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    My brother, Mike, has had a C-100 since it was new. It still looks like new, but it has a 12 hp Kohler in it now. It is an 8 speed. Well, he just picked up this 1979 C-121 Automatic, and he really loves it. Tons of power, no dents and the real patina. The faded paint was getting to him, so he tore it down and painted the whole thing...in about 3 weeks. He is going to call Terry to get the stickers for it. It looks real good...enjoy the pictures.
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    Happy Birthday @craftsmanmowerfreak, we are all glad you were born!
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    I’m excited to go rustle me up an awesome Horse for Christmas! I’m pretty sure there won’t be room under the tree in my house so I’ll probably settle for the a spot in the shop when I get it home! I have to put on about 900 miles round trip so it will be an early morning and a long day in the saddle but I’m sure it will be worth it. This horse is a pretty rare one and so it will be my first “show only” GT that I have ever owned/purchased with that intent. No Jim @WHX12 I won’t even plow with it although it would be more than capable! I’m excited to detail it and have fun with it. I know that I’m being but keep an eye out because I’ll document the trek. Maybe you can guess where I am headed as you see the pics...
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    The House of Represenatives represented today and passed the national reciprocity. Now it will move to the Senate. If it passes , it will make concealed carry from state to state easier. I am for it as a gun owner but how do you all feel? Just opinions on the gun side of it please.
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    Yes...he joined @Mike hill . we have way too much information here on RS to not be a member if you have horses. Hope he joins in here after he sees this thread.
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    It took me a full day to straighten out the pictures. They were taken with a cell phone and sent to my E-Mail. Needless to say, they were all sideways and upside down. I needed to save them to my computer, turn off the "read only" button and unblock my computer from trying to protect itself from files from another source. What a pain and a ton of clicking with the mouse...but I got there. I just thought I would put this in the thread for all you guys that run into this issue...and for me to find when I run into this again. Mike did an excellent job on that horse though.
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    This has always been a question in my mind, the use of 90W oil in the manual transmissions. When 10W40 works well in the hydros (transaxle as well as the transmission), why is it necessary to use 90W in a manual? After all, the owners manual for some of the 60's models stated the use of 40W in the transmission.
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    I've got synthetic in everything. Flush it to get rid of crud but it will blend with any Dino droppings.
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    He is just praying that someone is absolutely convinced that this is the last one on the face of the earth and they NEED it. We have all sen things go for crazy money on there. Several years ago my wife noticed an item on my watch list had no bids and was about to expire so she pulled the trigger so I wouldn't miss out on it. I explained that I was only watching it to see if anyone would be stupid enough to buy it at that price! Guess what, she was. I love her anyway.
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    Not to mention that there are literally 1000's of Wheel Horses out there running with a nice mix of oil and water in the transmission due to bad shifter boots. So I guess most any weight gear oil is better than that.
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    I understand not wanting to work in the cold Jim. This drop in the temperature last night has my knees acting up. I never noticed the steering being harder in my 520 with the big Onan, but it's been a couple years since I have had to use the blower. I also prefer to plow when possible. I should probably invest in tri-ribs for the blower and plow machines though...it would improve the steering on those tractors. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a healthy Happy New year. Ed & Nan
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    Just for refrence the first pic is a normal belt guard and second is the double on a 701. Hope it helps.
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    I used 1 low one time...forgot it was in gear, went and got a cold adult beverage, drank it on the back patio and then sat back down on the tractor...didn't notice that it had moved...
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    I don't own a gun, but if the Federal government is going to make it reciprocal from state to state they also need to be sure all state's laws are standard so there won't be confusion. Minor differences would make for some confusion.
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    I believe as long as you are legally able to buy a side arm in any state (not talking about walking around with a semi-auto rifle shouldered), you should be allowed to carry and display that weapon openly on your person legally, with documentation. It would stop a lot of this wacko assault behavior and terrorism currently going on in the USA. A lot of "bad guys" would run up against a greater number of "good guys" willing to stop their criminal behavior. My avatar should tell you clearly where I stand.
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    Real men do not need belt covers....keep your fingers way from the belt. (Belt covers and such are why the gene pool is so polluted these days)
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    Thanks for the heads up Slim but I will obstain with comment due to my steadfast rule that religious and political disscussions are taboo here on RS. I could see this thread going the latter. Please be carefull. Signed A second ammendment advocate and concealed carry permit holder.
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    Now Josh what good is it if you can't plow with it! Have I taught you nothing! Don't tell me lemme guess..... a round hood of sorts? Now why would you go and do a dang fool thing like that when you have plenty of roundys her for seat time? Not gonna happen Richard he can be pretty tight lipped! Loose lips sink ships ain't that was the saying?
