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    Just finished putting the finishing touches on my first project, Here are the before and after pictures. One of my "Just Cuz" additions was using amber tail lights that are on a flasher for "Hazard Lights"
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    I converted my front wheels and hubs on my Raider 12. found a couple of wheels of an old trolley used a length of solid bar, bored a 3/4 hole through it and turned it down to fit the bearings. slid it over the Wheelhorse stubs and made a cup washer to hold it on. easy job, just a bit of labour.
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    Hi guys my newly added C-81 came sans lights (first pic below) .... so I thought it would be easy to find a used light bracket WRONG .... so next best thing engineered one from a front set off an OLD Craftsman mower I had in my stash.... was surprised on how well it adapted some cutting, pop riveting and voila....... of course added all the lines and a 20 Amp fuse to onto the Accessory starter switch block..... Thought I would share this with you all..... Merry Christmas let there be light! P.S. also added a Cigarette lighting outlet (so I can easily add a rotating yellow danger light when pushing snow. Cheers
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    I recently posted about adapting power steering to my D-180 using an electric power assist steering (EPAS) unit from a 02-07 Saturn Vue. I got one of the units in order to check if I would be able to 'stuff' it in under the dash of the D. You can get these things in different configurations, this one had the steering column attached (its not needed) With this and Sarges recent post on improving the axle and its components on the D's, the dang thing will steer itself!! After removing the wheel, I needed to try and get it to fit under the dash, with a bit of experimenting I found a near perfect spot! So next we have to get the EPAS to function - It will not work since it no longer has the cars computer to "talk" to it. To fix this a fella on ebay has a 'controller box' that when wired into our EPAS it can work. His link is: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Saturn-Vue-Ion-Chevrolet-Equinox-Electric-power-steering-controller-box-EPAS-/182283275302?hash=item2a70ee0c26:g:uVAAAOSw4GVYJv77 So then it was time to get the shafts cut to length and adapted to accept the shaft of the Ross system. The longer shaft is steering wheel side and is cut off pretty short to accommodate/adapt the D's wheel. I had a spare Ross steer shaft and cut the splines/threads plus about 1/2-3/4" excess and made an 'adapter' to mate it to the EPAS shaft using roll pins. The other sides shaft was already pretty short but I still lopped off about 3/4". I then bored out the square end of a 3/4" shallow 1/2" drive socket to fit over the other EPAS shaft, again using a roll pin to attach. This was in order to allow some leeway when I cut the Ross shaft to match up with the EPAS. Next we have to wire the controller box into our unit --- and this part is critical for it to function! (I know because I messed one up) Mounted on the unit is a metal box (ECU) containing the 'brain' for it. This will have to be removed and "remoted" elsewhere and here is where caution is needed - there are 4 very small wires from the motor to the box (2 white & 2 blue) these are hard wired and will have to be cut or de-soldered. Re-connecting the sequence is critical!! With the wires being so small and short and not having any experience with small wires I had problems here (this is where I messed up) Not a lot of room in the area under the hood - I finally figured out how to get the ECU mounted. There is hardly any visible alterations to the external appearance of the tractor - just under the steering wheel is a short section of the EPAS visible, and the gauge for the transmission oil temp will have to be removed but thats it. The ease of the steering on the D now is incredible, with the tractor sitting unmoving on concrete is one finger, and driving it is --- well, again, incredible! Course I dont have a FEL or plow, etc but I feel like this mod would also drastically improve the steering also. Am not familiar with the other big tractors enough to comment on this mod being possible but you guys sure ought to do a little research on it. I have a 4x4 Mitsubishi with FEL and thats my next venture with this, it doesnt look promising to fitting on it but it didnt look possible on the D til I got to tinkering with it!! edit to add a late suggestion-- When you get your EPAS and the controller box from Portugal set it up on the bench hooked to a battery to not only make sure it works, but also to get familiar with how to get a feel of what/how it it does. I didnt do this and I believe it would have benefited me a lot...
