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    This is a rj35 1957 is my bucket list tractor it is all restored. Has the k-90. One nice machine could pass it up!!
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    I purchased 5 of the HVLP sprayers a few years ago for about $7.99 each. The results were better than average. Here is a picture of my 416-H painted with one. Consider the following; 1. I don't have a paint room, so I paint outdoors. 2. Because I paint outdoors, for things like the fenders and hood, I need to sand and polish when it's dry to get the bugs and dust out. 3. In order to clean the sprayer, I buy a gallon of lacquer thinner for about $15.00. For a complete tractor, I probably use every bit of a gallon. So the question for me is do I use $15.00 worth of lacquer thinner to clean up the $7.99 sprayer, or do I just throw it away at the end of the job and break out a new one for the next job? For me, as a non-professional painter, it's a no-brainer. Go with the gravityt feed HVLP.
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    @Rp.wh Steve on a Stick has been stuck at home for a few weeks now and I think he ( @stevasaurus ) and @squonk having been communicating so anything may appear on the thread when those two are involved. I am sure that I will pay for this comment. That is one nice looking tractor.
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    WOW !!! That is looking fantastic...nice job. Got your AG's on backwards though. HA...made ya look.
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    Just picked up this sickle bar today. Not 100% sure on model but i believe its a cbr-32 but can be wrong. Have acouple different options i could put it on, Everything on it is free no loose bearings ready to put it on just need alittle direction on how to put it on. i believe for now i am going to put it on the suburban sense i am going to use it on a field in acouple weeks but think it will eventually end up on a rj. Any advice helps new to sickle bars...story behind this was the guy was going to cut it up and fit it on his 416 and i wasnt going to let that happen knowing how rare the item is.
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    This tractor was produced by Avery and would be a model V with either the Avery or MM name on it, it is also common to see the model BF with either or both names on it. Some of the Avery models were kept and painted Yellow & Red after the MM buy out. My family has an Avery V and a MM BG 1 row, both made by Avery.
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    When searching various internet sites, don't limit yourself to Wheel Horse, many brands used the same seat.
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    Well, say So Long to my C165A, had it out doors at my shop today washing it, a General Mgr from my other shop in New Castle , Pa seen it, Fell head over heels for it, Made a Offer i couldnt say No to, I guess when the fever hits , the price can go out the window & it did, he said a 1000.00, i said back your truck up to loading dock, he gave me a Grand, that means the D200 will be home soon, but im a Little disappointed seeing it go ;-( Old Pic's, caught me off guard without a camera
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    Ive always liked the louvered heat shields that the 520s and other models had. Stainless or black. My 3-12 didn't come with one so I've been looking for one. Found this stainless 520 shield. I'm going to have to tack some studs with spacers on the nelson muffler but that's no problem. It's a little long, but once it's polished and centered I think it will look cool
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    I had pretty good results out of the 9.99 harbor freight spray gun. I am not a skilled painter, and like others - I have to paint outside. I sprayed this a year ago and I was very pleased with the outcome. I think I used IH Red from tractor supply.
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    That is an awesome tractor and Jim you now owe Steve and I a couple of hot dogs at the show next year!
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    I called my engine guy (who used to be a Kohler dealer) and asked him about all this. He said this is common in Kohlers and small engines. The heat is more toward the back of the engine because of the lack of cooling fins on the back side of the engine...that is why the pitting shows up on the back side of the piston. K181s, K161s, and such did not show this as much because they did not have the heat that the 10 hp engines and up have. As to why it appears on the head or on the piston...could be how the tractor was stored and how it was used. Was the horse just used in the winter...just used in the summer...how many thousand hours it has...or hundreds...climate where is was used...etc. He would still like to see Paul's pictures. One thing he did say...Kohlers were doing this before ethanol gas.
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    Got her back together. It's about a 20 footer but I like it.
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    My 2 cents is try the internet " for sale" places , Tractor shows with flea markets , auctions , or try this >>>> http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/classifieds/wanted/
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    I've had mixed results on HF guns - had been using one of the $15ish HVLP's with great results, so when it went wonky I just went and got another, and another, and another .... no joy with them. So, in desperation and needing a gun, and HF to far away, I ran to Home depot and got one of their HVLP guns (for $60!) and finishing up that job with it working nicely. So, its like a lot of stuff from HF - some of it is really good and some not so. So, what Sarge sez is true, the name brand stuff IS hard to beat, but with me I just cant justify spending the $ for the occasional use I need for the expensive stuff.
