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    After getting 3-4" of heavy wet snow last night I couldn't stand it, I had to go out and play. . The 1054 worked well, so well that after finishing my driveway I did two of the neighbors drives. The fact I can change the blade angle from the seat has this "Old guy" spoiled !!
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    Here's my Wheel Horse family wishing you all a Merry Christmas! Left to right: 551,857, C120, B80, Charger 10, Raider 10, and in front Lawn Ranger!
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    I can't have sheds where I'm at (which is ridiculous) so I added another garage bay for shop space.
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    A few angles of my garage. I try to leave the open space free of any clutter as that is where i do most of my work. Had it insulated with spray foam and put a heater in about 1 month ago. Very happy with it. Oh ya the pink balloon hanging up is how my son and his wife told us we're going to be Grandparents to a girl. Our first grandchild!
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    12-24-1972 Bob Hope gives his last show in Vietnam Comedian Bob Hope gives what he says is his last Christmas show to U.S. servicemen in Saigon. Hope was a comedian and star of stage, radio, television, and over 50 feature films. Hope was one of many Hollywood stars who followed the tradition of travelling overseas to entertain American troops stationed abroad. The 1972 show marked Hope’s ninth consecutive Christmas appearance in Vietnam.
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    Santa here again. I can't chat long as I'm on my route. Remember with the different time zones, Christmas comes a bit earlier in the far east than it does in the USA. Here is m progress. https://santatracker.google.com/intl/en/tracker.html
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    Have a safe trip and remember, no texting while driving.
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    I debated putting up pictures because it's not technically my shop it's where I work but I'm allowed to bring in my own projects and work on them at night and weekends as long as it doesn't prevent getting paying jobs in. Right now its the weekend so my uncle has the red truck in working on it and you can just about make out my plow truck rebuild. The shop is about 35x60 with 14' doors 12' wide on both ends. If the place was empty other than the office we could fit 5 full size trucks inside with room for the tools and to work around them without being cramped.
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    I, too, love to visit other peoples shops. Almost always find some way to rearrange something or another way to place/store a thing. Here is my shop.. from the back looking out and looking into the back. Most of the work happens out front and the rear is largely storage. Trying to decide which orientation is best for the tractor as once the disassembly begins it is tricky to move. The tire rack is a bit of an experiment, as is the table on the left in front, both structures are made with 1/2" galvanized pipe. I think come spring I am going to make an 8' bench with it. Be a good excuse to buy new tools... Also, just about everything that can be is on wheels and I can fairly quickly rearrange stuff as I need. I though when we moved that I wanted a large detached garage, but having this in the basement where I can go tinker in my slippers is pure gold...
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    Well, I have my 27 x 30 work shop that I built with 2x6 walls and 10' ceilings. Insulated R20 in the walls and R40 in the ceiling with R16 insulated doors. It is heated with a propane furnace. Then there is the old single car 16 x 30 garage with overhead loft that I use for storage. You can see most of it to the left of the shop. Lastly, just last year I put up this 20 x 30 dome style garage with 8' high doors on both ends. Again, this is used for storage of tractors and accessories. Ford tractor is gone and has been replaced by more Wheel Horses. Cleat
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    As mentioned in another thread I've been doing a refurb on the 54" blade for the 1054. Well I got it finished up today , installed on the tractor and also put on the chains. So it is already for the next snow.
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    Right up the sidewalk and left and right in front of the garage door ! I keep my door open when plowing just in case the operator hits a foul ball ! I ususally use my B-80 but this was a couple winters ago with my brotehrs 633 and a 1962 snowplow. Here is a You Tube posted video from 2014 using this tractor and plow:
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    Bad timing for me as I have the garage - shop all torn apart for rearranging. It started when I bought a lathe for myself for Christmas and had to make room for it. I just got the Digital read out for it today for my birthday so I started mounting it. It is a 24' x 48' garage / shop with the house on top of it. My mini excavator is in for some major frame work and is sitting where the f350 dually usually sits. I almost have my own hardware store for fasteners since I like to build things so it consumes a large area. More shelving is needed or less stuff - hmmmmm - More shelving!
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    Thank you Santa for the joy you bring to all us youngsters. Mrs. K and I believed 70 years ago and still do today. Merry Christmas to all from Nan and Ed
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    Version 1.0.0


    Thank you to Terry (T-Mo) for putting together our 2017 RedSquare Calendar. This is free and not to be sold.