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    I sure hope the Senate passes it...nothing like being made out as a criminal just because you cross a state line -- this is the UNITED states for crying out loud...
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    Exactly Richard, It's not like we're running the Indy 500 with these transaxles! Speaking of shifting, I had an 85 Chevy S-10 Blazer that was a bear to shift into 4wd. The BG rep comes in and I mention it and he gave me a little bottle of extreme pressure lube for boat final drive units at no charge.The transfer case had Dexron in it and I added the bottle drove about 20 miles and tried putting it into 4. I could engage it with 1 finger pulling on the shifter.
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    And you didn't keep and use Richard because.. a. they are easy to get on and off of.... b. they are real handy for pulling tubs... c. they can cut nice lawn in tight places... b. they are easy to maintain and service... d. they don't use hardly any gas... e. they just plain look cool... f. all of the above....
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    Might have been a little easier if you were running something other than Windows 95 Steve I thought the 121 looked pretty nice the way it was. I bet he keeps the 100 inside too. Nice looking pair of C's that's for sure. For some reason after Dan and I looked at a guys collection I got a powerful hankerin for a C now.
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    Hi Ed, I'm hoping that any snow next week can be handled with the plow. I want to get the snow blower on now, so that I don't have to do it when the temperature is 20 degrees in my unheated garage. I did that one year, and it wasn't fun handling cold tools and laying on the cold concrete floor. I have my tall single stage blower on a 418A, because I know I can depend on it. I'm trying a recently acquired used 2-stage on the 417-8 with electric lift. I'm hoping that 2 lift assist springs will enable the electric actuator to lift it. Both the 417A and the 2-stage blower are unknowns are far as dependability, so that's why I'm doing two rigs this winter. I didn't notice that the 417 was any harder to steer than my 418, but I know that the 2-cylinder weight makes it harder than my single cylinder WHs. I've never tried a 520 with the newer steering linkage. I put tri-ribs on the front of the 417 to make it steer a little easier, but with a 2-stage on the front, it's still going to be a workout for my arms. That reminds me, I still have to grease the zerks on the steering. Have a Merry Christmas, if I don't talk to you before then. Jim
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    I finally was able to put my new decals on from Terry over the weekend.
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    The heavier weight 90W oil is designed for a higher sheer strength to protect the gears from wear - that is about all . That said , a good synthetic 75w/90 will easily do the job and make it shift a lot smoother - it's the first thing that gets done any time I've picked up a manual trans tractor and all my old trucks have ran it as well . Made a huge difference in the old Land Cruiser and it's over built transmission - it used to shift like a grain truck on it's best day , a lot smoother now . If the 90w is really old (common) it may take running it for awhile without a load on stands to clean the trans out a bit before draining - most times I'll dump a quart of kerosene or diesel fuel into them to break it up and help drain it completely . Refill , run it a few times and repeat - this will clean out all the cavities in the needle bearings . I generally just take them for a high speed ride for a good 30 minutes in the highest gear to create some heat - it does help . Sarge
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    My Cousin Mike is a massive CASE/Ingy fan and owns about 25 of them. He has been looking for the right “fit” on a Black Knight Demonstrator for several years now and found this one a couple of months ago... It was sold new from the dealership that his dad worked at for about 25 years. It is a one owner tractor that he will completely restore and show. Cool history on those tractors for sure...
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    I have been running 40W non-detergent oil in several of mine for years. Lets face it, we don't generate enough heat in our manual transmissions to do any harm and either one will become well distributed throughout the gears and bearings.
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    Going to pick up my new sublimated mugs tomorrow. s.
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    Alright Boyz, i'm gonna get ya Hers your Big Nasty Red
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    Imagine him something like this... ...only bigger.
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    It's so obvious that it should pass and become law. I have a carry permit for Pennsylvania, and it's honored in Virginia, but I'm a criminal as I drive through Maryland. A friend who is a Maryland state cop says they use discretion in enforcing that law. If you're not breaking some other Maryland law, they probably won't cite you for having a gun as you drive through (unless they're having a bad day otherwise, or just had an argument with their wife). And New Jersey probably wouldn't be tolerant at all, and New Jersey is a place I would really want to have self defense with me. Has nothing to do with politics, just common sense
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    I do not doubt that some expensive synthetic will provide excellent lubrication and long life. But since straight 40 w has kept her running for 50 years and being a cheap SOB i am sticking with it. if synthetic makes you feel better and you can afford it go for it!!! (with 16 horses synthetic is a bit costly as none real get used that heavily.)
