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    Having always plowed my driveway with my B-100 8-Speed, I was of the opinion that there was nothing better than my tough old 8-speed. Well, this morning I awoke to about two inches of the white stuff. Now mind you, I could plow that with a 2 x 4 on the front of my grandson's tricycle, but I decided this winter that the 416-H was going to be my weapon of choice. Having removed the front end loader to do some modifications over the winter, I installed the 48" front blade, chains, and rear wheel weights. The temperature the morning was 24F. The engine fired up, and without even letting the hydro warm up, it was ready to go. All I can say is wow, what a difference. Infinite control of speed while maneuvering around obstacles, plenty of power, and hydro lift on the blade. Having had major spine surgery a year ago, I worried about pulling the lift handle on the B-100, but fingertip control on the lift, no brake or clutch, and I was like a kid with a new toy. Now as I said, this was not a real test since it was only 2 inches of wet snow, but if this what I have to look forward to when the real stuff comes, I am pleased. Mark me down as a new hydro believer.
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    Had 2" of snow with ice underneath, so it was a good excuse to try out my new plow setup on my 1076 hydro lift. So when I finished, I rolled out the rest of my 'work crew': C-120 with heavy tow hitch, 1076 with plow blade, 417-8 with snow thrower & electric lift, and a C-85 to pull garden equipment. Have to run them once in awhile to keep them working. Jim
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    This old dog can learn. And the funny thing is, my wife, who has less than zero interest in my Wheel Horse addiction, asked me this morning if I'd let her try plowing the next time it snows. Maybe there is hope for her yet.
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    We received our first substantial snow (enough to push with ) yesterday about 3" 3 1/2" here north of the KC area. So all day at work I was looking forward to playing in the snow with my B-100. Got home from work and parked in the street, put my insulated boots on and then couldn't get the garage door open, due to a busted spring. Finally got it up after a struggle. Then the died after firing up and would not re-start. SON OF A BISCUIT EATER!! So I checked the spark and then pulled fuel line to check fuel pump, both ok. So carb must need cleaning? How disappointing. My other worker is in the shed out back with rear discharge deck on it for leaf mulching and extra dozer blade and chains stored away in the back of the shed also. So I just pushed the B-100 back in the basement and grabbed the shovel. We a had a little pizza supper planned with my daughter and her boyfriend so I didn't mess with it any more last evening. The boyfriend showed up so I handed him a shovel and he helped me clear off part of the drive in front of the garage and sidewalk. Then as we are enjoying pizza, we could smell gas. I went down to check the , and saw that I didn't get the fuel line pushed all the way back on the carb and it had dripped a large puddle on the floor. Got that tended to right away and the house smells like gas now. All this on the coldest day of the year! We had about -8 this morning. AAARRGGGGHHH!! Stuff always happens at the wrong time, doesn't it? Ain't gonna have time to work on it until Sunday afternoon either. Forecast shows to be in 50s on Monday. Snow will be gone. Pushing snow with the is my favorite winter activity, other than staying in where it's warm. I'm not lodging a complaint. Things happen and I just thought I'd share my little story. You have to experience the to enjoy the , I reckon.
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    Bob, I am so glad for your review, I have the C-175 ready as of last night with the blade. hydro lift slso, but we only got about less than an inch of snow, didnt even pull it out of the garage, but not enough to test it. Hope you dont mind me posting a pic of my machine. Actually, got it for my son Mike, we can fight over it. lol. Oh, note the battery operated blinky light, runs on batteries. got one for the front and rear. BRIGHT as can be. Glenn
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    So it's been quite a while since I've been on here. Haven't had much time to work on the horse. Last time I was on here I put up pics of the 54" plow setup I redid and installed. That was summer time if I remember right. Welp.... I ordered 2 link tire chains as a Xmas gift for the horse. I looked everywhere for cast wheel weights and they all want 300+ bucks for a pair of 50lbs weights. So.... I got creative. I have a weight set I use to work out with. I picked out 2 50lbs weights and 2 25lbs weights (150 lbs total). Drilled 2 holes per weight, drill press hated that lol.... but did it. Went to hardware store bought 4 9" bolts, nuts, washers, etc. Put on the chains, put on the weights, and she likey. I'll put up a couple pics Forgot to mention I made up some "spring assist" as well. The blade goes up and down easier.
