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    JimD gave me a call this afternoon. It was excellent talking with him. He is still in a care facility doing rehab for his arm that was broke. He is thinking that he will be home sometime next week. That will make it about 6 weeks since, cents, sense he had the fall. It did not take long until he sounded tired on the phone...sounds like he has been through a real rough stretch. Let's keep him in our prayers. Hope he can come in and post here next week.
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    My friend Roger Parmley in Greencastle has a lift piece that was made by Wheel Horse for tractors used in the Indianapolis 500 years ago. This lift will raise the front or back axles on Wheel Horse tractors and it is very neat. It came from a Wheel Horse dealer in Central Indiana! I am liking that 854 quite a bit !
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    What do you think on the hub caps, Plastic, painted red. My wife says I am dangerous with a paint can.
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    I just said in my last post I didn't have room for any more tractors because my wife wouldn't have room to park her car in the garage. She's parking in the driveway now. I was searching craigs list Sunday and seen a post for a 314-8 for 200.00 it was 40 miles from me and I said to myself I can't do it. So I called him and said $200.00 and he said yep it's in storage , and I said where. Went and picked it up and it turns out to be a 2000 314-8 with a great 48" deck. It had 3 flat tires ,dirty carb,never been greased , dirty oil. So I changed oil with new filter,greased cleaned and cleaned carb, charged battery, inflated tires which I will replace all the tires. Put gas in tank and started it up . A little miss so I checked plug and it was loose . What do you think I told the wife ?? Honey it's my hobby that I love to do and she didn't say anything else.man I love that woman.
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    Mike I been through divorce court 2 times, you could not offend me.
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    That gives me an idea why not take those weathered plastic caps and paint them Dupli-color wheel argent silver, BTW not much on the red in a sea of red but on the flip side I think you did an excellent job none the less from what I can see nothing on the chrome emblem, Jeff. Also the ring around the emblem painted/striped black might just make those red caps really pop ...
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    Sorry I had to add a picture with the pully cover on. I forgot it in first two photo's.
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    All great comments, and always thrilled to read these, so thank you! We have the best moderators and members, and fantastic software and theme providers which all contribute to the experience here, and it's great to be a part of that!
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    They`re here, we`re just on our best behavior Seriously, great site, good people, good information....
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    There is no doubt that the overall organization and control of this forum is nothing short of outstanding and one would not realize that if we did not belong to other forums. It is all a part of the constant work vigilance and vision of the Administrators and Moderators and it is very much appreciated. We have however to also give credit to the membership for much of it. Even though there are instances where Moderators have to step in to stop occasional squabbles fortunately those are few and far in between, usually caused by seemingly harmless inoffensive comments that same take exception to. Some of us are more sensitive than others. I found however in all the years I have been a member that here is a different type of crowd. With all of the respect to our younger members, a vast majority of members here are well "seasoned" individuals full of wisdom that only comes from that "seasoning" and a lifetime of learning many different skills and values. And don't underestimate the "values" part of it. One does not have to browse through too many of the posts to immediately come across comments to indicate that we have a lot of good human beings here. I think and hope that it is contagious. A big difference to other forums, I found that it is also the willingness and easiness with which knowledge is shared. That is and should be the purpose of any forum, and not a place to just show off your stuff or worst criticize others. Knowledge is not ours, we are only the caretakers of it while we are in this world, and it is our obligation to take care of it, improve on it, and ensure that it is passed on. Hoarding of it creates self serving dangerous individuals. There is also a willingness to learn and help. Being able to accept being corrected is just as important as sharing information. A great contributing factor is also that because of the yearly show, so many of us know each other .We know their families and in many cases over the years watched little children with tractors that are now adults. Lastly I am still convinced that there is something to these little red tractors that bring out the best in all of us.
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    There seems to be a complete absence of trolls here. I do not know how you do it. Even when i may post something that i find to later be incorrect, there may be a disagreement with the information, but no put down to me personally. There is one website about Honda twin motorcycles that one person has more than 20,000 posts. Many of his replies to questions are "send me a PM and i can help you".-- a real waste of time if you are trying to learn anything by the experience of others. I think people are smart enough to separate very experienced a knowledgeable posters from those just trying to help [and occasionally being wrong]. There is really no need to be your own cheerleader by putting someone else down personally. That is what I like about this place the most.