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    I don't know how we'd live without your input on the proper manuals for all things WH - thank you so much for all your help . Sarge
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    My Lawn Ranger is! Anyone else?
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    And.. I'm back. I never really left, been poking around off and on in between. Some major life changes over the last couple years. Applied for and got a new trade, I spent a year and a half in Ontario learning to be an Aircraft Structures Tech. Got posted and moved to Nova Scotia, not too far away but far enough. Two sons in college now, makes me feel old. Anyway, the old horse has been working like a charm. I am really in love with the little beast. Figured it is about time it got some love, so into the shop it goes for the winter... I won't lie, I actually like the worn, sun-faded, worked look. I still haven't decided if I will repaint or just give it a really good "take it apart and clean it". In any case, the engine will be tore down as it's smoking/leaking a bit. So new seals and take a close look at the internals. Some new dancing shoes will be in order, I'm not sure the front ones will even survive being removed from the rims they are cracked/checked that badly. Anyway, I'm not in a rush. Don't need it until mowing season which is some months away now in the frozen north...
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    This is for the NN10824 oil pressure switch used on some of the Onan engines.
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    So.... How does it run now? Former Auto Tech here as well... I only work on half of my vehicles... I do all of my own work on my 70 Chevy pickup and my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I don't work on my wife's car. Hers is a new Subaru with a warranty, once the warranty is out she gets a new car. I don't even change the oil in her car, the dealer does it for free... My wife travels way too much for me to keep up with working on or maintaining her car. There is a reason why people stretch their maintenance schedules. I believe it is because some (not all) shops really like to stick it to the customer. You go in to places like Firestone for a simple set of spark plugs and they are trying to sell you 2500 bucks worth of work. I hear the horror stories all of the time. (My brother in law has worked at Firestone for over 30 yrs...) Just the other day I had my Jeep in for new tires at Mavis Tires and the guy was telling me I desperately need new shocks. Just two yrs. ago I put in four new Monroe Sensatrac's and my Cherokee rides perfect. I didn't even want to purchase the tires once he told me this crap. Best bet is too find a local family owned business that has good references if you need work done.
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    12-13-1977 Bill Gates, The future co-founder of Microsoft is arrested for reckless driving and driving without a license. At young age, we make many mistakes, even great people are not different from us they too have commit same mistakes as we do. Can you ever imagine today’s billionaire, world’s richest man and now greatest philanthropist person Bill Gates has gone to jail? Don’t be surprised. Old records shows that he went to jail. Bill Gates, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft, and the richest man in the world at over $50 Billion net worth, arrested in New Mexico 1977. Bill Gates was arrested on reckless driving charges on December 13, 1977 for a second time in New Mexico after speeding in his Porsche, running a stop sign and driving without a license. While much of the information regarding the arrest of Bill Gates in New Mexico remains unclear, a spokesperson for the Albuquerque Police has stated that no records of the arrest were found after exhaustive efforts to locate the details surrounding the mugshot.
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    I got a little seat time this morning - 4 inches of wet snow, about half of that on driveway. Wow that light bar is bright!
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    Hi all, I'm new here. See pictures of a 1977 B-100 Wheel Horse that I grew up with. My dad bought this brand new when we moved to a farm in 1975. It has been through 3 of us sons, mowed a hell of alot of grass and I even made a snow blade/pusher out of 2 pieces of 5" channel welded on top of each other that bolted to the back of the hitch of this fine machine along with a set of snow chains. Did a great job. The old Kohler engines are monster tough. This is is going to be my winter restore project. Still runs great. I have been bitten by the wheel horse bug. I am having a tough time finding the rear tires though. 22 x 7.50-12. Any alternatives?
