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    Have had a few that did this. Most of the time it was the steering gear mashed to tight to the fan gear but had one that drove me nuts. It turned out to be the axle and spindles were worn. The spindles were riding in the axle crooked and only contacting the axle on the top and bottom causing much more friction. The fix was, drill out the axle holes to 7/8" with a 7/8" construction reamer, sleeve the hole with a bronze bushing 3/4" ID x 7/8" OD and replace the spindles. Sorry for the crappy quick drawing but you should see the point. Hopefully it's just the steering gears
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    A Manco 285 I restored. The dang thing is fast as heck. Haven't clocked it yet but just blasted down my street at at least 40. I stabbed the throttle in my back yard and the back end came around when powering out of a turn. Not a $5000 UTV but for $400 total I am totally pleased with the ride and my sons are diggin it.
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    New 4 point seat belt on order. Already have 2 good helmets.
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    In high range it is the same as a 4 speed, low range is a crawl.
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    That diagram should help you, but I think that you have the wrong ignition switch. Should be a 103990. You should have power to the solenoid coil in the start position only. You should have power to the ignition coil in the start and run positions. Back of switch should look like this:
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    Jealous Dan but be careful... we need you...these can be flipped (don't) ask me how I know.
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    You may want to add the parachute Dan. The brakes need help on these dragsters.
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    Ah Ha. Now I see said the blind man. Probably done with a 90 degree gearbox. Just kind of thinking "out loud" The saw blade can swivel to both horz and vert positions by the gears
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    Glen in the vendor section has those
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    I agree. I think this model came with a 5 HP Briggs stock. Mine came with a 8 HP Honda which is a mess so I threw it on the winter project shelf. I put a HF 6.5 on it that I had extra and I'm starting to believe that the 20 pounds of extra weight of the Honda isn't worth an extra horse and a half. Not to mention the extra weight and torque broke the frame at the engine mount. I fixed all of that. Probably been through 10 owners (kids) in the last 25 years. I did convert the drum brake to a disc.......much better braking. Cant wait til it snows here!
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    Dude, your tractor's on fire! Oh wait... never mind.
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    Oh no! Get well! I have a close relative who did a very similar thing a couple years ago. ... It was "less than amusing " Glad to hear you're heading the right way though.
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    If you know the model number post it and we can know for sure.
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    Kalamazoo light truck parts has a ton of them you can look up there prices under forms online if I remember there were a few wheel horses there as well as several cubs, deeres, and AC/simplicities. I was almost thinking to try jb weld but if I do end up selling it to pay for the c-141 rebuild I want it to be right for the new owner. That is good to know the blocks are on other implements everything else is good on the motor just a new block and internals.
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    I am aware how annoying it can be when help is requested and given but then no more is heard so here is my update on my transmission problems. As suggested I went ahead with cutting new keyways in my driveshafts. After a bad job by a so called professional, not my friend incidentally as he was too busy, I bought a solid carbide cutter and did it myself on my worktop milling machine. This is a fairly light weight machine but if you go gently it is pretty good. In the meantime I had ordered the parts I needed for my gearbox from Lowell who was very helpful . Many thanks Lowell! Delivery took a while but it was quite fun tracking the package from the USA to home. Once the parts arrived it was just a case of assembling the new bearings, seals and 3rd gear into the box and buttoning it up. My old wheel hubs were very bad from the woodruff key walling so I used a pair from a gearbox I found from Ebay. The tractor is now back together and is fine. I am now carrying out a refurbishment of my 10 year old mower deck so I am ready for next season. Once again many thanks for the help given by the members of this forum.
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    My son and I where talking last week. I had told him that I had a buyer for one of my old cars, he replied with guess I am going to inherit a bunch of tractors. Yup looks that way.
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    Here you go. 1 1972 charger 12 ignition switch.pdf
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    You have a 1972 Charger 12. It has a battery powered ignition system just like the one on page 7 of the manual I attached, on the right.