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    I Just joined a RV forum because of our up coming travel plans after my wife retires. I have to say that between this site and that one You guys hands down are the best running forum on the web. It is so easy to use on this site compared to others I have joined. It is not because it is a new forum it is the way this site is laid out. Like when you comment on your post you can scroll up and put in members names in the post to include them in the discussion. Oher site`s you can not. So thanks and keep up the good work.
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    Wish him the best and our thoughts are with him.
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    If it wasn't for this site I wouldn't know anything about the history of all the red horses. I thought I inherited just a tractor last year... but it grew on me and have bought attachments and learned so much about them because of the site. I didnt even know there was a "big show" til last year. I thank everyone for their help and the forum.
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    All of it...That is why this is the ONLY forum I use...Never any social media junk... The mods and the users are simply great people who want to help and learn - no other agenda...(well, except maybe getting more 's)...But that's an addiction problem and I am sure they are on this site seeking help with their "problem"...
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    When I first joined the forum, I didn't realize this. I asked a kinda stupid question, and somebody gave some rather odd advice. I thought that I was getting trolled, so I replied about taking the advice and going further with the joke. Then.... I realized that it wasn't a joke. It was just nice guys being straightforward. I had to leave my computer and go talk with my wife about this oddly helpful and innocent place on the internet.
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    Karl has provided us with a first class site and all of our Moderators add to the value of time spent on the site.
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    Hi, I was driving past a local junk shop last week and spotted a really cute little red tractor, I fell in love with it immediately. It will need some work but that's why I bought it, a nice project for my young aspiring engineer son and me. Turns out it is a Wheelhorse Commando 7 and this is all new to me, so can I pose a couple of questions? It bears the serial numbers 1145 and 404504 model number 1.3731 what year was it made? It has come with a loosely fitted 5hp Briggs & Stratton unit which I guess is not original, so what was? Any info would be gratefully received. Best regards to all. Mark Reynolds, engineer and his young apprentice Ashley.
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    Hey everyone, brand new guy here and also brand new to the tractor thing. Been into hot rods / classic cars forever but just sold it and bought a ranch with my girl, got a horse and am really enjoying it. Bought a tractor (craftsman) to do the arena drag and that led me to thinking that I can't do the hot rod thing anymore, perhaps a vintage tractor would be cure my urge, so I started looking around and it IS cool! Does not seem to be too many out here in Arizona however. If anyone has anything, knows of one or can give me some info on shipping or transporting, that would be great. Cheers!
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    Hi its me again latest on my wheel horses well sent out 2 of the 3 seats I have to be reupholster. First picture is one that was bad and this was the better one of the 3 I had and needs to be done next. The next picture is the 2 I just got back today. Not cheap cost $140 each
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    to the Bob has answered all your questions. So I will only add my to the age old hydro/gear drive discussion. IMO, a hydro with hydraulic lift and foot control is absolutely necessary when moving snow with a blower. For the blower to operate efficiently, the engine must be kept at WOT and the forward speed must be varied to keep the blower full of snow. You can only do this with a hydro. I feel the same is true when mowing ....max RPM for the blades and vary the forward motion as the mowing load changes. Needless to say, old guys prefer to let the hyd lift take care of lifting any implement. Most of us have tennis elbows and torn rotator cuffs on the left side from pulling lift levers.
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    Yes to your first inquiry. A manual uses all human muscle power to shift and lift. I'm 67 and that's all I ever used until last year when I got hydro. Now I let the tractor do all the work. On the Electro 12, the hydrostatic transmission pump powered the transmission and also powered the lift for the accessories. The deck was powered by the electric power take-off and a belt. The third question is just a matter of choice. Some prefer hydro and other prefer manual.
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    I think they would look much better argent silver to match wheels.
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    I think they would be more pleasing if they were painted the color of the rim.
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    My version of Red, White and Blue.
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    Vintage tractor stuff can be just as fun as hot rods and rat rods. You just go slower that's all. Find yourself an old Wheel Horse and get in on the action!
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    Here's betting this... was your attire for the day.
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    Options that came as standard equipment on a model are listed as STD in the Attachment Interchange. Some years are spread over more than one page. Garry
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    Taken from the 1995 brochure, picture shown is from underneath a 520-H without mowing deck.