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    So, today two more horses followed me home. These critters sure are friendly! Somebody should have warned me that they breed like rabbits! Anyways, the first is a B80 with the 8 speed and a 16hp Kohler. The metal is straight and it runs strong. It does need a governor adjustment and the voltage rectifier needs to be hooked up. The tires look ok, but they are very hard and are starting to crack. The second is a Charger 10 with hydro trans, an 8hp Kohler that smokes a little, and duallies. This tractor needs a new voltage rectifier, one new rear tire, and an engine rebuild or new engine. These tractors came as a package deal with a bunch of parts, including a couple mule drives, a 30-some inch universal snow plow, and a 38" triple blade rear discharge deck. $400 took it all home. How do you think I did?
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    Making a mold to get the emblem would be a great idea! I wish I had the know how. As far as the pleated material that is readily available. Check this site http://www.1800boattops.com/marinevinyl
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    Actually, looks better than factory.
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    Here is my snow team! Got my 97 520 to the left. My 93 520 in the middle and to the right is my back up 92 520. Just need chains on my dual stage and I'm all set! Just need snow now!
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    Here are two very interesting sites I came across recently: (1) "20 Custom Tractors" by Don Campbell (YouTube Video below, 10 min) He modifies JD's, has lots of nice custom tractors, wished we could see inside his shop. (2) www.TheLittleTractorCo.com Kurt Smith custom builds 1/2 size Garden Tractors, site shows a lot of detailed custom steps making these.
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    Thank you, for the info, and I apologise to Jim and Ed for inadvertenly setting them for getting ribbed by WHX9!!! No doubt, in time, he too will get old!!! Now you can all take the mickey out of me - a week ago, I made what you fellows call a barn find. Yes, a treasure in a derelect shed that I thought was a WheelHorse, hence my interest in your show and the possibility of attending and meeting some real experts, and others! Anyway, got it home, abit of google research, and, yes, it ain't what I thought, but an early 1960's Simplicity. So, no need for me to come to your show! kind regards to you all, and all the best for the forthcoming festive season!
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    Big workout for the newly rebuilt C 105 today. Ran like a charm all day! My son working one of his several clients in the neighborhood...
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    Not me Jeff.....I use real butter. It also works well on the boat trailer bunks.
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    Forgive Jim and Ed's manners for not ing you to @dince.... they are old and prone to forget
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    Yeah, those old plates come in handy from patching rat holes in grain bins to making roofs for bird houses.
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    Decals - That's a funny story in itself Yes They are correct NOW!
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    Like the blast cabinet there too.
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    You`re gonna` fit right in here...
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    Here's my heat houser design. Just captures the rear cylinder heat which is quite a lot on the Onan. Had to modify the canvas and add grommets to attach to the metal houser. I keep the cab zipper open at the rear for good air flow. The cab stays 35-40 F warmer than outside temp and the windows do not fog. I use aluminum flashing to make patterns, then transfer it to 1/32 or 1/16 steel.
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    Thanks all! Well today on this cold December day I tilled my garden and got it ready for next year.
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    I'm a little late to the party, but I've had my WH out in it 3 of the last 5 days. Admittedly the first day was really just playing around but Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday were to do real work. This is my first year with a blower. I love it. It worked great on the powered stuff we got last week and then yesterday it did a fine job throwing much wetter stuff. Looks like we're getting more as I type so I might have cause to get her out again tomorrow. Seeing those cabs makes me very jealous. I've got a 700' drive where the wind dependably blows from the house toward the road. I can get 1/2 way down the drive in either direction, but the more exposed half (closer to the house) seems to give me a face full every time I try to blow snow as I approach the house. I'm too stubborn to just drive back to the house with the blower off so I get one of those ice-cream headaches every time I crest the small hill approaching the house.... Here's a not great photo clearing out in front of the neighbor's mailbox.
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    I have got to get a lathe.... and learn how to use it. Very nice work, Chris. Mark
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    Yep, it was only about 1" on the drive. But very wet and heavy. I was worried it would freeze over night. I think you will like the light bar, I know I do. Get busy on the tall chute.
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    In the 1969 Wheel Horse brochure………white Brinly attachment.
