thats the first thing I thought of Dan ... getting the right combo of flux, heat, solder and clean metal would be tricky but doable. 'specially with a tank that Lane piced. A couple of the tanks that I messed with that's what appeared how the 1/8 npt bottom bung was attached? Or brazed??? Bet a good welder could tig one in? Maybe overlay a good base sheet metal to get back into a good area of the tank Lane
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    Craig is right antique white is the correct color.
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    Power Kings are animals. Specially the 24 series.
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    There is actually someone out there that makes the correct neck. It is a supplier of hit&miss engine parts. I will look for the information and post it.
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    I contacted them last year about this. I suggested that there’s a market out there for the rolled threaded filler necks and caps used on many old lawnmower/garden tractor gas tanks. Maybe if they were to get more requests they’d start producing them.
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    I know a lot of people would not agree with me, but I think having the draft again would change our young people for the better - I have a grandson who was on the wrong road and I talked him into joining the Marines..he didn't like me for awhile, but he is a 40 year old example of an upstanding Christian husband, father and community leader....wouldn 't have happened without the service...
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    When draining the transmission be sure to jack up the front end. There is a hump in the middle of the casting that will prevent some of the old fluid from emptying.
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    With all the rain we have been having the snow crew needs to be augmented by an amphibious
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