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    Im pretty strong with electrical stuff. My wife has a Mini Cooper! The owner is out of town til Sunday when I pick it up. We shook on it over beers. Looks like I could fab up that lever. I have some valve springs from a couple car heads that might work or I'll find something at Ace or Lowes.
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    I like your thinking, but if your anything like me your "empty" floor space will fill up with good deals!
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    My thoughts on this are carbon buildup coming loose before it exits. I have seen carbon buildup chew away the top of the piston. Also a butterfly screw imprint on the piston and head. 91 octane non ethanol
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    To answer your original question...I use SeaFoam and 87 octane gas...I think it has 10% ethanol. I swear by SeaFoam...that stuff is great on a pizza. I use it in the gas I keep for the horses...I will put a can in the tank of my truck or the wife's car if I think it is not running quite right. Wife's car is a 2002...my truck is a 2014. I have not just torn apart an engine to see what it looks like...the 1st one broke the paddle on the end of the piston rod...the 2nd one was just smoking a lot when I bought it (knowing that I was going to get into that one). I think that the SeaFoam does what it says it will do. It takes care of moisture in the gas, it is a stabilizer, and it is a cleaner in carbs (in the horses) and in the jets of automatic injection (in my vehicles). I have had 2 year old gas that still smells like gas and starts right up. Is this stuff eating away at my piston?? I really do not know. I do know that I have not drained out any bad gas in 10 years. The Chicago area does not have any gas without ethanol in it for a 100 mile radius. Ramble, ramble, ramble...sorry Paul...one of those days. Bottom line...I do not think you had anything metallic in there causing those marks.
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    I wasn't interested in the A-90 tractor so a friend bought it and some of the wheels for $20. I bought everything else.
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    @Ed Kennell Well Ed what ever that is , you left me behind with the first column . Can you xplain to us dummies ?
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    In think that is at the top of most of our bucket lists. Very nice.
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    Hate to part with them but it just means room and budget for the next!
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    That is a beauty for sure Ryan! Great score! I can't wait to see that one in person...soon.
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    "My advise is to not use it all, why just send it to me!?
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    Watch a few videos. Then paint some cardboard until you get the feel of the gun. I have been painting with a spray gun since the late 1970's. At that time, my older brother taught me how to refinish furniture. The basic technique is the same. My problem is that I don't refinish furniture anymore, and I only spray a tractor about once a year or every two years. In that time, I tend to forget everything that I re-learned the year before. So unless you do it every day, it's always a learning process, especially with newer paints and better guns. Having said that, Jay's comment about you-tube is dead-on. It's probably the best place to find actual real people doing real painting.
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    Hello, I took the liberty of combining two power plants to re-power my A90-Special. The Briggs and flat cradle aside, I built a generator starter engine on a Kohler cradle. The lever action PTO will be affixed to the side of this cradle. "test fitting".......
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    My son had a yamaha motorcycle in the 1998 and I pulled off the head and it had the pitting also. So I honed the cylinder and installed a new rings and piston . After 6 months I had to pull the engine (thinking he was very hard on it ) and it was pitted also. I did some resurch and found this article it is about the 2 cycle engine. I don't know it it would pertain to a 4 cycle. If you have a 2/stroke, (Be sure to look at the top of the piston. If it looks like a rat has been chewing on it watch out. It means that the bearings in the bottom end are starting to go. If you put in a new piston it will just be ruined as more bits of bearing shed by the lower crank and rod bearings. The cure? Rebuild the bottom end.) I've seen this before I just don't know how it happens http://www.dansmc.com/pistons.htm Just my
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    I have one of those $9.99 HF gravity feed guns. I've used it for 6 jobs now and it works good for me. The key to keeping any spray gun is cleanliness. My gun still looks like I just took it out of the box.
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    I had several DeVillbis guns when I was painting cars....can't beat the good stuff....just keep them maintained and you will never buy another....
