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    I have a 20 x 25 foot garage that I have been storing my various Wheel Horses and John Deeres in. It's also home to my son-in-law's Harley. Right now it's over full and it's a pain to walk around everything and a real pain to get a tractor out that's buried in a corner. So, I bought a new lofted barn from one of those rent to own shed places. It's a 10 x 16 with a loft, verical z-metal siding over osb inner walls. It's supposed to be delivered sometime this week, probably tomorrow. Paid more than I was going to pay, but decided the loft would be a good to keep things off the floor. It will be home to about 4 tractors, most of them will be Wheel Horses, so it will be my horse barn. It will probably get Wheel Horse signage while the other garage will remain my main work shop and home to most of my John Deeres and probably the 520-H, plus of course, my son-in-law's Harley. I always wanted a red barn, so I guess this is close enough.
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    Finally made it upstate for some good snow. We had 12" Saturday and 5-6" Wednesday. Cold temps till Friday. That being said it was almost perfect.... it was 45-50 degeees when I started blowing. It was getting heavy. Anyway here's old faithful doing her thing. By the time it was over I had about 6 hours blowing. When my plow guy told me he made need a backhoe for the next storm. I said NO... I've got a horse!
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    Here's one I did so if I did restore it it would look like this.
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    Seems like the warm weather (70 degrees here in PA) has brought out some WH from the sheds. I've been watching a 418-A on CL for about a month now, but the seller was asking way too much. This weekend, I went to see it because the weather was good. I made him a reasonable offer on, much lower than he was asking. He said he'd consider it, then phoned me a few hours after I got home, and accepted my offer. Includes a nice 418-A with 680 hours, a 48" plow, weights & chains, 4 hub caps, a 48" rear-discharge deck, and a Craftsman garden cart for $800. The 418A came with owner's manual, sales brochure, and service records. It only needs some adjustments, no repairs. PO was an elderly gentleman who has his grandson cut his grass for him now (with a newer, yellow mower). I also noticed a rusty old B-100 with four flat tires sitting nearby, and they said I could have it for another $50. It will probably be just a 'parts tractor', but has some parts I need. Seems like people are taking advantage of the good weather to clean out their garages and barns, so there are deals to be found. A friend gave me a 1968 WH snow thrower just to get it out of his shed.
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    Added another Horse to the stable today. . 312-Hydro, just fresh off the truck, no cleaning or bath yet. The Kohler 12 HP Magnum starts right up.
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    Good afternoon my name is Carlos and I write from Spain, I have been asking some doubts and it is time to go putting the restoration.
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    Found a pair of early narrow rims and tyres in my store and decided to clean them up for my C120 tractor for ploughing hoping they will give me more traction. ive cleaned them with a wire brush on a electric drill, i let the air out and put an old drive belt in the bead to stop getting paint on the tyre and a piece of hose in the other. theyve both had a heavy coat of red oxcide and will be left for a few days before primer and top colour.
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    Never started a restoration thread after joining some years back so decided it to try it out. It's gonna be slow going cause I'm pretty busy at work but hopefully everyone will be patient with me and I'll try to post a lot of pics. This is the motor from my 310-8 we got in the 80's when I was growing up. It's been down for over ten years but it is still in good shape. I pulled the motor several years ago and sent it to the machine shop. It's been bored.010 over and has had some mild valve porting. I pulled the motor out of storage this weekend and did a through cleaning followed with paint. My plan is to clean and polish all the accessories for the motor then spray with clear to dress it up. These are some pics of the block with the breather cover polished and sprayed with clear.
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    Decided to take a couple pics of the 1257 on my lunch break of the horse. Idled it for 15 min.
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    I'll be done with my 57 rj 35 this spring and can't decide if I should restore my 56 or keep it original. It's not that bad, but the recoil is a different color and the belt cover is in primer.
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    It is a slow restoration since I do not have the tractor in my place of residence The petrol pump is broken, right? You must have a lever for your actuation, right?
