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    I cut out a few pieces and they have been laying on the work bench. I've been real busy with some family problems that we won't go into. I've also got old with eye problems bright lights bother me. My welding not what it used to be in other words it ain't pretty. I can still put two pieces metal together that take something bigger then a Garden Tractor to pull apart. I think this is an original ideal but I would put any money on it. It's a removable 2" receiver hitch with a single pin mounting. This tractor all ready had a 2" receiver hitch but the winch has taken up perment residence.
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    Here is a video of Whirled of Hurt #2 in use mounted on the resident Mule.
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    Pretty sure this qualifies, though I'm new to WH. Friend sent me a picture of this for sale on the side of the road, deep in a rural neighborhood where he lives. A couple of phone conversations and a visit and it was in my trailer. Have tractor with about 650 on Hobbs, big DR lawn/leaf vac, WH trailer, extra deck wheels, 4 gas cans, 25 foot 6" diameter remote vac hose with hand wand. New turf tires, motor with "rebuild" work done. Everything works. Removed seat, rear fender, and tunnel covers to clean and grease everything. Greased all steering gear and deck points. Pulled starter solenoid and emery'd the bore (was sticky), cleaned air filter, runs like a champ.Guesses on what number a great deal would be on these? Can anyone help with exact year? I'm thinking 1990-1992? Link to pictures
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    I borrowed at set of 23x10.50 ag's on Cub Cadet rims from a friend for my Raider 12 ( so I could participate in a plow day) . I liked the look and the 10.50's did not stick out of the fenders much more than the 8.50's did with the rims. Here's a pic with one of each wheels. With both 10.50's
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    Decided to be pro-active and have a new boiler installed. The old one was approaching 21 years and was a slight leaker, not to mention it was a cheapie steel boiler. Now have a Weil McLain Gold cast iron unit. Hoping to see a reduction in my oil consumption 👍
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    THANK YOU for the idea. It has turned what was a nightmare job every year to something I look forward to do. That video is only a portion of the side of the property and that was only basically one days worth of leaves since I had cleaned it yesterday also. Just for reference on my neighbors yard it take 6 landscapers with backpack blowers and one poor guy dragging a two wheeled blower to clean the whole place in about 1-1/2 hours. Two hours later the place looks like it hasn't been done in weeks. In one hour sitting down I basically do the same amount of work. Its a bit of a sad day when I remove that thing for the winter!
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    Got my hitch today👍 Can't wait to get it installed 🔧 thanks tom!
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    Found a C-121 while looking for another puller project, but this one is a true Barn Find. Got it from the original owner, other from paint wear it is complete with all the decals in tact and in great readable condition (looks like new), the deck has no ruct, no rust on any of the metal, The choke and throttle still has the lettering on then. The seat has been replaced with a dealer replacement with no logo on it. The original seal had the dealer logo on it, but it was discarded about 2 weeks ago. The only body damage is a small dent on the grill opening. Still has 3 of the original tires on it and not weather checked or worn very much, always stored inside the barn. The 12 hp Kohler hasn't run for 4 yrs. but is free, the reason they parked it, the outboard bearing on the PTO clutch seized. I want to paint it but the decals are in such good condition I hate to disturb them. It is a well maintained Survivor and I think just wipe it down with a scochbrite pad and clear cote it. The original owner bought it new in 1981 and used it until the PTO gave out, then his kids got him a zero turn, I bought it from him, C-121 8 Speed 91-2K802-25294 168 Mod K301AS Spec 47648d Serial 9701798 12 HP
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    @squonk Do you check the internet daily for stories that you can use (names changed to yours of course) or do you have a black cloud hanging your head or did someone give you the evil eye. You need to move before we read " Local man mowing yard if killed by a truck load of live chickens wreck" , no chickens hurt in the accident.
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    Some sad news indeed... always loved to hear the story of how your wife volunteered to drove it 25 miles... on treacherous, ice covered roads, through a blizzard, with no coat...just to get it home. Keep the faith brother, you'll get it going again.
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    Let us know what you find Fred. I looked at it on eBay and honestly, I'm afraid it is pretty rough with just a newer coat of paint. I saw several go to $500 to $750ish at the Charlottesville auction and some of them looked a lot better. Maybe I'm wrong, hope I am!