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    first i would advise NOT using brake clean it is highly flameable and explosive the surging is a normal problem with the onans, and almost all the time is not a governor problem but a dirty carb or fuel problem make sure your fuel lines are in good shape and install a new fuel filter, and thoroughly clean the carb again using a good carb cleaner, any other solvent will harm the gaskets and seals sometimes running a gas additive will solve the issue also
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    You are not seeing all the numbers. It will be 61-10K802 6 = 1976 1 = garden tractor rather than lawn tractor which is 2 10 = engine horse power K = Kohler engine 8 = 8-speed transmission 02 = parts list identifier Garry
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    Flat idler pulley - 3.219" OD - 2-4463 or 24463, 7434, 112426 replaced by Toro 244-63 (Napa 7-05206 with flanges, Napa 7-05434 with flanges, Rotary 722, Stens 280-081 Std Flat OD 3.000" Width 7/8" Flat width 3/4" ID 3/8") Flat idler pulley - 3.219" OD - 2-4463 or 24463, 7434, 112426 replaced by Toro 244-63 (Napa 7-05206 with flanges, Napa 7-05434 with flanges, Rotary 722, Stens 280-586 HD bearing Flat OD 3.000" Width 7/8" ID 3/8") The 2nd line includes a Stens replacement with a better quality bearing. Garry
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    I'll take some pics after work for you guys 😁
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    Or just put up a pic of your tractor Racer...the fellas here like to play guess that model! Keeps us sharp on model ID's !
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    There's no reason it should steer hard if everything is right. It could be as simple as the alignment. When I got my 'B'-160 back it steered like a dump truck without power steering. A tie rod end had been replaced and it was way off. I adjusted it and all's well....with a 13" wheel.
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    Everything Sarge said is very true but I doubt that was causing your bulbs to light up. If someone had a generator backfeeding into the grid it would have been very interesting when the power came back on. A partial power outage (maybe losing one leg) can cause strange things to happen.
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    That first year 520...is pretty hot.
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    What type of engine is that? I had a knock in mine.(Single Kohler) It would make the muffler get really hot. It was the timing. I had set it to standard which did not work. I had to use a meter and the mark on the fly wheel to set it right. I think it was around 14mm. Since my timing was off it would not burn all the fuel plus heat up the muffler. So when I shut it off it back fired about a second after I turned the key off. If it is like mine search Kohler knock.
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    If you ever encounter someone running a generator and pushing power to your place - go tell them immediately as they could kill a lineman repairing the lines , even from far away . If they push power back through the street transformer into the grid it's ramped up and can seriously hurt someone , plus it is illegal . That is the reason for using transfer switches - it's to isolate the generator away from the grid system and potential harm it can cause . Some of the cheaper led lights use components that can radiate frequency interference with radios - works the same as with battery chargers putting noise back into the power line . Sarge
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    Twin-cylinder models use the longer 108502. Garry
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    Check to see if yours has an M at a terminal. .... Mine did. Some folks put in later switches, not taking the time to find the correct one.
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    Now this is awesome! I love the shot of the lady on her machine. Gotta admire her spunk. You'll never regret this deed. Kindness, pass it on!
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    I get mine at Oreilly's auto, about $12 as I recall, I've also seen them at a couple other auto stores
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    The Charger 12 came in several configurations. Some had a Magneto and some had an ignition coil powered from the battery. Each had it's own switch. This manual shows a lot of options. Tractor 1972 Bronco 14 Charger 10 Charger 12 Automatics OM Wiring #A-5299.pdf
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    It will probably be next summer before I start it. I haven't said anything, but I broke both bones in my leg at the ankle in July. I've just started to walk again without crutches. Spent a while in a wheelchair, then crutches, then a walking boot. I'm a member of the titanium club now. I might be pain free enough by summer to start something. I was just able to put my snow blade on the 520H yesterday, though I paid for it today. I have been really sore today. I'll also have to convince my wife I can cut down trees again, since I was trimming one on a ladder when this happened. Slipped coming down the ladder, was falling backward and was afraid I would end up paralyzed, so I jumped about 6 feet down. Unfortunately, I hit wrong. Still better than my back or neck. My dad worked in sawmills all his life, and they used circular saws, but I don't know if they moved the log around. I'll have to ask my brother, he worked in one for a while too. I stacked lumber for a day and said never again. Hardest work I ever did as a kid, and I did farm work all my life until I left home.
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    No seat belts??? wicked looking machine..........
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    Happy Birthday Bob ! You get the same smooch Road Apples got from Samantha !
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    Welcome back to the midwest and blizzard territory Bob........ Snow cab makes it better................
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    Thank you everyone. It was a good one. I actually left the remodel project to get some work done today. Still not quite ready with the snow blower yet...................dang drive belt gotta get it figured out...........I saw the forecast..........
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    Some owners seem to have no respect for proper wiring, Probably best to start from scratch, attached is a basic wiring diagram you can use as a guide. The safety switches are not in this drawing but are very important and should be included.
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    I have two 1977 B-100's, and had a 1976 B-100. All three had exactly the same wiring. The wiring diagram below was shared by all three. However, in 1976, there were 4 variations in the B-100; 61-10K801, 802, 803, and 804. Wiring could have been slightly different in one or the other. Let us know which model you have.