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    I agree with what SylvanLakeWH said. If you have lots of snow make sure you push your piles back as far as you can so you have plenty of room if you get more snow before it has a chance to melt. I also am a fan of the solid lift link. I like to be able to feel the blades movement. I'm not sure what model WH your using but I've had pretty good luck using a commando 8 with wheel weights & 42'' blade. This year stepped it up with a C-160 cab weights & chains.
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    I go up to the door, drop the blade and then back blade far enough away so I can get behind it and push it out and down the driveway. I'm a big fan of the down the middle - back and forth - without changing the blade direction. Pushes the snow 50% to each side. Work from the middle out...
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    Soooooo.....why can't we ask about what is on the shelves?? Mike...where is your Dad?? I think we need a "threads with rules attached" section. This is way too complicated for tractor guys. Merry Christmas to all. I'll take some picks after this weekend...things should thaw out enough to get the doors open.
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    Well, the blade got the decals installed and then was assembled with the liner. Next will be to marry the blade to it's frame. Cleat
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    Santa please bring anything that pulls behind and goes in the dirt. Oh and I hope you like the chocolate chip cookies!
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    Seriously, if you have the whole unit on the bench, it would be better and easier to just take the axles to the shop. It should require no special tools. Drain the transmission. Somehow get the whole unit to sit on it's side...pump down (shallow side of the trans down). Of course you need to pull off the hubs, brake drum, and hitch pin (if you have one). Take out the 6 bolts holding the 2 halves together. Use a chisel and a hammer to find a place to tap in to split the trans halves. Lift off the left hand side of the case half. Pull out the axle and differential. BOOM-SHA-KA-LAC-A. You do not have to take off the pump. Call your TORO dealer for the case half gasket...WH # 5999. Your axle seals are WH # 6449 This crosses to SKF # 11124.
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    First off, You've found the best, friendliest place in the world for these red tractors. Second off, As pfrederi noted, change the transmission oil and see what comes out. you may also want to fill it with diesel or kerosene, let it soak a day and then drain it back out. As noted jack up the front of the tractor to drain the transmission throughly (there is a hump in the middle of the bottom of the transmission. I had a transmission that the oil was a gray soup. so I filled it with diesel and with it on blocks ran the engine and let run in each gear for a while (15 minutes) then drained and refilled it. check that the rubber boot at the bottom of the gear shift is in good condition, if cracked, replace it as this is where water gets in the transmission. While you have the tractor jacked up check that the rear wheel hubs are tight on the axle, they can loosen and waller the key way out.
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    Well, first things first Bigtuna.... to and congrats on a great deal on the C-120. The C-120 is still my favorite tractor Follow Pauls advice on the tranny checks. While you are changing fuel lines, remove the tank and clean or replace the valve and screen and grommet. Clean the tank and check it for varnished fuel. Oh, the most important item...
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    First drain the trans fluid. Jack up the front of the tractor so it drains completely.. Drain plug is 1/4" allen on the bottom of the case just ot he left of the hitch arm that goes under the case. If you get water or something like chocolate milk it will need some attention. if it looks like gear oil you probably will have no tranny issues the are tough units One reason they are tough is straight cut gears That also makes then hard to shift when not running
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    itis refreshing to see all these new ideas ! speaks volume about necessity being the mother of all inventions! Merry Christmas to one and all and many thanks for all your help with my gt 14 project//Raymond crettol
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    Saved for later when I'm on at a computer and not my phone to get pictures From the outside (when we first moved): 14 foot ceilings with 12 foot doors. Roughly 2.5 cars deep and a hair over 2 cars wide. Has a gas radiant heat tube thing. Here's my space from above: What the letters are: A. 4x4 CNC plasma table B. Blast cabinet C. Work bench D. Moveable powdercoating oven (roughly 28" square outside) E. Floor cabinets x2 (44"x44"x18") F. Atlas metal lathe (sits in front of window) G. Vertical mill H. Tool chests (two 44" HF boxes and one 18" chest that joins big boxes together) I. 2 post lift What I couldn't get in that drawing is the loft. It hangs over the CNC table, blast cabinet, benches and mill. It's 6 feet deep and the width of the building. Loft has two 60 gallon air tanks/compressors, air dryer for air lines, dust collection equipment and storage of stuff. Mostly tires and car/tractor parts. Shop is a disaster in this photo (we were painting the walls, but shows the space before I got a bunch more tools moved in). Benches (that drill press has since been removed): Tool box before I got the second one and end storage cabinet. Two cabinets (trying to decide where things belonged If you have any questions, let me know.