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    If it's original it's a Kohler. But a non-running D-180 for close to 2K!!!! Ouch! I don't even need to see pics to know that one is overpriced. Having no way to verify that the hydro tranny is good is almost a deal killer. In my opinion anyway 🤔
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    Surprisingly most of my customers have never been to the forum. Most of my phone up customers do not use the internet. A family member or friend gave them my info. Standard questions are Where can I get parts? or What color to paint. Or What year is my tractor. I would say 50% of my customers have their Father or Grandfathers old Wheel Horse and are trying to refurbish or restore it for sentimental reasons so I always tell them to go to wheelhorseforum.com they will help you save your horse.
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    Wheel Horse Suburban with mower deck, dully kit and extra parts.
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    You couldn't ask for better weather and the variety of equipment was outstanding. Member @turnnleft was there with his grandson and a lot of outstanding RJs. This poor horse has been abused! Here are a few more photos of the show. Don't know what this is but it was Not For Sale, owner had picked it up a few weeks ago and hoped to find out more information fro people at the show. Here is a Standard Twin walk behind tractor that has been converted to a rider. Very interesting! I have one in my barn and have plans to do something similar with it. Massey was the feature tractor this year. This gentleman had a great Deere toy collection
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    Seriously, we need pictures....
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    First off They’re only original once. My no paint just buff and wax and you’ll be amazed. My all original 1057 had a quick wet sand by @stevebo with 2000 or 3000 grit (Steve will have to tell ya what he used) then a buff and wax . It turned out beautiful. Yes there’s some chipping on the grill where I had a dent hammered out but it’s all part of the tractor’s 50yrs history .
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    Finally - The answer to the age old question: "why did the Chicken cross the road?"!!!
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    Hey, look up ahead...is that a squonk crossing the road?
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    Check with Lowell S. in Vendor Section . He is wheelhorseman1000 on Red Square This was a snowplow extension piece.
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    The rims from my old Bolens 850 bolted right up.they looked identical.
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    Without a brake shoe, your horse will roll on a hill with the engine off or on and the motion control in the locked or unlocked position - I think - at least my 516/1100 does.The lock on the motion control engages the brake assembly.
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    @pullstart when the time comes for getting parts I may know a guy or two or three ... . I’ve got some connections in the AC world .
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    Yes I am, but I am visiting family in St Augustine, FL so I can't run out to the barn to take a picture. I just put one on the 418 C and used the round pump and mounted it to the bolt at the front of the foot rest. It was right in line with the fuel hose and close to the fuse holders on the other side. See photo below (not mine) On the 312 your fuel line runs further forward so might move it forward as needed.
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    To be sure you have adequate clearance you need 1-3/8 inch back set. Many other brands (JD) use a 2-3/8 back set. Depending on your model the 2-3/8 may work if you do not want chains. Hydro fans can be a problem with the deeper backset however depending on your tire size
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    One of the best things I've learned in the 4x4 world is to use a spacer under the battery - using a winch or other very high drain equipment causes acidic gasses to migrate to the battery tray . We cut or drill vents in ours and make up some phenolic spacers to raise the battery bottom about 1/2" off the tray - the trays won't rust out that way and it allows the engine fan to clear out those gasses easier instead of trapping them with moisture - which turns it back into sulfuric acid quickly . The mats and such just pick up the moisture and gas and cause corrosion faster than if you left it bare - those acids will even eat certain grades of stainless steel . Powder coat the tray properly and vent the bottom a bit and leave a space under the battery - it won't rot out again . Sarge
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    Be sure to mount the pump lower than the tank on the tractor so it will work best. Also, be sure to put it on a fuse protected circuit that is turned on and off with the key.
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    Thanks, Jim, the guy goes by greenbrushtrees, here. He sent me two new 111170 pulleys shipped for $47.50 , the cheapest I could find was 60.00 each plus shipping. Yesterday was at my sisters house, B-I-L asked about the deck in the truck bed, told him I was going to get some welding done. He said the old guy down the road does some welding for him, the guy use to fab roll bars and frames for the local short track and drag racers back in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Three hours, a few beer, $20.00, and some great stories, deck looks great. New belt is $52.00, so what looked to be a $200.00 + refurb, ends up $120.00 and a new friend.
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    Carlos, Yes the fuel pumps can be a headache. I install an electric one right away on anything I buy, then no worries about getting fuel. These two I show here are the types I use and are readily available here in the states through ebay - usually under $25
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    Rebuild the old pump or use an electric low pressure Facet . http://www.then-now-auto.com/product-category/fuel-pump-kits/kohler-fuel-pump-kits/ Sarge
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    Keep the faith, I grew up on a B wide front end that my grandfather bought new and C narrow front that my uncle bought used then dad got it but sadly had to sell it to make room for the Kioti, Jeff.
