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    I wanted to be the first to tell you that I have launched a new website that is appealing to the eye, easy to navigate, has an easy checkout process, and is user friendly to everyone. My new online store is Wheel Horse Parts and More. This is a new adventure for me and my web designers are asking for individual feedback as we continue to tweak the new site. In case you did not notice, I have made a slight change to my username, which is now "wheelhorseman." I invite each one of you to visit my new website. Here is a http://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com
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    I just received my tie-rods from @wheelhorseman and couldn't wait to put them on. First I took the broken one and removed the old non-adjustable tie rod. Using it as a template, I adjusted the new adjustable tie rod and installed, then did the same for the other side. My steering wheel seemed to have been a tooth out, so while I was doing this I moved the steering wheel one tooth which corrected that. Then I did my measuring tape alignment, and gave it a very slight tow in for easier steering. Hopefully it doesn't wander, but if it does, the tie-rods are adjustable I can fix it. These tie-rods are very good quality and really tightened up the steering. I haven't painted them yet, but I suspect that the rod itself should be painted to prevent rust. Thank you to Lowell for making such a good product, and for the added bonus in the box. I gave it a good test fit and it's perfect, thank you so much that's the last missing part and I had a snowball's chance of finding it! If anyone is interested you can visit his new store at https://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com and pick up a set of tie rods or other very heavy duty reproduction parts!
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    The front weight hanger when using rear mounted attachments (tiller, box blade, moldboard plow) , which I modified to fit the rear for snowblowing/plowing and my custom engraved wheel weight center caps, Jeff.
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    Well, I have lots but a few to mention are: Heavy duty rear hitch. Lifting rear hitch. Snow blade stabilizer. Front hitch made from old mule drive. Ball bearing steering shaft Newer style. Ball bearing steering shaft older style. Converting all of my 520's to the older maroon style and appearance. Of course Matt's foot control kits and all of Terry's great decals. Cleat
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    D-250 not made by Wheel Horse E series (electrics) not made by Wheel Horse
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    Everyone loves to see new shiny parts installed.
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    Snowblower wings, helps keep it from pulling into deeper snow. and Led cab lights
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    I have to admit the same what Bob mentioned, Matts foot pedal kit was the best I ever did. BTW fellas some great ingenious ideas that have been posted by everyone, this is leaning on being one of my favorite threads I have read, keep those ideas and pictures coming in..... Glenn
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    I'm thinking one of the features should be Favorite Wheel Horse Modifications. It looks like there is a lot of interest based on the interest and responses of this thread.
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    I painted my replacement trans yesterday and let it dry over night, installed it today, ( quite a job my first time swaping a transmission in a wheel horse). I fired up the 753 this evening to test out the trans and all the gears work great. I know the paint color is a little off but it was, more for protection than looks. Am going to try to rebuild the old transmission eventually in case I need it for another horse.
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    @Ed Kennell I hope you are bringing your Rat rod or what you call your latest build. The one where wide bodied members will not fit.
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    I just brought home a 1995 520H. I think it is in good shape. The wiring looks a little iffy - there are a lot of spliced wires. The main thing I have a question about right now is the throttle lever. When I move it all the way up (higher RPMs) it goes back to the middle. It stays in position in the middle or at the low end. Is there a tension adjustment on the pivot on the lever ? The volt meter always reads zero and the gas gauge always says full even though I know the tank is mostly empty. I can live with those things for a while. thanks PS it is hard to type after spilling a beer on the keyboard. I have to use cut and paste for few letters.
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    My version of the lifting rear hitch that is reversible for pin type hitches as well. It's nice because you can back up to a trailer, raise the hitch to hook on to the trailer, and off you go without getting off the tractor.
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    Not sure about all E's but the D-250 was made by Gutbrod of Germany
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    umm..... it's right here? http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/forum/45-restorations-modifications-customizations/
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    Sorry Howard....no room left for the Mad Max rotovator . I made a commitment to bring this monster.
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    @Ed Kennell I think Ed has been holding out on all his engineering skills , he needs to bring step by step pictures to the Big Show and teach a class. FEL my main I wish I had. I did put an electric actuator on the rear of my 310-8 to operate the clevis hitch . If I have time before the show I will post pictures of my 416-8 "What the What" ( notice I cleaned that phase up a bit ) @JPWH needs to provide more details on that rear blade .
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    Interesting. Is there a Gutbrod that is similar to a D-250?
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    Other than bruises and a little swelling I have got back to normal and itching to get back on this project but have to get things. ready before the trip to the show next week. I have been cooped up in a classroom for three days. But still got some things done. I found a 12hp motor to pick up at the big show. @wallfish had me thinking about taking it and installing parts but the grandchildren are coming and I will be picking up a tractor for another member.
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    Maybe it's time we add another forum for Wheel Horse Modifications so we can access some of these great ideas more easily.
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    Best penetrating oil ever? The salesman comes up to the Farmer, and starts giving him the pitch on how good his penetrating oil is. The Farmer listen patiently to the salesman, then asked, If it's that good, how do you keep it in the can?
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    Oh I'd like to see more about the chute control!