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    I took a chance and bought a 1500 Watt portable Kohler generator powered by a K91 T 4 HP motor the other day. Changed the spark plug, points and put a new carb on it and she started right up. Produces electricty fine. Oil was real clean in it and it has a small oil leak around the shaft connecting to the alternator/generaotr portion (probably oil seal). I will paint it up and change the top light (I bought an original replacement Chicago #491 auto lamp) that lights when it is generating. Has both 110 and 220 plugs! This was owned by the Uninversity of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana.
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    I just finished 90 minutes of fun time on the 312 H with my home made foot control. Cleared 6 driveways and the stone road. The 2" wasn't much of a test, but what fun! I am also Officially a believer in the rubber chains. This 2" snow had a coating of ice underneath and I was still able to plow up and the two steep driveways.
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    Been there, done that. As I tell my wife, "I'm not complaining, I just have to tell someone". She says I'm complaining. I feel your pain.
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    I know a fella who has this and that of all things tractors (big and small old and new) related and the inventory is constantly changing most of you guys would either be in heaven or trouble so here's today's rather cool or weird finds, enjoy...Jeff
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    I am new here so hello everybody ,I collect all brands and love all brands,the power and attachments for garden tractors flat out floors me anymore.I use to think if you needed to move a pile of dirt you needed a 'Real"tractor,Yeah well I was pleasantly wrong,I work as an auctioneer and ringman so I come across deals regularly on all sorts of goodies and I have a wife that supports my "hobby".My other job is at a local hospital in enviornmental services,in other words I am the guy that keeps the floors shiny!Anyway before I bore everybody to death I recently bought a wheel horse gt at an auction I was working at.For some reason the seller wanted to sell all the tools and cheaper stuff last(Bad Idea never do that)so I ended out with the little tractor for $20 and a blade for another tractor for $10 and a new seat for $30 I am real happy.My plans are to restore it so any info would be gratefully accepted,The tractor does turn freely by hand and the oil while very dirty looks ok and smells ok Included are some pics of the tractor ,some other tractors I own and some of my shop so ya all know I am seriously addicted!!!The little mongomery wards tractor was my first restore and it is now in a friends collection and goes to shows all summer More pics commin please enjoy them!
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    Picked this up late this summer. Finally got time to post some picks and start on bringing her back to life. I started tearing it down today and couldn't resist trying to clean all the rust off the ID plate. I couldn't read anything on it in the beginning. Truthfully couldn't tell if it had anything stamped in it. But after a slow process of cleaning. I got it looking good. Serial number is faint but reads as 42388.
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    I apologize if this has already been shared here. Don't intend to beat a dead horse.
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    Finally got the "big" snow last night.....a coating of ice, then two inches of the fluffy stuff. Not much of a test, but a fun morning on the 312H clearing 6 paved driveways and the stone road. The foot controlled hydro and the rubber chains are the BOMB.
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    Great picture and story Jim. I also cut, split, burned wood, and cleaned chimneys for ....well, let's just say 1/2 a century. The benefits to the body and soul are indisputable. However, I am sorry to say several factors have convinced me to use the oil burner for the past two years, although I confess I do still light the woodstove when the T. drops below 20F. The relatively cheap oil, my arthritis, back pain, vertigo spells, and blood thinner meds have convinced me to stay away from chain saws and roof tops. I am a DIY selfer, and applaud everyone that is capable of being self sufficient, but after nearly losing my son Mike in a 25' fall off a roof 3 years back, I feel responsible to caution everyone to be careful and use all the safety equipment available. Sorry for the sermon Jim, but your Andrew reminds me so much of my Mike.
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    hey guys been a while since i been around. so last night a friend txted me i live in indiana my friend lives in california. he says he knew someone north of me with a wheel horse and the guy was wanting to give it away. so i said sure txt me address and time to pick it up. so a few txt messages later i had a time and place set up for tonight. didnt know anything about the machine or condition i figured a old beater that was rusted from sitting a loong time. well i got to the guys house rang door bell he opens garage door and this 1961 701 wheel horse with hood fenders seat and spring was there its just a little dismantled due to frame being cracked (which ill fix). now to top it off its got the hydrolic lift on it and came with a snow plow. i need manual on hydrolice lift and pics of it installed would be nice too because it looks odd on the location. but heres only picture i have of it. i am planning on rewiring it and getting it running and fixing frame and hood and using it and take it to shows.
