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    Looking at all the WHs set up for winter i got to wondering how much they all have to do. There is some impressive equipment out there..520s with 2 stage blowers and cabs etc. I get by with a Charger 12 on Plow duty and an Electro 16 with a short chute single stage blower. ( I have a back Blade on my DC3 Case but haven't used it much in the last few years. Hard getting on and off to re-angle the blade and having to twist around to see what you are doing, Horses are easier.) The yellow circle to the extreme right is where the horses spend their "off" season. Looked at google map and figured out the old Horses have to clear about 1,150 linear feet. Road down to the barn (larger yellow circle). Then in front of workshop and around to the basement door on the end of the house so the L107 can haul in coal and take out ash. The barn is about 35 feet lower than the house and the open fields mean your plowed path gets refilled frequently. The two horses cleared that whole thing last year after the blizzard dropped about 28". Also real men don't use cabs
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    Just got back to the " civilized world" after spending 4days with my BIL in his new cabin high atop the Appalachian Mts. No electric or cell phone service. Access by 6X6 Polaris Ranger. Main menu was left over turkey, deer sausage and the latest batch of shine.
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    1267 with Ed Dog 5 pos. 48" blade, all 4 tires loaded with RV Freeze, weights and reinforced chains for the limited slip transaxle: 520 with tall shoot and cab Loaded AG's. Sorry Paul but my blood thinners have gotten to the point my body temp drops like a rock in the cold wind. Need to keep the snow off my legs. My knees almost stop working! Hate gettin in and out of a cab and don't like the limited vision but what ya gonna do! And for when the state piles the snow over 4 ft. high, it's Elvis:
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    Since we're doing maps I'll give 2, the first one of my home (parents) in WV the blue circle is my parents house the yellow line follows the 4 tenths mile stone dirt driveway to the red circle state maintained county road and yes we used to push snow with an old cub cadet original for years then a bigger CC 1200 then my 520 with single stage now a Kioti ck20 and never a cab, but now I'm prone to pneumonia/bronchitis so on to my new home in Staunton VA pic #2 again yellow line represents where I plow 520 no cab or blow snow 520 cab single stage now 2stage, with my house blue circle in laws' green circle and BIL red circle, so probably 1/2 mile total here too, Jeff.
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    I usually use my GT-14 with 54" blade. I have tire chains on the rears with (inside) wheel weights. I have also used my B-80 with 42" blade. The tires have chains and are filled with windshield washer fluid. I may try to add my C-160 to the mix this year and store the B-80 set-up at my brothers house across town. I don't have much driveway myself, but I do mine, dads, my brothers and in front of the firehouse (was a VFD member for 31 years). I also plow about 10 blocks of town streets as wide as I possibly can, as the town with their 8' blade only make 1 pass each direction...Then I take over....at least my neighbors appreciate it!
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    Oh my Ed.... sounds like my past week! No phones no Internet just woods and hunting! Know you won't mind the pics...nothing special as far as horns but I am a meat hunter. We ended up with 4 on the buck pole.
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    Went to an auction on Friday and picked up a kohler k241s. I thought it would go expensive but I ended up getting it for only $3 which I was very excited about. It is missing the carb, coil, condenser and air cleaner and housing. Luckily I have all of the things it is missing. The flywheel wasn’t turning the best so I took the shroud of and found a surprise, looks like not just humans like kohler. Hoping to get it running eventually and maybe pop it into my c-81. I took the fuel pump off and it seems to work okay, luckily.
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    Don't know if I should use the 1267 with a blade, the 520 and blower or break out Elvis! Opinions gentlemen! Made ya look!
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    Some more progress on the restoration Original tyres cleaned up and back on the salvaged rims and looking good. Rolling on four wheels for the first time in many years after previously being butchered by someone. The tie rod for the steering I purchased the steering wheel from America which came off a cub cadet, the difference between a CC one and a WH one is that the CC one is splined, I wasn't able to get a drill in to drill a hole for a roll pin so the alternative was to fashion a clamp. It works very well so i'm happy. The end of the steering column was mangled so a new piece was welded on, this also helped to make sure the steering wheel fit on snugly. All painted up
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    We know what you are getting from Santa! Back in '15 when I joined RS I had three horses ... needless to say I have 12 + now! and I'm not counting the vertical shafts anymore. ...Round hoods & RS will do that to a fella! Only way I can keep decent track of them with having to take my shoes off! Going to see a collector who is selling so may be I can skip the unlucky 13!?!?!?
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    Hi all... I just wanted to pass along some information. I needed to replace my wear bar on my 54” snow blade. Warn makes a high density plastic wear bar for their plows which are 54” as well. I ordere on one and attached it. I had to drill new holes in the plastic wear bar to mount it. Much easier to drill through the plastic than the steel. I’m interested to see how long this wear bar lasts.
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    I really hate to say this but I use the snow blade to push piles of leaves to the back of the property and to hall branches etc in the cart that I hook to the 416-8. If it snows I stay home ( being retired does have some advantage). Sometimes if we get any snow , the old snow shovel clears a 25 ft path to the mail box. Surprising how much the weather is different only two hours west in oleredrider's area of the state from me.
