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    Instead of having a couple of the resident stallions take care of pasture this year I decided to let Old Milly enjoy that task for a while anyway. Its nice using her, we are about the same age and understand each others limitations.
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    Twin 350s...Note to self, buy Exxon stock
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    Mother Of All Boats!! That is... 1971 Nova SS---Gone... 1968 Firebird Sprint--Gone... 2009 29' Dutchmen camper--Gone... 1986 Bayliner Contessa 2850 Command Bridge---Gone... INCOMING.... 1993 Bayliner Cierra Command Bridge 3058 with twin 350 Chevy's into Mercruiser Alpha 1 Gen 2's.. My wife and I have wanted something like this for along time... got a very very good deal on it. It left Okahumpka Florida yesterday---slated to be in Waterford CT Thursday morning.. Can't wait---don't regret getting rid of any of the above.... Gotta admit the boat hauler guy looks goofy in the pic! LOL!!!
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    Picked up this little gem yesterday. Not sure what model the tractor is yet. Sickle measures 44"..... I'll look for maual today. So far it runs good and sickle is very nice. The drive belt on sickle keeps slipping off. Never been around one of these so not sure what the problem is yet
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    You better sleep now so you don't miss half the show!
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    Well, I don't HAVE to sell this, but I have my eye on a 72 blazer so trying to scratch up funds to maybe buy that. Great running and operating D-160 with loader, tiller, and deck. Has 3pt and rear PTO. Everything works very well. Engine and hydro pump were rebuilt about 250 hours ago. Runs GREAT and hydro is STRONG!!! Just rebuilt all the cylinders in the loader. Drive shaft for tiller was recently rebuilt. Tires are good, battery is good, seat is good, lights work, this tractor needs nothing unless you want to paint it to make it look better. The metal on the tractor is VERY straight. Steering is very good, especially for a D. Can text or email more pics for serious buyers. I have wheel weights available for an additional fee. I also have many D parts including an almost complete parts D-180 if you desire any of that for additional money. Thanks Tyson
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    A few small items needed attending to before my creation headed off to the hydraulic pipe doctor. Wiring the ignition, ammeter, lights was a temporary fix, just to get life and test out how it would perform. I decided the throttle/choke would be best placed down under the seat as shown, basically once the engine is put to work with a hydro the throttle can be set and left alone, so putting it here would save Buying long cables and trying to route them up to the dash. I purchased two LED work lights and with the old seat support bracket made up some mounts. Of course I forgot about the light mount till the machine was stripped down again, so best guess was about here. Then one sunny morning the ILS was placed on the trailer for its appointment with the pipe man. (don't worry I strapped it down). Couldn't resist the 'what's in your mirror' shot, must look a little strange as you all seem to drive on the wrong side of the road. Later on and it returns all piped up and ready for trials. And there we have it, the journeys end, well all bar the grinding and brushing and painting....uuaagh. I'm gonna leave you hanging now until it's done, Thank you all for following along and as Arnie would say 'I'll be back'.
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    My favorite model. Here is my 701
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    Steve has 40 tractors and Jim has 10. He has 4 times as many tractors as Jim. They go 5 yrs. Steve has 45 tractors and Jim has 15. Steve has 3 times as many tractors. They go another 15 yrs. Steve has 60 tractors and Jim has 30. Steve has 2 times as many tractors as Jim. Question: How many more years will it take for Jim to have as many tractors as Steve? It's ok. Take your time figuring it out!
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    Yes she does cut at warp 2. Actually she is more of a wacker than a cutter!
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    If you really wanna find out who luvs you. Lock your wife and your dog in the trunk for an hour. Note which one is happy to see you when you open the trunk.
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    I'd take it back to my local Wheel Horse dealer and have it replaced under warranty.
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    Here are some pics of the 1276 I picked up this weekend. Seems to run good, starts right up, blows just a little smoke right when it starts. Has a few minor issues, but overall seems pretty solid. Paid $400 for it and the deck.
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    Picked this one up today along with a snowblower.