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    For thirty years I have had an annual ritual.I clean the chimney and pull the wood burning insert stove for cleaning at the beginning of the heating season.For my children this has been an unnoticed event. They enjoyed the heat and helped with the fuel but never, the maintenance that made the warmth possible.That is until this year.For the first time in 30yrs someone other than me , was saddled with the fun. I probably will pick up the baton next season but no matter what I know my son Andrew can keep the house warm for his mama
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    You'll get it figured out , and we've all been there at some point or another ... Heck this is the place for Horse therapy ( keeps me sane anyways) is it not !
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    Welcome to ! There's a wealth of Horse knowledge and the members here will help pretty much at a moments notice . We love lots so keep them coming. You get some jabs here and there about different colors (especially green & yellow ones) but it's all in good fun . The MODERATORS do a really good job keeping everyone inline and you may just find this is the friendliest forum on GT's out there . You're gonna love that B-100 by the way .
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    Glad you found us. That is a nice restore on the MW tractor! I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with your newly acquired "horse"! If you like to post pictures, I highly suggest becoming a supporter which will allow you to do plenty of picture posting--It is money well spent. I like the shop, organized chaos. Like Steve, it reminds me of mine! Be sure to start a thread in the restorations page of the forum so that we can track your progress. If you thought you were into GT's before, wait till this "red horse" worms its way into your blood after all it is the same color!
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    The biggest advantage to me is speed. My plowing requires a lot of backing up the hydro is so much faster in reverse it is great.
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    I'm gonna do the same thing with my 520h, Bob. I've got my blower on a C160-8 right now and lifting it by hand is a pain.
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    Just wait until you try a foot controlled hydro. You're be in heaven for sure.
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    I also heeded my wife and daughter's wishes and paid for chimney cleaning for the first time in 30 years. I have the same 'issues' as mentioned above: age, a lot of blood thinners, etc. Still burning the wood stove and cutting wood.
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    I had an extra Quincy pressure regulated air compressor and 120/240 volt 4000 watt alternator in my arsenal of odd ends and made a bracket to fit under my "C" series tractors to run them. It uses front & mid-mount tachamatics and the attachments slide onto the front of the bracket toward the front of the tractor, put the belt on, put in one bolt to hold position and drive any where the tractor will go for portable air/electricity is needed. I offered it to disaster cleanup when we had a tornado go through our area, but because I was laid up with a brand new "store bought" hip it stayed home. Had I been able to go, I'm sure it would have been a plus to operations.
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    Baby got new shoes yesterday!
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    Always feel better after logging in to Red Square! Greatest forum ever!
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    This is the perfect place to look for a little support! We all like to share in a persons joys and good times but real friends are there when we have an "off" day! I know that I've had those days too. Most of the time it is something simple that has caused the issue but as you said, it typically happens at the most inopportune time. Being able to go home from work and play in the snow with your horse takes you back to childhood experiences at that first snowfall. It also doesn't help that there are those of us on here from the north where snow is fairly common for about 5 months out of the year. But i know you'll get it figured out, back up and running, and ready for that next snowfall that comes in. My only request is that you get someone to take a picture of you pushing that white stuff because something tells you that your smile will be even a little bigger after overcoming this "hiccup". Thank you for sharing with us, hopefully we can be a little encouragement. How many people get the opportunity to have a pizza party in the gas station parking lot while a big rig is refilling the underground tanks? (or at least it smelled that way I'm sure) I'm going to go just for a second, this made me think of the time that I had a batch of really nasty old fuel. It was early in my marriage and home ownership. I had watched my uncle as a teen put his old fuel in an old orchard sprayer and use it to kill weeds around the foundation of the house. So, I thought, I'll just pour this along the foundation until it is gone, its only a couple f gallons. This was a bad idea for a myriad of reasons but what i found out was that the winter frost was coming out of the ground at the same time. There was a 3/4" space between the ground and foundation and that fuel went all the way to the footing. This was at the part of the foundation where the laundry room is located inside the house. Within a couple of hours the entire laundry room smelled like that old gas!!!!Can I tell you that my lovely young bride was more than a little upset when I finally had no choice but to come clean with her on what htat smell was. First she was ready to call the fire fighters to diagnose the problem, then she wanted to call the police to take me away, next she wanted to just call the ambulance to haul away what was left of me when she was finished. I had completely forgotten about that story until you shared your unfortunate event. We all have those stories that we wish we didn't have to tell but they are the fabric of our lives and we hope that someday we can look back and laugh a little like I am now. Today is the 16th anniversary of moving into this house and it is memories like that which make me happy to still be in the same house. Back on topic--When you get that horse out of sick bay, you'll have to post here what the deal was and make sure to get thsat door spring fixed so you can get it out of the stable next time it is needed. Good luck
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    Well I've never plowed with a 8 speed yet. My b80 is a 8 speed but I've only used the C160 for plowing snow. I love the C160 auto because it pushes slow and if I need speed just push forward on control and it goes through all the snow with ease. Hydro lift is the only way to go. I have been thinking of the foot control also but can't find info for a C160.