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    I burn very, very, very old wood (at least I think it was wood at one time...)
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    The C120 had it's turn doing yard work today pulling the yard sweeper.
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    Thanks guys. 53 now but feel great. This site and all the great people on it, and of course my Wheel Horses make me feel good. Cleat
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    WTG Jim. I gotta ask though, did that buck try to rip off your right leg.
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    Wow. That is a lot of great information to try to get through. This is how i did my tractors . I started with transmission then engine then frame. Transmission (remove finder) Check hubs bolts and hex bolts that hold hub to axle. Inspect axle seals Raise transmission up and use jack stands Drain transmission oil Check shift boot for damage (most are) Flush trans with diesel fuel run 5 mins if possible let set for 1 hour then drain. Refill with 80/90 gear oil. Engine (remove hood) Change oil 10w30 Check points or replace and replaced wire up to coil. Replace spark plug Remove head. clean carbon, check for flat or worn .replace with new head gasket. Remove carburetor, remove bowl and spray or soak to clean all jets and passageways.( Do not Replace filter and foam until after its started last) Remove the breather plate clean and check valve adjustment then replace. Check choke and throttle cables. Replace carburetor . Frame Remove all electrical connector one at a time and clean with sand paper each . then electric grease each one. wires check for broken or bare spots or replace if bad with same color wire. Grease all fittings until old grease is expelled. Remove front wheels clean out old grease and repack with fresh grease. Check brake seal and lining. Remove gas tank clean out with soap and water. Replace gas lines and filter to carburetor. Then I put gas in tank full tank. Replaced finder removed jacks try to start. I spray gas in carb a couple times to get gas moving through lines. When it starts on its own I put filter on carburetor and reinstall hood. THIS IS WHAT I DID TO MY B80. I know there's more I forgot but it will get you up and safely running.
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    Here are photos of my DC-105 with a Carroll Stream 10 hp diesel. Actually the stack is about the same height as my face when driving it and doesn't bother me. I do have the tip pointed slightly forward and out. I wear ear protection with everything now, as I have a case of tinnutis from the noise of the enginerooms and FD days.
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    I figure a lot of you guys are like me with the tractors and other interests. I am wondering how many of you guys like chainsaws,splitters and the whole firewood scene. I like to go on arboristsite once in awhile and learn some new things. I have a Stihl MS250 and an Echo 330EVL along with my John Deere splitter ( made by Didier). I like having the security of knowing I have a way to keep my family warm if the power went out for whatever reason. I have plenty stacked already and just split this pile in the last two days. My wife says I'm obsessed with my wood!
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    Really nice c-145 that's was restored years back . Runs well. All brand new tires firestone fronts . Has all 4 original wheel weights . You will not be disappointed very nice machine .high back seat is Perfect . $1450 (860) 681-3610. Possible trades rj/suburban
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    i got the snow blower tires on front of 753. i forgot about these rims. i recently got a sears gt14 and well in process of getting things gathered up i figured i would take the goodyears turfs that was on these rims and put them on the sears and use rims with the snowblower tires. i am not sure what model wheel horse these rims went to but hey a few washers to spacer them out and they look good and grip good true test will be in snow. took 3 pulls to fire up this 1958 k160 kohler today. runs really good
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    Sure Craig I have two! One I bought brand new in 1984 and the one I currently have the blade on. The one with the blade on it I will get pictures tomorrow. In the mean time I snapped a picture of the one I bought new that is currently undergoing restoration and a few more Work Horse pictures while I was at it!!
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    Here's some food for thought, ain't knocking Seafoam but you can use it in the fuel (gas or diesel), in the crankcase with your oil, but if you really want to clean your fuel system components try Berryman B12 at half the cost it's 70% or more solvents, a cheap experiment take plastic or styrofoam cups pour small amounts B12 and Seafoam in them and see which one eats through them first that's the one that will clean the varnish/gum out of your fuel system first as both cups are petroleum by products just like the varnish/gum in a carb ect, and lots of guys around here in the old car/tractor hobby use Marvel Mystery Oil in the fuel and crankcase IDK but they swear by it, also for decarboning some use the spray bottle of water misting through the carburetor while running to help break up the carbon deposits on the back of the valves and piston tops I've actually been witness to this on a '63 Impala 409 and what I seen coming out the tailpipes was nasty but it ran so much better after the water misting, anyways I use non ethanol 93 plus a few ounces of B12 in my WH tanks as well as my ATV so far so good, Jeff.
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    Don't feel lonely - I use my blade to push leaves, dirt, branches and anything else in my way to the back of the property...don't get much chance to use it on snow.
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    No such thing. Lots o' things I'd like to have 13 of. More Acres. Wheelhorses. $100,000 bonds in my name. Buckets of ice cream. Lots o' things.
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    Mine is sitting in the garage, ready to go. I just bought a cab for it, hope to get it picked up and mounted in the next few weeks.