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    That giant sucking sound you hear is 94 marine gas whooshing thru some badass Bow Ties'!
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    That's just plain confusing, a horse that moo's.
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    Indeed. What is this on the hind side?
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    No sandblasting clicknology I'm afraid, as this will be a working machine it'll be flap wheel, wire wheel, two coats of red oxide then (hopefully) two top coats. Only a couple more updates to go before a break for painting. One thing I forgot to get a picture of was the transmission belt idler engagement lever, it is now forward of the left loader tower. I simply used the original motion lever to connect to it, so the knob is approximately where the dial a height control used to be. So tonight... Coming up with a cover for the dash which leads down to the hydro pump, I used the off cut from the bonnet, filled the latch slot and then cut and welded this piece of sheet metal (nothing to do with the tractor, colour is just a coincidence) to fit the shape. A bend at the bottom means this cover closes over the cooling fins of the pump to ensure the fan still does it's cooling job. Two small tabs with fasteners secure the top and the original bolt holds the bottom to the belt guard. Next came the old toolbox, toolboxes are handy so why not retain it.. The old seat pan was pretty rotted, but luckily the bits I need were ok, the hinge and centre section after a bit of cutting and drilling produced this, Galvanised sheet was all I could find for the lid, bolted to the centre of the seat pan and a bend put in it, It closes nicely. I have to get some sheet metal for enclosing the fuel tank/battery, so I will be replacing this galvanised toolbox lid. Lastly tonight, (something I do to all our buckets and grabs on the farm) The leading edge takes most of the wear on a loader bucket but they also wear thin on the 'heels' especially when used on concrete. Weld some wear plates on and save the bottom of the bucket.
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    Got my first 2 rows of sweet corn planted so far this year!
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    Used an old Work Horse with a 10 h.p. Briggs to till up a spot for potatos today. Then brought out a B-60 with a furrower I rigged up and did 8 rows about 40 feet long. Got 6 rows planted before the rain drove me in. Hope to plant the other 2 rows Wednesday. Seemed good to have some seat time.
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    This is a possible score, about 300 miles to get it tho but the price is right. Take a look at the pics and see if you guys see anything out of place.
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    I have a 1970 Electro "12" automatic, model 1-7255, I do not see very many reports on this model. Was this a bad model for some reason? I have had mine about 30 years, with a 42 inch side discharge mower, 42 inch snow plow and a 36 inch rotor-tiller, it has always done it all for me!! This Horse will always have a stall in my barn! .
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    Bad model? UUUMMMHHH...does not compute...No such thing as a "bad model" WH... Besides - 30 years of faithful service? Seems like you answered your own question!
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    Nope, I'd never lock my cat in a trunk.
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    Dunno, I never tried it with a cat. I do not recommend doing this and will not be responsible for any injuries.
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    It's a great find for sure...been repainted, but that's OK. The pulleys have to be there. Why would anyone pull those off and put on a single pulley?? So, is this going to make you WHX12?? And to think I knew you when you were just 4...where does the time go?? Pretty soon you will be chasing girls.
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    Oh my garsh.... another Minnesotan.... Welcome for sure... I see you're in Belle Plaine. Can I assume you come down to Pioneer Power in August? And if not... by all means make it a point this year! We have a whole group of us Wheel Horse guys that get together there every year. Check out some past pictures.... http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/forum/43-north-central-wh-show-lesueur-mn/
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    Determined it is a Raider 9. Model number 6931
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    You are correct @Professor1990 they did make a change in '67. They also moved the parking brake lever from under the right rear fender, to up on the center counsel.
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    Good info; I like the look too.
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    Texas Todd, Sand blast cabinets/equipment are available here it's just something that I've never really needed.. until now. I have rigged up a biggish E tank, so hopefully over summer I can boil the rust away while doing other things. And Duke, yep the 'heel' pads were the item I referred to in your thread. I can't recall seeing them on buckets in general on RS, just a bit of protection. (Mine were a couple of ram mounts I got wrong) The eagle eyed cat watchers must have gone to sleep,..couple more chances coming up. Tonight throttle/choke and a ride through the countryside.