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    Here's the 603 today. Finally have the carb and choke working correctly 😎. Now I can put the hood back on. Cleared the entire drive and parking area. No chain or weights.
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    A very special thank you to @T-Mo for taking the time to put together our 2017 RedSquare Calendar.
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    Tractor is in great shape. Appears to have been restored at one point in its life. Runs good, tranny is good. Seat is in great shape. Hydro lift pump does work but cylinder was removed. In search of a few engines. Kohler command ch18,ch19,ch25,ch27. Kohler opposed twin kt17,kt19. Kohler k361, briggs opposed twin 16hp,18hp .
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    ha haaa! Yep. That muffler really starts popping doesnt it? I really like the Onan Engines! When they are running good they are powerful machines!
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    Nice looking herd you have there and a beautiful white Christmas. Doesn't look like ours is gonna be white, thunderstorms and 61 tomorrow. Merry Christmas to everyone here at RedSquare
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    I cannot believe I am reading this !!!!!!! Remember the pair of hubs we bought this past summer??? At the BIG SHOW?,,,,,, I just found my misplaced one yesterday,,,,,,,, I will be installing it next weekend........ so,,,,,,how did I start this numbering thing??and how do I stop it??? it is Christmas eve,,,,,,,thanks to all the Wheel Horse friends I'm liking this fleet of Red,,,,
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    This is when we all disappear....good luck!! Just kidding...we will be here to walk you through it and answer all questions. I think you made the right decision. You will be surprised how easy the internals are and will have a new appreciation for these little guys.
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    Sure here's a couple more updated pictures. It doesn't fit perfectly flush against the trans like i was hoping for, partially because of the drainplug. But i think its better than it was.
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    The 2 stage blower does make a lot of noise, lots of moving parts, too many in my opinion. Seems that they could have done something different and eliminated the chain and rear gear case, the belt could then go directly to the impeller like most 2 stage blowers. Remember, noise and vibration is energy and this energy is taken away from the engines power and efficiency. Luckily the onan is an absolute monster and once the governor opens up the blower noise disappears...
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    Here the deck and loader weights and the empty ballast box is 65#...
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    Thanks for the update Santa. If the tractor doesn't fit under the tree I have left space in the garage.
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    IMHO... split it. It is 40+ years old and who knows what goes on in the gearbox. If you know what a wrench is...you can do it as it doesn't take a engineering degree. A bigger issue is the Sundstrand pump and motor assembly. While your have the pump / motor assy off, pull the pump off of the end cap and have a look inside to inspect the cylinder block/piston assembly condition. If the brass piston slippers are smooth and not gouged or pitted, then all else is LIKELY ok too. If so, you only need make or buy a new gasket and put the pump back on...good to go. If they are scored deep enough to 'finger-nail' feel, they need refurbished, as well as many other similar internal pump and motor components. Here is what I mean....
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    Well, Ok. The thing is, however is that i have and use all the stuff that I have described. I am just too busy with Christmas to take pictures of my own shop. Just be patient as I have other stuff to show
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    Drillbit Just take your time. I have zip bags with labels say what it is .But with larger bolts it is obvious. After a few it becomes easy but fun. My self done to many. Enjoy the project because the history behind it. And there is always help here.
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    Looks great... And ready to work too...still kicking myself for letting the 1054 I found about 250 miles from here slip through my hands...oh well maybe someday
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    Wow! Your set up looks really nice!
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    I do plan to bring it to the Big show if it's done. A lot has to go right for that to happen. I expect many beasts to be there since the focus is on the 520 this year.
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    Try sending a PM to Karl @nylyon the proprietor of this fine establishment, he's got a lot on his plate so be patient for his reponse. You can also click k on the staff link above and one of his henchmen (a moderator, their names are in blue in the forums) can help you out. Welcome aboard Hermit and thank you for your support, it helps keep the lights on here.
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    Just west of Lakeville. Per the online listing the building is 30'x40'. My wife says that all I'm thinking about when looking for a home up there is the land and outbuilding(s). I say hogwash. Oh yea, she told me there was a house on the property too.
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    Well, it's not a garage really and it's not ours yet but this is what I'll be flying back to Indiana to look at right after the first of the year. If we get it I will love having some room again
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    Frame completely assembled using stainless steel hardware.
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