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    I got a phone call out of the blue this morning from an elderly gentleman who asked if I was the guy who collected Wheel Horse tractors. I replied that I was, and he asked if I would be interested in looking at some things he was going to be selling.I replied that I would, and within an hour I was in his barn and out in the rain looking. I am going to try to identify what he has and add a bunch of not-so-good pictures. First item is what I think is a Suburban 400. He said the engine blew a rod and came through the crankcase, so engine was replaced. Love those sexy foot rests though. In the next barn was the front axle, hood, gas tank, and steering of what appears to be an RJ 58 or 59 Next item in the rain was a snow thrower Next barn contained a gutted 1-3745 1969 Work Horse 700. No engine or steering wheel. The fenders on the seat are from the RJ I think. Last item is a Suburban 552? Anyway, I bought them all but haven't picked them up yet. So just to get you primed, they will all be for sale but I am not advertising them until I have them in my possession and know for sure what I have. Inquiries can be directed to me via PM. What doesn't get sold before the big show will be going to the WHCC show.
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    I have been looking for a small vintage drill press for a while now. I found this sweet one at the local flea market this morning. It was restored and works really nice.
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    Nice And Crusty, just how I like to Find Em! Nothing a Wax Job Wont FIX!
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    Got the 10 pinion installed in a 8sp 1-1/8" (103916). No issues other than my own dumb oversite. I used the 11-1/4" and 12" axles. Could have used 2 11- 5/8 just would have a slightly different amount hanging out. Note the 10 pinion is slightly longer than the 8 pinion but the machined surface that fits into the 1533 bearing is essentially equal between the two. 10 pinion just sticks bit further through the 1533. Got to use it Sunday hauling a trailer full of rock across a wet soft area. Wheels spun just bit but they both spun so we motored right on through. I know I could add weights chains etc to the Ags but this is a mud season unit and I don't want to sink in and make big ruts. Dumb on my part when i got the 10 pinion some time ago I sort of noted it only came with one axle gear..but hey I had several lying around no big deal. Big difference between 10 pinion axle gears and 8 pinion axle gears that i had. oops. got one from AtoZ and project finished.
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    Now there we GO! I see some of ya's done crawled up outta the wood work and posted some Beautyful Pic's but we still have alot of HOLD OUTS out there! So LET'S SEE THOSE BIG BEAUTIFUL WHEEL HORSE TRACTORS! IT's TAX DAY so lets show Uncle Sam what he ain't getting!! Some I Still Have, many have come and gone. I would estimate nearly 200 have visited my stable. All the tractors in my Pictures I have posted I owned. It makes me Sad that I don't have big enough stable to have kept them all!
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    I know that Brian @buckrancher works miracles with metal, and has repaired a bunch of "showerhead" mufflers, but I wonder what he could do with this "showercap" model?
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    Came across this video on the CASE tractor site, the only "soft-side" Tractor Cab company in the US, very detailed on how they are made, in Arlington, IN:
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    Boy Howdy!! But there are still a bunch "O" Guys out there holdin back! Common Boy's show us them PONIES! !
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    Happy Easter! I love seeing all the pics.
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    To bring in the EASTER WEEKEND and keeping this post NON POLITICAL, lets POST some BEAUTIFUL WHEEL HORSE TRACTORS!
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    Just heard something on the radio by John Tesh that made me think.... Maybe this is one reason why we like red tractors so much? Thought I'd share his statement with you. I changed the two bold lettered words from (people who). "Research shows that seeing the color red triggers excitement hormones, which can speed up your heart rate and raise your body temperature. Recent studies found that tractors that wear red are perceived as more attractive." Could be some truth behind this.
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    Not a Willys but it was hard back then to keep my '78 CJ-7 clean. In 1979 we drove from Illinois to Colorado and South Dakota to do some FourWheelin'. That's when the 55 mph speed limit was in effect and there were Smokeys every five miles! It took us three days to reach Denver! It kills me every time these days I see a Jeep all jacked up - that never sees even a gravel driveway!
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    I found the pic just now. My dad built this back in the late 60s.
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    I run an inner city mission, and I work with quite a few mentally ill people who are homeless. In the least, there needs to me more residency based mental health services.
