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    Here's a few pics of the machine that just arrived. I already have questions! Needs some polish, for sure. Definitely needs all new belts (but has new blades!), and all fluids changed with filters. paint needs buffing. carburetor needs help for sure.. serious surge issue going on here. Battery is probably shot and she's not charging at all. And seriously, I just ran over a set of needle nose pliers in my garage and punctured the tire in two places. Just my luck.. $450 with a 48" deck in great shape being the only option.
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    Worcester sand and gravel has a truck show every year. I go there quite a bit to get materials for work and my house. It's cool in general because they never really retire any of their equipment so you never know what you'll see. You will always see Macks though. Good assortment this year mostly older stuff which is what you want to see anyway. The little man loved it and what else can you do for $2?
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    I got mine at the blessed Ace Hardware. Two stacked and all the play is gone. Good luck!
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    Don't let a lady wearing a dress anywhere near that thing! I worked in a shop and a guy had one of those going to blow some air around. The warranty clerk came down to ask him a question and well let's just say she got too close to the air intake!
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    For the third year now, I am ready and looking forwards to Fall. Thanks to Oldredrider for the idea and inspiration. What was a nightmare job turned into something I actually look forwards to and enjoy. The ease and efficiency of this idea cuts job in a fraction of the time it used to take and makes for great seat time. Not only another example of what is possible with these old machines but also of the talent , vision, and willingness of forum members to share their knowledge and experience.
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    Got my new front tires on today and my suitcase weights!
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    I have been able to find a few minutes here and there to play. I cut some sheet metal into the right shape. A little bending. A little more cutting and tack welding. Custom led headlight. Now I need to figure a mounting bracket for them.
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    You would have to run that idea through the Wheel Horse Collectors Club and their attorneys and insurance company. This is their show, not RedSquare's show. With the exception of a parade, driving events are a big liability insurance no-no!
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    @Squonk, you can get carb bushings at True Value hardware stores. Hillman bushing #58087. Just double stack them. Most likely, the throttle shaft will not need replacing. I like my hot dogs loaded!
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    I made the decals at work. One of the few advantages of working at a printing company!
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    Yup, common problem is right. I have the issue when my 2005 sits more than a couple days. I wasn’t concerned about it when we lived in Florida but here in Indiana I don’t want to be cranking it that long in the cold. I have the Command motor on it and the fuel pump mounted on the rear of the motor and at a height that basically would be sitting on top of the tank. Keeping the tank full really doesn’t help. I was Skyping with @stevasaurus and throwing some ideas at him. First, as an experiment, he suggested that i raise the rear of the tractor when parked so backed the tractor up on ramps. Geez, i never thought of that. After 8 days it did help but it didn’t totally eliminate the problem. A fuller tank probably would have helped more. So, I think electric is the way to go but I’m thinking of a twist to it and this is a good thread to see what you guys think. The mechanical pump is very reliable and long lasting. I’m thinking use the electric pump just to ‘prime’ it then let the mechanical pump take over. My 2005 ignition switch is different than most. The first position is run and headlights on. The second is run only then the third is the momentary start. If I want the headlights on when running I turn the key back one notch. Now, I really don’t care for that and have intended to install a separate light switch for, well about 8 years now. I’m thinking to go ahead and install a separate switch and then use that first position for the electric pump. Jump on the tractor, turn the key to the first position for a few seconds and then start as normal. Sorta like glow plugs on a diesel. I think the mechanical pump will be able to suck fuel through the electric pump when it’s not running but I’m not sure. Probably my best bet is to just try it but I’d like to get your thoughts on it.
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    A lot of the 953s and 1054s end up with boat seats. I.e, one of my 953s.
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    Just happen to have one my Dad put on the 857. You are right Paul...has a high comfortable back that folds down, and is very will made.
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    Thanks Cas for the complements! Couple of pics of the Original Whirled of Hurt.
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    I know this is not Wheel Horse but could not pass it up. I scored a Sears made by Roper. As far as I can find out only made in 1981 or 1982. What makes this one special to me is it also has a Sears loader made by Kwik Way.
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    You are drooling over a sweet 1978 C-141 Auto with a front loader 😁 ! This is a PROJECT!! No motor. It does have the hydraulic pump to run the loader. Homemade 3 point hanging off the rear. Also has a homemade setup to operate the hydro tranny with a foot control. Did I mention this is a project ? Asking $300 or make me an offer. Located on my trailer in my driveway and must be picked up. Possible delivery to Stevebo’s meet and greet or the Zagray show.
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    As much as I enjoy the Big Show every year, I always felt that it is missing a bit of excitement and certain activities. Even though we all know the endless possibilities with these tractors,there should be in my opinion events to demonstrate not only the various tasks they can do, specially the more unusual ones, at same time displaying the many innovations members make. Now, for the actual fun of it, last year I was watching Stevebo's son and Charlie do a tug of war with their tractors. Why cant we do something like that? That was a lot of fun to watch and it is even more fun to do. I am sure there would be many entries for it. Perhaps we can get something started here???
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    After removing the bearing, that keyway could be welded around a brass key like @Ed Kennell and others have done to axle shafts...
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    An oiled felt washer between the two bushings could help seal them.
