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    This storm is really the first major use I have had in three years for my cab-covered C-175/Blower. (Not that I'm complaining)! First off, I was getting hot sitting in there for the 45 minutes to do my drive and a few of the neighbors driveway openings from the plow going by. It really is the Cat's A**! However........I'll need to get a small 12 volt fan to run against the front plexi-panel. I was fogging up a lot. Out on my township road, I wouldn't have seen a semi coming without wiping all the panels down every couple minutes. It was nice to not be covered in snow, have a wet butt and I didn't use hearing protection. (The cab cuts down on the sound quite a lot)! I should have had one on my plow and blowers back when I first started this WH madness. I could get used to staying dry!
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    I have finally finished the restoration on my 72 Raider. I want to thank FunEngineer, Vinyl Guy, A-Z Tractor, and most of all, Glen Pettit.
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    Got a little seat time in today. We got about 7". Just didn't last long enough.
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    Finally it looked like Winter was going to arrive today! This - after the daffodils and cherry blossoms were already blooming. But, the line moved further North and the sleet and rain took over. We were in the 8-12" forecast range but was actually 4-5" of wet, wet snow and a lot of sleet. I have to admit for this snow storm I wish that I had a steel edge on the plow instead of the UHMW.edge. It had a tendency to "ride over" the ice underneath. I always wait until the county plow comes by before going out to do my neighbors and my driveways. It was nice to have the second cab on the plow tractor considering my other cab never got installed this Winter!. With the 25-30 mph wind blowing I hardly felt the weather while plowing for two hours.
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    This is a chipper I use to make leaf mulch. Got tired of picking up the mulch off the ground after running through the mighty mac so I added another attachment!
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    Greetings comrades . A friend of mine ( who wishes to remain anonymous ) wanted me to post this here because he is too chicken . Anyway would anyone be able to help put a price tag on this Cub Cadet ? My thinking is in the neighborhood of $1200.00 > $1400.00 USD . Cub Cadet 169 16hp Kohler, runs great. Hydraulics and 3pt hook up in rear. Great shape with new tires?
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    Just because it is snowing outside A-Z Tractor is still able to sell parts because the goal is to disassemble the tractors as soon as possible and have the parts on a shelf ready to ship. Enjoy winter with the rest of us but don't hesitate to call for parts at A-Z Tractor because our inventory is inside and future parts are waiting outside for spring. Phone 1-717-821-2542 email is aztractor255@gmail.com website http://a-ztractor.com/
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    Just tell the wife, "It's on clearance!!!!" For some reason, my wife can't seem to avoid the clearance aisles and usually buys something that we really don't need only because it was on clearance.
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    That is a sweet looking horse. My dad's old 161 looks dark too and it's original paint with some touch up so it might be age. This is it compared to the redone 701 I got from Denny Clarke.
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    Welcome to RED SQUARE. No the 3 point does not go to the Transmission It is in depended on its own runs off a hydraulic cylinder under the tractor and a pump off the side of the engine. I have 3 D-250s have questions just contact me.
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    Sometimes when she tells me NO...I'll just fall outa my chair and throw a fit ...Then she just looks at me and tells me that's some good therapy...now lets seeya get back in... Hate to see what will happen if I come across a reel mower...
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    That is a hand push cultivator, when I was a kid my dad had a 1/4 acre garden next to the house we had a couple of these great tools. We used this between rototiller session to keep the weeds under control. Many of these were made by Planet Junior. In soft soil they work wonders and are easy to control and limit damage to the vegetables.
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    I got it! Man is it a beautiful machine - 481 hours with the bagger and canopy and a deck - there was no oil leaking anywhere at all - the column motion control will take a minute to get used to but not really an issue IMO - I got it for $525 - I can probably sell my junky craftsman for close to that so it will be like I traded for it - its bigger than I expected which is good - the bagger is an original wheel horse so that's a huge bonus and it hooks up in basically seconds - too easy. At idle this thing is SUPER quiet - that was unexpected. The only negative I could find on it is that the seat needs replaced - I hate to even say that - very grateful to have this thing - thanks everyone for your input! oh yeah, one more issue - the idle adjuster when set all the way up immediately starts to jog down about halfway - seems like a simple mechanical fix but has anyone else ran into this issue? would love some more info on that foot pedal kit if you have it or remember the guy that did it
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    The wrapper 20a is the main snowthrower body including the end plates. The wrapper name likely comes from the fact the sheet metal wraps around the auger. Most of us think of it as a blower housing assembly as it is welded together forming a single part. Your model may be slightly different than the 1978 model as minor improvements were made over the years. Garry
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    I recently purchased this one and has the same color paint.. Mine looke to have had some touch ups but not a complete repaint. I bet that is the color paint used at that time..
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    For a professional rebuild of both the pump and motor that is not way out of line. (I was quoted about 500 for the motor a few years ago) They will use new parts and they are not cheap. if you have some skills and time you can do much better on your own. A lot depends on how badly worn/damaged your unit is.
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    Hello all, This storm has been boring and all too commonplace. Maybe it will pickup... I dunno. Im not looking for death and carnage but the stupid weather guys made it seem a whole lot more impressive. At least I got day off! Tony 20170314_081147.mp4 20170314_080442.mp4 20170314_081526.mp4
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    WHX9 I got to thinking about the resto comment after I looked at that muffler.