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    Thanks, most people on this side would've thought that too, I must be crazy but since they are so rare in the UK I just couldn't see the thing rot.
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    You’ve been working hard ...... but keep them pictures coming . This is going to be one sweet RJ .
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    I use a GT-14 with a 54" blade. Weights front and rear and loaded rear tires with rubber chains. My driveway is only about 125 feet long so it's a quick job. However, I usually get antsy and plow the street from my house to the main road; about 100 yds. Then, if the accumulation is good, go thru the subdivision and save the shovelers some work. Can usually pick up some good money and people will pay $40 at the drop of a hat. I get my seat time and their driveway is clear. Everybody wins! Totally rebuilt a short chute blower in '10 but never had enough snow where I needed it. Sold it yesterday.
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    Funny thing is, I have a bunch of them but I don't even burn wood. An old Homelite Super XL-12 takes care of any cutting duty whenever it's necessary. No plastic for me but no cutting all day either.
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    Once the frigid winter weather sets in I will be in there building a coffee table and pair of end tables from some black walnut we harvested on our property. Probably a TV stand too, the one we have now is oak and won't match then, My wife wants everything to match!
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    Picked up a project the other day that had a sticker on it for "Dombrowski's Sales and Service, Florida, NY. They are still in business as a Toro dealer. http://www.dombrowskis.com/about.html The founders sold the business to their mechanic a couple of years ago and he kept the name. This project will retain it's work clothes and I will send them pictures when it is ready. Our Story Check out our article in the Florida Focus! (Page 7) The Dombrowski's Lawn & Garden Center Difference Dombrowski's is a company that has always been family-oriented. The business has been a staple part of the community since the 1950's. Since changing ownership at the beginning of 2015, new owners Mike and Amy have been thrilled to see many returning faces and have made it our mission to continue growing and improving. We offer a great variety of power equipment services ranging from basic maintenance to heavy repair. With competitive rates and efficient service times, we’ll give you the best value for your money and have you back up and running in no time! We believe in treating our customers fairly because we want your business now, as well as in the future. When you decide to shop local, you're supporting your friends and neighbors. Keep more money in the towns you love by thinking local first! We are proud to be a part of this community and we look forward to serving you for years to come! Home About Brands Services Used Equip. Contact
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    I have enough oak and poplar scraps left over from building out utility room cabinets that I can heat my shop most of the winter. Mine is a 10" Craftsman!
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    Locked n loaded, bring on the white stuff...
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    With all the stack posts, here is my Commando 8's exhaust set up right now. Nice and quiet and blows the fumes foward and away. But, I am getting the itch for one of those chrome turnout style exhaust stacks/muffler set ups. I have another flange mount for the diesel engine that is just a pipe nipple, so I can do something similar. Just have to make sure I am not riding in a plume of diesel exhaust. Mike the Aspie.
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    Do they have "shop your way rewards" at that processing center with the carts in the corner , , ...
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    Thats a clean looking 520 and looks well taken care of.
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    you go ahead and keep it over there... Yes !! My uncle once told my father - If it's important enough to have one of them, it's important enough to have 2 of them. Specifically that was a snowblower, but he used a similar phrase to describe his lawn tractor later.
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    Please let us know how the plastic holds up this winter, assuming you get snow to plow!
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    We are close 40-50 miles at most. Yes backups are super important. You use 50 year old stuff you have to expect problems. i have a back up plow ready to go another Charger 12. Back up for the blower would require waking up a summer worker.
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    I have a 250 ft double wide drive with a turn around. My 520H with a two stage and cab makes quick work of it here in NE Pennsylvania. I also have a backup 520H with a single stage and a 522xi with a double stage. Can't have enough backup. I hate working on tractor during a snow storm. Nice place you have to play in. Sounds like you are close to me.
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    I have 3500 sq ft of drive that I clear and about that much again for 3 neighbors with the plow on my 516H1100. If it is like last year I won't even have to take it out of the barn...had zero snow...In 77 we had a blizzard...They even had tanks from the National Guard to service sick people at that time..Southern Indiana weather is fickle..the only thing you can count on is you can't count on it...
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    Amazing work, most chaps on this side of the pond would have rendered that too far gone!
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    I have a double driveway, about 75' long. I have my GT-14 with a 56" plow, and my 416-8 with a single stage 41" blower. Going to use the blower today, just 3 inches of snow.
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    On the carb quite a few of us get the cheap knock off carb commonly found on Many here have had good results with them. Just search on k301 carburetor and you should find hoards of them. Double check to make sure you order on with the correct choke lever/configuration. A K301 will be a 12 HP but the tractor model number you gave suggests a K241 or 10 HP. No matter carb is the same, somebody did an engine swap?
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    @cearles to Try http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/forum/141-wheelhorse-parts-and-more/ from our vendors section.
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    I heated with wood for 12 years. Had an old blue XL12 Homelite, and an ax. Don't miss it a bit.... By the way, what's a log splitter...
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