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    Hey Dan--there are some familiar faces and tractors in that picture! I ditto Dan's statements about the GT's. I brought GhostRider (my 1994 WH 314-8 plow tractor) last year without incident. Obviously everything around there is geared for the older tractors but the GT's are an exception. That being said, bringing your older functioning examples would be a good call for that show given the focus on all things old. However, I hate to say it but the early 80's was over 35 years ago! As a matter of fact a 1997 vehicle this January would fit the official 20 year old antique category for plates! Dan--what does that make you? GhostRider at Symco last year before its new "clothes"...
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    That's right I remember your announcement, congrats again. Might not want to hang out for the night life in Symco with a youngster but a day trip would be cool. It would be good to meet you & your family. Is good to hear that you have DC juice and speed control on you new tractor. Victories are always great.
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    It's on this page and the Details page Garry
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    Come anyway @dince , just leave that little yellow tractor at home. You are welcome on the and we would love to meet you at the Big Show. Oh, and don't worry about that @WHX9 character....he knows.
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    Sounds to me like your axle or brake seal might be compromised on the left side. If you take off the hub, you can swap either/both without dissasembley of the rear. Yes, the tranny oil is filled from that hole only. Just tip your tractor a bit to the other side, so none of it spills out on you. You should be able to pick out the seals. Napa or Kaman has the seals. You can go by sizes. I beleive the brake and axle are both 1"ID x 1.25"OD. (Don't quote me on this...it's been more than a few years). Just for ha-has...check for bearing play as well when the seal comes out. (Some times the outer bearings go bad on the axle, causing the seal to let go.) A new seal should get you thru the winter if that is the case. If it's on your brake axle replace it sooner than later, as you'll loose your brakes and have to re-line it down the road. Good luck.
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    Kurt, I saw it on the other thread and commented. holy smokes.......a mini sun. Glenn
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    Regarding the oil discussion. We have a lot of old 1940 & 50's equipment at the dams where I work. Some years ago I had a lengthy discussion with a Conoco/Phillips lab engineer about old non-detergent vs detergent oil. here's my simplified version of his explanation if an engine(or a gearbox) has an oil filter it should use a modern (detergent) oil ---almost every motor oil on the market today is this, some better than others. The detergent in the oil keeps contaminants in suspension so the oil filter can remove them. Old engines without oil filters are designed to use a "non detergent" oil. The non detergent oil allows contaminants to settle out. Have you noticed that some old engines have larger sumps than many new engines. if you use a "detergent oil" in a non filtered engine, contaminants are kept circulating and you run the risk of wearing out the engine a little faster. With all the modern oils on the shelf, it can be a challenge to find a non-detergent oil (many places only carry it in a cheap store brand oil) The other option (which we do on some old non filtered equipment at work) is use a good quality possible synthetic oil and change it a little more often. According to this lab engineer the "synthetic oil" is designed to do a better job clinging to and encircling contaminants so they do not come in contact with the equipment components.
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    Hey Glenn, I finally got to try out my new LED light bar. Is this bright enough?
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    This was even a little cold for me . Minus 11 . But serene , peaceful & beautiful .....
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    Say @Deadguy, it would be nice to see some of those beautiful 's at the show in Symco next year (July 28-30). Only a few miles from where you live now. Do a little GT plowing, & Fri. night you can take the wife for some "Fishin' in he Dark" with the Nity Grity Dirt Band. Just some thing to keep in mind.
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    Looks like you and your boy will have no issue clearing snow Dave! Mike....
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    @muz123, I'm right there with you man, my '97 (which happens to be an anniversary model) with 2stage and cab, and then the 2 '95s 1 with a single stage and 1 with a plow, now I noticed the CUB CADET weights on your single stage rig if you want to use your rear wheel covers and keep the weights just put them on the inside like I did,Jeff.
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    I had to shovel We sold our house and close this friday, i needed to get in and the horses are all packed away.
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    @dince, here is a link to the Wheel Horse Collectors Club show; make your travel plans now. http://www.wheelhorsecc.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=2
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    I built a 48" grader blade using a 6" high replace blade off a road grader. The blade was 60" I cut a foot off .
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