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    Back on , $ 2.000 buy it now or bids starting at $ 999. Better act quick!
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    Caleb purchased this package deal about a month ago. We brought it home, cleaned off the road salt and changed the oil. Since then we haven’t had much time to work on it. It is a solid one owner tractor but still has some rough spots here and there. Came with several nice implements including a tiller and 48” blade. The wiring is cobbled and will need some work to get it functioning like it should but I love a challenge and with this one it means time with my son! Caleb was a happy boy and now is ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work! We needed a heated space to work in, especially since this cold snap is keeping high temps in the single digits or less. I finished insulating the shop last week and tonight we started on JackRabbit... The seat was rocking and rolling all over the place. Thanks to you guys, we picked up a 520 seat bracket. Caleb pulled the seat and I began working on there seat slides with Deep Creep to free them up. Then we pulled the filter and drained the rear axle oil. Caleb was excited to get under this thing and get his hands dirty. He was upset with me if I tried to take something apart! I like that—I want him to learn to do it and no better way than hands on under the watchful eye of a tutor. After taking the tank off, we completely drained the old fuel out. Do you guys have any recommendations on cleaning it out other than pouring some fresh fuel in, sloshing it around and dumping it out? As expected, lots of debris in the “trap spots” that will be cleaned out. To be continued...
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    Speaking of Calendars, I made myself a banner for the shop. Picture is not too great but it looks nice on the wall.
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    Had a niece and two nephews over for some good ole toboggan racing on our street... The big kids - My son and his girlfriend...(the college kids) are the ones who fell off!!! Couldn't be my "no-hands" driving while my niece took the wheel... After some basic instructions to the little guys ("hold on"): We were off to the races (Which of course the little guys won by a wide margin!!! Good Times!!!
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    My first Horse was a 68 Ranger. Amazingly strong little tractors. Hope I am not infringing but that picture is awesome. Would have made a great ad.
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    Version 1.0.0


    The 2018 RedSquare Wheel Horse calendar.


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    I needed to order some wire to have on the shelf for the shop and couldn't find any for a few days that was reasonably priced and Not CCA alum/copper mix. I tripped over this looking for something else and ordered it. Came in today and looks good. Made in USA !!! Search google for Heavy Duty 14 Gauge 7 Way Conductor Wire RV Trailer Cable Cord And click on a popular "A" site. There are a bunch of sizes and $$$ amounts but I found the best deal for me at $44 for 50 foot roll. (the ONLY one under a buck a foot) This will give you pre-made harness when you need it... Or strip and cut for 7 different colors of 14 gauge wire that's All copper.
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    What are you guys saying? I just saw this on eBay and bought it! I had been looking for a project and thought this would be a good one for Emory and I. Did I get taken that bad?
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    Me thinks you guys had way too much punch for New Years...
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    I should send him a pic of wife to do some magic on to make her a 10, bet he'll get as frustrated as we are! Do you guys realize Terry photo shopped the pic and there are 20 things which are not the same between the 2 pics he posted?
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    I must need new glasses, maybe that guy can loan me his rose colored ones. Glenn
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    That’s in Mexican pesos right !
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    That same darn wheel horse has been on my local CL for the last 6 mounths. At first it was listed at $1500 and then dropped to $1000 FIRM! It even comes with a bonus, a missing front wheel
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    Had to haul out the ashes and bring another load of coal up today...been burning it at bit faster rate of late. Has warmed up to 9 degrees and the faithful ranger fired right up and was ready to go to work immediately. She has been making the ash and coal haul run every 10-14 days in the winter for 18 years now. She is my only horse that get used year around Added to the years working for my Father I would say the $435 he spent on her in 1967 was a decent investment.
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    My wife and I bought this last April, so this has kept us busy! When I was a kid, convoys of Army trucks used to go by all the time and I used to waive to them, and I knew then I had to join and drive those trucks! I've missed this ever since I've been out. I looked for years and they were either to much money, to far away or junk. Last April we found this one and ended up with it, it's a '71 M35A2 Deuce and Half! It is bringing a lot of good memories back and it is fun to drive, just like I remembered! We were in 5 different parades with it last summer and plan on doing even more of that this year. I'm glad to show this off, it is kind of like a rolling museum! C-85
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    Yes it works well keeping exhaust away. I replaced the original side discharge while my Father still used it back in the 70s Replaced the H60 with an HH70 in the late 80s. Father didn't spring for electric start and the H60 didn't have ACR got the new engine to make it easier for him to start it. Me being lazy added electric start (but no charging system)after I inherited it. Still have original engine on the shelf. Have the original deck and a NOS spare, also obtained a snow plow and snow blower for her.
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    Other interests... deer and turkey hunting, taxidermy, fishing, crabbing, camping, playing pinochle, and collecting Wild Turkey whiskey bottles, old tools, old fishing lures and reels. The number one interest has to be these guys.
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    Pretty sure I lasted until about 10 or 10:15. Worst part was I actually did not remember that it was New Year's Eve until I woke up in the morning and my honey said Happy New Year! I'm such a party animal.....
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    A reminder for all you veteran eagle watches, the Hanover, Pa. eagles are working hard to rebuild the nest as documented by this video by a local expert, Karen Lippy. The live stream camera should be activated in early Jan. https://hdontap.com/index.php/video/stream/bald-eagle-live-cam
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    What else do you guys do beside collect Wheel horses? My family enjoys going camping, plus we do some camping at tractor shows. We collect wheel horses, antique tractors and implements(between me and dad we have roughly 30 old plows). I have 2 old engines and we have some cattle. We are involved in our local tractor club.i also have an old pull type combine that I enjoy playing with in the fall. My family also has a large farm toy collection
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    Not saying your tank will need this, but I have seen really bad tanks filled with a couple hands full of gravel, bungeed to a rear tractor tire, and driven till the tank is tumbled clean.