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    I bought some tie rod ends from wheelhorse100 through eBay, he took good care of me. I'm not really set up to fab something like that. Okay, great! at least I know there's nothing missing. Hey, I like those ag tires!
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    yes this site is number one!!!!!!
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    Thanks Gary! Maybe I'm partial because I "work here" but I agree. I'm a member of motorcycle forums, Corvette forums and Dodge truck forums and their rules are in place (like ours here at Red Square) but not enforced. I see arguments breakout all the time with all the 4 letter swear words getting posted and it really distracts from the forum. I only go there to get answers now and rarely participate in any general discussions. Mike.......
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    I got my front and rear wheel weights on today and also my front weight mount. Then I decided to put the new stack on.
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    I totally agree with the FISH. IMO, the C series was the best tractors WH made. The C-101 would be a great economical mower. The only problem I have with mine, I don't like to get it dirty.
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    I wonder if some of the nay-sayers are comparing them to original WH hubcaps. I think they improve the look of your tractor, but I don't think they compare well with the original hubcaps.
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    I personally don't like hydros. They can go at any moment without warning. Course the same can be said for a gear tranny. But it depends what you want to do with the tractor. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. Mowing the lawn a hydro would be nice, one level to go back and forth. Gears require pushing the clutch, selecting gear, then going back to whatever gear. But with a gear, you could leave it in one gear without having to hold the lever or foot control to maintain speed. I've heard that hydros are meant to be wide open, not idled or part throttle. I don't know how accurate that is, but I know a gear doesn't require that. They both require maintenance, but I've had gears from the 60s with nasty sludge in the tranny, and after being flushed they worked fine. That can't be said for a hydro.....
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    @WHX9 Sorry no stack, I believe that's why at 45 I'm hard of hearing, dad ran a straight pipe (chrome vacuum cleaner tube) on that 7hp Kohler Cub Cadet Original ,it sang a tune every summer mowing, @Ed Kennell, it's close but not quite chrome, and custom repaint and decals are in the plans for this one too, Jeff.
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    I don't think it's all that bad, color seems a bit off, but all in all I'm with Chris If you're happy with them that's all that matters.
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    Any less... the Mrs would have to bond you out.
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    I'll bet the PO will have many sleepless nights ......could I have gotten more for It ?
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    That ole rig would be in my living room
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    @AMC RULES I didn't even ask if he would take less for it. Once I saw the tractor and deck I handed him what he asked for it. But I'll always wonder if I could have gotten it for less. Never know.
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    262 hours! Nice find, very nice.
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    Nice steal......buy!!
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    You need to lift the front of the tractor up to completely drain it. Look under the transmission at the center bolt holding the case halves together. You'll see the hump it forms blocking oil in front of it.
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    Great job by all the mods to keep the politics, foul language, and mean spirited comments off this forum.
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    Yes Mike the RV forum I was just on you can not even Like a person comment what is up with that.
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    Okay, Yes it does seem like the regular noise that it makes it like the other videos of 520's working. After working the tractor for about 45+ minutes today it did seem a bit smoother between directions. Maybe I just need time to get fully used to it as I've been mainly using the 312-8 for plowing during the winter. BUT, I am using the WIX Filter I think. I will get the Toro and see if that helps. I will be addressing the drain issue of the plug soon. It's been rubbed and needs to be worked out slowly. I haven't done the grip test yet but when pushing some grass covered mounding today and hitting some roots it didn't have any problem pushing the 42" plow over on it's springs. Even at a slow pace. I will get some video tomorrow of the sound and action of the jerkiness and see if it seems normal to you. After purchasing this particular tractor and was bringing it into running and operating condition I did tear it down to the fuel tank, rolling frame and motor with all but the hood off and power washed everything including the trans fins. This thing had all but one trans cooling fan fin busted off. Has a new one though now. Good to hear that you prefer the lever over the pedal, although I would eventually like to get the pedal on it at least to try it out. I'm not a trendy person but this seems like more a hands free option especially when I want to eventually put a FEL on this or my 95' 312-8. Which I would eventually consider a 2-3 cylinder diesel on first. Anyway, thanks for chiming in with experience and advice! I always appreciate this site for that from everyone. Diversity of opinion is good.
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