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    Hi , I'm new here just signed up a minute ago. I just got my first Workhorse Gt 1800. I've been waiting for that phone call since 1984 (I was born in 1983) and it finally came. My uncle said it was all mine if I wanted to make the 700 mile trip. An hour after that I was hooked up to my trailer and heading north. He hardly ever used it and it never spent a night outside. He gave me a mower deck , rototiller and a snow plow with it. It had sat in his garage untouched for 22 years. When I got to his house he said "I'm giving this to you under one condition, send me a video of you driving it someday when you get it running. The tractor meant a lot to him and to me. So I drove straight home and the next day I had it running like new. Sent him the video and he was as excited as an 80 year old can get. He has every piece of paper and manual that came with it since new in a binder. What I'm wondering is what other attachments are there for it and what model tractor would use the same attachments. Any information is greatly appreciated. Since I got this one I've been looking for more. I've always been in to tractors and the like but never could afford much more than old craftsmans. But now I got the bug for these. Thanks.
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    I am going to disagree with 953 nut on this one. The 953/1054 hydraulic pump and cylinder if properly operating should be able to lift the front end wheels of your tractor off the ground. The 953/1054 was one of the heaviest early Wheel Horse tractors but a good operating pump and lift cylinder on the tractor with proper amount of hydraulic fluid should eaily be able to lift the tractor off the ground while pushing the snowplow downward. The pressure in the system is above 300 lbs psi from everything I have read. The 953/1054 plow had a hard lift piece on it that allowed the pump to use its pressure in that way, Here are three pictures of a New Old Stock hard lift for the snowplow/dozer blade used on the 953/1054.
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    It's like Jeopardy. I'll never forget the outtakes episode where a contestant could never ring in with his button. He would click it, someone else would beat him, then he'd look at it, shake his head, then after about 5 minutes of this he started beating the button on the podium. Alex Trebeck went to commercial, they replaced his button and he still lost.
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    Please ask any questions as you begin the restoration. You should take lots of pictures of the as you begin the disassembly process, as you begin putting it back together you can look at them to see what parts fit where.
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    Yes, building one would be time consuming, plus gathering and buying all the materials. It seems like I make my build list and then go to the lumber yard and pick up everything on my build list, only to find I neglected something or ran into a problem, or perhaps an upgrade, so it's off to the lumber yard again. And when you only have weekends, it's just makes sense to just buy a prefabricated one.
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    See what you guys started,!!!!?????!!!!!!????!!!!!!! Don't tell him about the effect on family life..empty corners in the garage,,,,,THE BIG SHOW !!???!!! Then there is stocking up on 90wt,,,,,fuel filters on sale......spare tires and wheels..... Now,,,,will he need a TOMB STONE.??? and does she know about that ??? $$$$ weekend road trips ololololololol,,,,,,,,,and what color RED works best...... I'm not sayin nothing !!!!! HOWARD 857 Horse in VA
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    Well that didn't take long. Going to pick up a 310-8 with 2 attatchments tomorrow. And it begins.
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    Just a quick update. This motor runs good but smoked more than I liked so I found a nice rebuilt 8 from an 854 from a member here. I tried to surprise my boy on his 10th birthday by doing the engine swap. I got er done. Video link below https://youtu.be/xWcFKjqB1b8
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    Great story Bryant And welcome to the Wheel Horse nut club!!! I see the addiction has already settled in . You might as well pay up for supporter status $20 and post away with all the photos your heart desires (makes things easier and helps keep the lights on) . Will be waiting for some soon , and we're hoping a video too .
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    You are going to need one of these for all those
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    The orange is an oil filter. I think it was a dealer add on, or a factory option. I guess it works off of the internal oil pump. I think the Kohler M18 had a port in the side of the block where the filter hoses could be attached. Some experts here might correct me. Jim The Series II engines have a port on the PTO side of the engine to add an oil filter base and oil filter or remote base and remote oil filter. The PTO side is not a good place for an oil filter on the Wheel Horse tractors so the remote is the way to go. Here is a pic of the cover over the port. You can replace the cover with the remote unit and pipe the filter to a convenient location. There is also a port just above for an oil pressure gauge. Oil pressure should range between 25-50 lbs.