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    Its got the wrong colored rust. The deals off. Glenn
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    Come on guys, no worry or concern about my sanity? Hole in hood above muffler and date stamp in lower right.
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    Might as well have some fun with it. There are 20 differences in this picture I you get bored see if you can find them. Also 1 hidden username to be found
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    .... and ! Oh yea by the way we love too ........
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    Thanks for the quick response and your help! The very best! Jeff
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    I made a little collage to show the difference. Now if it would only warm up, melt the snow and grow grass then I could try it out. Cleat
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    Other interests I have are building things with wood or metal for myself or family. Toy box with magnetic and chalkboard sides and torsion hinges for safety. Fishing, camping, and always on the lookout for vintage tools.
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    Well I got a couple of gift cards, the usual socks. Best thing I got was my mom had come down from NC for the weekend. She stayed with us so I got to spend time with her. My son made my aluminum fuel tank for the GT14 and that was awesome. Can't ever sell the tractor now😁. Just was nice being around family. @PeacemakerJack I got "American Sniper " dvd also, lol. I did trade a guy my red dot sight for his variable scope so I guess that could be my Christmas present to myself. My eyes thank me. Hope everyone has a great 2018!
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    My family has owned a lot of neat vehicles over the years but most of those were sold at some point. The vehicle that has been owned the longest is my uncle kens 1969 Chev C20. He purchased it as the second owner in 1974 and it was a daily driver for a decade. I remember riding in it as a young man then in 1984 it was taken out of service... It has the very typical Wisconsin rust on the bedsides, the rockers are nearly gone, as are about half of the floor boards. Door lowers are a little rough and after sitting for so many years I’m sure that the fuel system, brake system, etc need to be gone over. Ken has agreed to sell it to us for the family discount rather than sell it off to someone else. Honestly, I could find much better candidates to start a restoration with but none will be able to reproduce the nostalgia of being in my family for 44 years and counting! As far as C20’s go—it’s pretty plain Jane. 350, 4spd with granny low, 4.11 posi, manual everyrhing except brakes. It is my desire to get it running and driveable this summer while replacing the rockers and floor pans. Change the wheels to something that makes the whole “rat rod” persona pop and clearcoat the whole truck in satin to seal it. Then, in a few years, if we can afford it, begin a full restoration on it. The mags I was looking at have articles on restoring vintage GM pickups...I sure have a lot more ideas than time or money.
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    Adjusted for inflation the price in today's money would be $ 3,260 and worth every penny.
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    When you drain the old oil you should jack up the front end to insure complete emptying. You will probably want to put a half gallon of diesel fuel in to flush the old sludge out. Put it on jack stands and run it in each gear for a few minutes and then jack the front and drain again. Use two quarts of 90 Gear Oil and get a new rubber boot for the shifter.
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    Are you experiencing freezing temperatures? Water in the transmission will lock them up tight if it freezes. First thing that came to mind as it's -22*F here at the moment. Garry
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    Deck on this machine looked a little rough so I gave it some love. Nearly everything was bead blasted and painted. Deck had a few stress cracks that were welded up. Also one mounting pin was missing and had been replaced with a bolt. Proper pin is now welded into place. No rust holes, just some surface rust and minor pitting. Spindles were rebuilt with all new bearings. Idlers were repacked with grease and spin smoothly. Both belt tensioner bellcranks have new bushings installed and work smoothly. Front anti-scalp wheels have bronze bushings installed, and wheel bolts have been drilled then cross drilled and a grease fitting installed. Blades have been cleaned up, sharpened , balanced, and painted. I have new ones but these will work fine for now. New decals installed. Thanks Terry for the excellent decals as per usual. Here is what it looked like when I first pulled it. This is what it looks like now. Won't need it for a long time but at least it is ready. Just need to install it then level it and set the brake clearance.
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    Now that I caught on white spot at bottom of rear tire and white spot below front tire.
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    Welcome to the forum. There is no tractor service manual. Onan covers the engine and Eaton the hydro transmission and we have those. Here is the operator manual - click on the picture There is some service info in most of the parts lists This 1979 manual for the C-Series was the only good service manual and much of it applies to the 500-Series This file is from the 513 page electrical manual Garry
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    Not sure why you would want to. Unlike cars, most engines on tractors are designed to run at full throttle when operating. However, you might want to search in "pullers". Many pullers use a foot throttle.
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    I want one of those for my C195! Great work Jeff. I
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    Battery, finish the wiring, electric fuel pump, get it running and then the drive belt, hydraulic hoses, power steering valve, although not necessarily in that order.
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    I make fishing jig heads and weights for all my fishing buddies. Collect antique fishing tackle and guns and us coins. Antique tools. Old stuff gets my attrition flowing.
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    Very nice. I keep telling my wife as long as it is ready to work and gets the job done, size doesn't matter!
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    My 1930 Dodge with the 4.5 X21" tires on wooden spoke wheels was best car ever in the snow. If I did get stuck, I just wound some old cloths line rope thru the spokes and around the tires .
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    Never say it's over....you just might stumble across a sweet deal on a Wheel Horse in the future.
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    Well, I thought I would have a go at designing something. This is what I came up with. Here is a comparison with the swingaway on the left and stock on the right. Standard OEM clevis installed. Swingaway clevis installed in normal running position. Swingaway clevis in open position. Both styles of clevises shown. Swingaway clevis in open position partly swung to the side. Complete unit with PTO disengaged. Complete unit with PTO engaged. Here are the plans. Wheel Horse swingaway PTO clevis.pdf
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    Did you get her a new Fridge last year?
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