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    The wiring in the operator manual for the 414-8 shows a 3 amp charging system with no regulator so it does not match what you have. The battery ignition and low oil switch is shown. Many were not happy with the 3 amp system so perhaps a previous owner upgraded it to the 15 amp system with regulator. Here is a link to the 523 page electrical manual. An excellent publication but the 414-8 diagrams are not correct. Here is the one that is not correct Garry
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    All it would take is one good accident to make riding at the big show cease to happen. I'd really hate to see that part of our show go away. Just sayin'
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    I would try and find a new cutting/scraper edge unless you weld the new piece to the bottom there may be interference with the auger, as far as pulley and jack shaft, I would tear the gear box down and have a machine shop either make a new one or weld it up machine it to size and re-key it I would NOT weld the pulley to the shaft unless it was just long enough to finish out removal of blizzard, Jeff.
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    Under ..Pic is my 310-8 Great little machine!!! Welcome!!!
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    The K321S-60440 was used on the 1986 414-8 model number 31-14K801. Click on the fuzzy picture below. The wiring in the huge Demystification guide for this model is wrong. It shows magneto ignition. The link to the manual may not stick. Will watch and repost later if it doesn't. Garry
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    Will the engine run for you? Reason I ask is some had a 3 amp charging system to charge the battery and the headlamps on those models will only work with the engine running. There was a separate stator for the lights. See an ignition coil so it has battery ignition. Is there a 3-wire voltage regulator in the blower housing on the carburetor side? Look at the rear of the engine oil pan to see if it has a low oil switch. What is the spec number on the engine decal? The last year for the maroon hood decal was 1989. In 1990 they went to a black background. Garry
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    Intake boys Intake! That giant sucking sound you just heard is a dress going ; WHOOMP!
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    Also have a 1277 here...has an ARK FEL mounted up to it. Tired too, but agree...these things are beastly machines.
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    I put 6ply V61’s on my tractor with a FEL. It made all the difference in the world. Can’t believe how way more steady and sure footed it made the front end.
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    Now have two of this model. It'll be the next Restore. Couldn't turn down a free one. Only thing missing is the carb (only have half a dozen carbs laying around), but the deck is trashed. Luckily I have two or three replacement decks here as well. I'll have to make it look like this one.
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    Have acquire 2 horses over the years that came with boat seats.The seats went on the burning pile immediately.Hated the way the looked.
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    Gotta love those round hoods they look so good
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    I do have them however they are not listed on my store yet - pm me if you need one
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    Well, Chaps, she runs!!! Was able to get back home today and install the carb/air filter assembly, and replaced the main fuel line/filter, and drained what was left in the tank (not much came out, probably less than 1/2 cup). Accounting for the fact that the fuel pump had to draw fuel from the tank to the engine (empty line), it started right up! Drove it around a bit, eventually could get it in all gears, high and low. Installed the mower deck back underneath, and it runs well, too. The lift lever issue seems to be a non-issue for now, as the mower deck seems to get low enough as is. The one oopsie for today was that the engine didn't turn off with the key... eventually remembered that I didn't connect the ground to the coil when reinstalling it. Just took the blower cover off again and connected it, ops check good. Still have to do the transmission fluid, lever boot, etc. Also have to check the brake, when the tractor is in gear it's like there isn't a brake at all (not that I'm going to make a habit of braking while in gear), though it does stop the tractor otherwise. Hoping just a quick adjustment will do the trick. Next project after this is to replace the wheels on the trailer that they also left behind, though I'm thinking a quick trip to TSC and a few minutes swapping out should be about all I need for that. Thanks again for all of the advice. -Dan
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    Take a look here. https://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/steering.html Seems Craig has a faster trigger finger than me!
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    Alive and well, @squonk, thank God. Just been hibernating at dog shows lately, it seems. Thanks for thinking of me. The other addiction ...
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    Thanks for the well wishes. My wife and I went to San Antonio on a little gets way weekend. The old Pearl Brewery complex has been redone into a hotel, shops, condos, etc. I found the old steam engine generator pictured below in the hotel lobby. Today we we made a loop home through Seguin to a late lunch at the Power Plant Grill. Which is at an old 1920,s diesel and hydro power plant Thete also was an old hydro generator that I found interesting being a "Dam and Hydro Guy". @Ed Kennell might recognize this nameplate. PS my wife was s good sport with me checking out all this old machinery
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    Garry, You've nailed it! Its apparently a 1986 414-8 And you were right, it has the 3 wire regulator and the oil pressure sw. If the wiring gets tooo hairy I might just rip it all out and go back with a basic bare bones harness, with a points ignition syst that is real simple. I dont see the wiring manual ---- Thanks again Bill Pace g
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    Nick machined one of these for me. Expert job and everything thing fits like a glove. If you have a sickle bar you know this shaft is the weak point. Mine had broke in half and with Nicks work I now have a working unit again. Thank you Nick.
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    The 60" deck takes a "special" only for the 60" mule drive vs the smaller 42"-48" decks mule drive, and depending on hours and condition of of your 520H I would be concerned about running that big 60" vs a 48" deck, but yes as long as its 1990 or newer with swept forward front axle the 60" deck will work but not on the 88-89 straight axle versions, Jeff.
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    Very nice. My 520-8 didn't have a shield. eBay had one $10. Added the "bling", looks great like yours.
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    Glad to see you visiting the forum. Enjoy the resto!
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    The blower looks like it came off a hot air furnace. Had something similar in the roof of my shed to move air for cooling. I saw the @oldredrider video and his really moves leaves. I checked the price on the blower dolly and it cost more than the tractor I would mount it on . If I could only weld.
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    OOOH NO, the wife, she's a keeper for sure
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    Thank you Red Square members for all your words of encouragement. We are truly blessed with great guys! Edwroy
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    I've been in two stores recently that ALREADY had Christmas stuff up for sale! Lights and trees out on the floor right next to the Halloween stuff!
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