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    Black metal trailers get hot themselves, aluminum trailers act a bit like a mirror and burn your face off instead... Very much so. I have a 2016 Aluma Trailer, 5x8. I LOVE it. It is a small lighter duty one for hauling around with my car (no HD axle on it), but it is built tough. It only weighs about 360lbs. I can push it around the yard with ease. Things to note from towing with it for a year and a half or so: - If you have any metal parts loaded on, put down a rubber truck mat or piece of thin wood first. The metal rubbing will put big divots in the soft aluminum deck. - The bifold gate is GREAT for wind load, but on my trailer at least it is a bit shorter than I would like it. - It tows and backs up great. Yes it bounces around when unloaded, but my old steel one did when it was empty too. - As I stated above, the trailer itself does not get that hot in the sun, but when you stand on or near it you feel like you are ON the face of the sun. - I dont like how they have the rear gate support arms. They use hairpin clips, which arent terrible, but then the arms dont store in place when your fold the gate down, so you have to remove them and store them somewhere. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. When I get a truck again, I will probably save up for a bigger version but they are pricey. -
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    I was starting to load the trailer this morning and I thought, why push the 401 up the ramp if I can get it running. The PO said it hadn't run for about three years, so I spent an hour or so cleaning the points and carburetor, draining the stale gas, and putting in a new plug, The 4 grandson come over on Wednesdays, and the 3 youngest took time from basketball to watch old grandpa work on the K91. Little did I know that my wife was also in the audience with my phone taking pictures. And with that, success! Runs great, purrs like a kitten. She's also pretty handy with the video as well. Looks like I'm going to be asking a little more for this one at the show.
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    Thanks for the interest. Look in my Raider 12 modifications current build. I think you'll find what you are looking for.
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    Great idea for the plow/blower light, but I think some of the models in the 1960's came equipped with a 12V plug adaptor, or as it was known then - cigarette lighter. For me the best Mod has been buying a front hitch that just drops into the tach-o-matic. Way easier to move a trailer around while facing it and with the pivot point right by the steering wheels. It's just like picking it up by the tongue and walking with it, except way easier on the back!
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    Got to thinking - What are your favorite modifications that you have made to your WH tractor(s) that made them more usable, practical or just plain better? My goal with this thread is simple - Perhaps a bit of bragging by you all will help others who are seeking similar solutions and just haven't figured it out or thought of it yet... Of course - include pictures please... Two of my simple but favorites: A power plug for easy plug in power and a rear spot light for night time snow plowing...
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    That is why I put this thread under this forum. My hope is it will grow like the "What's in your Mirror" posts so people can see all the cool mods that RedSquare folks have done over the years...I am already amazed what's posted in only a couple of days... Keep them coming!!!
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    Who did make the D-250 then? I thought some of the E-series were made by Wheel Horse and some were made by GE... I've heard conflicting reports on the "GE made" units that Wheel Horse made the metal/frames and shipped them to GE to finish. Hopefully someone can chime in with some experience.
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    When I picked up my 414-8 years ago, it came with a "John Deere" dethatcher, that is the mounting bracket screwed onto the mule drive for that dethatcher.
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    @nylyon What is that do hickey on the front of the mule drive? Send a picture get a question.
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    I know that some of the E series were GE's, but what about the E141. It has all of the body work of a black hood . Was this model also out sourced?
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    Can't find my old post but here are photos of what I did. Not for everyone but for me the best muffler set up I had on it so far. Not wanting a stack to get caught under branches or stress the engine and not wanting fumes near my face I opted for this.
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    You appear to be missing the cam pin part #6127 Threaded end bolts in the hole in the cross piece the ball end goes into the plastic slider. #77 in parts picture
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    I'll try it on a steering wheel roll pin. If it works on that , it will work on anything. Jim
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    Original 7451 replaced by 95-7668 from Toro If you want an idler with a real ball bearing in it for longer life and quieter Stens HD 280-362 Napa HD 7-05485 Garry
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    I've been using BG for over a year now. Have not found anything it can't tackle. For years Kroil was my go-to penentrant. BG puts it to shame and Kroil is on the back of the shelf.
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    Well B it is. Will also bring some A's too. So much to get done so little time.
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    Won't make it this year unless someone passing thru Kokomo has room for me and the horse! Probably make it in a couple years when I get vaca time at the new job. Waiting on a start date right now. Atleast I will be able to afford to get more WH stuff, even if I cant make the show. Have fun and post lots of pics!! Mike
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    I didn't make it myself, but the best thing I have done to my 416-H horse is to install Matt's foot pedal motion control.
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    We assume,,,that Ed K_____ll wi;; be bringing the Rottotiller,,front yard driller,,belt driven thing to the show,,,,,,, it can be displayed in the (((( Evolution of Cultiviccation ))))) section in the lower field,,,,, and based on the vote in this thread,,,,,,,,,It looks like Front end Loaders/Jonny Buckets,,,should be the feature tractors next year. We don't need a 3rd year of Modifieds,,,,,,,,, just IMHO Howard in Va
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    Ed has offered up a myriad of meritorious modifications that he has crafted, but for me the Front End Loader is the biggest work (back) saver I have ever found.
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    A few of mine.... The plow frame mounted tiller and ball hitch. The plow frame stabilizer. The sun top. The mole killer. Deck roller springs. Forward/reverse hydro foot control. Anti scalping rollers on 42" decks. Heat collector for snow blower cab. Snow blower auger rubber paddles. Snow blower chute controls.
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    LED cab lights would have to be my hat in the ring.
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    I have rear fenders that are modifed {widened} and able to accommodate 6 tail lights, with reverse lights in the middle two. The chrome exhaust tips are only for looks.
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