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    Watch out you might lose all your seat time ... then again she might want her own Horse ! Any pics or thread on your foot control would like to see your handiwork ?
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    I guess even a is allowed a sick day once & a while.
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    I'm very familiar with burning wood. Like @achto mentioned, my family has burned wood and many continue to burn wood for years. My dad and his brothers are all in their 60's and early 70's except Uncle Roger who is getting close and they continue to primarily heat with wood. This is a tradition handed down from their grandfather and father. It helps that they have the equipment and the wooded land to "harvest" the wood from. I dug through my archives and found some pictures of their operation from years ago. I hope you enjoy these... Dad has three Brothers the order is: Bob, Ken, Dad, and Roger. These first several pics are circa 1977. Here is dad's 1966 Scout with an attached trailer (Home built by Ken who is holding the chain saw. The Narrow front Case VAC is Bob's and it has an attached home built log splitter. Ken and dad splitting while the neighbor with the orange hat watches. Notice the buzz saw on the front of the tractor! Do you think OSHA would have a problem with those today? Dad's scout was constantly being upgraded as dad worked it harder and harder. It had four extra leaf springs on both sides in the front and about that in the back. They were hauling this trailer one time out of the woods loaded down and one of dad's rear axles broke dropping a wheel! In went bigger axles! That truck was small but tough and with ALL WHEEL positive traction, it was nearly impossible to get stuck. I mentioned Bob's orange 1972 Chevy K10 in the "Horses Stable Mate" thread. This is it in these pics back before the roll over. These pics were taken at Kens house. Aunt Tricia his wife is on the seat of the tractor. They still live there and I have tons of memories at that place. Mom is in the middle talking to Tricia while Ken is trying to decide how he is going to get that log on to the splitter! Here is dad on the left and Uncle Roger on the right using the Buzz Saw. (Yes @achto and @WHX9 he was that thin at one time, like we all were) Bob splitting while dad and Rog run the saw! Talk about multi tasking! Everything that was under 6" got cut up with the Buzz Saw, everything larger got sectioned with the chain saw and split. Eventually Ken built a stand alone splitter. It is powered by a small 4 cylinder car engine! I'll have to get some pics of that and post them! Here is the scout at our house with a full load. It would take about 3 of these to fill the wood shed, which would last us a winter. Dad built the wood shed on to the back of the garage the second summer that they lived there. Here is "coal" (the lab) playing on the wood pile before dad stacked it up. This is me and dad in front of the old wood stove that heated our house for about 15 years. It was a drafty stove that wasn't very efficient. Later on dad would purchase a sealed unit that did a much better job. This is me and mom and Teddy about 1983 with yet another load! I wasn't a fan of all the work associated with burning wood but I loved the result. I don't often get to help with it today because the uncles typically split and haul on days that I'm working but I still am on deck anytime dad needs me "haul wood"!
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    I think that B-100 is going to clean up real nice. It is either a 1976 or 1977. Find the model number and go into our "Manuals" section to find and download the manual for that horse. Your shop looks as organized as mine.
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    Sorry to hear this. I was hoping to see some B-100 snow action. Maybe next snow fall.
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    Tough day @TDF5G, been there my self a time er 2 or 100+. Seems like if it ain't 1 thing it's 6. Probably a good thing that you can't get to the repairs right away. It some times works out better if you are able to walk away for a bit before you start repairing, it works that way for me at least. Gotta let the frustration die down a liitle. Good luck with every thing, I hope it's not too difficult. Hope today goes smoother.