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    1st choice) Replace with used spindles 2nd choice) weld it, grind it close, finish with a file. No need to machine it if you don't own a large lathe, this isn't a precision part
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    The cylinder is a double action cylinder, but it hasn't got the type of down pressure that will push your blade down. There is a built in bypass to limit the strain on the pump. You can see the system on page 10 of the manual. Tractor 1963 953 OM IPL Wiring #123.pdf
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    Good morning fellow Wheel Horsers! I have an update on the condition my condition is in. Lol. It's not perfect news, but it is some of the best I've heard in a long time. My radiologist called Friday with his findings on the latest MRI and CT scans. He seems to think what he's looking at is scar tissue from the surgery, and not cancer. He doesn't want to do any additional radiation as of yet. I'm scheduled for an endoscopic ultrasound for Monday, the 27th, to be sure it is scar tissue. If it is, they just want to keep an eye on things and do another MRI in two months. So back to Columbus once again. But, I'll certainly take that news over the news my mind had surmised. I don't feel too terrible, considering. I celebrated Saturday by cleaning my RJ trans a bit. First thing I've accomplished in close to two years. Going to have to take a little time soon to give ye olde 701 some TLC. She needs a battery, and some seat time. Lol. Just thought I'd share my update. Have a great day everyone! Dom... (Firpo701)
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    I mentioned that the steering wheel that was on this tractor when I got it was wrong. Today I had a little time to work on things so I made a new steering wheel. I also wanted to share some of my progress on the transmission. The tranny is one of my biggest challenges on this tractor. There are not many parts that can be purchased for this thing so you will notice that most of the parts are going to be made or altered by me. The first rack that I started on was the input shaft. I had to cut the shaft on both ends to remove it from the tranny. The o.d. required to make the replacement pieces is 1 3/8". After some searching I found that this was a special order size and it was actually more expensive than 1 1/2 at the places I checked. Then when I was removing the axles from my wood hauling trailer (which was a 1 ton GM truck originally) I noticed that they were 1 3/8" o.d. Score!!! It didn't take long for me to figure out exactly how difficult this material was to work with though. I learned that it didn't like to be rubbed, things went much better if you were more aggressive with it. Other wise it wanted to work harden on you. After figuring that out, things went slightly better. The rack of gears at the top of the pic is what I have to replace. Below that is the start of my new pieces. The three smaller pieces will need sprockets welded on to them and will need bushings inserted into the bore of them. The two longer pieces need some time on the mill yet and will need an internal key way cut into them.
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    For those of you that opened this wondering what is a McLean, here is a link to some history on the tractor. It is also the most information that I have found on the McLean.http://www.tractorfriends.org/lawngardentractors/mccleangardentractors/mccleangardentractors.html Last year when I bought my Suburban 400 I also saw this strange little tractor sitting off to the side. I had no idea what it was but my interest was peaked. I took a couple pic's then kinda forgot about it for a while. Eventually it came back into my thoughts and I decided to do some research to find out what it was. I posted my pic's on here hoping some one would recognize it but I seemed to have every one stumped. After a few days of searching I finally found a picture of one on the net. Great! I thought, now I can find some info. Well there just isn't a lot of info out there on these thing, unfortunately. I did manage to find the owner of the one in the link that I posted above. He's a great guy, I spent some time on the phone with him and he was willing to send me some pic's to help me out with my project. Below are pics of when I brought my McLean home. Really rough shape, probably not worth fixing but it's a rare tractor so I was willing to give it a shot. A tractor needs an engine so I started there first. The K90 that was in the tractor was locked up of course, but after a month of dumping ATF down the plug hole two times a week it broke free. All of the tins and the bearing plate were junk so I started to look for parts. Then I found a K91 close buy and decided to go with that engine instead. I will tackle the K90 another time. There are many great engine rebuild posts on here so I'm going to keep mine real simple. 1 2 3 Next was the tear down on the rest of the tractor. Most of this went well, a PO had made a lot of changes that I had to cut out. I will share those as I go along on this resto. First thing that I tackled was the front end. The steering shaft had an aluminum pulley on one end and an aluminum steering wheel on the other, both of which were locked on to the shaft. i decided to cut the shaft in half so I could deal with removing the pulley & wheel on the bench. The steering wheel I did not remove because it is wrong anyway, but I needed the pulley. A little wax and some heat helped start to get things moving and then "Sha doobie Shattered Shattered". Well I have no way of casting aluminum but I did find a nice chunk of aluminum stock laying in my garage. It was 3 1/4" dia, I needed 2 1/8" dia. Time to make some shavings. Finished product next to original. A PO also cut part of the steering arms off that will be required for the differential to work. I made new pieces and reinforced the axle where it was worn. Then carefully measured and lined things up so I could weld every thing back together. Removing the old steering arm was great fun! Front end mocked up and looks ready for paint. Next it is on to the transmission. What to do with this mess?!