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    I thought this might be a good topic to interject the search information to the question of where to find ethanol free fuel. I know its been listed before.....I may have given the link, but can't find the post now. Search for locations by state: https://www.pure-gas.org/
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    Wheel Horse issued service bulletin #55 addressing this. Using the lighter weight lubricant would help the problem of the transmission locking up due to a suction effect on the shifter rails. Then they modified the rails to pretty much eliminate the problem. It took them a while to think about going back to the heavier lube. The weight really isn't all that critical but I've used 80w90 for decades with no problems.
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    Some of the early manuals call for 40W non-detergent motor oil but a later service bulletin calls for 80-90 gear oil. Lots of posts on hear on the subject, some use synthetic and others use regular gear lube, you decide. When draining the old oil you will find the plug near the back of the transmission, it requires a 1/4" allen wrench. Jack the front of the tractor up to allow the contents of the front of the trams. to drain (there is a hump in the bottom which will prevent complete emptying.). If what you drain out looks milky or bad in any way you will want to flush it with diesel oil, lots of threads on here about that. Best place to fill is the shifter hole, just back off on the dog point screw and pull the shifter.
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    This is an old lift that I got from a friend. Keep surfing craigslist for something similar. This lift is really nice because I can use it as a work platform or lift.
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    Horse thieves have been known to be shot in some states! Better be quick and cover your tracks!
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    I found it very interesting! Headlight Unit and lense were in a real bad state, thought I may have to scrap the Buckets as the Bulb Holders were badly rusted. I managed to clean them up and had enough metal there to petrify them with Kurust. Again , covered in several previous posts, the improvement of light reflection of these 'Buckets' has been achieved by using Self Adhesive Chromed Mylar and Polished Aviation Grade Aluminium (U.S readers please delete the last ' i ' to read Aluminum) Speed Tape. As I'm using LED SMD Low Temp Bulbs, I've blocked off the upper and lower vents, giving more reflective surface, but still allowing some venting - here's an idea of the difference .........and the finished article- (note the addition of the red grommets ...can you guess where they are from?).
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    Looks pretty cool. I was hoping you were gonna relocate the fuel tank, looks much better now. I'm not a Wisconsin expert but I can help you in naming this new tractor... "Shake-n-Break"
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    Chances are the sockets are badly corroded and the springs are rusted, if you need to replace or repair them here is a good source. http://www.wiringproducts.com/lighting-sockets-and-harnesses
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    Thank you, Richard! My cable must be broken; I will have to quick investigation. BTW, here's my last tractor that I restored, but sold.
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    I have a small problem with my garage being a little too full of tractors every fall. This year my plan is to build a rack big enough to store 4 tractors on the floor with room for 4 more overhead. If anyone on Redsquare has anything like that already in service, pictures would be greatly appreciated.
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    here's the manual Mower Sickle Front 32in 1955-61 CBR-32 OM IPL.pdf
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    Indigestion! I was given a Wisconsin one time that I was told the governor was blown on. (1965 - 66)? When I looked into the problem, the governor unit looked O.K., so I pulled the head, and the head and piston were pitted just like the pictures you show, (except worse) but nothing in the combustion chamber. Removed carburater & found throttle plate & screws missing. Don't think the engine was run too long like that, or it would have blown the lower end I would think, but there were no missing pieces to be found anywhere. The only thing I could figure was it all went out through the exhaust. Piston showed no damage except for the visual pits so I put rings in it and ground the valves & it ran very well. I've been trying to remember where I got the carb. parts, but have no idea today.
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    Found it https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/ECHLS6227 http://www.autozone.com/electrical-and-lighting/back-up-light-mini-bulb/zevo-led-back-up-light-mini-bulb/770356_0_1556?fromString=&make=&model=&year= I found it https://www.superbrightleds.com/cat/tail-brake-turn/filter/Base_Type,1156,1,40:
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    Happy Happy Lane From all your friends
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    The only things in life people regret are the things they didn't do. You should've went for the ride! The bike will need some upgraded bearings for the steering which should be done. AND, parts are being gathered for a second build but getting the time to build it could be a problem.
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    Wish that auction was closer. That gear drive deck in front of the tractor looks like it could be a 36"
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    It would be tough to find a better guy than Denny Clarke.
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