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    Well I finally was able to get one of the tractors to my house and opted for the 656 since it was complete. I started digging into a little. The old owner thought the motor blew but wasn't sure. Pulled the plug and rolled the motor by hand and nothing no compression. Pulled the head and the piston stayed at the top of the block. I hopefully we get it the rest of the way pulled and access the damage and order a rebuild kit for this and get it going. I also noticed that when you lift the seat pan it has two compartments one for thebshifter and another behind that. There was a large weight in the back area and I am curious if this was a stock form of weight addition or someone had a bright idea and stuffed the weight in there.
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    The truck is only half the equation - you should see the room stuffed with parts . Especially noteworthy are the correct rear van doors in excellent , rust free condition , a spare set of great front doors and a slew of other parts for it - many of which are NLA and some of it is really rare straight from Japan . To this date , the Land Cruiser is still one of the toughest vehicles ever built - they didn't wear out , they just wore out their owners and that's not a joke . There is nothing on it that cannot be rebuilt and it is all detailed in the service manuals . I mean , even stuff like the vacuum brake booster , fan clutch , steering box (highly detailed in the book) and water pump just as an example . They built them to be field serviced and survive in 3rd world countries for a lifetime - it's nothing to drag out the oldest examples and put a day's work in changing fluids - then fire it up and drive it . 9.5" ring gear size in the diffs and 31 spline axles - stock . The axles are heavier than the Dana 44's easily and weigh more as well . Built more like a commercial truck (complete with a double c-channel frame) than anything - and actually tougher for it's size . My dream was always a 45/47 long wheel base Troop Carrier , or Troopy . Collectors have driven prices to insane levels - it's nothing to see them auction off at over $100,000 for great restored examples . We have a guy in France now that can build full tubs out of aluminum , brass or even stainless steel - his work is amazing and he ships world wide . Mine was around $6500 in 1977 new - first year for front disk brakes and the rear axle uses dual wheel cylinders on each side like a commercial truck . Seating was designed for 4-6 passengers and weighs around 4,200lbs - engine is 850lbs alone being an industrial straight six - one look inside of it and you'd think it was a diesel . Despite it's age and pulling those 33x10.5x15 mud terrain tires it can still run 80mph - although it's not exactly happy at that speed and will induce a lot of white-knuckle feeling to the driver , I used to drive it to work a lot on the Interstate and 70mph sure woke you up fast early in the morning . Aside from the manual steering it drives exceptionally well for what it is and built like a tank - anyone opening a car door into it is going to need a new door and really irritate their body guy....while barely even scratching the paint on The AntiChrist , as I call it ... Spent a short time last night looking over the 854 some more and even rode it off the trailer down the ramp . Steering is amazingly tight , as well as the spindles and associated parts - almost like it has very little hours on it or someone really loved and cared for it . Trying to get some history on the thing as I'm curious as to why so much of it's parts are like new . Hood bolts/nuts are gone as well as the shift knob and it will need a new key switch - which I have here . Engine has great compression and the belts even look good . Someone put a strip of leather inside the brake band and the throttle cable stand off bracket is gone with some plumber's strapping taking it's place . Steering wheel is even in great condition yet and the dash bushing is pretty tight yet . Fuel tank is clean as a whistle inside and the fuel cap is in nice shape - even the gasket is great condition . It was last sitting in a machine shed but prior to that it had to have been stored inside and greased regularly for the condition of it's parts . Shifter boot was missing as usual but I already put a new one on it . Wish the weather was better - I'd like to at least go through a few things and put a fire in it to see the engine's condition but it will have to wait until spring . Sarge
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    I am not 100% on this, but I believe any headlight buckets from 79 on back through the 60’s square hoods should fit.
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    Howdy folks- Thanks for all your input. I really liked the Mahindra's but lack of good local dealer support I had to pass on them. I did find a great deal (13K) on a 2017 Massey GC1715 with 72hrs, 60" MMM and a FEL with filled rear tires.. I pulled the trigger on it this weekend. The only thing I was not keen about is the entire seating area shell (wheel wells, etc) is thick plastic. Something I had not noticed before. Overall I think it will be a great tractor for my needs. Now that I have it next to my old 520, the poor old horse looks dull and washed out in color. What do you folks use to clean and shine them up? Thanks again and Merry CHRISTmas Semper Fi
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    to the Chet. Looks like you have some good advice above. I know where Goldsboro, Pa is. Where is Goulsdboro, Pa?
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