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    Nearly everything on a D is unique other than the pump and rear hydraulic motor - it is the same as the C-series but it is configured in a divorced setup with a set of steel lines and flat steel manifolds that run between the pump and motor , the pump is driven directly off the engine . They are not fun to work on - it is highly cramped and the entire tractor is built around that pump . Now , that said - the engine is fairly easy to pull and it's a fairly bulletproof K-482 Kohler twin opposed with an oil pump - it is a very stout engine for it's rating (highly underrated) . I paid $75 for mine in non-running condition - but a lot of stuff had issues and was worn badly - especially the front axle . Early models up to ''75 had used 3/4" spindles on the wheels/steering and wore out easily . The 56" blade that came with it was mangled badly - but I'm a welder and a mechanic so everything got repaired/replaced . Tires are much bigger on this model and not cheap , either - there's a lot to consider and for what they are asking that thing better be like new with few issues for that price , which I doubt . The pump and the coupling between it and the flywheel side of the engine is highly prone to stripping the splined teeth - that alone cost me several hundred dollars to upgrade it to a used/good pump , have a key way cut in it's shaft and modify the cast coupling for a key , but it should not fail again . I rebuilt the Ross steering box for about $60 - easy enough to do as long as the worm gear isn't damaged or just worn out , which can happen . I'm knocking on nearly $1,000 into it now and haven't touched any paint or decals - that's just in hard parts and machine work . SO , buyer beware... I will say this , when the run they are an animal but they still have some limitations - mostly being that pump setup and the rear axle and especially the pre-'75 differential issues . Using the C-series rear hydro unit and longer axles to make it work made them weaker than a C due to the added stress when they made it wider - it should have been a heavier unit all-around .
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    Yes they do: https://www.steinertractor.com/Allis-Chalmers-WD45 Good luck with all this @pullstart, one day at a time as they say.
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    $800 asking price. Has three point hitch. Runs drives, Hyd works cleveland ohio area
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    Another one down the road. I picked this one up last week and had buyer's remorse. Not because of the machine just the fact I have too many. This one sold at a push which I am fine with. Just wanted to see it go to a better home.
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    My father in law paid $1,000 for a non-running 18 Auto (what became the D-180 the following model year). He put some time into it before "gifting" it to me. I've thrown $350 into it to get it running. Still dealing with some adjustments, but it starts and runs just fine. That said, I personally would not pay over $800 for a non-running model if NEEDING something to cut grass and use. If you are a collector, looking for a project, or a full resto... then I could see paying more.
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    I will post pics when i get home, here's my Son on his 200, his Butt is glued to the seat every time i go there ! Nut Bag LOL
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    Yep, the motor is a Kohler twin 18hp and if in good condition is a BEAR!! But, nonrunning and in the D series for 1800 .... uh-uh. Parts for the engine are scarce and if the hyd drive has probs then youve got a a monster headache. The steering can also be a prob - tho at least it can be fixed. Mind you, the D is a hellava tractor in decent running condition, but even then it would need to be especially nice to get in that price range.
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    Got tires tired of looking at the ugly cracked plastic fenders, so borrowed the set off my C141 for a while...its going to be a LONG time before the 141 is up and running...figurevi will be able to find another set to go on the 125 sometime in the future. Really like the looks of the metal pan a lot better.
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    I fit 12 gallons between front and rear.
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    With the engine not running will the throttle control open the carb throttle plate wide open? It should. Garry
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    There's a phrase that could describe more than a few of us.....
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    Thanks for the birthday wishes & the laughs. Joined RS for the little red tractors. Many good friends has been quite the bonus....
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    A local upholstery shop can also help you.
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    I don't know what model deck you have. It's my understanding that the 37" decks came with two different belts according to the models. Some had double "V" belts and some had standard "V" belts with a flat back. That could be the reason there are two idlers listed. As with all other Wheel Horse equipment model number might not tell what you have with idlers and belts being changed over the last 29 years.
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    Story is guy I got it from bought it New in 1966 and he said the dealer painted it this way to sell it faster... I got new decals with it and it will be restored to original. Sat in his barn for 10+ years, he put battery charger on it and it fired right up and it doesn't smoke a lick. When these techys run good they really run good! First pic is from before I washed it
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    My 1964 lawn ranger that I have had since I was a kid pulling a wheel horse tandem disc
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