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    I used one coat of self etching primer then 3 coats of urethane primer. Nason 421-19 grey primer with 483-87 activator. Urethane primer doesn't shrink over time like lacquer or enamel primers do. If you need to fill imperfections urethane is the only way to go. It's pricey though.
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    A local rescue shelter often goes to Patterson, NY TSC, and happened to be there on Sunday. "Milo" seemed very mellow and a good looking dog, I couldn't resist bringing him home. Saved another one! He's rescue #3. So far he's pretty good, seems smart too!
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    Haban 403 (A) Sickle Bar Mower and 1974 B-80 Wheel Horse tractor for Sale. This B-80 has a great motor, new seat, new battery and gas line, along with new gas filter and oil in motor. No smoking at start up. Haban Sickle is the Cadillac of Sickle Bar Mowers for a garden tractor. Two sets of blades act like a pair of scissors with cutting action up to 1000 moves a minute. I have the Haban Manual and some other literature about the sickle mower. This Haban Sickle Mower is the only one that can cut at a 90 degree vertical for cutting the sides of bushes and shrubs! I am selling these two as a unit. Pick up in Greencastle, Indiana. Might be able to take to Portland, Indiana if purchased in advance. Questions can be sen via text or by calling my cell phone at 765-721-1519. Not interested in trades, cash only $800. Video of Haban Sickle Mower in Action ! 017.MOV
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    Exactly why I sold my slammed ironhead Sporty back in the early 90's People are doing everything on the road except driving ! Glad you're OK .
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    And pushing the bird house over is just showing off!
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    Don't you guys recognize a warp core engine when you see one?? She does a nice cut at warp 2 Cas.
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    Ooo I like your planter, love one of those in the barn, I use an Earthway great for all the bigger seeds. I'll be putting in sweet corn and sunflowers soon.
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    Ron, We had emailed some time ago about adding my 54 Pond to the list. I don't know if you ever did that but here it is anyway. This, as I understand it, is one of the last tractors to actually use the Pond name. My dad bought this new in 54. It came with green Wheelhorse decals on the side because, again as I understand it, they were trying to get the new name out there but it was not yet official. This tractor is in the first volume of Straight from the Horses Mouth. Jeff Silvis Sarver, Pennsylvania
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    This is correct. The parking brake lever on the 65 and 66 tractors is down low on the right side of the tractor and operates the opposite way of the 67 and later hydros that have the parking break up on the center tunnel cover.
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    According to the 1966 manual, down releases tension and sets the lock, up applies tension and releases the lock. That is how mine functions.
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    DJ, You don't want that thing, it just doesn't fit with your nice herd. Just bring it to me in June and I'll take it off your hands.
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    That is a sweet looking survivor!
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    I guess you don't have Harbor Freight across the pond, eh? Flap and wire wheel works just as well for me. HF Sand blast cabinet for the small stuff.
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    Nope its ther Bob...just got off the horn with the seller tho and he didn't think there were double belts on the SG but he sounded older than you but real nice guy. Also said it wasn't exactly a museum piece... I says that's ok that's the way we like em. Mid mount is homemade tho. Nice patina on that one Tom.....want me go make the pickup for ya?
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    Sorry I already have one. Notice how dark it is in Wisconsin
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    Lets see, do a 300 mile radius around Princeton WI; start checking all the CL postings, find the listing, pull the rug out from under Jim; no ,couldn't do that. Good looking , go get it!
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    @bizzo15 I had the clutch pedal tied down with a piece of rope, made working on it easier. @1995 520H+96+97 to my knowledge 1986 310-8 does not use a mounting plate and two of the mounting bolts are under the frame. @stevasaurus Never tried to adjust the gap but may take a wack at it when I start putting the new parts on it. I need to do some clean etc, so I will take look at it then. Don't want to been something and break it.
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    Thanks for the laughs. Some Don'ts: She doesn't greet me with complaints, she just calls my cell to report them all day long.
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