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    Machine was in rough shape when i got it. It sat in a friends shed for years. He was gonna scrap it and I decided if I could get it running I'll use it to roto-till my garden. Well once I got it running, well you know the rest, complete restoration, transmission, engine, every nut and bolt. Transmission lever I believe it was just set on there for the time being. Started around the end of September, finished about 2 weeks ago. Gonna go look at 2 more up in Dudley Mass. this Saturday. Not sure what they are. Thanks
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    I see quite a few parts that could be salvaged, painted RED and used to rescue a distressed .
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    24" and wind. That 16hp Kohler was working the governor...right up until the belt broke. Replaced that (by the way what engineering genius made the drive pulley so close to the housing you have to remove it to put the belt on!!!) Finally broke through to the road (only one pass by the town plow. Then the cable for the chute pulled out of its clamp. i do not have a cable cutter and the end was frayed so i couldn't get it back together right away. got her back to the shop (snowblowers do not make good snow plows thank the heavens for the 10 pinion ltd slip.. Got the cable rethreaded but i was cocktail hour...besides i ain't going nowhere for the next day or two. Will be back out i the AM to do it all over again
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    So far nearly 22" and we are scheduled for an additional 3-7 overnight...
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    Really nice restoration on a classic and with . I gotta ask though...at what point did you realize the tranny shift lever was on backwards?
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    Not a 250 expert but they will be along, I know @maxiblue is tho ... in the meantime Tiny
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    We got the condensed version Jeff. One of the heaviest ever. It was a challenge for 520 tall chute. I had two clogs in an hour of throwing. Then I switched to the 312 w/blade. I'll say it again, those rubber chains are amazing. I am glad I replaced those little 6" fronts with 8"ers. They gave the plow a little more height which was a big help in stacking the snow.
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    Got some seat time in Litchfield County. They are saying 18-24". This is the third time I hit the driveway today. Did the neighbor's twice
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    Where is spring? Not here just got winter back
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    Hey Tony, you're more than welcome to come up here for some of that "action". Don't forget to bring @Sparky with his shovel too!
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    for those tight spots?
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    Remember there are people out there with way more expensive hobbies than what we do. Besides I need tractors to do work around the house, one for this and one for that,then an extra in case of?
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    It's needs vs wants. I don't NEED 15 Wheel Horses and implements but I do WANT them! I didn't NEED to purchase a N.O.S. Wheel Horse planter but I really did WANT it! Then there's wants vs financial ability, I really want a 420 LSE but......
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    Post some pictures of your tractor and you will get a definite answer to your question plus any others you might have about it. Otherwise it's just a WAG.
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    I know he would win at Jeopardy!
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    Don't you have a whole barn full of "Don't need it"?
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    What's with these guys... RUN , don't HESITATE , PROCRASTINATE , HIM-HAA ,TWITTLE YOUR THUMBS , MOZEY AROUND... Someone will swoop in and grab them right from under your nose... This isn't no it's happened to me more than once !
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    @gwest_ca Garry figured it out!
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    I'm surprised guys are using E clips to hold their front tires on instead of snap rings. E clips seem to come off much easier than a snap ring does.
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    Greetings from Virginia everyone. I'm brand new to the forum as I just bought a '76 D-250 with the Renault 4 cyl in it. It runs very well and has been taken care of, however the previous owner was a working DIY guy and there is a fair amount of non-OEM mods done to it. He gave me a multitude of spare parts for it also. He gave me some 3 point parts and bracketing, etc... But it looks as if the tractor came from the factory without the lift option on it. I know this has been asked before, but are retrofits/OEM upgrades/DIY tinkerer options already in existence for conversion? I'm a touch let down at the lack of the factory option as the seller made it sound as though it was equipped with a 3 point... Which I definitely require. There is some good news. Me and the boys are born and bred shadetree mechanics and amateur fabricators, so I'm open to some non factory stuff. This tractor was purchased to work, not to show. Any links to the factory 3 point option? I've seen the diagram of the links and bars, but not the lift mechanism. Was it built into the transmission/gearbox? The frame has the necessary holes drilled... I'm sure they used the same frame with and without the 3 point option, but I have no clue. I have access to some fun hydraulic stuff as I am a forklift mechanic by trade. Thanks so much ahead of time for any help. Looking forward to interacting with you all, Jacob
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    One thing that may affect the price - the CC 169 was only produced in 1974 with a production run of about 4000. Low production number might make it of more value (I wouldn't mention that to the seller though)
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    Personally the higher value for me would be less due to lack of 3 point. I'm thinking you may get that but it would be a Cub collector trying to fill a void in collection. Unless the 3 point hardware is available. That's almost always a 3-400 uplift regardless of color. Red, yellow, green etc
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    Im on way .... but in 3rd / high range its gonna be awhile! Im gonna tow sparkiees Gt1600 / mag 10 conversion to save fuel too! Tony
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    Great work, sterling Stallion too.
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    Do a search on 702 in files and you might find more. You'll find the part numbers and go from there.
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    We didn't get much here in northern Indiana after I put my snow blade back on but that's ok because I already raked all the rocks out of my yard and rolled it, I'm ready to mow lol.
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    I've got one of these in the garden that we use for cultivating weeds sometimes, but mainly for my little girls to try to figure out how to use it. There is a sure trick to keeping the handle at the right height so that it won't dig too much or get blocked up.
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    Thanks. I will post pics soon.
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    Liberty (female) is iced in this morning..
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    While doing some more searches, I have found some hand plows, but this doesn't really look like the other ones. Any type of hand plow must be some real work.
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    I got here late John, But WRAPPER also had me convinced it was the chute rotator cable. Now I'm really confused with the wheel elevation assembly being a wrapper. May be it is rapper.
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    I was WAY off. Yes, the older blowers had steel wheels which could be adjusted with those holes instead of skid shoes
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