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    So Bob, I guess an old dog can learn a new trick. Infinite F/R speed control at the touch of a toe...You'll never go back to gear jamming.
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    Terry, I have the foot control. Had to modify it slightly so the blade angle lever would work, but you are right, it's great.
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    Good looking machine Bob. You will really like the hydro lift when your pushing a lot of wet heavy snow and it builds up in front of the blade. Hope your recovery is going well.
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    When doing a complete restoration, I purchased all of my stainless steel and zinc plated bolts and nuts from BoltDepot.com. They have most everything, are inexpensive, and you can order a little as one bolt and still get a great price. Shipping is reasonable when you order large quantities. Having said that, that did not answer your question. I don't know that it would be possible to do what you asked, considering that most parts lists only describe the item as "bolt" or "screw" or "nut", and very few lists offered actual sizes. When I do my restores, I remove a fastener, note the size, and mark it on a photocopy of the parts list. I do not trust my memory to remember where a particular fastener went.
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    Ed, No need to apologize.If you look closely you will see a red safety line between his legs.Not real clear but there.He is a trained and experienced rock climber.I made up my mind not to do the chimney this year without a safety line in place so I shot a line over the roof before he went up.Like you I'm on a lot of meds and age makes for some interesting adjustments.I appreciate the comments,I really do but rest assured he was safe.When he first started to climb I insisted he take classes.He did and if there is any issue it won't be that he didn't know the risks.Thanks for the comments,JAinVA
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    I grew up in a home with wood heat. It was expected of me to learn and help with every aspect of heating with wood. As a kid dealing with wood heat was never one of my favorite things to. Hard to believe that after had I moved out on my own, I actually started to miss the work it takes to heat with wood. While I don't burn wood myself I still help cut, split, & stack about 15 to 20 cord of wood every year for my family and a friend of mine. I also clean the chimney and help maintain every thing for my mom yet. I'm thankful that Dad taught me about heating with wood. My dad always said that you get a lot of heat out of wood, it warms you while your out cutting it, again while your splitting it, again as you stack it, again when you carry it in the house and finally one more time when you burn it. Unfortunately some "green groups" are trying to make using wood as a heat source a very expensive option. Soon most wood burning appliances may no longer be available. This will have no effect on wood stoves that are already in service but may effect the ability to purchase replacement units. I hope this does not go through but it is in the works.
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    The Lyons N.Y. Hot Dog Caboose. Named one of the best 62 diners in N.Y They also have fried bolonga. (My sister's favorite) I always stop there during my vacation before leaving for the Big Show. I also go there after fasting for my 7 yr. tune-up. . http://www.newyorkupstate.com/food/2017/01/62_great_best_diners_eat_visit_in_upstate_new_york_city_long_island_county.html#70 Hey a "Caption This" !
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    Always a bright side.....like neither yours or Jacks houses blew up when they were filled with gasoline fumes.
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    I put a plow on my 1076, and love the hydro lift for the blade. But my hydro speed control won't stay in place, even though I tightened down on the cam plate as much as possible without snapping off the screws. The lever drops into full speed forward unless I hold on to it. So it takes three hands to operate: one remaining on the speed lever, one on the steering wheel, and one to operate the hydraulic lift. I guess a foot control is in my future. Jim
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    Very low compression + backfiring through the exhaust = a leaking exhaust valve I would pull the carb and breather first to check the valves. 2 scents + 2 sense = 4 cents
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    From what I have found and have been told, all RJ's were red from the factory (garage actually) but that doesn't mean that they weren't repainted by municipalities and/or the military... yes there are stories of these tractors being used by our military too... I stand on solid ground that there were absolutely no camo RJ's from the factory... LOL! Also old ball colors just don't fit the early WH theme... It's well documented that the Pond's ran the company as cheaply as possible by just pulling parts off the shelf in order to finish tractors and to meet production numbers as quickly as possible. The thought that they would stop all painting production to spray yellow just doesn't seem reasonable to me. Not to mention they would have to order the special colors and/or store the paints. Have there been old ball colored RJ's? Yes. Old ball colors from the factory? That's for you to decide.
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