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    Oh, come on; give us a hint!
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    I put down "play mats" meant for kids to cover 3/4 of my garage floor years ago. While they don't exactly look pretty now, I can be out there for hours in the winter without my feet getting cold and don't mind kneeling or working on the ground when I have to. Well worth the $20 investment to cover 16 sq ft of floor.
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    @Vinylguy does such a good job on his graphics , like he reads your mind when you’re coming up with ideas.
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    That was in a service bulletin (#55) in 1964 and was a band aid to help prevent the transmission from locking up. It did find it's way into owners manuals. Soon, they came up with a much better fix by modifying the shift rails. They didn't change the owners manuals though. My feeling are that the weight isn't all that important especially what these tough little buggers get run on when they are neglected.
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    Your English speeling is super.
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    That is truly an act of kindness , kudos to you and it's nice to see older owners that still love these machines . Geeze , at 45yrs old and starting to finally wear out , what a disappointment , lol... The tractor has been updated at one time or another to the newer style deck - that's a good thing and it's easier for her to deal with it in the long run . I'm sure with a few new parts here and there it should easily last another 20+ years . Might want to see what she's been using for fuel - if it's running that well I'd highly suspect it's non-ethanol - inside the carb would tell the tale quickly . I'm sure she would appreciate knowing the difference in fuel quality and what it does to the engine - her generation doesn't accept junk quality as it's not what they grew up with - such as the case with the old Horse . At her age (NO offense intended ) you might want to consider putting either bronze flange bearings or sleeves in the front axle - it would help her steer it a lot easier and if the spindles are worn any it will help stop that . That front deck drive is stout enough it can be used as a lifting point for whoever does the maintenance on it later to properly grease those spindles - you could even write some simple instructions as an addendum to the original manual - that would go a long way .Just the fact that this machine is being passed down through the family is a reason to keep it running - it is in amazing condition despite continued use for 45yrs , they should be proud . I've done basically the same favor for older folks all my life in my area including quite a few brands . Not restore , just keep them running properly without hurting the owner financially . Their only cost at most was parts - all labor is free for seniors here - it's my way of thanking them for teaching me how to act as an adult to others . Many of those machines come back here for maintenance work - they won't let anyone else touch their equipment and I've been entrusted with their care - to me that's an honor . I salute you , sir - if you need any parts/help just holler .... Sarge
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    Not really much progress but it’s back on the “road” and running/working.
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    @PeacemakerJack Thats a nice one. I dont know if I still have any pictures. Ill have to look. **edit-found my pictures.**
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    My L107 has run 40w since 1967. She is used year round, never any tranny issue. Shifts nicely in the cold
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    701 was the only model that had two belts from the starter to the flywheel pulley. The double thick cover for some reason is missing on many 701's. When a cover is found, they usually sell for big bucks.
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    What ever you do to clean out the trans, be sure to jack up the front of the tractor while draining so the internal hump in the transaxle case doesn't trap some of the GOO you are getting rid of.
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    Sorry for but this is kind of important. What Sarge says is right on the money, and I feel it is important that everyone is aware of this. The oil provides a film that acts as a barrier so metal do not run directly on metal. Yes that's right, if lubricated right, the metal parts actually do not touch per say. The shear strength of the oil is a measuring stick for how much you can squish that oil film before it breaks up and leaves the metal unprotected. Needles to say there can be really big forces in play in a gearbox, which is why an appropriate oil with a high shear strength is called for. And to be perfectly clear, the shear strength is not in direct relation to viscosity or heat, meaning that a thinner modern gear oil can easily have a way higher shear strength than any old thick dino gue. So before you run engine oil in a trans, I would check up on the properties first, and do your own conclusions. Of cause your usage of the tractor comes into play, and other factors too. Personally I would not run anything but proper gear oil in a trans. To the running a trans on diesel or other "cleaning agents", I also do that, but only with the rear end raised off the ground, so there is minimal forces at play. I will now let the oil nerd back in his cage again ..............
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    I used first/low once when I wandered off into some soft stuff mowing along a ditch and had to push to get it rolling. Worked rather well! Even as slow as I move I knew it wouldn't get away from me.
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    Hey Jim, ya think the white stuff is coming next week? What blower do you have on the 417 ? Does it have electric lift? I picked up a 417 Hydro at the auction this year that may become my blower tractor if the Onan in my 520 ever craps out. The only issue I have with the 417 is it is harder to steer than any of my other tractors. Do you notice this in your 417? Sorry if I got a bit
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    Just about finished
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