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    Not much got done this past weekend....weather was way too nice to be inside and trying to get in some late season ice fishing but did work a little with the overhead open. Fitted a bushing in the steering shaft support. Note the zerk in the lower steering shaft support. Not much wear in this area but what the heck I love drilling & tapping cast. The bushing is going to help slop and also toying with the idea of a spring in the lower shaft to keep the fan gear drawn up again't the upper shaft gear instead of shims.
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    My raider 8 breaking ground tonight. It's a little different plowing with a cab. Gets a little tippy.
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    Ah Digger...you need to quote. ... lucky you were wrong... no chicken for you either
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    I believe this was a "home built" boat trailer. Top photo after I just started cutting the rollers off. Bottom photo after I cut off the tongue of the trailer and split it in half. Was only 42" wide, will be 5'X 8' when done. 3,500 lb rated axle and 15" wheels/tires. Have to have something for hauling "Horses"
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    Dang it...The suspense was killing me so I cheated and it..... I am so stupid I had a hard time finding it then! In my race for the chicken dinner I misread your question! I'll ungracefully bow out! I did know the 701 answer but you beat me by 2 minutes.... story of my horse thieving too!
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    Two cans should be more than enough, Chris.
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    Hi gang I'd like to introduce myself as the proud owner of a '74 C100 and a Wheel Horse enthusiast overall. I think Wheel Horse machines are some of the most handsome and classic little tractors ever made. I'm new to this game and have a thousand things to ask and learn. My C100 is in great mechanical shape but there are a few cosmetic items I'd like to find. To tell you a little about myself I have spent a lot of time messing around with old Fords of the Flathead V8 era. I have a pretty nice '41 Coupe and lots of Ford parts squirreled around my shop and sheds. I have always loved tractors and especially the little ones and now I have one! In fact as much as I tried to resist I think I have been bitten by the bug I guess. Tomorrow I'm going to look at a 1967 857 that needs help. I'll try to post a pick of the C100. Fingers crossed......
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    Sounds like # 3- valve sticking in guide- just enough to not close quickly- my 2 cents- Good Luck- Al
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    I was just kidding about you bowing out Bob....you got way to much trivia in your noggin that needs to get out! Just don't let this game get in the way of packaging up lug nut kits!
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    Good choice T-Mo, that floor would be ok for light stuff but would sag with heavier GT's. We call these yard barns and lots of them for sale around here. Local Amish build & sell a nice one & will build one to your needs. Good choice for storing tractors or anything for for us guys that hate to store their stuff outside. Biggest issue tho is have to move everything out to get a tractor out in back, I always thought having one with doors on both ends to alleviate this problem. Good choice on the metal too..... maintenance free! I've got one I built many years ago with pretty much left over & repurposed materials from an addition on the house. Will have to snap some pics for some members that might want to build their own. Looking at your brochure It would be close on price as far as the materials would cost and would take a few weekends of sweat equity to put up.
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    Definitely has the look.
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    I think she's sharp just the way it sits! Awesome little machine. 😎
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    Wouldn`t mind seeing this trailer conversion too...
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    @Cglisson01, Here's the write-up: http://www.mywheelhorse.com/modules.php?name=Docs2&do=show_doc&id=2 And a few pics to get your juices flowing:
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    Oh my gosh, the BIG SHOW! Anywhere in New Jersey is close to the BIG SHOW. Someone needs to tell Bryant about the BIG SHOW!!
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    You are going to love that tractor. I bought mine BRANDNEW in August of 1984 and still have it to this day. I'm currently giving it a down to the bare frame restoration. Your tractor will handle all kinds of attachments with ease. Welcome to Red Square this place is the best with the nicest and most knowledgeable people you can imagine. One thing we all love is PICTURES!!! So please post them, we want to see your Work Horse!
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    My upholsterer gave me a sneak preview today, I now waiting for the delivery...
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    My other hobbies would be cooking, Italian of course, , gardening (love my peppers), and playing music. I play keyboards, harmonica, and sax. Finally getting back into it pretty steady since my health issues began. Actually booked tonight. That's a few of the things I enjoy.
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    Here's some low quality pics. She aint a showpiece! Huge honkin muffler. That was the hardeest part. Hood is tight fit. Dont comment on my exhaust braze job.
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