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    WoW! You Guys Are Making My EASTER GREAT AGAIN! Keep Em Coming!
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    My 857 (or 856?) got to come out and play in my wife's little salad garden early this evening.
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    I was browsing craigslist yesterday and found an ad for a 10 hp Kohler with a bad connecting rod for $50. It was only a 15 minute drive for me When I got there I saw he had a 15 amp regulator off the same tractor the engine was in that he gave me and he also gave me an ammeter I needed for my C-120, a headlight lens that saw better days but at least it's not broken, and a couple starters I'm going to use the parts off the engine to convert my GT-14 to points with a 15 amp charging system. Here is the link to my original post:
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    Motion control part 2 cable ends to transmission plus mistakes. My first attempt to make the link between cable and transmission worked out but was stiff and jerky, I used the 'gate' arrangment had designed for their lever control and made a 'see saw' bridge to convert the movement to the cable, you may spot this in some of the pictures, mark 1 quickly got scrapped. Mark 2 solution needed some surgery to be carried out on the 'gate' Now I had a nice smooth rotary motion to work from. using a couple of roll pins I cut and squeezed them so the cable sheaths couldn't pass through them, then welded these to a small bar. (I used this roll pin idea at the other end of the cable off the subframe). Then weld this to the frame as the picture shows. The 'rocker' above is simply two roll pins with small bolts welded by their heads and grooved clamps to squeeze the cables in. This arrangement is nice and smooth. I included this picture to show I cut out two 50x50x5 box pieces from the base of the towers on the subframe and at the top of the towers. After I had welded the main cross members in the subframe the lower piece became unnecessary and in the way. The upper one was a pain as well and I realised when the booms were eventually linked, it too would be unnecessary. So there you go motion control sorted, tomorrow....A very fortunate upay purchase.
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    My wife works 2 jobs in the mental health field. Seriously underfunded,trained and staffed.
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    I live south of Cleveland where the madness happened today. I saw the video of the wacko gunning down the old man for no reason. I watched the video that the shooter did explaining his actions. There is a mental health issue here not a gun issue. How do you solve mental health issues? At this time the shooter is still out there and seems remorseless. I pray for the old man and his family. Its going to take a good guy with a gun in order to stop a bad guy with a gun. Too bad the old timer wasn't carrying.
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    Sorry, not a Willys...but still a jeep got it for free in 2010 because it "didn't run". Put a battery in it and turned it over, fired right up. Turned out to be a bad computer which I eventually found. some mods since: frame swap engine swap ford 8.8 in rear d44 in queue up front lots of $$$ later here she is
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    Any one on here have a willys if so I would love to see some pictures I will start off with a picture of my dads 1947 willys
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    Might want to try @wheelhorseman1000 he has them, wouldn't hurt to shoot him a PM.
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    About 15 years ago I came across my dream car, a 1946 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet project. I started on it and then life happened! We decided to move from Florida to North Carolina, changed a bunch of priorities and built a new house ourselves. Then my back gave out and it became obvious that I would never realize the dream of completing the Continental. Well I found a buyer who is eager to build it and it is on the way to Missouri. The bright side is that I now have 14' X 24' more work area for my herd.
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    That should work. As as long as the coil and condensor work it should allow you to get the k321 running. It makes sense to keep expenditures to minimum until you prove out the Hydro tranny.
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    My wife works at a public library. Because her branch is located downtown, on Main Street of the county seat, the homeless, workless, and shiftless make the library their daily hangout. Not all are mentally ill, but there are plenty of them. In this town there are many shelters and services available, but most of these folks choose not to avail themselves to those services. My wife is retiring at the end of the year, and I pray daily that one of these nuts doesn't do something.
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    Well, I got the new R/R in the mail and put it on today, getting good voltage now. 14 showing on the dash gauge. The old one never got above 10. So between the bad R/R and a few bad connecting wires now I should be ok, everything works like it should. Now I can work on a few other items and will be time to clean her up good and have fun. Lol
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    My barn find rat 1075 , I got for my birthday last year. @Amcwheel85 I call dibs on your suburban if for any reason you need to get rid of it ! I'm glad you scored that one , because if I were a couple states closer that one would've been mine . Even after given all the clues to what and where I found it still took a couple of days for you to get it (I mean stole it) .
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